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Thread: What Source Sees

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    Looking through the eyes of Source is looking through the lens of a practiced vibration that Well-Being is dominant and eternal.

    Abraham, Mexico, March 31, 2014

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    The reason that you ever feel any emotion at all is because Source is right there thinking about the same thing at the same time with you. So when you are in sync with the thought Source thinks about it, you feel good. But when you are out of sync with what Source thinks about it, you feel bad.

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    If you will remember that the attention of your Inner Being is upon the outcome that you desire--and then if you will try to find vibrational alignment with your Inner being--you will then find vibrational alignment with your desired outcome.

    Abraham, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent

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    Nonphysical is focused HERE in physical WITH us!

    Abe (after passionately correcting a hotseater a few times, already, in her ideas
    about what source is and does)
    What is that? WHAT IS THAT? Where do you think, youŽll go?
    (after croaking)

    I think, we become part of everything.

    How boring is that!
    (laughter in the audience)
    Part of everything... have you ever tried to think of everything at once?
    Have you ever tried to listen to ten people at once?
    This ties in with the question earlier... source is-
    source is intelligence that is specifically and eagerly and passionately
    focussed through leading edge creators- like you.

    Source is building the anthill with the ants.
    And source is building the sculptures with you,
    and source is exploring the biology of your body...
    IOW, source is INVOLVED in the leading edge details
    of manifestation of source!

    Source doesnŽt feel different than you do, when you feel fabulous!
    If you wanna know how source feels- get happy, and say: NOW I KNOW.
    Be in love and say: NOW I KNOW.
    Be sure of something you want- and say: NOW I KNOW.

    Abraham, Los Angeles, July 30., 2011

    "The Inner Being is the stable part of you when you are not,
    but the Inner Being never has intended to remain "inner".

    The Inner Being wants to dance and reflect
    and play and laugh and create and co-create and manifest.

    Source manifests!
    That's why you're all here.

    That's what this physical time-space reality is about.
    Don't you think that that which man calls God, was so happy in its
    ethereal, dangling-feet-over-the-edge-
    of-clouds experience...

    can't you just feel the fullness of all that you ARE?

    Don't you see it reflected everywhere,
    and don't you just love knowing that
    YOU are the main event?"

    Alaska Cruise, 2011

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    The love-feast between source and physically focused humans

    Because of you, we (source) are expanding to new places.
    And because of you, we are discovering more fully who we ALL ARE!
    And because of our consistent ability to always choose the path of least resistance,
    WE take the path that you are carving out.

    Immediately. Instantaniuosly.
    And we hold the vibrational frequency FOR YOU.
    You have a choice- you can take it, or not.
    Either way itŽs good.

    If you take it, you feel good right now.
    If you take it later, youŽll feel good later- but in either case,
    you canŽt get off your path.

    You are fulfilling your reason for being.
    You came into this time-space-reality INTENTIONALLY,
    deliberately wanting to sift through variety,
    knowing that it would focus you into greater awareness
    of what you want.

    And we knew, that when you did that, that we could hold clearly
    to the concepts, and the frequencies of that new evolution that you discovered,
    and we knew, that as we held that vibrational patterning consistently,
    YOU would be able to find it, if you wanted to.

    We knew, that- if you where willing to care enough about how you felt,
    that OUR knowing of who you are would eventually lead you into a fulfillment
    of our knowing of who you are.

    So, that the expansion, that youŽve carved out for all of us
    could be the experience of deliciousness
    for YOU- like it is, for US.

    And there is no greater definition of the word "love"!
    But weŽr not talking about our love for YOU.
    WeŽr talking about your love for US!

    You said: "IŽll go! And IŽll sort, and IŽll sift, and IŽll launch!"
    And we said:
    "WeŽll take your love! WeŽll take, what you will carve out for us!
    We will take this expansion, and weŽll hold it, vibrationally,
    in a frequency and in a patterning,
    and weŽll offer it to you, and your guidance-system will let you find
    the trail to it.

    And if you will be selfish enough to care about how you feel,

    You will return that love to Self.
    You will fulfill, you will complete the cycle of discovery and expansion
    and unfolding, and coming together, and discovering a NEW platform-
    from which to launch MORE.

    You are an eternal being, as are we.
    And our eternalness, and your eternalness are FOREVER intertwined,
    one with the other.

    There could not be greater reason, to find vibrational alignment
    than to understand that you are an extension of that which we are.
    And YOU cause the expansion of that who we ALL are, you see!
    This is a sort of eternal, cosmic love-feast that is going on,
    because in this eternal expansion, that we all are about.

    Abraham Hicks - Long Beach CA 2015-02-14

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    You think that the goal is to be over there,
    and we say the goal is the journey over there;
    the goal is the fun you have along the way,
    on your way to over there.


    Excerpted from: San Francisco, CA on March 01, 1997

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    Clipped this from one of PoE's delicious collections of quotes (color and all!). Thanks, PoE!

    You want your awareness of you.
    Your warm, loving, appreciative wellbeing version of you.
    the one that your Inner Being holds and tends to
    and knows and flows to you. Yeah!

    Boston, Oct. 2014

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    I enjoy this co-creation!

    ItŽs not about the action of speaking, or not speaking.
    ItŽs about the finding of the thoughts, or the words, or the actions,
    that harmonize with who you really are!

    You see- silent meditation implies something- oh, ohhh, ohhhh....
    It implies something that is so CONTRARY to something that we know to be...
    When Esther is in alignment with us- do you find her silent?

    (HS: Not at all.)

    When youŽr in alignment with wellbeing, donŽt you want to
    Uhhhh and awwww about the beauty that surrounds you?
    DonŽt you want to describe them in detail?

    The only time that silence is EVER of value is, when you are OOTV,
    when you are in a place of misalignment.
    But source wants to express through you!
    Source wants to laugh through you!
    Source wants to yodel down the canyon, through you!

    Iow... silence, silence... there is a misunderstanding.
    And you help us say something very important:

    YES, if youŽve got something negative going on, SHUT UP!
    -We love you all so much.
    But when you are TITITO, be boisterous in your revelation,
    in your REVELING of life-experience.

    Denver, Aug. 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    I enjoy this co-creation!

    Me, too!

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