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Thread: Quotes about UPLIFTMENT and HELPING OTHERS

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    Guidance-system for Dummies

    Give us a handfull of words, EMOTIONAL words on the
    not-good-feeling end of the chart, just one at a time- and we want
    to give you another word that expresses it better (...)

    HS: Unworthy.

    Abe: Disconnected.

    HS: Disappointed.

    Abe: Disconnected.

    HS: Fear!

    Abe: Disconnected. (laughter)

    HS: I got it!

    Abe: We like more!

    HS: Absolutely. Scared.

    Abe: Disconnected. That could take a while!
    (big laughter)

    (laughing): Frustrated!

    Abe: (...) You have assigned this more sophisticated emotional phrases,
    to explain. And in most of this phrases you are describing what somebody
    else is doing, that is causing you to feel that way.

    But when we tell you whatīs REALLY going on...
    now, give us some more words!

    (laughing) Ok. Annoyed.

    Abe: Not ready to be ready.

    HS: Mad.

    Abe: Not ready to be ready.

    HS: Angry.

    Abe: Not ready to be ready. Give us a few more!

    HS: Confused!

    Abe: Didnīt meditate this morning!

    HS. Oh. Do we need more?

    Abe: We want more but you can use the same over and over again, because
    we plan to do the same!

    HS: Frustrated.

    Abe: Didnīt meditate this morning!

    HS: Foggy.

    Abe: Didnīt meditate this morning.
    You see what weīr getting at? -Didnīt start at the BEGINNING!
    Didnīt get ready, to get ready. And so, "I jumped over all of this, that I
    could have done- and jumped right to action and manifestation, and
    mad all kinds of flawed conclusions- ironiously placing blame, and reason
    upon things that have NOTHING to do with it.

    The ONLY thing that had anything to do with it was MY point of attraction-
    that would not let me connect to who I really am, and what I really want."

    (...) So, the next time you have an arguement with someone, and you are
    SO well-reasoned, you KNOW youīr right. Youīve got ALL the facts in
    front of you- and you open your mouth, and IF youīve meditated, IF youīve
    got ready to get ready to get ready to get ready- THEN most likely what
    youīre gonna say, if you would even rendezvous with someone, the only
    possibility that youīve rendezvoused with someone would be that you
    live with them, or something, because LoA wouldnīt naturally inspire you
    to be together-

    but, there you are. And as they are explaining to you their reason for their
    feeling what they are feeling, the words that would come from you, would
    be: "Oh man, I understand."

    But you WOULDNīT try to do the impossible, and pushing a noodle, of
    bringing them in to complete understanding what you understand- because
    while you are ready to be ready to be ready- THEY ARE NOT.

    And when you know that, THEN you wouldnīt feel frustration!

    2017 Long Beach January 21st from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2017 - Strengthen your own vibrational platform

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    Your happiness is the most significant contribution
    that you could make.

    In your reaching for happiness, you are opening a vortex which makes you
    an avenue for the Well-being to flow through you.
    And anything that is your object of attention under those conditions,
    benefits by the infusion of your Well-being.

    Excerpted from: Boston, MA on October 10, 1999

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    Donīt BURN OUT!

    Your desire to help others-
    which has been the bane of your life...
    (...) WHAT IS IT that makes you so full -
    and everybody except us is going to tell you what a lovely thing it is!-

    WHAT IS IT that makes you so full of wanting to help others,
    before you even found YOUR OWN stability?

    Itīs the same that got you here (into the instability).
    People, demanding of one another (...) -demanding of you-
    something, before you had your bearings!
    Itīs like a parent badgering you into compliance, and then
    being MAD about you for not being happy.

    And now, Iīm doing it to myself, you say?

    Yes. Yes!
    And it comes from learning flawed premises.
    It comes from people, saying "You want to serve others."
    And we say: OF COURSE YOU DO!
    We are all in this together. You WANT to uplift others.

    But if you donīt tend to your own alignment, FIRST,
    you have nothing to give another!
    (...) Itīs right for you, itīs necessary for you,
    and not just necessary, itīs RIGHT for you to bring yourself
    into alignment. And to not just bring yourself into stability-
    but VITALITY.

    And THEN, from THAT place, help anyone who is vibrationally near you.
    And the thing thatīs tricky about this is:
    When you get there, when you get into THAT vitality-
    those that you think you will help, wonīt be in your vicinity.

    And thatīs why almost EVERYBODY that goes BACK to help,
    loses their own vitality.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Shouldn't Recovered Turn Back To Help Others

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