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Thread: What others think...

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    Well, you don’t need anybody to agree with you
    to get what you want. You just have to agree with you.
    You just have to agree with you.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, October 15, 2016

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    About Supportgroups

    Wer not saying that you cannot know uplifting people,
    and we dont say that you cannot be good for one another.

    Wer just saying that support-groups are, for the most part,
    NOT conducive to self-empowerment.
    They are more conducive to NEEDING SUPPORT!

    Because the self-empowered dont go there.
    Only the disempowered go to support-groups.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - Writer Has A Novel Rocket Of Desire

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    The new generations become more uncontrolable

    Its getting better and better,
    because you
    (as a still pretty resistant generation) are having
    less and less influence to the
    (generation) that is coming forth,
    because they have access to more information-
    which is causing them to ask more about what they want!

    Sometimes people are longing for "the good old days when
    I as a parent could influence the mind of my child better".
    And we are saying, this are not the good old days,
    this were the bad old days-
    and your IB NEVER looks back to them!

    2016-10-22 in Philadelphia

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    Thank you Summerdream.

    Faking feeling good about it, is caring what others think about it,
    while you are faking it.
    Really feeling good about it - you dont give a rip what they think,
    you just feel what you feel.

    Abraham Hicks

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    You only feel off, you only get fear,
    when you look at "it" so different than Source-

    We are wanting to help you find a way of accepting once and for all
    the perfection of who you are,
    and we want so much for you to find this place ,
    where you really are so sure of who you are
    that anyone else’s opinion of who you are does not matter at all.

    In other words, we want you to be able to…

    ...mess something up altogether or blow an exam
    or crash your car or do any other number of things [to which]
    much of the world would say,

    “Well, that was certainly an inappropriate thing for you to do.”
    and we want you to be able to stand proudly and say,
    “Hey, I did that and it doesn’t have any relationship to who I really am!”

    In other words,
    “Who I am is Source energy physically embodied.
    Who I am is pure positive energy out here,
    on the leading edge.
    Who I am is an eternal seeker of alignment with who I am.
    But I’m not going to let any outside standards or judgments confuse me
    about who I am.”

    And we feel that’s what is at the basis of all of this for you.
    When you let somebody in really close where they might really know [you],
    then you start worrying about what they really think,
    and we want all of you to reach the place where it just doesn’t matter
    to you so much what anybody else thinks -
    it only matters to you how YOU feel.

    And when you reach that place, then you attract those people
    that agree with that. Does that make some sense to you?

    We do not believe that anyone could sit in a room like this, and hear
    someone like Abraham, who knows the perfection of who you are,
    telling you how good you are, how wonderful you are,
    how really right you are, how really expansive and ever-changing you are,
    and we don’t think that any of you could get it even close
    to the way we know it and mean it.

    What we hope to do is to incite within you a desire
    to train yourself into that dominant thought.

    We want you to train yourself into self-appreciation.
    And you just do it one little thought at a time.
    Want to talk some more?

    No - that’s perfect.

    One little thought at a time.
    We want your mistakes - whatever they may be -
    to strike you as humorous.
    [When it comes to] your opinion of yourself, no matter what,
    we want you to look for redeeming features.
    We no longer want the insecure masses who have surrounded you,
    who have used your errors as their justification for feeling better,
    who have convinced you that you are unworthy and inappropriate
    and flawed in this way and this way and this way,
    as you don’t measure up to who knows what standards-

    - we want you to just stand and sort of shake yourself off
    and begin saying,
    “I really don’t give a rip what any of you are thinking
    because none of you have concentrated upon me fairly.
    None of you have really known — none of you know who I am,
    none of you know how I am from Source,
    none of you have walked in my shoes.

    Nobody knows. Nobody knows. I have accepted this feeling
    of unappreciation unfairly and I’ve practiced it,

    and I’m no longer gonna do it.”

    — Abe San Francisco, CA, 3/16/02

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    Choose some thoughts of revenge, if it feels as relief!

    When someone is looking you over and you can see
    disapproval in their face what is your knee jerk reaction?

    Don't you wanna say "who are you?"
    Don't you wanna say: "you wear those shoes and you have a nerve to look at me"...
    Don't you wanna say "who combed your hair today?"

    Doesn't just a little feeling of revenge, just bubble up,
    like a life-giving breath of fresh air?

    Abe-Boulder, CO June 11, 2005

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    Reach for relief!

    So, the very worst feeling emotion has to be
    that suffocating feeling when you feel lack of control.

    And the emotion you often describe
    when you are offering that vibration -
    we hear you use words like grief, or words like betrayal,
    or words like depression -the words don’t matter so much,
    there’s only two emotions, one feels good and one feels bad,
    and then there’s that infinite range inbetween -
    you have lots of different names for the way you feel along this continuum-,

    but, let us say, for sake of this example,
    that that deep depression, that feeling of grief,
    that feeling of not being able to do something about it,
    that powerless, lost feeling - let us describe that
    as the most disconnected vibration that you can achieve.

    So, there you are in your depression.
    Now, the thing that we want you to hear is:
    You might come to an Abraham gathering,
    or you might talk to someone who has been to one and,
    in your depression, as they are observing you, they might say to you:

    “Hey, you gotta think some happy thoughts!
    You need to cheer up! You need to stop being so negative!”
    In which case, you might want to say to them:
    “You need to drop dead!”

    Because you don’t have access to that bright happy thought or feeling,
    even though you have thought happy things before,
    even though you have had access to happy thoughts at other times,
    in this moment, of that vibration,
    that feels like it’s sucking the life right out of you,
    you don’t have access to that bright happy thought.

    So what we want you to hear in this quest for reconnecting
    to who you really are, is:

    “The best you can do is reach for the best you can do!”

    In other words:
    “The best you can do is find the best thought you can find.”
    And maybe a thought of rage or anger
    is the best thought that you can find.

    Sometimes that angry thought that you discover
    is a big improvement over the suffocating grief
    that you were feeling before.

    You see what we’re getting at?
    Now, somebody who does not understand
    the components of your grief, who really doesn’t like
    to see somebody who’s angry, might say to you:
    “You’re anger is inappropriate.”
    In which case we advise you to tell them, again, to drop dead.

    Because they don’t know how far you have come,
    they cannot know the improvement you have found.
    They don’t know how much better that anger is
    than that grief that you were feeling just moments before.

    Now, if your intention is to reach for the best feeling-thought
    that you can find,
    and you have found the relief,
    don’t let somebody tell you that it isn’t.

    You know that it is, but now don’t give up on your quest
    to reach for a better feeling.
    Keep reaching.

    Abraham-Hicks, 9/24/03 - Cincinnati, OH

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    Abe, speaking for a person who got locked up by society...

    "How Im feeling is how Im feeling.
    I put my boat into the water where I am,
    and yes, I am reaching for a better feeling thought,
    and a better feeling thought. But my best feeling thought
    might be be terrible, by YOUR standards!

    And I cannot any longer guide myself
    by YOUR standards.
    Ive been trying that-

    and now, Im in the loony-bin!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks- Isn't Hearing Voices An Illness

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