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Thread: Abe-quotes about Death

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    The one thing that I don't know how to re-frame,
    that I think I will miss, is when somebody else croaks and I miss
    their physical presence, the physical - picking up the phone and calling them...
    and how ... I know that you've gotta be in the Vortex to even be able
    to communicate with them at that point, but ...

    Well, what's your hang-up with this archaic communication called the
    (Loud laughter!)
    We're in Esther's Contacts
    (presumably looking at Esther's phone) We're turning
    to A ... It doesn't have Abraham in here.
    (background long laughter, hotseater laughing)
    There are a lot of A's but Abraham is not in there!

    I'm never gonna hear the end of this!

    Well, you get the point that we're making!

    Yeah, yeah ...

    Long after the people you love are gone, they'll probably still in
    your Contacts ... but unnecessarily so!
    Do you think you no longer have access to someone because
    they're no longer physical? Because if that's true, 'cause you're
    expecting them to meet you on your terms and you've got to meet them in
    theirs! And so it's an emotional journey that you have to take.

    ~snip~ Abraham:
    What do you know about 100% of your croaked friends?
    What do you know about 100% of them? ... They don't miss you!
    (Laughter) And the reason they don't miss you is that they
    have access to you all the time!

    They are showering with you ...
    (laughter) They don't mind your wrinkles,
    or your cellulite. In other words, you have to meet them on their terms.
    They are live-rs of unconditional love! And they're there for you.

    -Abe, North Carolina, September, 2011

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    What about Coma?

    From time to time, someone will say, I have a friend or family member whos
    in a coma. Is there anything we can do for a loved one whos in an unconscious

    You are communicating with those around you vibrationally even more than with
    your words, so even though your loved one may show no signs of recognition,
    it does not mean that your communication is not being received on some level.
    You can even communicate with those who have made their physical transition
    in what you call death, so do not assume that a seeming unconscious state has
    barred your communication.

    The primary reason why people remain in a coma or unconscious state, is that
    they are seeking refreshment from the lackful thoughts that have been hindering
    them. In other words, while they have withdrawn their conscious attention from
    the details of their normal life, they are in a state of vibrational communication
    with their own Inner Being.

    It is an opportunity for refreshment and is often a time of decision making where
    they are actually determining whether they will find their alignment by returning
    to the Non-Physical or whether they will awaken again back into their physical
    body. In many regards, it is not very different from being born into their physical
    body in the first place.

    Here is the best attitude for you to hold regarding such people:
    "I want you to do what is important to you. I approve of whatever you decide.
    I love you unconditionally. If you stay, I will be ecstatic and if you go, I will be
    ecstatic. Do what is best for you."
    That is the best you can do for them.

    And so, those people who are in a state like that for many years
    theyre doing what they want to do?

    Most of them, if it is that length of time, made the decision not to return long
    ago, and someone in the physical overrode their decision and kept them
    plugged into a machine, but their Consciousness has long gone and will not
    return to this body.

    From Money and the Law of Attraction

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    ALL of them, for you, here and now!

    You really have to put what physical beings call death, or endedness,
    into clear perspective where there is NOT ANY OF THAT.

    So, then when you start looking from the point of view, if the
    exhilaration of life, and the eagernes to come forth, -and when you
    understand- and this is the biggest piece- this is the piece that you
    are really after, and we are really eager to explain to you in a way
    that is satisfying enough that you will begin to ponder it (...)

    ...when you come to know, that all who lived before you-
    we are talking about your parents, and their parents and teir parents
    and their parents, we are talking about all of the masters, and all of
    the healers, and all of the artists, and all of the poets and all of the
    musicians, and all of the scientists and all of the mathematicians
    and all of who have walked this planet before-

    -when you accept that they are still intimately involved out here,
    on the leading edge with all what is going on,
    then you never for a moment feel any loss or lack,
    when someone simply changes their point of focus!

    SF, February 12

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    The croaked ones are NOT "lost" to you!

    Its time to stop feeling loss about things,
    that are not lost!

    Its time to start revelling in the BEINGNES of that, which continues to be!
    Its time to talk to those who wish to talk to you-
    to love with those, who wish to love you!

    -To feel the presence of those who are always around you.
    But MOST of all- to fulfill your deliberate intention when you came forth,
    to be a physical aspect of that wich is nonphysical:

    To be a balanced counterpart of this nonphysical energy.
    To allow source to flow through you.

    But to recognice that you ARE that energy!
    IOW- its not source, apart from you!

    Its source, that IS you!

    Its ALL ONE ENERGY that is expressing itself through endless points
    of view- all for the sake of collective joy, that can be realised.

    SF, February 12

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    There is no Karma!

    Everything is happening in the moment.
    So as you are offering a vibration in your now, you are receiving the
    result of that vibration.

    When you make your transition into the Non-physical, you re-emerge
    into Pure Positive Energy, and you leave all resistance behind.
    Everyone who makes their transition reaps the glory of Pure Positive

    That is really upsetting to those who want the bad ones to be punished.
    But it does not happen!
    Punishment is a concoction of man's disconnected mind.


    Excerpted from: Boston, MA on October 10, 1999

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    How dying feels...

    You do not become part of a nebulous mist.
    You do not lose your sense of identity.
    You don’t wonder where you are.
    You don’t feel suffocated for lack of oxygen.
    You don’t miss your body.

    Instead, you feel ALL that you have ever been.
    You have access to go anywhere that you want to go.
    You can revisit those who you are wanting to.
    You can participate in your funeral if you are wanting to.
    You can reactivate the vibration of your beingness – in other words,
    you could, from your nonphysical, ‘dead’ you call it, we like to call it
    'croaking' to be disrespectful since there is no such thing as death -

    you could from that nonphysical perspective, you could, if you wanted to,
    reactivate the vibration that was you, and feel as if you were still
    in your physical body.

    But you know what? Nobody wants to do that,
    because the broader perspective is so intoxicating.

    San Francisco, 7/27/07

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    What happens when you re-emerge

    You never re-emerge into nonphysical believing that there is shortage!
    You never re-emerge back into nonphysical carrying with you
    your human disregard for yourself.
    You never re-emerge back into nonphysical feeling unworthiness or feeling regret.

    Those things are left here for psychics to pick up on.
    (Laughter from audience.)


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