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Thread: Quotes about the BODY (health, decline, shape, beauty, aging...)

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    Just donīt turn that unwanted corner!

    The timing of this, is about that "corner".
    Isn’t that interesting? In other words, you’re zeroing in on the “turning point.”
    We just want you to know, isn’t that interesting?
    Isn’t that interesting? It’s like you’ve been pre-programing yourselves –
    a lot of you do it – pre-programming yourself for…for…uh…
    (unwanted) stuff.

    What do you mean? Can you say that in a different way?

    We mean… we mean that… we mean that… we think it is interesting,
    fascinating, and logical that you would begin this discussion by tell us
    where you are sequentially in the evolution and devolution of life experience.
    And we just don’t want it to be missed by you that…
    healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy… turn the corner…
    not healthy.
    -You see what we’re getting at?

    GUEST: Yes.

    ABRAHAM: So, just don’t turn that corner…
    because it has nothing to do with your age.
    The statistics that are out there have NOTHING to do
    with you.

    But what you observe, and what you practice thinking about,
    and therefore what you believe – a belief is just a thought you keep thinking-
    have everything to do with your point of attraction.
    You see what we’re getting at?

    So, there’s no urgency here.
    We don’t want to alarm you in anyway. In fact, we want
    to “de-larm” you, we want to “un-larm” you.

    We want you to just relax and acknowledge that none of you…
    this is a room full of, a world full of people who are just recently,
    in the scope of their life experience, learning to be deliberate creators,
    and it’s just freakishly odd to you, we know that it is,

    to take the orientation that you’ve been living,
    which you’ve learned from others and through your observation,
    and know or hold the beliefs that you hold –
    based upon the thoughts that you’ve been thinking –
    because when you think something, Law of Attraction gives you evidence of it.

    Esther argued with us in the beginning about that:
    “But Abraham, it’s true!”
    And we would say to her again and again and again,
    There are many things that are true that you don’t want.
    Don’t focus on those.

    Why activate, why take something that someone else made true
    from their attention to it, and now make it true for you because of your
    attention to it? If you could put the first thought as the premise of your

    “I create my own reality.

    I create my own reality. The thoughts that I think attract evidence
    of the thoughts that I think. Period!"

    MARCH 16, 2014 SEDONA, AZ

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    As you keep holding to those beliefs
    while your stream gets faster and faster,
    after a while, you just get stretched thinner and thinner!
    Until you have a sort of "breakthrough" into something unpleasant.

    (...) You have to stop saying: I donīt know what it is.
    And start saying: I know itīs SOMETHING, because I got sick!
    (...) You have trained yourself to not look there.
    Because those like us have been telling you: "Think positive thoughts!

    and think about what you want!"

    But when you have a wad of resistance it is of advantage to ACKNOWLEDGE this wad of resistance
    and accept it- not as a bad thing,
    but as something youīve got going on and then


    To something else.
    You canīt just pretend that it isnīt there when itīs there!
    You gotta get your hands around it, and MOVE it
    to a new place, you see!

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    Free of allergies

    You want to control your RESPONSE to the environment,
    around you. You donīt need to ask anybody to be perfect-
    you just care about YOUR RESPONSE to their perfection,
    or imperfection!

    And the same is true of this other
    (being allergic).
    There are all kinds of things around you, that have the potential
    of bothering you- or not!

    You have to prepare yourself, to not be bothered, you see!
    Until eventually, you can stand strong, WHERE EVER YOU ARE.
    -Following impulses.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks ~ Feel your way free of allergies

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    On Aging & Physical decline

    You can move through time, which is what aging is,
    without declining, which is what resistance is.

    This declining process that you are talking about is that life causes you
    to ask for more, but in the observation of where you are, you don’t take
    the gain…and now the absence of it is more acute which causes you
    to ask for more.
    But if you don’t move in the direction of the expansion,
    the absence of this expansion is more acute.

    What causes the decline is that life keeps causing you to expand,
    but you don’t use your mind to take the Vibrational expansion,
    so the expansion is what is causing the decline.

    Without the expansion, there could not be the decline.
    Because without the expansion, there could not be resistance to the
    It is the resistance to the expansion that is causing the
    tension that you are equating as decline.

    So you have only one choice, and that is to keep up with Who-You-Are.
    You’re like a two headed monster, and we just want you to get both heads
    going in the same direction.
    So when you say, I want it, but.. I want to
    thrive, but the economy isn’t going well, and I don’t think one person
    can make a difference…

    -What causes the beating on the body? It’s not moving through time.
    What causes the beating on the body? Expansion not allowed!!!

    So if you can find a way to ask and stay up with it, and ask and stay up
    with it, and ask and stay up with it, then you could live long in this
    physical body.

    Now you live in a Universe that insists on expansion. You can’t stop that.
    So you only have one choice and that is to keep up with who you are.

    You can’t take back you desire for your own abundance…
    You’ve gotta find a way of lining up with it.

    And it might mean ignoring or defying the reality that seems to exist,
    and getting into that Vibrational reality.

    You might have to be temporarily untruthful. You might need to be optimistic
    without justification for your optimism.

    You just have to care more about your Alignment, than you do about anyone’s
    lie-detector test.

    When you are in Alignment, you will pass that test. When you are in Alignment,
    the resources that create worlds are abundant and evident to you.
    You could
    take all of the money that exists, equally disperse it around this planet and in
    ten years it will be right back where it is. Because it gravitates to the Vibrational countenance. There’s no way you can divvy it out in terms of action.

    This is a Vibrationally-based Universe. And when you KNOW it and you begin
    to flow with the Vibration, ALL IS WELL.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Why do our bodies decline?

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    So much has been thought about getting it right:
    -That you've been sent here to prove worthiness.
    And we feel sorry for anyone who has been given a set of rules,
    that they have been told to keep, because first of all you're insecure
    about whether you've got the right set of rules or not,
    and there isn't one of you who believes you KEPT it right.

    And so if that's the mindset that you have,
    you're not ready to have your death experience.
    And that's another thing that holds people in that awkward,
    uncomfortable place for so long. There isn't something in this physical
    lifetime that's still calling them, but they don't believe that they have
    fulfilled the requirements so they are AFRAID to go there,
    for fear they will not be prepared.

    And so under those conditions, these loving, benevolent universal forces
    of Source Energy just create the path of least resistance.

    We would like you to put that label on Alzheimer's:
    Rather than calling it a dreaded disease, call it the gift of Source
    of the path of least resistance to those who are no longer focused,
    and wanting to live, who can make an easy and comfortable transition
    into the wholeness of who they ARE.

    That's a much better and much more accurate label for it, you see.

    San Antonio, TX 11-17-07A

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    Why isnīt he seeing clearly?

    HS (a musician) canīt see clearly and asks whatīs on with that.
    What is the nature of sight?

    This is gonna sound odd to you. But, in many ways, if you didnīt have such
    keen ability to see and smell and taste and touch, you wouldnīt be so wraped
    up in the part of your manifested world, thatīs keeping you from your

    This is a vibrational world. What you see with your eyes, is a translation of
    vibration. What you hear with your ears is a translation of vibration.
    (...) Sometimes, when someone has a diminished sense, the other senses
    become keener.

    Well, the sense that we wish for all of you, to find
    keener, is your sense of EMOTION.
    Your relationship with your Vortex.

    Thatīs why when you meditate, it helps to close your eyes- so you do not see.
    And put yourself in a quiet place, so that there are not distractions, that
    you are hearing. And donīt sit near a dead rat!

    Weīr just saying, the fewer physical senses that are
    aggravating- the more likely you are to tune IN to your
    vibrational interpretor, of your relationship between you,
    and your IB.

    Itīs about that.

    San Francisco February 04 2017

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    Joyful fainting, passing out, swooning

    HS asks why she felt as fainting when she interacted with Abe?

    It is your IB, resonating here.
    Iow, a sort of detachment from the physical, because your IB
    is so exuberant about this, happening. And so, the energy was just
    washing over that. (...)

    Many of you have that experience in meditation! Your IB is...
    Esther says "I feel full of myself", and we say you couldnīt say
    it in a better way, that is what is happening!

    Your physical being is full of your broader being, you see.
    Do you sometimes have a thought, and a sort of glorious feeling-
    almost a shuddering sensation, that is your IB agreeing with the
    conscious thought, you see. That is what that connection is:
    Esther calls it "lightning strike".

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks: Why did I feel like fainting when interacting with Abraham

    Everything that you are experiencing in any moment in time
    is about the mixture of energies within you.

    And what we mean by that, with further description is,
    what you've been living and how fast your stream is going,
    and what you're thinking in the moment in relationship to the
    stream. In other words, if the stream is moving very fast and
    you are thinking thoughts that allow you to go along with it,
    you feel good.

    For example, imagine being in an airplane at 50 thousand feet
    in the air, going about 600 or 700 miles an hour, you look out
    the window and everything is going by very nicely, it's all calm.

    But if you put that same aircraft on the ground it would be a
    white knuckle experience. Because on the ground, there is so
    much more resistance.

    And so, ordinarily, when someone is describing a panic attack,
    what it says to us is that something in their focus and in their life
    has got their energy moving rapidly, but then something in their
    immediate experience has them focused in a way that is
    contradicting the energy.

    Sometimes, especially when Esther was first receiving us,
    as she would stand here, waiting for the meeting to begin, she
    quiets herself, she always puts herself into a comfortable place,
    relaxes and breathes and the words in her mind are:
    "I'm wanting to speak clearly your words."

    She's addressing us and it's her way of saying she wants the
    vibration of Abraham to dominate while she is here allowing us to
    visit with you. And in the early days of that, the reason she still
    stands behind the podium, spreads her legs, locks her knees, puts
    her hands in a stable place, even though it is not necessary for her
    now, is that it was an experience of swooning.

    Because as the energies of Abraham began to mix with the energies
    of Esther, because she was not up to speed with the energy,
    it was an unsettling experience. Something you were focused upon,
    you've summoned a lot of energy, it is not uncommon.

    That is why the drug effect is what it is. That is why the alcohol
    effect is what it is. It's why so much of that is appealing, it distracts
    you from your normal vibration and allows you to temporarily raise
    your vibration and when your vibration raises abruptly it gives you
    that out-of-control-feeling and that's why you're calling it
    a panic attack.

    Esther had the good experience of meditating, every day for 15 or
    20 minutes, with Jerry for about 9 months before she began to
    receive that swooning feeling, her head began moving, so she
    integrated to the energy. There are many people, who, because
    they are listening to the recordings, watching the videos, coming
    to the gatherings like this, they have gradually acclimated to the
    energy of this higher vibration.

    <snip> In your physical world, like most people, you've acclimated
    to a lower vibration and when you've acclimated to a lower
    vibration, but your true tendency is much higher and then
    something happens to distract you from your lower vibration
    - WHOOSH - it's that sorta feeling.

    CA 04-01-07 B

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    When you are in vibrational harmony,
    your body produces whatever it needs
    to remain in perfect balance.

    Excerpted from Boston, MA - Sunday, October 20th, 1996

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    Donīt BURN OUT!

    Your desire to help others-
    which has been the bane of your life...
    (...) WHAT IS IT that makes you so full -
    and everybody except us is going to tell you what a lovely thing it is!-

    WHAT IS IT that makes you so full of wanting to help others,
    before you even found YOUR OWN stability?

    Itīs the same that got you here (into the instability).
    People, demanding of one another (...) -demanding of you-
    something, before you had your bearings!
    Itīs like a parent badgering you into compliance, and then
    being MAD about you for not being happy.

    And now, Iīm doing it to myself, you say?

    Yes. Yes!
    And it comes from learning flawed premises.
    It comes from people, saying "You want to serve others."
    And we say: OF COURSE YOU DO!
    We are all in this together. You WANT to uplift others.

    But if you donīt tend to your own alignment, FIRST,
    you have nothing to give another!
    (...) Itīs right for you, itīs necessary for you,
    and not just necessary, itīs RIGHT for you to bring yourself
    into alignment. And to not just bring yourself into stability-
    but VITALITY.

    And THEN, from THAT place, help anyone who is vibrationally near you.
    And the thing thatīs tricky about this is:
    When you get there, when you get into THAT vitality-
    those that you think you will help, wonīt be in your vicinity.

    And thatīs why almost EVERYBODY that goes BACK to help,
    loses their own vitality.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Shouldn't Recovered Turn Back To Help Others

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    Stretching and Yawning

    Often, when you have been so focused on something, so that you are
    not breathing wholy, and your IB recognizes that you would benefit
    from an influx of oxygen, you are inspired, or compelled to yawn!

    And the stretching is a similar thing. An allowance of the flow of the
    energy, and flow of blood and oxygen into parts of your body.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks: What goes on when we stretch or yawn?

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