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Thread: What others think...

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    You do not need the others to comply!

    HS describes that she has a wonderful vibrational relationship with a lover, without him, knowing about it.

    Yes, because itīs what youīr flowing!
    Not necessarily whatīs flowing back.

    Yes! For so many years, I kept flowing appreciation to this person,
    I donīt wanna stop!
    It felt so good, just to be in appreciation for them!
    Iīm wondering if Iīm on the right track, just knowing,
    that I have a version of them, that I can appreciate!

    You are! And the thing that is SO refreshing about this conversation,
    is that we feel that youīr not saying: "And is that gonna result in
    something tangible?"

    You have discovered the Essence,
    and the Power of focusing in love,
    and in appreciation.
    And you are feeling the profound benefit,
    that it is offering to you.

    And just remember, that your point of attraction
    is established by what you broadcast.
    And so, that broadcasting of that,
    causes a point of attraction,
    that will bring back to you, when you are ready
    and if you are wanting,
    all of the manifestation which is equal to this,
    which you are broadcasting.

    That feels really good!

    It does, doesnīt it!
    You see, you are one of the FEW conversations,
    that we have ever experienced,
    where you actually HAVE your priorities in the right place!
    There was no ulterior motive:
    "allright, Iīll be happy IF it will bring me what I want."

    Because you realized, that the being happy IS what you want.

    Yes! I LOVE being happy. And I LOVE being in a state of appreciation!
    And I LOVE that Iīm in charge of that!

    Yah. So natural to you. Yes! Really good!

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    What if they donīt want what I want?

    When we say,

    weīre not kidding you, not even a little bit!
    Because the power of focus is everything.

    But what happens is you complicate it by saying:
    But there are other people who are the creator of their reality
    and what if they don‘t want me to be in their reality?
    What if I want them to be in my reality, but they don‘t want me ...
    in other words -what if I want it,
    but they donīt want it? Who wins?

    And we say:
    "Itīs not a matter of any sort of competition.
    Itīs a matter of YOU, achieving vibrational alignment
    with what you want
    - and the universe will deliver it to you,
    somehow- some way.

    We, in the past, have qualified this kind of conversation by saying
    that if you focus upon the essence of what you want,
    and you donīt get bogged down in the details, that as the details fill in,
    they will be more pleasing to you even in the details,
    that you originally thought that you where reaching for.

    But that is unsatisfying to most people.

    Because, they think that this is our run-around.
    They think, that is our way of just appeasing you,
    and saying you‘re NOT really gonna get what you want,
    but you‘re gonna get something that youīll like pretty good
    - so just "go after something that you like pretty good, and that will come"
    but thatīs not what weīre saying, either!

    We are saying to you,
    that- WHATEVER IT IS! -
    that you focus upon, MUST COME TO YOU -unless you contradict it,
    with your own, contradictory focus.

    End of story."

    - Abraham Hicks.

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    Being Irresistible

    “We want you to stop caring about
    what anybody else’s response is to you.
    And when you get there, they’ll all really, really like you.
    It’s the strangest thing.

    When you need their approval, you never get it.
    And when you don’t need their approval, you’re so tuned in,
    everybody wants to be with you.”


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    What causes a long life?

    Those that we see who are living long lives
    don't do so without powerful intent
    that keeps drawing.

    In other words, what continues the motion forward itself
    is the continuing setting forth of the new intent that draws life through.
    In fact, intending for long life assures that you must be leading the parade;
    people don't start diminishing their life

    until they stop leading and start falling back into the ranks of the parade,
    trying to do what others are leading them to do.


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    Because others cannot vibrate in your experience,
    they cannot affect the outcome of your experience.

    They can hold their opinions,
    but unless their opinion affects your opinion,
    their opinion matters not at all.
    A million people could be pushing against you,
    and it would not negatively affect you-
    unless you push back.

    That million people pushing against you are affecting
    their millions of vibrations.
    They are affecting what happens in their experience.
    They are affecting their point of attraction,
    but it does not affect you- unless you push against them.


    Excerpted from: Orlando, FL on February 21, 1998

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    Being forced to
    give yourself the greatest gift of all.

    When you grow impatient,
    in that feeling of impatience you are shifting a little,
    in that feeling of impatience you are introducing more
    of the contrary thought.
    So just hang in there,
    and ENJOY the experience of CLARIFYING YOUR VIBRATIONS.

    Everybody WANTS this! This is a journey
    you really really really really REALLY want!!

    You ALL want clear vibration!
    You know, one who is connected to this pure source of energy,
    is more powerful than millions who are not. And do you realize-
    you donīt, quite yet, but you will-

    All youīve gotta do is stopping the "but"-part!
    (...) In your caring how others feel about you...

    I stopped caring. I did. I had to.

    Isnīt that a WONDERFUL THING!!! Really!? Really!

    Yah. I had to stop.

    Are you saying to us, that you created a situation,
    to give yourself the GREATEST GIFT THAT YOU COULD GIVE
    TO ANYONE...?

    I sure did! I had to! I didnīt have a choice.

    Are you saying to us, that youīve put yourself in a situation,
    where you HAD to give up something, that wasnīt serving you?

    I guess, by all of this, Iīm a happy bunny!
    Iīm really, really happy!

    We believe it!-
    Itīs the greatest gift...

    īCause, I know, itīs gonna end. I donīt know when
    itīs gonna happen, but itīs gonna happen.

    Doesnīt matter! Doesnīt matter.
    The greatest gift you could give anyone, or yourself,
    is the gift of freedom from caring of what others think.
    Because when you care, what they think, it SPLITS YOUR ENERGY.
    And when it splits your energy, youīr not mating with your soul.
    When youīr not mating with your soul, youīr not experiencing
    that unconditional alignment.

    And when youīr not experiencing
    unconditional alignment, there is some degree
    of negative emotion- so, youīr not free.

    Because the only thing youīr trying to get free of, is
    RESISTANCE, you see?
    We think youīr in the PERFECT place!
    We think, youīr having the perfect unfolding!
    We think, you helped everyone understand it, more clearly!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Comfort Comes Before Money

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    How to know if this partner is "appropriate"

    You have within you
    an Inner Being that’s lived thousands of lifetimes,
    who’s come to a place of knowing,
    and that is present or absent within your every experience,
    based upon what you are thinking or your perception of it.

    And so, if you find someone and that one is evoking within you
    a sense of love, a sense of passion, a sense of wanting,
    and you are evoking it in the other, we say:
    enjoy the connectedness that your Inner Being is applauding,
    for that’s what passion is,
    that’s what that feeling of exuberance is,
    that’s what that is all about,
    that is your Inner Being jumping up and down
    -saying "YES, this is appropriate Unto This Moment!"

    And go forth into your relationships not from a guarded,
    protective stance, and not from the stance that the rule is
    inappropriate and I must find the approval of society,
    in order to feel good.

    Seek not the approval of society.
    Nor the approval of your mother.
    Nor the approval of Abraham.
    Seek not the approval of anyone!

    Seek the connection with your Own Inner Being,
    and let the presence or the absence of your Inner Being
    be your guiding star.
    And you will always be in the right place,
    under any and all conditions.

    Abraham Hicks, 11/09/1991

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    "Because, what others get of me has nothing to do with me,
    but everything to do with them."


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    Needing feedback

    HS feels that talking and connecting with people is the very most beautiful thing to him.
    He does it easily, he gets payed for it, itīs what he loves.
    And, "ironically", he fell in love with someone who doesnīt like to talk. So, he feels disconnected.

    "The connection that youīr reaching for-
    you think itīs connection with another.
    And certainly, it IS that.
    But the connection with who YOU are,
    which then allows the fuller connection with the other,
    is what we really are talking about.

    And itīs interesting, because so often in a relationship
    with another physical friend, you are looking for constant
    feedback- for that connection.
    And THAT messes things up!
    Thatīs why the connection with who you are, MUST come first!

    (...) When you have that feeling of falling in love- what it REALLY is,
    is alignment with source, while you hold another as your object of attention.
    AFTERWARDS, when you are analyzing it now- what makes feedback from them MATTER?

    We submit to you, that the truest form of being in love
    is not needing that feedback.

    (Abe and the HS acknowledge that this all follows on the track of the Doug-conversation-
    the coach who wants to lead a whole team into what HE wants to accomplish:
    Is it about "them"?? SAY NOOO!!!)

    The communication, the ongoing stuff, is more of KEEPING yourself
    on that wavelenght. And we think, hatīs more what you are talking about,
    than anything else. Because (...) without that chattery feed-back,
    you are beginning to feel a little insecure!

    Like most of the people, you are accustomed to the feedback,
    to keep yourself pumped up.
    And (...) we want you to NOT need the feedback,
    to be necessary for you to be pumped up, because
    it makes you dependent on things you canīt control.

    So, if you are not dependent on something you canīt control,
    but you are continually just holding the other
    as your object of attention and feeling love-
    NOW you are in that secure place.

    And now, your relationship with who you ARE will be stable,
    which means your relationship with your lover will be, too.

    SanDiego Jan. 2013

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    Love is Un-Earnable!

    "We think that you try to earn something, that is un-earnable.
    And if you can accept that itīs un-earnable...
    ohh, thatīs a big one!
    Thatīs the best quote of the day:

    If you can accept that the love that you seek
    is un-earnable

    -you canīt earn it through your effort or your hard work,
    but you can line up with it through your absence of resistance-
    THEN you start discovering: Itīs not magic.
    Itīs just natural.

    You start feeling this natural flow of wellbeing.
    And your desire to perform and jump through hoops
    begins to diminish."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Why do things work out always at the last minute?

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