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Thread: Not getting what you want, yet? The Universe is watching out for you!

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    You don't have to name your lovers;

    you don't have to name the cities that you'll move to.
    You don't have to figure that out.

    You just have to find the feeling place of what you're looking for.
    And the Universe will lead you right there.
    And when you get there, you'll say,
    "Oh yeah, you're exactly what I meant."


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    Where you are is ALWAYS right, not wrong!

    It is so easy to say:
    No, wait! I donīt wanna be here, or: I didnīt want to be here-
    or: This went wrong.
    But if you could just say, and MEAN:

    Where I am is just right, given ALL that I want.

    I might not understand it.
    I might not be sensitive enough, to the
    vibrational path to UNDERSTAND the benefit, of all of that...
    You can even say: I wanted an easier route.
    Or, I wanted a route that felt more this way, than that way.

    But if you can just accept, that where you are
    is RIGHT, not WRONG.
    That is the thing we wanna say to you!!

    Where you are, no matter where it is, in relationship to
    where you want to be, is RIGHT! Not wrong!

    Itīs RIGHT. Not wrong.

    Because, you are starting where you are!

    And when you are accepting that it is right, than
    immediately, you turn in the direction of what you want!

    from the clip Abraham Explains Benefits Of Old Resistance...

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    Here's what you did say, you said,
    "I want enough dramatic things to go on in my experience early on
    that I can have a really robust Vortex early in my life
    and then I'm going to come into conscious awareness of the existence of the Vortex.

    And I'm going to tend to my own personal emotional vibrational grid
    because I am a Deliberate Creator.
    I've come forth to create big things,
    and nobody creates big things without big desire."

    Portland, OR on 8/11/12

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    Being forced to
    give yourself the greatest gift of all.

    When you grow impatient,
    in that feeling of impatience you are shifting a little,
    in that feeling of impatience you are introducing more
    of the contrary thought.
    So just hang in there,
    and ENJOY the experience of CLARIFYING YOUR VIBRATIONS.

    Everybody WANTS this! This is a journey
    you really really really really REALLY want!!

    You ALL want clear vibration!
    You know, one who is connected to this pure source of energy,
    is more powerful than millions who are not. And do you realize-
    you donīt, quite yet, but you will-

    All youīve gotta do is stopping the "but"-part!
    (...) In your caring how others feel about you...

    I stopped caring. I did. I had to.

    Isnīt that a WONDERFUL THING!!! Really!? Really!

    Yah. I had to stop.

    Are you saying to us, that you created a situation,
    to give yourself the GREATEST GIFT THAT YOU COULD GIVE
    TO ANYONE...?

    I sure did! I had to! I didnīt have a choice.

    Are you saying to us, that youīve put yourself in a situation,
    where you HAD to give up something, that wasnīt serving you?

    I guess, by all of this, Iīm a happy bunny!
    Iīm really, really happy!

    Itīs the greatest gift...
    We believe it!

    īCause, I know, itīs gonna end. I donīt know when
    itīs gonna happen, but itīs gonna happen.

    Doesnīt matter! Doesnīt matter.
    The greatest gift you could give anyone, or yourself,
    is the gift of freedom from caring of what others think.
    Because when you care, what they think, it SPLITS YOUR ENERGY.
    And when it splits your energy, youīr not mating with your soul.
    When youīr not mating with your soul, youīr not experiencing
    that unconditional alignment.

    And when youīr not experiencing
    unconditional alignment, there is some degree
    of negative emotion- so, youīr not free.

    Because the only thing youīr trying to get free of, is
    RESISTANCE, you see?
    We think youīr in the PERFECT place!
    We think, youīr having the perfect unfolding!
    We think, you helped everyone understand it, more clearly!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Comfort Comes Before Money

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    "Abnormal"? A deformed Baby to their parents

    "And then you say: Oh, youīr abnormal!"
    And if they can speak to you in their true source-voice, they say:

    YES I AM!
    I am abnormal in more ways that you can speak.

    Iīm abnormal in more ways than you know.
    I am DELIBERATELY abnormal.
    Iīm deliberately non-conforming.
    Iīm deliberately putting you in a place, that if you want to
    feel your joy- and I know you do!-
    youīr going to find a different way of looking at me,
    to feel your joy.

    Because I am a condition that you cannot change.

    Iīm going to force you into unconditional love-
    if you are to look at me, and feel love."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks: Parenting-Would a baby choose deformity Workshop

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    About getting your dream-relationship
    after big disappointments:

    "Different things will happen:
    You smell something, you hear a song, you see a car, youīll see someone-
    different things will happen that will cause you to go THERE (to remembering the unwanted).

    And when something causes you to go there-
    go there.
    Take the hit of it, but THEN remember:
    What rockets of desire have you launched?

    And THEN turn your undivided attention to that
    and tell the new story.
    And then, the story you begin to tell-
    the story of relationship that you will begin to tell, is like:

    "I lived so much.
    And so much has come from what I have lived.
    And what I feel from my vibrational escrow,
    is that its brewing in a very big way.
    And I know that Iīm now nearly ready to allow
    that relationship to come to me.

    And I think, the reason that the relationship hasnīt come to me...
    -because I KNOW, I really lived enough that I created something wonderful,
    and I KNOW that Iīm often positiv in my thought about it,
    and this is the thing that has been baffling me-

    I know I have been more positive than I have been negative,
    so why isnīt it coming?
    -and then I realize, that the reason it hasnīt been coming
    is that I have not letting it in.

    I lived so much, that I really want this to be SO GOOD,
    and I have this little thing stuck in my vibrational craw,
    and it goes like:

    "But what if I get it again?
    What if I think this is the real one, and it turns out not to be.
    And it ends up not being what Iīm really wanting.
    And now Iīm beginning to understand that this cannot possibly happen to me.

    Because, of all that Iīve lived I created this wonderful
    vibrational escrow.
    Iīve come too far.
    I know too much.
    That cannot happen to me, again.

    But that doesnīt explain why I havenīt not letting it come
    I havenīt letting it come,
    because THATīs the drum that I beat the most often.
    I beat the drum
    "I donīt wanna fail again- I donīt wanna it to be bad again."

    (...) But now, I know whatīs in my escrow.
    And every day all day I put more stuff in it,
    but Iīm writing the list of whatīs in my escrow, relative to this relationship.
    And here it is- speak it often!-
    here it is:

    Someone, who is in love with life.
    Someone, who is exhilerated about the day as I am.
    Someone who wakes up every morning, eager to have opportunitys
    to expand still further.
    Someone who is aware of his emotional guidance-system
    and who tends to his own vibrational gap.

    Someone, who- in our marriage-vows, we can look at each other,
    and say and mean it
    "I like you pretty good, letīs see how it goes."
    Iow, further marriage vows:
    "I am not going to hold you responsible for how I feel.
    I promise you from this day forwards,
    that my happines is an inside-job.
    Iīm not gonna ask you to change in any way
    to make me happy.
    Iīm happy as much as I allow me to stay happy,
    and these are the vows that we exchange."

    And as you tell this story,
    and itīs our promise to you that your escrow is ripe enough,
    that with that story, youīll move right in there.

    And in VERY short time, yoīll know.
    And when you meet this person, you will not have this feeling of
    "Iīm wondring if you are the one".
    You will have the KNOWING "you are the one!"

    You will move forwards so fast into this personīs experience,
    and this person moves so fast into your experience-
    you will see no hesitation on the part of the other,
    and you will feel no hesitation of the part of yourself.

    Because, you are in his escrow, as he is in yours.
    And when you- youīr the only missing piece here!-
    -when youīll get in there- you hook up."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Being positive after a relationship breakdown

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    When you are impatient about wanting something
    (as a relationship-issue) to shift.

    (Say to yourself)...
    My relationship is in the catalytic place.
    My relationship is in the launching of clarity- place.

    But itīs been there for sooo long! (...)

    But you see, for it to change, you have to make peace with THAT.
    Because as we attempted to coach you,
    into words that would serve you better-
    you took it right back into the words that donīt serve you, at all!

    (...) Because something has not been moving is not the reason
    that it will not move.

    The reason itīs not moving is because you keep saying
    "It hasnīt been moving"!

    Change these words!
    "It hasnīt been moving, but it will be moving along, now.
    And the clarity that has come to me now is so much more than before.
    And I have this new relationship and this new focus,
    thatīs put me into a whole new place."

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Accepting What Is and Making The Best of It

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    Say to the Universe: Wait, until Iīm ready!

    A woman said to us:
    Abraham, my son is looking for a mate. Will you help him find her?
    And we said, No.
    -Why not?
    Because we donīt think this is a good time.
    -Why not?
    Because, if he finds one NOW, sheīll match his vibration!
    And if she matches his vibration, she wonīt match his TRUE desire!

    His true desire and his now-point-of-attraction are in different places.
    So you want to say to the Universe:
    "Take your time! Wait, until Iīm ready!"

    (...) You hardly ever say that, do you!
    You donīt say "Take your time, and wait until Iīm ready, to be a match
    to what I want." Instead you say:
    "Give it to me, NOW!!! And Iīll adjust." Thatīs what you say.

    Or: "Give me what I want NOW, and then that will be the reason,
    that Iīll feel better."
    Thatīs BACKWARDS! Youīve gotta BE or FEEL,
    what you want to experience.

    ONCE you accomplish that, then manifestation, -bum bum bum bum bum-,
    -THEN it happens quickly!

    North Los Angeles, August 13, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - The manifestations is the part that you want but you have to get ready (new)

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    "Could it be that you are on a high flying Disc, and while you are,
    something happens
    that it SEEMED you didnīt want to happen, that really is the path of least resistance
    to something that you do want to happen?

    (...) Itīs like being lost, so you donīt take the most direct route to something.
    Then you see something that youīve been wondering about,
    or thatīs of interest to you.
    There are so many relationships that are about to be discovered,
    just like that.

    You think you are looking for THIS-
    and because you donīt think you are looking for THAT,
    you donīt have that clogged pipe going,
    or you donīt have that resistance going-
    and so you are looking for THIS,

    but you find THAT."

    San Francisco July 2013

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    ...Not yet getting "your" relationship?

    (say...) "Theyīr probably all fighting- because they didnīt wait for the
    PERFECT PARTNER- they where so, in such a hurry,
    to get to SOMEBODY, that they just coupled up with the first warm body
    that they could find...
    I like the way Iīm playing it, a lot better.

    I love knowing that the Universe knows who I am and what I want,
    and I love knowing that *I* know who I am and what I want,
    and Iīm perfectly willing to be as patient as I need to be,
    and Iīve got a feeling that itīs not that long.

    Because I can feel... I can feel in my belly,
    that Iīm closing in on it.
    And Iīm appreciating EVERY relationship that I ever had.
    Every relationship that let me know, oh boy...!"

    from the clip Abraham Hicks- Problems With Relationships...

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