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Thread: the letters of gratitude to the Universe

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    the letters of gratitude to the Universe

    everything is already done in the vortex

    physical manifestation is the next obvious result

    my world reflects whats in my vortex

    thank you Universe for these manifestations:

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    thanku Universe for this wharf

    it was only cement mortar when i bought this house with this private beach,but i created,using my interior designer diploma skills,really beautiful wharf for my dinghy.....

    it has wooden finish and wrought iron railings,and im so happy that i created it according to my unique design,and the Universe delivered all the ingredients....

    i love how this previous cement mortar forms such a solid basis under my wharf....and i love this wrought iron hook for my proffesional dinghy.... so happy that my intex inflatable dinghies are better than fishermans boats....simply floating soft and comfy inflatable sofas on them and even place for diving,for champagne and glasses....simply one huge soft sofa floating on water........thanku Universe that i can float on it and get tanned even....and admire my own house from the water from the distance....its like being on good holidays...

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    thanku Universe for my jaccuzzi hot tub....i love these changing lights in it....i love how easy,doable,buyable,simple and tangible it actually can buy it even for an ordinary basic salary,and its such a luxury in the garden....and it matches so beautifully to my wooden deck and the rocks and the waterfall between these rocks....thanku Universe for this purchase...i love resting in my hot tub....not because i feel some tiredness....simply for pleasure....and i love also how my legs are resting and rejuvenating after hiking,jogging or aerobic or even dancing....its such a pleasure for my legs...

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    thanku Universe for my hydrangas and peonies in my i love these plants...and its so interesting when these frost-resistant palms grow between them....its something different...its exactly my garden...that you cant classify it...neither as medditeranean nor as northern-european...simply eclectic...and this is exactly this wow factor for loving it...thanku Universe that u inspired me to find this website where i can order all my plants online and they have such a huge choice and they can deliver it in one huge lorry,and they really did....huge truck full of most beautiful plants,trees and flowers to fill up my huge garden with beautiful i can dance on the grass among these colours...and i feel like in colourful fairytale full of rainbows...

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    thankyou universe for cuddly's wonderful thread

    I so enjoyed reading these posts and imagined the wharf and the dinghy's and the amazing work that cuddly put into all of this


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    thanku lemon-up,im glad you like my wharf

    i think i will again be changing my avatar for a change as i got some new "picture to remember" in my meditation just a few minutes ago....this picture is to remind me the original purpose of this thread...

    i just had my deep channeling meditation with my IB,and my IB is asking me:why are you starting this thread from the wharf,when it was supposed to be about the car? this thread was in response to sweetheartx suggestions?....why are you afraid to be simply direct and start with some car?...why are you hiding behind some wharf?...why are you adding more resistance and excuses?....simply add this car to this wharf and dont play a fool!..... im again meditation with my IB is always so uplifting,if not making me laugh,now my new avatar is new picture recommended by my IB to remember this simple fact:car added to this wharf and not playing a fool...

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    I love your new avatar cuddly, with the wharf and the car!

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    thanku Universe for such a variety of avatars
    thanku Universe that i can remember so many things
    thanku Universe that i can park my car beside my wharf
    thanku Universe for this beautiful vision in front of my eyes which has become tangible reality:my wharf and car together...they go really well together...i can get off my car and im directly at my wharf a beautiful wonderful feeling...

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    thanku Universe for this great place
    thanku Universe for these pretty vehicles
    thanku Universe for this abundance
    thanku Universe for this great excitement

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    thanku Universe for this great car ride
    thanku Universe for this fantastic smooth drive
    thanku Universe how i simply glide
    thanku Universe how comfy it all is

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