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Thread: Not getting what you want, yet? The Universe is watching out for you!

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    Not getting what you want, yet? The Universe is watching out for you!

    This is a quote-collection that is simmering within me since long...
    We had a discussion about it years ago, here:

    Universe is keeping you from wading through stuff you do not want.

    You see, the relationship you want, you have to be vibrationally ready for.
    And so, you don’t want to attract a relationship that you’re ready for,
    you want to attract the relationship
    that is the perfect relationship.

    And there is a small variance between the relationship you want,
    and the relationship you’re ready for!
    The relationship that you’re ready for, now here this, this is so good,
    Law of Attraction will bring you someone
    who’s a perfect match to your vibrational readiness.

    And if Law of Attraction, right now, were to match you up with exactly
    what you’re ready for,
    you would not like the results ,
    because you’ve got some movement to go.

    And that’s no negative reflection on you.
    It just says Law of Attraction is giving you the gift of not giving you
    the relationship that you’re ready for, because the relationship
    that you’re ready for is not the relationship that’s in your vibrational escrow.
    Did you hear that?

    That’s the Universe watching out for you.
    That’s the Universe keeping you from wading through stuff you do not want.

    7/22/08 - Alaska Cruise 2008

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    (HS talks about that he often didnīt get what we thought he wanted,
    but instead something SO MUCH BETTER.)

    And I was feeling, that it was something hat I wouldnīt have known
    how to ask for! So I got this feeling like, as if someone else was saying, no-
    you want something, we have something in mind, so much better for you!
    And I would receive it.

    Well, here is whatīs going on. Youīl really like this! All of you are.
    So, as youīr sifting through the details of life, you are launching this
    incremental rockets of desire. And itīs not likely, maybe even possible,
    for any of you to really comprehend the FULL PICTURE, that you have,
    incrementally, been painting.

    So your Vortex ...lets just start by saying, is vaster, and more
    extraordinary, than itīs incremental components that youīve tossed in.
    Because, each desire is an individual, thinking, attracting entity,
    attracting to itself!

    And thatīs why this reality that you are creating here, vibrationally,
    is getting bigger and bolder, and more dynamic, and thatīs why
    you canīt yet see it and hear it and smell it and taste it and touch it-
    but you can SENSE it.

    So than (...) as you begin to articulate the things you think you are wanting,
    you are articulating AS BEST YOU CAN,
    through the resistance you hold-

    because almost everyone has enough resistance within them, that they
    canīt REALLY understand whatīs going on, in here!

    You can feel it, but you canīt speak it into being, quite yet!

    Now, this is the best part of this conversation.
    So do you get it, do you understand that your IB is standing over here in this
    Vortex, being all that youīve asked for?
    Being SO MUCH MORE than youīve been able YET to allow yourself to be?

    Being it so powerfully, LoA summoning and calling you, to your own beingness.
    But you CAN only hear,
    as much as the resistance in your experience allows you to hear!
    So when we talk about your IB calling you, your IB is calling you

    And your IB knows, what things you can hear, and what things youīr not ready to hear.

    You follow that?
    So when we talk about being in the receptive mode, where you hear,
    or you get an impulse- thatīs just the impulse, that youīr MOST READY to hear,
    at any given time, given the resistance that you hold.

    And so, it would be accurate to say, that you RARELY REALLY hear, what your IB
    is calling you to. But your IB is completely content just to call you over there,
    so it can (then) call you over there, so it can (then) cal you over there (...),
    so it can FINALLY call you OVER THERE!!!

    You see. And along the way, every impulse, every feeling is as much as you can get,
    and as much as you are ABLE to decipher, given the resistance, that you hold!
    And every time, itīs ENOUGH! Every time, itīs JUST RIGHT.

    (...) One thing leads to another, leads to another.
    (Abe telling the story of Esther, having "lost" her golden pen, that she couldnīt find,
    no matter how hard she tried, because she thought it was "lost". When she forgot it,
    her IB could guide her back to it)

    So, Esthers IB guided her to the perfume, that she believed was in the place, where
    the pen was. Because, her IB knew where the pen was! (...) You IB is always guiding
    you through the path of least resistance.
    And itīs YOUR path, and it is YOUR resistance.

    And we really want you to hear us, when we say:
    Your IB holds no judgement, about the resistance that is on your path.
    Just understands it, and guides you, over and under and around, and through it.

    What difference does it make? Arenīt interesting journeys interesting?
    So, the key is to just be as happy as you can be, as often as you can be happy,
    and therefor in a state of least resistance as possible, and then follow your impulses.
    That takes a little practice, to trust yourself to do that, doesnīt it!

    Seattle, WA, 2016-07-09 from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Wishing for something but receiving better (new)

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    Iīm eager for
    whatever it takes from me,
    to line up with this.

    If you could stop being unhappy about the situation,
    thatīs causing you to change, to get to it!
    ...uhhh, THERE IT IS.

    Instead you wanna BLESS this resistance, because THAT is
    whatīs gonna help, to make the change in you.
    Thatīs getting you alll the way, to this things that you want-
    to all, that you want to be.

    If you heard that, we are so happy!
    YOU are the one, changing. You are becoming less resistant, all the time.
    And you know how youīr becoming less resistant?
    By moving through resistance.

    As you move through something that feels like struggle,
    you make more definition of who you are, and what you want.
    As things donīt go quite the way you want them to, you more clearly
    define what you want.
    Now here is the thing- uh, uh, uh, uh!!!!
    Your definition is not changing that. Thatīs all there.
    Whatīs changing is the RESISTANCE, in YOU!
    Did you hear it that time?
    Whatīs changing is the resistance in you. So you really wanna say:

    Just bring it on! Iīm EAGER to learn!
    Iīm eager to know. Iīm eager to grow!
    Iīm eager to become! Iīm EAGER!
    Iīm eager for
    whatever it takes from me,
    to line up with this.

    And then of course, do all the things weīve been talking about.
    Talk about that, talk about that. Talk about how you think that
    might feeeel. Use all the good words, and all the good visualizations
    that you can, about it.

    But MOST OF ALL (...) -in fact, itīs the most IMPORTANT MESSAGE
    of ANY WS that weīve ever conduct-
    Step 3 is your primary work!

    Seattle, WA, 2016-07-09, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 -You are never letting go of our desire even when you release focus from it (new)

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    Manifestations are too slow?

    When it feels like itīs not unfolding fast enough
    a very good thing to say to you is:

    "I have created such a magnificent template of or pattern in vibrational escrow
    of what Iīm looking for, that the Universe canīt give that to me,
    until Iīm REALLY a vibrational match to it!

    And BECAUSE I had become so specific about what I want,
    the Universe isnīt giving me stuff I donīt want, stuff I donīt want,
    stuff I donīt want to coax me along the way- the Universe- like me- is holding out
    for delivering the goods of what I REALLY really want!"

    IOW: Itīs worth waiting for!
    Everytime you notice that it takes too long,
    you tune yourself away from the vision.

    So, saying things like
    "Itīs worth waiting for" and "it doesnīt have to manifest this red hot minute"
    and "things ARE unfolding. And I KNOW Iīm doing good.
    And because I feel so good so much of the time, I know Iīm on track.
    And I donīt mind a little contrast, and the contrast is helping me to build it even MORE.
    And maybe in this not-manifesting right now, Iīm still collecting more data and make
    my escrow even better. And maybe Iīm still in the process of building it really
    as I want it to be."

    You see- imagine standing in the middle of a manifestation that keeps unfolding
    and unfolding and unfolding and giving and giving and giving and giving.
    Where youīr saying over and over and over again to yourself:
    "Ohhhh- itīs so much MORE
    than I even was able to mentally conjure!
    The universe has knocked itself out to deliver EVERY little piece of everything
    that I ever even thought that I wanted!!! Itīs unfolding here and now!"
    - you see!

    You cannot be denied.
    You cannot want like you want and line up like you line up
    without the unfolding of what you really want in the wings of your life-experience.
    In the immedeate offing.

    But you, in the noticing that it hasnīt happened yet or that itīs taking too long-
    youīr slowing the whole thing down.(...)

    "Iīm dreaming big, and big dreams- from my point of view, sometimes take a little longer."
    (...) "...look at me, here I am, at this beginning of this MAGNIFICENT creation,
    already sort of complaining a little bit about whatīs not coming fast enough,
    when really the WHOLE WORLD out there is spreading out before me-
    and my intentions are getting stronger in every day-
    and EVERY particle of discomfort that I feel is me-
    launching another rocket to get my stream going faster.

    And maybe Iīm just holding out for a really fast moving stream.
    And when I come in alignment with it, there will be an EXPLOSION.

    -Thatīs what Iīv always been saying!
    Wanna make a big splash!
    Donīt wanna just sort of dribble it out!
    I wanna REALLY get it going!"

    Thatīs what youīr doing, you see!


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    Why donīt I get to choose it all?

    The Universal Law of Attraction Is Managing My Expansion...
    The Law of Attraction is the Universal manager of all Vibration,
    which expands to everything that exists through the Universe.

    And so, at the same time that the Law of Attraction is responding
    to the Vibrational content of your physical thoughts,
    it is also responding to the Vibrational content of your Inner Being.

    --- Abraham

    Who is the creator?
    The Universe, or me?

    Someone has said,
    "the Universe has imagined it even better than you have."
    And we like to add to that:

    The Universe got all of its information
    about what you like
    from you,
    and it has remembered every piece of it
    and has put it together in perfect formation.

    And so, the things that are on their way to you
    are so much better than you even know that you want.
    And as you allow them,
    the essence all of these things that the Universe knows
    that you are wanting make their way to you
    and appear in perfect timing for you.


    You GET to choose it all!


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    REALLY caring about the Mastery of your Creation

    If you were a sloppy creator, that you are not,
    it would come to you faster.

    But because you are picky in your Vortex...
    Your are picky in your Vortex. It is really good.
    You are picky about what you want!

    It is not gonna come to you, before you're ready for it when it comes.
    And GETTING ready for it when it comes -
    that's the best part of life!

    THAT is the Sweet Spot!
    Getting yourself ready for what youīr rendezvousing with!

    Because if you rendezvoused with what you ready for,
    you would like it! We said that almost to all of you,
    if right now you rendezvoused with what you think you want RIGHT NOW,
    because of the preparation that you haven't yet done
    and it would come to you RIGHT NOW - you wouldn't like it when it came.

    Some of you are determined.
    Esther is, she is determined. She makes things happen.
    And sometimes when they get there she doesn't like them.

    Asheville, November 2015

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    All of the characteristics that man has been assigning to
    are possible WITH YOU!

    -Instantaneous healing.
    -Teleportation from one place to another.
    -The creation of wanted, in the moment that you want it.
    Iow, there is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have!

    But you HAVE to understand the wholeness of who you are,
    and train yourself into the vibration of that, which is as complete
    as you have become, so far!

    Boca Raton, 2010-03-24, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - You can live the delicious life that you deserve

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    Are you enough % of your time ITV, to manifest?

    When you say "I was 90% of the time ITV, and then..."
    we wanna say, that this Vortex-feeling and relationship to the Vortex,
    is really a relative thing.
    And... not being in it or being in it- you can tell the difference.
    But the Vortex keeps being an energy of refinement.

    And so, not only are you establishing new heights within your Vortex,
    based upon what rockets you do deliver to it,
    but you are also developing your consistent relationship with it.
    And we want -you especially, and everyone- to understand:

    If you make the Vortex not a place where you go for sanctuary,
    or not a place that you go for safety,
    but a place thatīs just the natural place to hang out,
    thatīs easy to get into, thatīs evolving, thatīs expanding, thatīs changing,
    like you are- then you donīt draw this distinction that makes you feel
    like youīr doing something wrong when youīr not in it.

    You see, there are two ways of knowing whatīs your relationship with the Vortex is
    (...) one is: how you are feeling,
    the other is: whatīs manifesting.

    So, if something manifests that you werenīt feeling,
    than you werenīt really aware of what was going on, vibrationally.
    And thatīs why sometimes you have experiences that give you that distinction.
    (...) So, how about looking at it from this way.
    "Abraham- I was 90 % of my time ITV" .
    -We give you being 65% of your time ITV- and thatīs a high number.
    -"I was 65% of the time ITV, and then something happened, as someone I loved
    ...hear this!...
    "caused me to create a new Vortex- at a higher level.
    -Who gave me a potential of reaching to a place, that I never reached before."

    What about that? So now-
    "Abraham, not only did the death of my beloved pet brings me to my knees
    in terms of ripping me- so it felt like, from my Vortex, that has already been established-
    but I launched a new Vortex even further out there and now I feel agony of the likes,
    Iīve never felt."

    And we say: GOOD. Because- and we mean that in the nicest way-
    GOOD in the sense, that now the stakes are higher,
    your desire to feel better is greater- BECAUSE YOU HAVE EVOLVED.
    Your friend has helped you to evolve to a new level of understanding.
    And when you achieve vibrational alignment with THAT new, newly acquired,
    newly created Vortex- youīr gonna soar like youīd NEVER soared before.

    So- what about reaching to a level of the Vortex and slipping from it-
    and reaching a higher one.
    And then reaching to the level of that Vortex and slipping from it-
    and reaching a higher one.

    Arenīt we talking about vibrational expansion?
    Arenīt we talking about evolution?
    Arenīt we talking about the expansion of your being?
    And donīt you just love knowing,
    that out there in that vibrational future that you would call from manifestation-
    but PRESENCE in terms of who you have become-

    there is a brighter, clearer, SURER you, to reach towards!
    To reach to- to become. You see.

    So, during those times youīt THERE, you say "Iīm ITV 95% of my time."
    But the reason that you think itīs 95% and we say itīs 65%, is because
    weīr aware of the Vortexes that youīv launched,
    that youīr not counting yet!"

    2011 AU/NZ-Cruise. The segment is called "Abraham- she has grieve over her petīs death".

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    How long will be the healing time?

    It does take the determination
    that you're going to put your thoughts
    upon something that does feel good.
    And so, here we're going to make a very bold statement:
    any disease could be healed in a matter of days,
    any disease,
    if distraction from it could occur
    and a different vibration dominate—

    and the healing time is about how much mix-up
    there is in all of that.


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    "You were “predetermined” to have a joyful, expansive experience,
    and the way in which you will do that, is all up to you.

    All other choices are for your physical format.
    Everything is still in the process of being created.
    There is no creation that has reached its completion."


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