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Thread: Not getting what you want, yet? The Universe is watching out for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by practicebyignoring View Post
    - this quote is what I was looking for and I opened the thread and it was just there.


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    About getting your dream-relationship,
    even after big disappointments:

    Different things will happen:
    You smell something, you hear a song, you see a car, you´ll see someone- different things will happen that will cause you to go THERE
    (to remembering the unwanted). And when something causes you to go there- go there!

    -Take the hit of it, but THEN remember:
    What rockets of desire have you launched?

    -And THEN turn your undivided attention to that
    and tell the new story.

    And then, the story you begin to tell- the story of relationship that you will begin to tell, is like:

    "I lived so much. And so much has come from what I have lived. And what I feel from my vibrational escrow, is that its brewing in a very big way. And I know that I´m now nearly ready to allow that relationship to come to me.

    And I think, the reason that the relationship hasn´t come to me... -because I KNOW, I really lived enough that I created something wonderful, and I KNOW that I´m often positive in my thought about it, and this is the thing that has been baffling me-

    I know I have been more positive than I have been negative,
    so why isn´t it coming?
    -and then I realize, that the reason it hasn´t been coming is that
    I have not letting it in.

    I lived so much, that I really want this to be SO GOOD, and I have this little thing stuck in my vibrational craw, and it goes like:

    "But what if I get it again?
    What if I think this is the real one, and it turns out not to be. And it ends up not being what I´m really wanting. And now I´m beginning to understand that this cannot possibly happen to me.
    Because, of all that I´ve lived I created this wonderful vibrational escrow.
    I´ve come too far.
    I know too much.
    That cannot happen to me, again.

    But that doesn´t explain why I haven´t not letting it come I haven´t letting it come, because THAT´s the drum that I beat the most often. I beat the drum "I don´t wanna fail again- I don´t wanna it to be bad again.

    (...) But now, I know what´s in my escrow. And every day all day I put more stuff in it, but I´m writing the list of what´s in my escrow, relative to this relationship. And here it is- speak it often!- here it is:

    -Someone, who is in love with life.
    -Someone, who is exhilarated about the day as I am.
    -Someone who wakes up every morning, eager to have opportunities to expand still further.
    -Someone who is aware of his emotional guidance-system and who tends to his own vibrational gap.
    -Someone, who- in our marriage-vows, we can look at each other, and say and mean it "I like you pretty good, let´s see how it goes."

    Iow, further marriage vows:
    "I am not going to hold you responsible for how I feel. I promise you from this day forwards, that my happines is an inside-job. I´m not gonna ask you to change in any way to make me happy. I´m happy as much as I allow me to stay happy, and these are the vows that we exchange."

    And as you tell this story,
    and it´s our promise to you that your escrow is ripe enough, that with that story, you´ll move right in there.

    And in VERY short time, you´ll know. And when you meet this person, you will not have this feeling of "I´m wondring if you are the one". You will have the KNOWING "you are the one!" You will move forwards so fast into this person´s experience, and this person moves so fast into your experience- you will see no hesitation on the part of the other, and you will feel no hesitation of the part of yourself.

    Because, you are in his escrow, as he is in yours.
    And when you- you´r the only missing piece here! -when you´ll get in there- you hook up.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ Being positive after a relationship breakdown

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