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Thread: Abe-quotes about Death

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    Abe-quotes about Death

    This is a new edition of this thread-
    Abe about croaking and being in "heaven"

    while just quotes, without the pictures.

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    I have many questions.

    We have one answer. […laughter…]

    Okay. My son passed last year.
    I understand more than I can explain,
    but it doesn’t stop the triggers or the memories.
    I need to put a stop to the memories or the triggers
    that take my knees out from underneath me.
    When I am remembering him, and I am trying
    to remember his situation as being joy and not my loss…

    Well… it’s just wonderful how this dovetails with everything
    that we are talking about here because that’s a perfect example
    – first of all – of conditions that you couldn’t control and,
    yet, conditions that – in your observation of them –
    cause a chaotic emotional response in you.

    And so, it’s beneficial when things that you cannot control happen
    and you still wanna feel good, because then and only then
    do most people find a way of understanding
    what they’ve always wanted to understand anyway.

    As long as there is one more thing you think you can do
    to fix a condition, you’ll usually do that before you will find Alignment
    with Who-You-Are.

    It’s alright to be in your physical bodies and to be so enamored
    with the conditions that summon you.
    Humans just wanna do stuff, they wanna control stuff.
    But this business of needing to control conditions…

    “If I look at that condition and I feel good,
    and then I look at that condition and I feel bad,
    and both conditions are in my experience, then –
    as a human – I want to control that condition,
    I want to change that condition,
    so that I can have a good-feeling response to it.”

    But you can’t change the condition
    so that you can have a good-feeling response to it.

    So then, religious leaders and spiritual leaders talk to you
    about unconditional love.
    And you misunderstand it, because you think that what it means
    is just tolerate the condition, just find a way to live with the condition.
    That’s sort of what you’re saying,
    “I just need to find a way to cope with this, to live with this.”

    And what we want you to understand is
    that it’s not about coping with it, it’s not about living with it…
    in the way that you are perceiving it.
    It is about understanding that negative emotion – EVERY TIME –
    and the stronger the better really to understand this,
    but negative emotion – EVERY TIME – means simply this:

    You’re looking at it in a way that the source within you is not.

    Your opinion – here and now, in that pain – is really off the track
    of the way Source is looking at it.

    So, look at the way most people look at the death experience.
    You said, “He passed.” Well, he passed where?!
    He didn’t go anywhere. And yet, that’s the way it looks
    when you’re in your physical body because his physical body is not there…
    it’s not walking around, it’s not talking to you
    in the way that you are accustomed to.

    So, you come to the conclusion, “He’s gone.”
    And, when you come to the conclusion that he’s gone – when he’s not gone –
    that’s discordant.
    When you come to the conclusion that something went wrong, when –
    from Broader Perspective – nothing went wrong, that’s discordant.

    No, it was perfect. His passing was perfect.

    So, we like to talk about what humans call death in this way:
    First, we like you to understand that you were Source Energy
    before you came into this physical body, and that larger part of you
    remains Source Energy, and that…
    when you re-emerge back into Non-Physical, you re-emerge
    back into Non-Physical.

    In other words, that larger part of you never goes away…
    that larger part of you just continues to evolve.

    So, when someone that you love, someone that you know
    makes their transition into Non-Physical,
    they are actually more aware of what you are about here
    and now than they ever were when they were here in their physical body.

    The relationship that you had with you son… is about this physical stuff.
    And most of it – we love you so much –
    is about the conditions that you’re sharing with one another.
    But the true relationships that you are having with one another
    are those vibrational relationships… It’s a soul relationship.
    That’s Who-You-Really-Are.

    So, when someone makes their transition into Non-Physical,
    and you are aware of them, do you know that every thought
    that you think, those Non-Physical friends – like your son –
    they’re having a thought about what you’re thinking,
    about while you’re having the thought that you’re thinking.

    Did you know that?
    They’re having the thought about what you’re thinking about,
    while you’re having the thought about what you’re thinking about.
    And when you’re having the thought about what you’re thinking about
    at the same time they’re having a thought about
    what you’re thinking about, and the thought that you’re thinking about
    is on the same vibrational wavelength as the thought that they’re thinking about it,
    you feel clarity, you feel sure, you feel well-being you feel supported…

    supported isn’t really the word we want Esther to find
    because you don’t need support and, yet, it is all of that support,
    it is all of that well-being, it is all right there with you.

    You’re not separating yourself from any of it.
    You are flowing on the wings of that Infinite Intelligence
    that is flowing to you and through you, from your association
    and your realization of that Non-Physical person you used to know
    in physical form.

    But, when you feel sad, when you feel anguish,
    when it is a memory that just makes you long for them,
    you’re thinking about it in a way so different than they’re thinking about it…
    primarily because… all of us who are Non-Physically focused
    – which includes everyone you’ve ever known who has been physically focused

    – all of us who are Non-Physically focused
    are interested in right here right now.
    Not yesterday and not tomorrow… here and now…
    where the juncture between you and You happens, you see?

    So, when you stand here… Esther stood at the window
    and looked out across the water, and so many times
    she and Jerry have taken those walks down there…
    and she’s looking out… and she thought,
    “How sweet it is to be standing here looking out the window with Jerry,
    instead of having separated myself from him
    because of his re-emergence into Non-Physical,
    and then using his not being right here –
    holding my hand walking down this path –
    as my reason to not enjoy this moment in time.”

    It’s such a wonderful thing when you finally
    reach that understanding that nobody goes anywhere…

    but you prevent them from being realized by you.
    No one ever goes anywhere. They don’t go anywhere.

    And it isn’t that you prevent them from being here
    with you because you can’t prevent them from being here with you.
    It’s that you prevent yourself from realizing that they’re here with you.

    And this is the thing that you do with all of your desires and beliefs.
    You summon things that you block.
    That’s why it doesn’t feel good to you…
    Of course, you don’t always do that, but when you feel negative emotion
    that is what you’re doing.

    You’re summoning something that you’re not letting in.
    That’s what negative emotion always is.
    You’re summoning something that you’re not letting in.

    So, let’s put this subject into the context of Deliberate Creation.
    You’re summoning someone that you care deeply about but,
    because you’ve decided that they’re dead, you’re not letting them in…
    because you’ve decided that they’re no longer here,
    you’re not letting them in. Feel how crazy that is?!

    You summoned them. They’re here.
    They would be here to some degree,
    regardless of the power of your summoning, but the more you summon,
    the more you care, the more you want, the more they’re there.

    But… it’s your disallowing of your own realization of their presence.

    That’s why this subject feels so powerful within you.
    You see, if you’re going 100 mph and you hit a tree,
    it is BIG TIME unpleasant.
    But when you’re going 100 mph and there is no tree in the way,
    you having a really good ride with Esther in her Audi R8.
    In other words, 100 mph… 120 mph… the faster you go with no resistance…
    that’s why that car is so fun…

    it is engineered with so little resistance.
    It’s like gravity doesn’t matter, inertia doesn’t matter, nothing matters.
    That’s how you mean to feel, you see? Is this helpful?

    AUDIENCE: Yes.


    GUEST: And I know that.

    ABRAHAM: You know that, but…

    I know that, but I don’t feel it.
    To know it and to feel it is the contradiction I have.

    Well, you don’t know it if you’re not feeling it.
    In other words, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,
    blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… […laughter…]

    GUEST: Okay.

    …Does your logic tell you that you are Eternal beings? Logically?
    Your logic tells you that. Esther logically knows.
    You see, Esther’s been receiving Abraham for all of these years,
    but she wasn’t prepared for Jerry to take off like that…
    She was so mad at him. She just thought that was so unnecessary.

    So unnecessary, and really not very thoughtful. […laughter…]
    But now… now she realizes that he didn’t go anywhere,
    and that the knowledge that he holds, and the beingness that he is,
    that she still has access to in a keener way
    than she ever did while he was physically focused,
    so there is no downside to it for Esther any more. There’s no downside.

    Really, can there be any downside to being Eternal?
    Can there be any downside to being Source Energy Love?
    Is there any downside?
    Is there any true downside to being Eternal beings?
    Is there any downside to being still here,
    focused in your physical body while so many
    that you are interacting with, are Non-Physically focused?

    Is there any downside to any of this other than the conditions
    that you place that you can’t control that make you feel powerless?
    Are you beginning to get a sense of what we’re talking about?
    It’s only the way you twist it in your mind
    that makes you feel unpleasant about it, you see?

    Esther first noticed it because Jerry and Esther were together all the time,
    all the time, all the time, all the time.
    Anyone looking at their relationship from the outside
    would have to call it dysfunctional […laughter…]
    because they were together all the time.

    They were like the left hand and the right hand… literally…
    he was left-handed, she was right-handed.
    They ate off the same plate a lot of the time. […laughter…]
    They were together all the time.

    So, when Esther began doing some of the editing,
    and the planning of the schedule, doing some of the things
    that she and Jerry had done together,
    or even things that only Jerry had been doing…
    when Esther began doing those…

    in the very early stages of that, she felt such absence of him
    because she so trusted his ability and he was so actively involved.
    And so now that he was not there with his hands
    and his beingness being actively involved…

    for a little while, Esther really felt the absence of him
    and it was not fun for her.
    But after a little while… because of her understanding
    of her relationship with Abraham… and because of things
    that began happening as she would get into a very strong place
    of asking and then something would happen that she knew
    could not be explained in any other way
    than that Jerry was involved in her moment, in this moment,
    and was answering her in that way.

    Once Esther began to remember what she already knew…
    and began to accept the always presence of Jerry,
    she began to notice that it was really satisfying
    to edit a recording with Jerry in her. Being and editing with her.

    In other words, talk about streamlined,
    talk about communication that is seamless,
    talk about understanding things that formerly he would have had to explain to her.

    She remembered the day that she had the pool re-plastered,
    and she knew what to ask about the process that she shouldn’t know
    what to ask about the process.
    She knew how many gallons of water the pool held,
    and she is certain that she had never known that.

    She knew what kind of plaster she wanted.
    She knew how much water was in the big tank
    that the windmill draws up. She knew how to drain the pool.
    She knew that there must be a valve
    that took the water out into the pastures,
    so that it wasn’t going to flood the driveway of the property.

    She knew things that she has not discussed with Jerry.
    She knew things that Jerry knew. Real time, in this moment.

    So, we say this to you not just about Jerry, you have access to him…
    not just about Abraham, you have access to Abraham…
    not just about your grandmother or your grandfather
    or your parent or your child or your friend.

    You have Infinite Intelligence flowing to you and through you
    on any subject that is important to you.
    Every bit of information that you would want to know about everything…

    offered to you to the degree that you are able to receive it in this moment.

    None of us are standing there shouting,
    “If we say it loud enough maybe you’ll hear it!”
    There’s nothing like that. Just this constant, steady presentation
    of everything that you want to know… about everything
    that you want to know about… whenever you want to know about it…
    just offered to you steadily, and your singular work is
    to prepare an atmosphere that makes you receptive to the receiving,
    receptive to the translation of that.

    You are doing it all the time, you just don’t know that you are.
    But now that you’ve heard this conversation,
    you’re going to start noticing it when you’re doing it.
    You’re going to begin to allow yourself to be this integrated Being.
    You were not dead and then alive and then dead again.
    You were alive and alive and alive!

    And you never intended to come here in this physical body
    and be separated from what is Non-Physical to prove yourself worthy
    to what is Non-Physical.

    Do you feel, do you hear how ridiculous that concept is?
    And yet, it is the one that almost everyone subscribes to.
    You think you’re here to prove worthiness to someone
    who is never asking you to prove anything, and your effort at proving
    it is preventing you from receiving the very evidence

    that would make you know that you are worthy. How screwy is that?!

    You are Source Energy in these physical bodies,
    and there is nothing that is outside of your ability to do it
    or be it or have it, if you choose it,
    if this life has caused you to desire it, you see?
    And so, there is not separation. You are an Eternal Being.

    And all of you are going to leave these physical bodies…
    you are… all of you… you’re gonna croak.
    We love to be disrespectful of death because there is not any.

    There is no death. There is only Eternal-Ever-Lasting-Always-Life,
    and keen interest in what’s going on here on Earth,
    this Leading-Edge time-space reality.
    This is where it’s all happening.
    This is where we are all focused.

    We are all focused here, for all of us, for you, you see?
    Why would you pinch yourself off
    with some bogus misunderstanding about the death experience?

    Reach for your understanding that we are all here with you,
    and allow yourself to be the brilliant conduit of knowledge,
    that you are, and stop trying to own it.

    Just allow it. Just create the atmosphere that allows it
    by working on thoughts that feel good, and by getting the conditions
    out of the conversation… the conditions that don’t mean diddly squat…
    the conditions that – yes – help you to identify what you want,

    but that’s as far as they go, you see?

    You didn’t come to line everything up,
    to put all the conditions in piles and then name them…
    good pile, less good pile, not good pile, really bad pile, horrible pile…
    ah, these are the pile conditions, these are the pile conditions,
    and now let’s right a million books trying to control these conditions.
    And we say, “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.”

    We would like to just zap each of you
    with the knowledge of Who-You-Are.
    We would like you to know the perfection of that which is you.
    We would like to take a big eraser and erase from you all of the things
    that you feel about yourselves that are keeping
    you from knowing how wonderful you are.
    But this is your work, not ours.

    We cannot change the condition of your disconnection,
    and we do not feel negative emotion even in the condition
    of your disconnection, and that is what unconditional love truly is, you see?

    Well, you got more than you bargained for,
    but you didn’t get more than you asked for,
    and you didn’t get more than your son wants you to know.

    And so, what he wants to say to you, what he is saying to you is,
    “Let’s just have fun with this.”
    Discover through this experience what this is all about.
    You’re in a position to do that, you see?

    JUNE 28, 2014 PORTLAND

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    THIS (earth-plane) is heaven, for me!

    Yeah! This is where WE ALL are!
    You guys have an illusion of us, being somewhere else!
    Its so odd, how you keep looking "up" for us.

    Wer all right HERE, WITH YOU!
    Wer in your mind. Wer in your movements. Wer in your body,
    wer in your actions. Wer in your tastebuds,
    wer in your sensual feelings in your body- wer RIGHT HERE with you!

    Wer in your mind. Wer in EVERYTHING.
    Wer in everything that exists.
    Pure positive energy, flowing with you.

    Denver Aug. 2014

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    GUEST: Three months ago, my 4 year old son and his mom decided to kick the bucket… and a car accident took the love of my life away… not his mom, I’m gay… and my daughter survived and she’s fine… anyway, so, I feel him inside me all the time, and I’m trying to cope with that version of him, as opposed to watching him grow to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

    And I’m just having a hard time with that, although I can be happy most of the time, but I just miss him a lot… a lot… And I didn’t even want him initially. He inspired me to have him, and it happened so easily, and he came into my life and it was the biggest thing, and then he just went away.

    And I feel him, like I feel him right now, I felt him earlier. I know he’s the one who got me picked. I’ve been coming here for 8 years and I’ve only been picked once. And I know it was his trajectory and his life, but it’s hard not to have a sense of connection with him and say, “Why did you leave me?”

    ABRAHAM: Well, if there was ever a conversation that would get fast to the heart of the subject of unconditional love… If there was ever a condition that is hard to take, it would be a condition like this… So, there is no way… Oh, we love this question so much… There is no way of answering a question with the depth and power and intensity that this question has in any other way.

    Humans cannot make sense of death, especially death of children. You just can’t do it. It’s a condition that is so outside of anything you ever want that it twists your brain into a knot. It makes you willing to forfeit everything you’ve ever believed about goodness in the world – usually – when a condition that appalling occurs.

    But when you have a basis of understand the Eternalness that you are… Now, we know, under these conditions, if you are thinking from your human perspective, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah… Nothing is more irritating than to have somebody who doesn’t care about a body – that would be us – talking about the Eternal nature of your consciousness – and yet, that is what this is all about. The Eternal nature of Who-We-All-Are.

    So, if happiness – which is what everyone wants – depends upon being able to hold circumstances in the order that you have defined them, then there cannot really ever be happiness among the human population. You just can’t ever be happy. There are too many moving parts. There are too many things you can’t control.

    So, then you say, “Well, we don’t need to control everything, Abraham, just the big things… just things like keeping our children safe… just things like being able to watch them grow up. Is that too much to ask? Aren’t there some conditions that we can be assured of? If you say we create our own reality, what’s the point of creating our own reality if it isn’t to contour conditions to a more pleasing state of being?”

    And we say… The other day… Because Ether’s been thinking a lot about this unconditional love stuff… Esther was sitting, after a few weeks of focusing with us, thinking about it, caring about the way she feels, talking herself into feeling good no matter what was going on… and one day she’s sitting in Texas, overlooking the pool and gardens, and she found herself in a rapturous state of appreciation. It was heightened.

    And she was looking at some sculptures that are truly amazing. They are cranes, and the man that created them is world-renowned. And they look like two cranes standing there dipping into the water. They are beautiful, beautiful pieces. And Esther was looking at them just in amazement at their contour and their realness.

    And then she looked at the pool which is a zero edge pool, and it drops off in an infinity edge into a water garden, and it takes your breath away… it is so beautiful. The sound of it too. And then the bird in the tree, and then the trees. And as Esther is looking at this stuff, she is feeling better than she has felt ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever… heightened, joyful appreciation.

    And then, she said, “A-ha Abraham! These are conditions. I’m focused on conditions, and these conditions are making me very happy. It’s a beautiful pool and beautiful birds and beautiful trees and beautiful other birds and beautiful, beautiful. These are conditions. What’s all this business about unconditional love? These conditions are thrilling me.” And we said, “Esther, you were at that vibrational pitch before you even noticed these conditions.” And that’s the difference. The difference is: Finding the alignment, and then… rather than needing the condition to create the feeling.

    So, when you say, “Why?” You had an agreement… You had an agreement that you would come together, know one another, love one another, and figure out what unconditional love really is… what love without condition is.

    And so… we know this may not feel like a very satisfying answer to you, to any of you now, but if you can hear what we said just a little bit ago… we said: The manifestations are for the most part… they should not be and they don’t need to be… but humans uses manifestations as conditions to support emotions, and that’s what goes wrong with you… because when you use conditions to support good-feeling emotions, now you are bound… now you are not free because you cannot control the conditions that you feel you need to support the emotions.

    But, if you’re able to show yourself… and if there was ever a difficult time, this would be it… in other words, we always say to our friends, start with things that are easier… but here you are, you walked right into this, you’re blind-sided by it, it’s something that happened, it’s something that you cannot help but observe, and of course it’s bringing emotions forth from you… but, it is our promise to you that your dearly departed… as you are already acknowledging you are receiving so much help from… will help you to discover that you can be in a state of alignment with All-That-You-Are without needing to control the physical outcomes of anything.

    And, once you get that… Now, here’s the part that’s a little tricky for you to hear, so we’re gonna say it, and we’re gonna say it, and we’re gonna say it… because we want you to get this. When you’re able to find alignment unconditionally – and we’ll show you how to do it – then your alignment generates conditions that are pleasing. But feel the trap in that… because in the moment that your motive is to change the condition so that you can feel better, now you’re twirled up in it in a backwards way.

    …Now, instead of using the word unconditional love for a minute, let’s use some other words that mean the same thing… unconditional clarity, unconditional fun, unconditional ease, unconditional alignment… love, appreciation, alignment, ease, clarity… yes... unconditional alignment. So, once you find this unconditional alignment, then things that are in your Vortex move into your reality where you can realize them. But, until you find it, then they can’t.

    And so, can you feel the trap that so many of you put yourselves in? … So, Esther has been writing. She has filled two notebooks up in the last 2 days with this understanding. So, something will happen, or she will become aware of something, that is a condition that she does not like as it stands. So, she’ll write, “Condition that I need to change.” She is really sticking it to herself a little bit. “A condition that I need to change, so that I will feel better.” Now, she knows the flaw in that reasoning. In other words, she is just leading herself to an epiphany, and it’s working every time. “The condition that I need to change, so that I can feel better.”

    Well, and condition like this, you can’t change. That’s a condition you can’t change. That’s not something that is going to change. Jerry made his transition. That is a condition that is not going to change. That condition… “I want this person here, playing with me the way we used to play together.” That’s a condition that won’t change. So, when you say, “I need this condition to change before I can feel better…,” feel the trap in that?

    But that’s the way Esther is writing it. “What is the condition that I require a change?” And then she’s writing, “I want that condition to change, so that I can feel ………………...” And then she has been writing a series of emotions that she will feel. And then she says, using all of her logic that she has picked up along this trail with us – the 8 years you have been listening are going to serve you really well – she says, “Well, I can find these emotions. I cannot change that condition, but I can find these emotions.”

    So, then she just sits and writes the words… the emotional words until she feels the shift take place. And every single time, she feels the shift take place. And then, you know what happens? Then Jerry is right there. Right there. Thinking in her head. Moving to the music. Enjoying something that she is eating. Basking in the beauty of the pool. Undeniable, you see? You have to show it to yourself. You’re already having those experiences.

    GUEST: I have been. He is with me now. I feel him more than normal people do. He buzzes inside of me for 30 minutes on.

    ABRAHAM: What Esther is willing to say now that she wasn’t willing to say for a couple of years is, “I like this new relationship.” And, for a while, it felt like she was more aware of where Jerry wasn’t, and then she couldn’t find him. But, once she started feeling him, like your feeling, and started focusing on where he is, then that lack of him evaporated.

    …We know, we’re not getting very far with you, we can feel… because you don’t want these kinds of conditions to happen in your experience… we get it… we don’t blame you… we don’t want these conditions to happen in your experience either, but what we do want is for you to find alignment and – when you do – the conditions will become irrelevant.

    Right now, you don’t believe that. Right now, it feels to you that there are some conditions that are just intolerable. “There are some conditions that I am never gonna be down with, Abraham. I’m never gonna agree that I can live with that.” And the Universe isn’t testing you, but you were born to be free. You were born to feel good regardless of the conditions.

    And look at how wadded up you are as a human race. You need those people to be different, and those people to be different, and those people to be different. And they’re not being different, so we’ll build a big fence. And they’re not being different, so now we’ll guard the fence. And they’re not being different and we don’t want them to come over here, so we’ll have a bigger fence. And we don’t like what they’re doing over there, so we’ll just drop some bombs on them, and we’ll just threaten them, and we’ll just wrestle them to the ground, and we’ll just kill them because these are conditions that we need to change so that we can live happily-ever-after.

    And what happily-ever-after are you living in pushing against all of that other stuff? You’ve got no other choice if you want to live happily-ever-after… other than to come in alignment with Who-You-Are, and when you come into alignment with Who-You-Are, the conditions become irrelevant to your alignment and then, in your alignment, the conditions blossom to your pleasing. That’s how it works.

    GUEST: Does my son leaving have anything to do with me?

    ABRAHAM: Esther has a friend who says, “When Jerry didn’t leave…. you know, when Jerry didn’t leave… when Jerry didn’t leave…” Esther just loves that because he didn’t leave. He didn’t leave. He didn’t leave. He became more present. He became more an integral part of her life. You should see the way he edits from inside of her. […laughter…] They can edit on the computer screen now. She doesn’t have to print stuff out for him. In other words, he is such a cheap date. […laughter…] She doesn’t have to buy that airline ticket for him anymore. […laughter…] He’s always there. Always there. Always available. Always up for fun. Always there.

    GUEST: But, you know, his sister is having a hard time with it. His other mom is having a hard time with it.

    ABRAHAM: Yeah… Yeah… We know.

    GUEST: But um, did we attract this? Did his little sister attract this? Did his mom attract it? Did I…?

    ABRAHAM: Yeah… because from your Non-Physical perspective, when that trajectory was set into motion, you all knew your invincibility. You didn’t feel conditionally vulnerable to anything.

    GUEST: Okay. I get that.

    ABRAHAM: You understand… you understand how flexible and fluid you are. In and out, in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out. “Yeah, I’ll go and we’ll have fun, then I’ll take off, and you’ll miss me, but you’ll figure something really important out, okay let’s go…” Splat […laughter…]

    …That’s our favorite conversation that we’ve ever had ever because it speaks to the whole of everything that we are taking about. It is our promise to you that you can find joy beyond anything that you have ever experienced before. You’ve just gotta get through this normal conditional response to things.

    Every now and then, Esther will still open a drawer and see something and she’ll just take a minute… she just takes a minute as she sees something that reminds her of something that isn’t anymore… and then, she laughs about it and gets on with something even better.

    JULY 26, 2014 LOS ANGELES, CA

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    Do you feel lonely?

    When you feel Lonely,
    it's not because there are not other like-minded people for you to play with.
    It's because
    you have separated yourself from Who-You-Really-Are.

    You're lonely for your own connection.
    If you're ever lonely, it's for your own connection.
    It's not for other people.

    Seattle, August 2013

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    Relationships are forever. They are eternal.
    Not just permanent in this lifetime.

    Once you establish a relationship, it is an eternal relationship.

    What holds bad things in your life
    is always your attention to those bad things,


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    Being ONE with source

    HS sometimes feels so distant from the "greatness" of the Vortex.
    Abe soothe him, sometimes wer there, and sometimes wer not. They tell that Esther was a bit like him- mentally getting the concept of being "one".
    But it took the re-emerging of Jerry to really GET what it means to be one with source.

    "...(Esther, then) had a knowing
    (while editing recordings) that she KNEW, was not her own.
    So, THEN she began to realize, that -since he is always, ALWAYS there...
    -now, Jerry in this case is representing the WHOLE of what nonphysical is,
    because we are ALL there!-

    And when Esther is vibrationally up to speed with it,
    ahhhh!!!! The clarity! The feeling of exhileration! The feeling of all is wellness-
    is indescribable.

    But the same presence of him, when she is NOT there,
    feels like GRIEF! Or missing! Or lonely.

    And she began realizing- oh, it was such a wonderful realization-
    that, because she thought- and so did you!-
    that when he was there, she felt his PRESENCE,
    and when he was not there she felt his ABSENCE.

    But there is no "there" and "not there".

    YOU are the one- allowing it, or disallowing it.

    YOU are the one, jumping on the disc, that allows the full
    revelation of it, or the not-revelation of it."

    Philadelphia May 2013

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    about dealing with pain

    "The most significant thing
    that we want you to focus upon relative to pain,
    that when you are feeling it and focusing upon it,
    it cannot go away.

    And if you
    would A friend earlier offered a very good word that,
    as you apply it to this,

    we believe it can serve you very powerfully, and that is, as you

    it's sort of like relaxing into the pain
    rather than pushing against it,
    than trying to figure it out or understand it or stop it.
    Just sort of relax and
    go with it.

    In other words, just sort of accept it. Don't tense against it.
    sort of accept it.
    In most cases it will soften right away as you try to relax
    into it a little bit."

    ~Abraham, Billings, MT, 6/21/03

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    Compassion or Empathy?

    "Let's talk about compassion
    because that is the trickiest word on your planet!
    Compassion - most people misunderstand it all together.

    Empathy is:
    focusing on a situation where there's a vibration going on
    and focusing there long enough
    that the situation trains my vibration to the same frequency.

    So if you have empathy with Joy, that's a really good thing.
    If you have empathy with success, with abundance, with well-being,
    that's a really good thing.
    But if you have empathy with someone in a hard place
    or someone who's sick or someone who's suffering -
    - not good for you.

    Compassion, very different.
    Compassion is aligning -- say it again -
    - having empathy with the Source within you
    and THEN looking at the situation.
    So you take your alignment into the situation.
    Compassion is finding the highest frequency and then looking,

    and YOU changing the vibration of what you're giving
    the attention to
    because you've taken the time to tune to the Source energy first.

    ~Abraham, San Diego, CA, 1/12/13

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    It is NO loss.

    Abe expand on the enhanced-ness, that is added to every situation, that is triggered through such huge "losses" as close people making their transition.

    The glad is really really glad, and the sad is really really sad. Abe promise that time helps in that, and that its normal to "feel like a crazy person".

    "Esther never thought she would say that,
    but she says the words, and so wer sure she doesnt mind if wer saying them:


    San Diego Ja. 2013

    (continuing segment above)
    ...So, Abe advice, LOOK WHERE IT IS to find it, not where it isnt (as with the money, or the love...) and find the alignment, and the stable thought at home- in your bed, in your privacy, without the chaos around you, and project it forwards into your day. And then...

    "Youll begin to feel that not only have you overcome
    the grief and discomfort and pain of it,
    but youll be riding on a sort of "cloud",
    current, frequency, of nonphysical,
    that you never had such personal access to, before."

    San Diego Ja. 2013

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