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Thread: What others think...

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    What others think...

    This is such a big topic with thousands of quotes.
    Still, I want to assemble those that stand out most helpfully *imo*.

    "When you reach for the subtlety of
    who-you-really-are, it brings you together.

    It brings you to your clarity
    and your power
    and your strength
    and your wellness,
    your humor
    and your fun
    and your life.
    It brings you to life, you see.
    The other [wanting approval of others] fragments you."

    Abe, Stamford May 2012

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    You are never responsible for what others experience.

    There are so many as you, who have made to feel responsible.
    All it takes is an adult, or two, who say: "You need to stop that.
    Because- you can see it with your own eyes- they are unhappy
    with your behavior! And so YOU must be the REASON for their unhappiness!"

    -WHEN YOU ARE NOT!!- Their unhappiness is about their misunderstanding.
    Their unhappiness is about their inability, to connect with source.
    Itīs about them, using you as their excuse to not feel good, you see.

    And so we get it, how you get called away from your own connection,
    because there are those up close, that you can hear and see and smell and taste
    and touch, who are holding you responsible for how they feel-
    because, they donīt know what theīr doing!!
    Theyīve got a guidance-system within them, but they donīt understand it.
    They are pure positive energy, and they donīt know it.
    And in their outrageous discord, they make YOU feel responsible for THEIR discord.

    "You need to do something!! And furthermore, there is a holocaust, and then
    itīs your fault that there is Aids going on, and itīs also your fault NOW,
    itīs ISIS!!!" (audience laughter)

    And we say:
    There are those who are having their cocreations, as they are having their cocreations.
    And ALL of you get to choose how you cocreate with others.

    Seattle, WA, 2016-07-09, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - If you don't like it don't go there (new)

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    What means "I donīt Care"?

    (Freedom) is NEVER CARING AGAIN about what anybody else
    thinks about what youīr doing!
    Thatīs the ONLY FREEDOM!

    Because, if youīr trying to jump through hoops, to please them,
    then youīr not gonna be lighthearted.
    And then youīr not gonna feel free, and youīll come to resent them,
    so soon.

    And so weīr asking all of you (...) do you have the clarity,
    do you have the willingness, the GUMPTION, do you have the momentum-
    thatīs even a better word, do you have the momentum
    to not care, what somebody else thinks, about what youīr doing?

    Ohh, if you could get there... if you just could get there!
    Practice these words with us!
    (Audience repeats all of Abeīs sentences)

    I donīt care!
    Itīs just how I am.
    I like it this way!
    Life is SO FUN for me!
    I donīt care!
    Iīm sorry youīr upset- but I donīt care.
    I want your world to be really good- but I donīt care!
    I would like everything to go really well for you,
    but I canīt fix it, and so- I donīt care!

    "Well, I want a divorce then, when you donīt care."
    -I donīt care.
    "What do you mean, I donīt care??"
    -Well, I donīt mean I donīt care about anything,
    because there are a lot of things I do care for!

    I care about feeling good. And I care about clarity.
    I CARE about being in the receptive mode!
    I care about being an uplifter!
    I care about myself, in any moment of time!
    I care about being of value. I care about feeling good.

    I care about this magnificent environment!
    I care about whatīs in my Vortex.
    I care about whatīs in your Vortex!
    I care about everything that you desire!
    I care about all good things, coming to me and to you.

    I care about us all, living all happily ever after!
    But what I donīt care about, are conditions I cannot control.

    What I donīt care about, are things that take me out of my alignment.
    What I donīt care about- meaning, I have no momentum
    about it anymore, -I donīt CARE-, itīs no hook for me,
    itīs not a knee-jerk-response to me,
    Iīve trained myself to CARE about what infuses me,
    not what diffuses me!

    I care about what LIFTS me, not what lowers me.
    I care about what feels good, not about what doesnīt feel good.
    I care about alignment.
    I care about being an extension of source,
    I care about fulfilling my reason for being here.

    I care about being in this world,
    and not about necessarily only of this world!
    I care about the WHOLE of me, being present in this moment.
    I care about all, who have gone before me.
    And all that theyīve come to know, and all that they do now know,
    and all that they are presenting to me.

    I care about the revelation thatīs coming constantly to me,
    and I care about being in the receptive mode of that.
    I care about being on the leading edge.
    I care about contributing in positive ways.
    I care about feeling good, and I care about others feeling good.

    But what I donīt care about is that, that I canīt control-
    and what I canīt control, is everything that is conditional,
    and what I CAN control, is everything that is unconditional.

    I CAN CONTROL the way that I feel: I have practiced it,
    and I can hold a steady vibration.
    I can stay in vibrational sync with who I am-
    I can present the whole of myself, in this time-space-reality,
    in any situation.

    I can walk into any situation that is raging in discomfort,
    And because Iīm not hooked into it,
    Iīm in vibrational alignment of the solution they are all seeking!
    -They are all bound up in the problem.

    But I donīt CARE about the problem!

    Denver, 06.20.2015

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    So, what youīr wanting to say to him, is:
    "You know what? Youīr a real pain.

    But you help me so much, because
    in your uniquely being you, I have discovered
    what unconditional alignment really is.
    And I thank you for not jumping though hoops,
    to be a condition that pleases me.
    Because then, you could be my only object of attention.
    And my life is so much more broad, than that!"

    This is a long-standing,
    nonphysical soul-intention-relationship.
    He said: "I will NOT be easy to live with."

    And you said: "I donīt need easy! I have the whole world
    to focus upon, to bring me into alignment.
    Truly, together we will teach each other,
    what UNCONDITIONAL experience is really all about."

    Boston, June 2015

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    When YOU thrive, it will be good for ALL.

    Itīs THRIVING, that uplifts the whole!
    We want you to accept, that itīs INEVITABLE
    that you prosper in ALL WAYS,
    when you get in sync with source-energy.

    Seattle, July 2015

    You have to care for YOUR replenishment, before you can help others.

    HS is burning out in her service for her disabled husband, who gets angry when she connects
    with Abeīs teachings.

    You being aware of them (all the nonphysical helpers and lovers, as her transitioned ancestors,
    or Wayne Dyer) is what we are wanting to call your attention to.
    Because, as you can feel all of that interest, all of that LOVING interest, all of that loving interest
    and awareness. All of that REJUVENATION, all of that RENEWAL. All of that REPLENISHMENT!

    Thatīs what being TITITO is about!
    Thatīs what the receptive mode mostly is!
    Oh, receptive mode is so delicious! It feels so fantastic to have clarity!
    But it is also the continual REJUVENATION, you see!

    So when you donīt allow yourself whatever it takes for that rejuvenation, then youīve got
    nothing to give any other!
    And there are so many who think that what they want from you first and foremost,
    is your sacrifice. Because, in your sacrifice, you are proclaiming your standing with them.
    Your love and appreciation of them.

    But in sacrifice, there is no replenishment!
    And if there is no replenishment, than there is a withering. Than there is a burning-out.
    And THAT is what you are describing us, more than it is what your husband is demanding of you!
    Itīs not HIS mindset, that needs to be changed here. Itīs your OWN mindset.
    And thatīs a wonderful thing, because you can change your mindset, while you canīt control his.

    (...) So as you said, "I stood up for myself, I stood up for replenishment, so that I have so much
    to give, to so many. I stood up for replenishment, because without replenishment, I cannot serve.
    Without replenishment, I canīt hold up. Without replenishment, I can be of no value to anyone."

    Sometimes, people have accused us, when theyīve not listened long enough to hear what we
    really have to say, of selfishness. And we say: ABSOLUTELY!!!
    We teach selfishness above all else!
    Because, first of all- you only have perspective of self!
    And if you are not SELFISH enough to align with who you are, you donīt have anything to give
    anyone, ANYWAY, you see.

    Denver, CO, 2016-06-11,
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Reach for your own alignment for renewal (new)

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    What it really comes down to is that YOU DECIDE,
    that youīr gonna be happy in the relationship- period.
    YOUīR GONNA BE HAPPY in the relationship.

    And- brace yourselves-
    what the other person does, IS IRRELEVANT.

    SanDiego, Jan. 2013

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    about EGO

    What we want to say very loud and bold to you:
    There is nothing in all of the Universe MORE fantastic,
    or important than you in your full personality,
    and Ego, to be connected to the whole of who you are!

    Knowing who you are... how would you define "Ego"?

    The false self, as her teachers would say.
    "I am what I have, I am what I do!"

    But what if that is a false premise?
    What if Ego really is the FULLEST realization of who I really am?
    Because, itīs almost always someone NOT TITITO,
    who sees someone else as egotistical!

    Iow, when someoneīs really is flowing and blowing-
    in the fullness of who they are, if youīr not up to speed
    with this, than you might wanna criticize them!
    "They need to get over themselves a little bit.
    They are egotistical."

    And we want you to accept the IMPORTANCE
    of this human personality!

    A human personality not in sync with source is not having a good time.
    But a human personality in sync with source IS!
    And when you are in tune with that, with that clarity, that knowing,
    sometimes there is strong energy flowing through you!
    And people not up to speed with that, are not ever gonna get it.

    And they will put a negative twist on the whole idea of Ego.
    But we promise you, if you didnīt mean to come forth, and have
    a personality, and fully functioning and sift and sort and decide for yourself,
    -we canīt think of anything that is more egotistical, than to accept
    the MAGNIFICENCE of the Vortex that you have created,
    and line up with it, and LET IT MANIFEST, for ALL TO SEE.

    (...) Alignment with that clarity is LOVE, and is
    CONSIDERATION, it is all of this things, too!
    Ohh, there is POWER in that.

    Denver, CO, 2016-06-11,
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Pure alignment with Source is natural (new)

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    You are God, and the only thing of interest for you is what YOU want!

    Be happy, because when you are, you're being God.
    Be appreciative...
    Because when you are, you're being God.
    Be joyful...
    Because when you are, you're being God.
    Be positive...
    Because when you are, you're being God.

    Be Who You Really Are! Anything less feels so bad.
    You cannot be separated
    from that which you are calling God.
    People hear us say, "Reach for the thought that feels the best."
    And they think, "Oh no, I need to listen to what God wants."

    But aren't we talking about the same thing?
    Aren't your emotions guiding you to that Connection?"
    -Abe 9/18/04

    Esther says to us:
    "Abraham, what do you think I should do about this?"
    And we say, we think you should do WHAT FEELS BEST TO YOU!
    And Esther said: "I am SO TIRED of hearing that from you!"

    We think you should do what feels BEST to you.
    We think you should do feels best to YOU- every time.
    We think you should do what FEELS best to you!

    But before you can really feel what is best for you,
    youīve gotta practice feeling good!
    You canīt go from suffering, suffering, suffering, suffering-
    and jump into having any clarity about what is best for you!

    Because while youīve been suffering suffering, all of your choices
    suck so badly that NONE of them feel good.
    So, it feels like a crossroads, it feels like two bad paths.
    And thatīs what it is! Those are not good choices!

    But when you have cared about how you feel,
    so you are feeling good more and more, then something comes along
    and it doesnīt feel good to you.
    And Esther said: "But Abraham, I thought what youīve been teaching me is-
    if I will unconditionally just focus on what I want,
    what I donīt want will go away?"

    And we say: YES! Thatīs exactly right!
    But you are not doing that.

    You are focusing on something that you donīt want-
    and then using words, and writing 500 focus-wheels about it!

    It would be like going to a restaurant, or to a buffet,
    and here is something that you CAN NOT STAND.
    It just gives you the creeps to even think about putting it into your mouth.
    And you say: "Need to write some focus-wheels!.

    Iīm going to write some focus-wheels.
    Iīm gonna make some lists of positive aspects of that.
    Iīm doing focus-wheels, until I can eat that UNCONDITIONALLY,
    with PLEASURE."

    And we say: Youīve been missing the point!

    Weīr not trying to get you into alignment,
    so that you can make conditions change,
    or so that you can change yourself to like conditions!

    And itīs alright for you to not like something!

    Los Angeles, CA 02-07- 2015
    from the clip Abraham-Hicks ~ Service or your Path

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    We want you to take your thought OUT there.
    We want you to stop pandering to the crowd.
    We want you to take your thought to the place that pleases you
    with complete disregard to how the crowd might feel about it.

    And the Law of Attraction takes care of the rest.

    Portland, OR on 8/11/12

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    from the quote-collection: Quotes about being lonely

    Feeling excluded

    "That feeling of being excluded, always...
    you think youīve been left out of that party, over there.
    Thatīs not what it is!
    Youīr leaving YOURSELF out of your own party!

    The ONLY thing that makes you feel like a victim, or feel vulnerable,
    or feel misunderstood, or feel not appreciated,
    or feel not brought into it, is:
    Youīr not allowing yourself alignment, with who you really are!

    When youīr in alignment with who you really are-
    youīr invincible! Youīr hardy!
    YOU are the one, thatīs saving the bear, then, you see!

    (...) No one can exclude you from anything.
    But you can choose thoughts that exclude you,
    from your stream, or your power."

    from the clip
    Abraham Explains That If It Feels Good, It's Always Right!

    "Why canīt I be myself in front of other people?"

    "The answer is- because you have allowed yourself
    to be the way THEY need you to be,
    so that they can feel better.
    And that is more important to you,
    than feeling the way YOU need to feel,
    in order for you to fill up with the alignment, that is really you."

    Denver Aug. 2014

    You will never feel free,
    until you are free of trying to control the way
    others feel about you.

    Denver Aug. 2014

    When you feel Lonely,

    it's not because there are not other like-minded people for you to play with.
    It's because
    you have separated yourself from Who-You-Really-Are.

    You're lonely for your own connection.
    If you're ever lonely, it's for your own connection.
    It's not for other people.

    Seattle, August 2013

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