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Thread: Not getting what you want, yet? The Universe is watching out for you!

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    There is an element of trust of faith,
    that you have to GIVE OVER to,
    when things are not going exactly as you think
    you want them to go.

    Everyone has that "test of faith", every now and again,
    where it just feels like "I did all the right things,
    why am I not getting all the right results?"

    And we say: You ARE getting the right results.
    You are just not giving yourself time enough,
    to tune in, to the right results.
    Itīs a little bit like stomping at the garden,
    where the tomato-seeds are planted and demand
    the tomatoes show itself, to you, NOW- in all of itīs
    fullness and ripeness,
    when there is a PROCESS that is involved.

    And that tomato,
    IF it is nurtured, it WILL show itself to you!
    And it will be delicious.
    But if you get impatient, if you get discouraged,
    if you stop tending to your garden-
    then it doesnīt come.

    San Diego CA, 2015-08-15

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    from the quote-collection


    "Really what we're asking you to do, and it's an annoying word,
    but it has such powerful resonance at the very core of your being,

    is to TRUST the process, to trust your Inner Being,
    to trust that where you are is fine,

    to acknowledge that there is no wrongdoing on your part,
    that there is no misunderstanding or misapplication of the the process,
    there is no recovery from something that is amiss.

    There is just you, in this moment, harmonizing with the resonating,
    blending with the Energy of who you are,
    softly acknowledging that it's a BIG CAPACITY.

    And in acknowledging the BIG CAPACITY of this Energy,
    being pleased with where you are touching it,

    and what it is achieving."

    ~Abraham, Panama Canal Cruise, March 2011

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    from the quote-collection
    I love my desires

    Donīt slow down your desires. Release the resistance instead!

    "Imagine this situation:
    A car is driving down the street at 100 mph, and it runs into a tree
    which is standing right in the middle of the road. Big problem.
    Two factors are involved - one is the velocity of the car and the other
    is the tree standing there.

    If the car were only going 5 mph, even if it hit the tree,
    it would not be a big problem.
    Or it could easily avoid the tree at 5 mph.
    Or, if the tree were not there at all, the car could be going 200 mph
    and it would not be a problem.

    Every now and again, somebody will say to us,
    “Abraham, is it normal for all hell to break loose in one’s life
    when they begin doing Abraham work?”
    And we say, “Yes, in the beginning.”

    Because the first thing we encourage you to do
    is identify and clarify your desire.
    Desire is synonymous with the velocity of the car.

    When you identify and clarify your desire, your car goes faster,
    which means you’re likely to run into those trees;
    trees which were there, in most cases, for many years,
    but you were not noticing at a slower speed.

    Now that your energy is moving faster because of your desire,
    your resistance is more apparent.
    Are you getting a sense of what we’re talking about?

    Most people, when they get in that situation, slow the car down.
    They slow the wanting down.
    And that gives them a temporary feeling of well-being.
    But it doesn’t do anything about the resistance!

    So you can go through years, with this resistance
    getting a little more and your car going slower and slower.
    That’s why people decline as they move through time.

    They want less, which means they summon less energy -
    because in wanting something that they cannot have,
    they were frustrated and banging into trees,
    so they slow their wanting down and let their resistance get greater and greater.

    And that’s the state of affairs that you see in most people around you.
    Well, what we’re wanting to teach you
    is to get your car going so fast, that those trees become very obvious
    and now you know what to do with the trees.

    In other words, you stop and just talk about it until you feel better
    and, in time, there are no more trees.
    In 30 days of applying this, you can release 95% of them.
    And then now and again, an old ugly tree that has been with you a long time
    will rear its ugly head and give you a run for your money,
    but when that happens, at least now you know what to do about it."

    -Abe 4/29/95

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    We think- we love you so much,
    that you are DRAMATICALLY underestimating
    the value of a growing desire.

    Growing desire doesnīt feel good to you, if you are not keeping up to speed with it!
    Because, your desire is growing, and youīr not, your desire is growing and youīr not,
    your desire is growing and youīr not, your desire is growing and youīr not...
    and we promise you, your desire is growing!!!

    So, your desire is growing, and youīr focused on a condition.
    Your desire is growing, and youīr focused on a condition.
    Your desire is growing, and youīr focused on a condition. And after a while,
    the tug of war is so strong within you, that you just sorta give up, and then you
    close the gap just a little bit- sort of by default. Almost like, accidentally.
    And then, you just keep getting back into the cycle.

    But WHAT IF you could recognize a desire and no- it hasnīt manifested!
    But itīs in the process of becoming. And what if, you could start looking
    for the juice of it, NOW!
    What if you could accept, that all that contrast, all that step 1 which launched it,
    So, now youīr that step 5- master!

    You are not condemning them, youīr not condemning you-
    youīr not condemning contrast. YOU ARE EMBRACING IT!
    You are adoring it. You are adoring it for the juice, that it gave to your life.
    And for the clarity, that it gave to your IB! To your IB who stands there,
    knowing all of that! And to your emotional guidance-system,
    that is letting you know that youīr not quite up to speed with it!

    And your desire to feel good, that helps you getting up to speed with it!
    And then, ohhhhhhhhh.... the pay off comes!

    Clarity happens in your mind. A good idea happens in your mind.
    You feel exhilarated about something. NOTHING IS CHANGED-
    but youīr feeling better anyway, you are UNCONDITIONALLY feeling better-
    and now, you are in charge of your world.

    Now, you are the creator of your own reality.
    Now, you are the conscious, DELIBERATE creator,
    of your own reality.

    And then, looking back, you can say:
    "Do you know, you really gave me a run for my money, but the juice
    that came out of that, is the best thing that ever happened to me.
    YOU (meaning, the rascal) helped me to put a desire, that now I have accomplished-
    that I would NEVER HAVE ACHIEVED,
    if it had not been for YOU.

    Itīs almost as if my IB guided me to this contrast-
    for the expansion, that would be there."

    Sydney, Australia, Oct. 18, 2015

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    There might be a so much bigger plan.
    The transition of Jerry: What he REALLY was interested about!

    Jerry made his transition into NonPhysical and the seeming pathway
    through which he made it was through a cancer, a leukemia.
    And so, as he was diagnosed, it was very unsettling to both Jerry and Esther,
    because it seemed that it was a contradiction to what they thought they were living.

    It seemed that it was a manifestation that certainly didn't match
    what they were wanting. And, neither one of them was able, especially at first,
    to acknowledge that there could possibly be anything in Jerry's Vortex,
    that could be being answered through this process.
    In other words, it just didn't seem like it added up.

    So they spent a lot of time talking about vibration, talking about feelings,
    and it made both of them aware of two things that they did not understand before.
    First, they understood that they had some vibrations going on that they did not know
    were active in their vibration.

    Jerry had been very keenly aware of cancer. He was aware of it,
    from his father's experience with it, and he was aware of so many people who were
    in his terms, "suffering with it".

    And whenever he would meet a physician, and he met a lot of them through his work,
    if he had an opportunity to visit with them in private, he would always say to them,
    "When do you think we're going to as as society begin to start focusing upon
    the cause, rather than the symptom? When do you think that we're going to get
    to the vibrational reason for this and not have all of our attention upon the treatment of it?"

    -And he had opinions about all of that - he believed that it was a money-making machine,
    he believed that there was more benefit for some agencies to be involved in the cure of it
    than the understanding and the prevention of it.
    He had a lot of these dynamics going on, more than he realized,
    more than Esther realized, that was all part of the reason for the details of that
    being the path of least resistance.

    But beyond that, there was a Vortex swirling, a Vortex that Jerry had been creating
    all of this physical life experience, and that was in place even before he came
    into this physical experience, and long before Jerry and Esther
    came to know one another in this physical experience,
    about understanding that there is not death,
    about understanding that we are eternal Beings,
    about understanding that Consciousness is an eternal thing,
    about wanting to understand the interplay between
    what is Nonphysical and physical,
    about wanting to teach about the Law of Attraction,
    the Laws of the Universe, wanting to understand
    how it all fits together.

    But most of all, something that was very BIG in his vibration,
    was an understanding of the eternal nature of Consciousness.

    And so, and it started long before his introduction to the Seth material,
    but it was really enhanced with THAT material.
    And then all of the conversations that he had with Abraham in all of the time
    that passed in the interim.

    So, what we're getting at here - some time ago we wrote a book -
    it isn't even in publication any more - it was called A New Beginning,
    and the subtitle was called Joyous Survival.
    And even Esther as she was receiving it thought that it was about taking care
    of the details of this physical time-space reality and making the right decisions
    in order to survive, mean remain in the physical body.

    But what we meant by that subtitle is,
    that you cannot cease to survive. You cannot cease to be.
    But the question is, how joyful, how joyous are you,
    in this eternal, ongoing experience that is yours?

    So, something that is very vivid in the human experience is a misunderstanding
    about why you come, and what your intention is in being here,
    and how long you intend to be here and what happens after you are no longer focused
    in your physical body. In other words, we said to Esther, just the other morning in fact,
    while Jerry believed that the subject that was of keenest interest to much of the world
    was how to understand diseases, or how to understand something like cancer,
    that there's an even bigger thing that people are wanting to understand from our Perspective,

    and that is the subject of the death experience,
    that is the subject of the eternal nature of your Being.

    So, you have to make it an individual thing.
    You have to make it about your relationship with who you really are,
    before you can begin to help anyone else understand it,
    in relationship to who they really are.

    <snip> We want to say to you, that if you can find a way - and you can,
    if you can find a way to let your experience in all this be about your
    natural relaxing into your conscious awareness of the eternalness of your Being,

    and let go of a feeling of urgency to CLING TO the specifics of THIS incarnation
    and THIS time-space reality...In the urgent clinging to what you call THIS LIFE,
    there is a defiance of your understanding of the eternalness of who you are.

    And when you let go of that, there is a release into alignment,
    a release into the Vortex, there's a release into this Grid of who you are,
    that defies anything that you've ever lived before.

    <snip> And there is so much confusion and misunderstanding about
    the control that you have from not just your NonPhysical standpoint,
    but your physical standpoint, about how long you stay,
    about how you feel while you are here.

    <snip> For Jerry, as he relaxed into his vibration, as he found that vibrational place,
    he said to Esther, "I want you to know that one of two things can happen.
    Either they're going to figure this out and I'm going to bounce back into my physical body,
    feeling good or they're not going to figure this out and I'm going to reemerge into NonPhysical,
    and in either case I want you to know I'm good."

    And Esther said, "Well, good for you, I'm only good with one of those options."
    (Soft audience laughter) And we said to Esther, Jerry is the only one who gets to choose.
    Jerry is the ONLY one who gets to choose.

    And Esther realizes now, after watching the experience unfold,
    that knowing what she now knows, she would have liked it better,
    if they had known before rather than later the deliciousness of letting go,
    the deliciousness of not struggling and clinging to something,
    that the Vortex is asking for in a different way.

    And this is the thing that's unsettling to so many, because we've been talking
    about Deliberate Creation, and we talk about how you put the components into your Vortex.

    We just really want you to know that this Vortex is this Pure Positive Energy place,
    and that when you reach for the emotion of who you really are,
    when you are able to release the resistance and come into pure alignment
    with who you really are, so that you click into vibrational sync with everything
    that is in your Vortex, that then the ensuing manifestations and the way the Grid fills in,
    are ALWAYS in sync with that greater wanting.

    Humans have been struggling against this for a very long time.
    We feel it even in the context of these gatherings. People will say,
    "Abraham, please don't tell me that there is a bigger plan for me,
    than the one that I'm identifying here and now,
    because the one I'm identifying is the one I want to play out.

    And we say, in time you will come to understand that you don't want
    to separate those... because the whole point of all of this, is understanding...
    do any of you think that you're going to remain in your physical bodies forever?
    Of course you don't.

    Everything that you have observed lets you know that you are here,
    as temporary tenants of this. Do you believe that you are more than you see
    here in these physical bodies?
    Do you understand that who you are as a Consciousness,
    is reflected in the personality that you know as you?

    This is the thing that is so exhilarating to Esther,
    because she has the benefit of being able to chat with Jerry on a daily basis.
    Any time she is wanting, she can sit, get into that vibrational place
    and begin to receive him. She's doing it mostly through her computer,
    as she is writing because she focuses what she wants to talk about
    and then she receives him fully.

    But there is NO QUESTION in Esther's mind that Jerry is FULLY
    the personality that she knew as him, minus any resistance,
    REVELING in the wholeness of who he is, you see.

    And so, what HE is about is helping all of you to understand
    that there IS no death, there is no ending to that which you are,
    that there is a changing of scenery, that there is a changing of experience,
    that there is certainly a changing of perspective in that there's the releasing of resistance,
    but there IS no ceasing of that which you are.

    And it is his fervent desire that you come to a place where you are able
    to let go of that clinging to life which is IRRATIONAL,
    because there is no way that you can separate yourself FROM it,
    and once you accomplish that, then you will continue as he IS, to live happily ever after.

    <snip> We don't want it to be such a resistance about the reemerging
    into the NonPhysical that that resistance...
    It's like the very thing you worry about is the thing that makes sure,
    that the very thing that you worry about happens. Isn't that an interesting thing?

    <snip> Friends, if you can accept the eternal nature of your Being and stop the clinging,
    the irrational clinging to something that is not at risk,
    all disease would cease to be on this planet.
    The disease is evidence of the resistance of the very thing you fear. You see how that is?"

    From the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on 5/19/12

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    The original Fred-segment

    I want to talk about a man. We’ll call him Fred. I saw him about 4 years ago,
    and everything inside me went, “SHAZAM, that’s just a beautiful person.”
    I felt all champagne bubbly inside.
    And I know that I had a good 15 years of momentum behind me that was negative,
    and he manifested right out of my experience before I had a chance to know him
    or he had a chance to know me.

    So you and I talked about this a couple of years ago,
    and you told me not to get caught up in the form, and if thinking of a person
    specifically caused negative feelings, then I should back off and focus
    on the essence of him and what I liked about him.

    And I tried that for awhile, but I never felt as good as I did when I thought specifically of Fred.
    And I criticized myself for doing it wrong. And then about a year ago I said, screw it,
    I’m just going to think about Fred in all the loving ways I can imagine.
    So I did that for a year and it was wonderful.

    And just the other day, I saw him driving down my street! And I thought, this stuff really works!
    So, I went to where he was staying and I ran the buzzer,
    and I did not get the response that I was imagining. It was, in fact, very, ah, weird,
    and not good at all. So I soothed myself by telling myself that maybe
    I’m not really as terrible at this as I think. Maybe he just doesn’t know what a good idea I am,
    and what a good idea we would be together.

    At the same time, I thought, maybe I’m stopping the real love of my life
    from coming to me because I’m thinking of the specific thing. But I can’t let go of the specific thing.

    Well, the most important question we want to put to you is, at what point did you decide
    that instead of working it out vibrationally to jump in with action?
    Why was it so compelling to jump in with action?

    You mean, why did I go ring the bell that day?

    Yes. You were creating it in thought. You were working it around
    and you had finally found a way to relax.
    You’ve been working on this for awhile and some thoughts were comfortable,
    and some thoughts were not. But brought yourself into quite a place of comfort.
    Then you began seeing some evidence of your motion forward,
    and rather than letting the Stream continue to carry you to the fruition,
    you must have lost your faith in the Stream’s ability to take you where you wanted to go,
    and you decided to go ring the buzzer.

    Guest: Yes!

    This is just our way of saying that you don’t have the timing the Universe has.
    And you want to say, is the Universe really taking me to Fred?
    We say that if you can trust the Universe knows all the good stuff that you got from Fred,
    and all the good stuff you got from John, and all the good stuff you got from Jim,
    and all the good stuff…
    If you could accept that you’ve been sifting through the sands of men for a quite very long time,
    and you have created a magnificent relationship,
    of which Fred is a part, but not all inclusive.

    There is stuff that is really dominant in Fred, that is nowhere near what is dominant
    in your vibrational escrow.

    Meanwhile, the Universe knows full well what you want and knows where all of it is,
    and is calling you toward it and giving you evidence that you are focusing well,
    and all of a sudden, you want to jump in with both feet and all of your action,
    and go ring Fred’s doorbell. And the Universe is saying,
    “wrong doorbell. Wrong doorbell.” (lots of laughter from the audience)

    But if Fred’s not right for me, shouldn’t I get to have some experience with Fred,
    to decide that. But why does the Universe get to say, “Fred’s not yours”? (even more laughter)

    If you and Fred were really as much of a match
    as you portrayed it right now, you would already be in the midst
    of an extraordinary relationship.

    But Fred has all kinds of things activated that are not a match to your vibrational escrow!
    And we want to step back from the person we’re calling Fred, whose real name shall remain
    nameless to protect the innocent (more laughter).
    We want you to step back from the specifics of this,
    and just accept that through all of this, that you are creating something wonderful.

    What we’re really doing is encouraging you to have more patience and less action
    for a little while. But there’s nothing wrong with your action.
    You jumped in with action and you got a rebuff that you don’t want,
    which kind of set you back a little bit.

    We’re not encouraging you to not act because you’ll ring the doorbell and mess up your creation.
    We are just encouraging you to let the Flow carry you a little further,
    so that the inspiration is so compelling that nothing can keep you from it.
    Because when you respond in action under those conditions, then you don’t get the rebuffs.

    In other words, if you act too soon before the energy’s lined up, you almost always get a backlash.
    That is the whole point of the Art of Allowing.
    The Art of Allowing is just release the resistance and allow.
    Releasing resistance and allowing are the same thing. Release the resistance and therefore allow.
    Release the resistance and therefore allow.
    Release the resistance and therefore allow.
    Release the resistance and therefore allow.
    -And as the Stream begins to carry you, the ideas that occur to you, will always bring you
    the results you are wanting.

    It’s not possible for you to not get what you are wanting.
    We’re just asking you to look a little further down the road. We just want you to act less,
    and create with your mind a little more.

    And you say, "Abraham, I was doing that and frankly, I just tired of doing it."
    And we say you can’t get tired of doing that because that is the work! Even now,
    you have start where you are. You rang the doorbell and it didn’t turn out well, and you start again.
    And you say, it was easier before I rang the doorbell, and now I’ve got that to overcome.
    But we say, but still you can. But still you can. And as you do, more things will come your way.

    I want to know how do I let go? Because there’s a part of me that’s very tired.
    Not just over Fred, but of wanting that match. And if I have to let go of Fred,
    if Fred can’t be in my future for whatever reason…

    (interrupting) We don’t want you to let go of Fred.
    We don’t want you to let go of the essence of Fred.
    We don’t want you to let go of the idea of the relationship.
    We just want you to let go of the resistance. Which means,
    we want you to let go of the need to control Fred.

    How will you feel when you have let go of the control and you are letting the Universe
    do its work on your behalf? How can you tell?

    Supposedly, I’ll feel really good and I feel relief and I feel comfortable.
    Whenever thoughts of him come up and I feel comfortable, then I know I’m in the Stream.
    I’m letting go.

    And what kind of thoughts are you having when you are doing the opposite?

    When I think, he’ll never like me. It’s never going to happen. This is ridiculous.
    What am I doing? I’m fixated on something…

    And which kinds of thoughts do you think you think most? In terms of airtime?
    Percentage-wise? On a daily basis, do you have more positive or negative feelings
    about relationship?

    More of the time I’m working on it. Do you know what I mean?
    It’s a constant working on it with me.

    Now you’ve come ‘round to the subject of this discussion:
    is "working on it" helping???

    Obviously not.

    So how does one stop working on a situation? How do you stop doing that?

    I guess you try to stop thinking about all of it altogether.

    What you do is let your desire for relief be more important
    than your desire for Fred for now.
    Because both of them are in the same direction.

    And that’s why when you say, I’m just weary of this, we say, that’s a very good sign.
    Because when you’re weary, you’re getting ready to stop the struggle.

    You see, we want to convince you that you can’t NOT get what you want,
    but you can prolong its coming by struggling against the current.
    And the reason we’re belaboring this with you, is because we want everybody to stop
    for a little bit and identify what are your reasons for pushing against things.

    In other words, we know that you ultimately want the relationship that you want,
    so what is it that you, and almost everyone else, is unwilling to just let it go,
    to just drop it. Say, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3. Step 1: Boy, I’ve done that.
    I’ve launched my desires. Step 2 is Source answers which means it is already done,
    which means I’m being called toward it.

    Step 3 is I just have to allow myself to float freely on the current
    that moving toward what I want in a free flowing environment,
    until I get there.
    If you know what you want is there, and you know you’re floating,
    then why would you feel anything but joy?

    We say, you wouldn’t, if you were floating.
    It’s the paddling upstream thing that makes it not fun. So just stop that.
    We would encourage you to just get off the subject for awhile.
    Find some other things that are important to you. Don’t belabor it. Don’t keep working at it.
    Don’t keep up the struggle.

    You see, every subject is really two subjects; what is wanted and the lack of it.
    It’s a fine line when you activate the subject of your desire, whether you activate it
    with the flow or against it.
    If you habit is to worry about it, then every time you activate it,
    you’re going to worry about it.
    You’ve got to find some way from disengaging
    from that need to do something about it.

    We don’t want you to give up on your goal,
    or give up on your desire. In fact, we know you can’t.
    You cannot be less than life has caused you to become.

    But you can allow yourself to go toward it or you can keep yourself from going toward it,
    and you can tell in the moment of discussion which you are doing.
    So now, give us some reassuring words that let us know you are able
    to release the struggle and go with the flow.

    I very much want to believe that I can look upon something and say I want that,
    and not get wound up about it. And not get tensed about it. I want to be able to create specifically,
    one day. I want to figure out how I can create specifically and be letting go at the same time.

    That’s the question of the day. In fact, it’s the question of this workshop.
    It’s the question of creating. It’s the best question we’ve ever heard.
    -How do I find my place within this?

    If the Universe is orchestrating and if I am deciding through the deciphering,
    then how do I know if I’m getting in my own way?
    We say, tension starts to come over you. How do I know if I’ve gotten out of the way?
    I start to feel more relaxed. How do I feel when I’m hindering it? I don’t trust it.
    How do I feel when I’m helping it? I feel more trusting.
    How do I know when I’m going with the flow? It’s fun.
    How do I know when I’m not? It isn’t fun.
    How do I know when I’ve let go? I feel good.
    How do I know when I haven’t let go? I feel tense.
    How do I know when I’m free flowing? I feel ease.
    How do I know when I’m pushing against the current? I feel tense.
    How do I know when I’m succeeding and I’m going to get what I want? I’m flowing free.

    But, Abraham, I’m flowing free, but I don’t have Fred, so how do I know it’s working?
    And we say, because you’re flowing free.
    Flowing free has to be what you’re after. Fred’s downstream.
    If you’re flowing free and Fred’s downstream, what is inevitably going to happen?

    I’ll run into him.

    You will! And when you do, it won’t be something
    that you’ve orchestrated. It won’t be false. It won’t be contrived.
    It won’t be manipulative.
    It will be a rendezvous that flowing Streams have orchestrated.

    And when it happens, and I come into contact, and I recognize and I see
    through the way I feel the perfection of this relationship,
    I won’t say, are you Fred? -Because it won’t matter.

    Stalking disinterested Fred? - North Los Angeles, 8-5-2006

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    "Fred" is not cooperative? Thatīs how to deal with that:

    Youīve gotta say:
    "Hey man, I really care about you!
    And I like you almost more than life itself.

    But I donīt like you more than being on this (high) disc.
    And so far, you put me on this (low) disc.
    So, Iīm leaving you off in the bushes for a little while,

    and Iīm getting on this
    (high) disc!
    And Iīll see who comes out of the bushes,
    and plays with me."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Perfect, willing, 2013 Fred's clone [My disk is more important than YOU!]

    Do you feel "obsessed"?

    There is no desire within you,
    that is harmful.

    It is the resistance within you, that is causing the harm.

    from the clip
    Abraham: Is She a Sex and Love Addict?

    "We want you to be addicted to FEELING GOOD!
    We want you to be addicted to having FUN!"


    "When it feels good,
    then it IS good."


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    Stop the sanctimony!

    HS wanting to understand conditional and unconditional life, deeper.

    I REALLY donīt care about the manifestation because
    I know there is momentum...

    Letīs say that better!
    Letīs say that better.

    I CARE about every one of those manifestations.
    I just donīt need to take score, right now!

    Because I am wise enough to know, they are evolving -
    and will appear at the perfect place, in the perfect point,
    and the perfect time (...)
    RIGHT NOW, I donīt care about the absence of them,
    because I know the absence of them
    is not a permanent condition!

    Yes, itīs temporary!

    Thatīs DIFFERENT than saying "I donīt care", isnīt it!
    I donīt care about the absence of them, because I know
    that the absence of them is a temporary condition.
    And in my absence of angst about it,
    I am producing an atmosphere of allowing,

    that is the path of least resistance- which is going
    to produce the conditions, that I want.

    Isnīt that interesting?
    I have to be unconditional,
    in order to get the condition.

    from the interaction with Baseball-Guy Doug, on the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2015 01 10 San Diego; Part 2 of 3

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    Just enjoy your Sweet-spot of Unfolding!
    Donīt try to fast-forward.

    The thing that trip more people up, more than all other things, put together
    is- your process has begun. Youīve done step 1.
    You have asked, source has answered, and the Vortex has gathered momentum,
    and there is a pulsing vibration, that you are, occasionally, picking up on.

    So, you are picking up on it, and you are picking up on it, and you are picking
    up on it, and you are picking up on it, and you are picking up on it...
    Itīs intoxicating! It feels good to you! And you begin the RECEPTION MODE!
    You begin.... and then,

    you get your head in "HOW do I get to make this happen?"
    -you completely dis-engage from the receptive mode, and now you are in the
    action-mode, wondering why youīr not getting any movement?

    And itīs because youīr NOT doing the thing you did, to receive
    the music, to begin with! And THATīs what you wanna do!

    We really like visiting with artists, and musicians, and people who have
    LONG UNDERSTOOD, that theyīve gotta get "in that place" before it flows.
    Because, when we talk about "that place", THEY know what weīr talking about!
    So, just get in that place, and just let more of the music flow.

    Let finding a good restaurant flow, from that place.
    Let getting into traffic, at the perfect timing, flow from that place.
    Let the people, that you hang around with, flow from that place.
    Let intuitive business-sense flow, from that place!

    We want you to feel with us the resources, that are at your fingertips!
    And STOP saying "oh, Iīm not good at that." Because, THAT doesnīt fly with us!!
    You DONīT have to be good at that.

    2015-10-11 Westchester

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    I'm surrendering to the timing of the Universe.
    I'm surrendering to the Vortexual agenda.
    I'm surrendering to the concierge in the sky.
    I'm surrendering to my perfect timing.
    I'm surrendering to my greater effectiveness.
    I'm surrendering to my more inspired words.
    I'm surrendering to my more inspired behavior,
    which results in better timing.

    In other words, you're more free-flowing,
    more productive
    under those conditions of less activity,
    than you are under the conditions of more activity.
    And a perfect blend of that makes for a perfect life.

    2015 Alaskan Cruise

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