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Thread: Quotes about UPLIFTMENT and HELPING OTHERS

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    Thank you, Sourceinspired

    "We do want you to put yourself first in the sense that your only
    perspective is through the eyes of Self. And so, as you find thoughts
    that feel good to Self, now you're connected to your Source and now you
    have plenty of resources that you can flood to whatever is your object of attention.

    But, we see a lot of people who are JOYOUSLY helping others and it
    seems overtly putting others first and in doing so they are having great
    satisfaction and joy in the process of it. In other words, a mother
    who tends to her child is certainly putting her child in the position
    that you would call first, but she is getting ENORMOUS satisfaction from
    it because she is fulfilling something that she has intended for a very long time.
    So there's no DISCORD in that. The DISCORD comes in doing
    something for someone and resenting doing it.

    In other words, you ARE
    putting yourself first when you are serving others and joyful in the
    serving. The discord comes when you are feeling that your resources are
    limited and there's not enough of you to go around and so you are doing
    it out of obligation rather than out of WANTING to do it.

    So, let's call it allowing and resisting, rather than doing for
    others or doing for myself. Allowing or resisting. So, I can do for
    myself and allow the energy to flow or
    I can do for others and allow the energy to flow.
    Or I can do for myself and not allow the energy to
    flow or I can do for others and not allow the energy to flow.
    But it's not the ACTION, it's not the function of what I'm doing, it's the
    function of how I'm FEELING while I'm doing it, you see."

    From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Washington, D.C., 5/1/04

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    Donīt strive to get more perfect, before you teach.
    You are always "perfect" enough!

    (Abe talk about how contrasting, longwinding and annoying much of
    the process of building a perfect special wall in their house was,
    to Jerry and Esther...)

    ...and now it all (this contrast) feels precious and perfect
    and NECESSARY to the unfolding!

    Now, could Jerry and Esther have been at the place, where they
    just would, in their divine, enlightenment, in their perfect alignment
    to source-energy, could they have just said "hmmmmmmmmm...."

    No. No!
    And, would you really WANT to?

    And this is the question that youīr asking!
    The question that youīr asking is: Is it of benefit to anyone else?
    -As people come, and look at the rock-wall, that is ME,
    what benefit do they receive from it?

    And we say, just BE the rock-wall,
    BE the perfection that you ARE,
    and donīt put a lot of emphasis on what it took you to get there.
    Because, you will dilute your own message by being less than you
    have evolved to be.

    But, hear us- there is a possibility that you may have misunderstood
    what we said. You might think that what we said was,
    "Achieve perfection, before you teach anybody anything".
    Or, "Achieve perfection before you present yourself anywhere."

    You ALREADY ARE at SOME perfect place,
    and there are so many who are benefitting by their
    vibrational envolvement with you!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Be the perfection that you are 2017

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    Understanding how economics and SERVICE tie together.

    (Abe expand on us, tying our work, effort or SERVICE for others together
    with being able to "earn money".)

    Your economics and how they flow to you, are about the energy
    that you are flowing outwards, to others!
    Iow, itīs what youīr offering!

    What you are receiving, and what you are offering are the SAME!

    They are vibrationally equivalent.

    And if you can think in terms of the service that you are offering-
    now, we offered the word carefully, because you misunderstand it
    every time someone uses the word.

    But in this conversation that weīr having where weīve agreed,
    that economics is all about serving one another, iow, itīs what it
    all is- then you acknowledge, that your contribution- what you are
    offering to this mix, IS OF VALUE TO OTHERS-
    once you go there, now your understanding of economics is
    in a whole new place, that can serve you in a whole new way.

    (...) So now, in what ways do you serve?

    (...) You serve others, by getting energy flowing.
    You serve others by tapping into the stream of infinite intelligence!
    You serve others by tuning in, tapping in, to this frequency, this

    You serve others by understanding the path of least resistance!
    You serve others by being wobble-free.
    You serve others by tapping in- not just to infinite intelligence,
    but to infinite prosperity! To infinite abundance of ENERGY,
    infinite IDEAS.

    If youīr serving others, than isnīt it the idea, that is really
    at the basis OF MOST SERVICE, you see?
    Ahhh, when you loosen up this cobwebs, and you decide to
    acknowledge that you could be in the right place and the right time,
    in more conversations, in more opportunities to uplift,
    if you would put the attention on energy, which you are RECEIVING,
    which then you will be flowing-

    -but, here is the most interesting thing about economics:
    (...) You donīt GET it, until you GIVE it.
    Because it is the asking for it, that summons it.

    So when you get into an attitude of service, which is the ASKING for it
    on the behalf of others- NOW you are opening a really big portal!
    A REALLY big Vortex of abundance, you see.
    And THATīS really the place you wanna start with all of that!.

    "In what ways can I be of value to others?"
    -Now letīs start generally!
    Are you of more value to others, when you are ornery, or happy?
    -Now, thatīs not a difficult thing to understand, while itīs usually
    not a question that you ask, in relationship to economics, is it?

    Because youīr thinking in terms of your actions, not in terms
    of your attitude!
    But your ATTITUDE, your mood, your vibration is EVERYTHING,
    in terms of what you receive, and in terms of what you give, you see!

    So if youīr thinking in terms of being the portal, through which all
    of this flows, do you acknowledge, that the world is out there, asking?
    You acknowledge, that their life-experience is what is causing them
    to identify what the next economic booms will be?

    Do you know that there are economic booms in the Vortex right now,
    that havenīt even been discovered by those, that will feel the
    inspiration to provide the response to the boom, that is been asked for?
    So, does it overwhelm you to think being the creative genius, that is
    INSPIRED to that?

    Weīr not asking all of you to be the next Bill Gates. BUT WHY NOT?
    Weīr not asking you to be the next inovator, of the next big invention-
    but why not??

    But what we ARE asking you, is to acknowledge, that there is
    INFINITE ENERGY flowing, and enough abundance is flowing to serve
    you in the way, that you are wanting to be served-
    once you get into this flow of economics-
    itīs all about ENERGY, you see!

    As much money is coming to you- weīr saying MONEY, -financial
    abundance-, is coming to you as you are ASKING for and ALLOWING.

    But whatīs interesting (...) -you are MOTIVATING yourself to the
    asking, rather than INSPIRING yourself to the asking!
    So itīs not a clear, open thing thatīs going on.
    Because in the worrying in what youīr gonna do or where itīs gonna
    come from, you block the flow of it.

    So if you could just concentrate on the fact, that the flow exists.
    And on the path of least resistance that is availabe to you here and
    now, if you could just acknowledge, that you have the ability to get
    on this path, and you have the ability to receive the flow, instead of
    worrying where itīs gonna be, when itīs gonna be, whoīs gonna
    bring it, where itīs gonna come from, how long youīve gotta allow,
    how big itīs gonna be-

    -when you ask those questions that make you wobble, then you
    DONīT do either of those 2 things: You DONīT hook up to the
    energy, and you DONīT flow it to something that is meaningful to you!

    That was a BIG economic discussion. But how does it translate into
    something that you DO something about?
    It DOESNīT translate into how you DO something
    about it, it translates into how you FEEL about money!

    Youīve gotta FEEL like there is plenty of it out there,
    and there is a lot of it, ear-marked for YOU!
    Youīve gotta feel that way- because, it IS that way!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - The path will find you

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    Trying to understand others

    If there is anything we want you to give you, in response to the strong
    question that you offering her, it is
    that there is NOTHING THAT IS MEANT TO BE- other than
    you get to choose it, as you go along!

    And what we MOST want to give you, in answer to this very powerful
    question, is that youīve got to find some way- and youīr gonna argue
    with us, just a little bit- and weīve got to explain that, too- youīve got
    to find some way, to make it ALRIGHT with you- and you say, it is-
    to make it alright with you, that ANYONE CHOOSES WHATEVER they
    want to choose.

    So then your next question is: "Itīs not that I disagree with what
    anyone else is choosing, I just want to UNDERSTAND it."
    And we say: YOU CANīT!

    You canīt understand.
    Because you donīt know, what the vibrational intent was, coming in!
    We tell you- it was living happily ever after. You donīt know, what life-
    experience was like. You donīt know, what someone else puts into
    their Vortex.


    And the thing about trying to get to the bottom of what makes
    somebody else tick, is that in the process of trying to get at the bottom
    to what makes somebody else tick- you tick out of sync with
    who YOU are!

    Because as you try to integrate with your experience, and understand
    where they are coming from- letīs try to understand Terrorism, for
    example! Well, in the attempt to understand it, you activate in yourself
    things that keep you out of whack with who you are!

    Iow, in your desire to understand why anybody else is living the way
    that they are- in every moment that you are doing that, YOU are not
    syncing up with who YOU are, and you are not receiving the guidance
    about who YOU are, and why YOU are here!

    from the clip Abraham Hicks-Understanding transgender! (The best!)

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    Reinforce them! (at the example of ADHD)

    If your powerful intention was to acknowledge yourself,
    what the IB of that child
    (or any person with ADHS) is knowing,
    and then to reinforce THAT!

    -Reinforce the rightness! Reniforce the goodness.
    Reinforce the progress. Reinforce the adventure.
    Reinforce the purpose for being here! Reinforce the joy of the variety!
    Reinforce the newness of life! Reinforce the RIGHTNESS of whatever
    they are choosing.

    Reinforce the autonomy of them.
    Reinforce the self-empowerment of them.
    Reinforce the decisions of them!
    BACK THEM UP in their decisions!
    Back them up, in their right to decide!

    You see- all of that would go away.
    Itīs JUST frustration, from a spirit who KNOWS
    who he is, who some pieces of society is not
    allowing him to be, in that moment!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ ADHD - I want some too

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    Even Jesus could not heal everybody!
    "It is your faith that has made you whole."

    HS wants to get able to cure "every disease" as Jesus did.

    Really! Do you know that?
    Because, we donīt know that, and we know everything!
    Are you saying that there was never a person in so much resistance,
    that the knowing of that one was not able to desuate it?

    I donīt understand.

    Jesus said, after one healing,
    "It is your faith that has made you whole".
    Iow, he was not willing to take credit for what happened!
    Which is what we just said to you: We are holding the vibration.
    But it is YOU who is moving into the vicinity of it!

    Iow, we promis you that this man, which you hold in this very
    high position, -and we do not quarrel with how you feel about him,
    at all- we are just saying, he was NOT asserting power into anyones

    He was utilizing the laws of the Universe in the SAME way that we are
    asking YOU to do it: Holding the vision from ITV.
    And then, there is a greater probability of bringing someone into
    vibrational cord with their own wellbeing.

    But we are jumping on you a bit because of your words
    "He was able to heal EVERYONE." Because, there were vibrational
    holdouts for him, as well.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Jesus & Higher levels of consciousness

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    You cannot suffer those suffering into wellness.
    You can’t get sick enough to help the sick become well,
    and you can’t get poor enough to help the poor become prosperous.
    And you can’t feel bad enough to help the bad feel good.
    You’ve got to get on the other end of that.

    You’ve got to be a vibrational vessel through which that energy
    that uplifts flows. And when it flows, those who want it
    will gravitate to you.
    And then you’ll be at the right place at the right time.


    If everyone could get this selfish consciousness
    where they ask and expect to receive, everyone would tap
    into the Energy Stream and thrive.

    But your not knowing it won't help them know it.
    Pretending it isn't important to you to ask your questions
    won't help them get answers to questions they're not asking.

    Excerpted from: Sedona, AZ on August 28, 2004

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    Discussing the "Survival of the Fittest" Concept

    What is it about a rooster that he's not willing to share his hens with another
    rooster? When we have two roosters, we have to separate them, or the one
    that has all the hens just runs the other rooster off. And they'll just fight 'til
    one of 'em's almost dead over those hens.

    Do they fight 'til one is dead? Or do they fight until one is acknowledged to be
    the fittest?

    I've never seen them fight 'til one's dead, one usually ends up the fittest.

    And so, then the rooster that is the strongest is the one that perpetuates the
    herd of birds?

    That's the survival of the fittest theory, isn't it? But it's not a selfish thing
    on the part of the rooster?

    It is a selfish thing on his part, and a selfish thing on the part of the other.
    So here you are, physically focused, and you have this a combining of the
    physical environment and the Nonphysical environment that make up your
    physical experience. And so, as the Nonphysical Energy is pouring forth,
    it is pouring forth into that which is physical. And the structure that is physical
    is the structure that is actually evolving.

    In other words, it is a structure that is in a state of becoming.
    Even that creature that is standing there, let us say it is the rooster that you
    are talking about that ultimately is determined to be the one that is the fittest
    of all of them. As that rooster is standing there evaluating the contrast,
    and summoning, the Nonphysical Energy is pouring through.

    And as for the rooster who ultimately becomes the loser in this situation,
    he is doing the same thing. The contrast is causing him to summon the
    Nonphysical Energy.

    'Cause I've always felt really sorry for all the bulls and the roosters that aren't
    allowed in on the herd. And this I've been wanting to understand for a long
    time. Another thing: Are we going against nature when we try to protect that,
    which isn't surviving? When the fittest try to help the less fittest survive,
    are they going against the nature of the whole thing?

    Abraham: Yes. What does your chicken do?

    It pecks on the weak chicken. It takes the weak chicken's parking place,
    that's what it does.

    The reason we ask is because you're really onto something that is important.
    You see, the thing, that humans often forget, that the beasts of your planet
    are fully aware of, is that there is no competition.
    The beasts of your planet understand that all is well.

    Very often, physical beings think of themselves as this clump of physical flesh,
    and there is, by their logic then, a clump of Nonphysical Energy that is pouring
    through them. That's why you think in terms of being dead or alive.
    You think in terms of a soul that pours itself into physical body.

    It is not a clump that is assigned to a clump, it is a Stream of Consciousness.
    The Stream of Consciousness, while it is certainly expressing itself individually,
    it is a Stream of Consciousness that is expressing itself multidimensionally.

    And so, the Consciousness that is projecting through the beast or through the
    chicken, is same Consciousness. In other words, there is this Consciousness
    that is rooting for the survival of all of that.

    With something like the chicken, it is coming forth, certainly, intending to have
    a lovely life, and wanting the best experience. But it is coming forth with a
    different set of intentions than you, the physical human, come forth with.
    And so, as it comes forth, it is not pushing against the idea of being
    someone's lunch... It is not feeling any competition. It is focused
    powerfully in the now. It is letting the contrast produce desire.

    It is allowing the Nonphysical Energy to pour through in a very powerful way.
    And even though -- by your standards, you might disagree -- it truly is living
    happily ever after.

    And so, getting back to your roosters fighting: the chicken that is battling and
    winning its feeling of dominance, is not leaving the other chicken feeling broken
    and defeated. That's a human characteristic that you are laying over the top
    of it. In other words, the chicken is as a species rooting for its survival first
    and foremost.

    Jerry: It's the survival of the species, is that it? As opposed to the individual?

    Yes. And so, the way that you might look at it, is that it is Nonphysical Energy
    that is projecting itself into both chickens. Or into all chickens. And the
    competition is about a bigger game than this individual moment in time that you
    are thinking about. In other words, the Energy that is pouring through you
    is talking about the bigger game.

    The Nonphysical Energy that is flooding through you is not worrying about
    the parking places that you are scrapping over. The Nonphysical Energy that is
    pouring through you, is about Life Force itself.

    If we were standing in your physical shoes, whether they were physical
    chicken-shoes or physical human-shoes, there would be nothing that would
    be important enough for us to lose our connection to Source Energy.

    And, eventually, even the chicken figures that out and goes off and
    lives happily ever after. Even though he did not turn out to be the
    dominant chicken, he does not worry his life away over it.

    Excerpted from the workshop in Milwaukee, WI on Wednesday, July 5th, 2000

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    New definition of the word "career":

    Fun things I do,
    with which I earn massively,
    while I uplift the world.

    SF, February ī12

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    You never can seize to give that what you are.

    SF, February ī12

    When you ask, it is given-
    and not just to you, but to everyone in the vibrational vicinity of it.

    -Thatīs pretty much what UPLIFTMENT is, isnīt it?

    SF, February ī12

    So, when life causes you to ask a very powerfull question-
    even maybe from a place of pain or suffering,
    do you think you are offering benefit to the world at large?
    Whether you are receiving yourself or not?
    You think there is benefit from it? -Every time!

    So, that is why we canīt get it wrong.
    Whatever we live- itīs a gift to the universe.

    SF, February ī12

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