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Thread: About regret

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    About regret

    NEVER, ever, ever ever second-guess your decision
    to do something!!!
    Because regret is the most wasted emotion of all.

    (...) We say: YEAH, but SO WHAT!!
    You´r still standing, and you´r STANDING IN A BETTER PLACE.
    You´r standing in a place of greater clarification,
    -clarification is what you´ve been looking for,
    and THAT was the path of least resistance,
    to get you to the clarification that you where looking for,
    and FOUND.

    San Francisco, July 23, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Don't regret your contrast (new)

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    "What am I doing wrong???" THAT is the only thing that´s wrong!!!

    How to deal with all sorts of Rascals and Dis-appointments


    Abe on VARIETY to choose from- which is CONTRAST.

    Abe-quotes about step 5

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    It´s ALWAYS right, not wrong!

    It is so easy to say:
    No, wait! I don´t wanna be here, or: I didn´t want to be here-
    or: This went wrong.

    But if you could just say, and MEAN:
    Where I am is just right, given ALL that I want.
    I might not understand it.
    I might not be sensitive enough, to the
    vibrational path to UNDERSTAND the benefit, of all of that...

    You can even say: I wanted an easier route.
    Or, I wanted a route that felt more this way, than that way.
    But if you can just accept, that where you are
    is RIGHT, not WRONG. That is the thing we wanna say to you!!

    Where you are, no matter where it is, in relationship to
    where you want to be, is RIGHT! Not wrong!
    It´s RIGHT. Not wrong.

    Because, you are starting where you are!
    And when you are accepting that it is right, than
    immediately, you turn in the direction of what you want!

    from the clip Abraham Explains Benefits Of Old Resistance...

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    EGS based upon Abe´s teachings, assembled by me.
    From the thread
    "The map of the soul": Specific EGS-Scales

    DELIBERATE dealing with "MISTAKES"

    You KNOW that all is well. You are in deep, unconditional love with everything. Nothing can scatter you, nothing can kick you out of the Vortex. You focus on the wanted only- and the wanted is divine, worthy beyond description. You are one with source, one with everything.
    = Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation

    You are in love with the contrast. You want to think it through, dig in deeper, reap more and more benefit from it. You feel blessed by it´s formerly unknown sense and gifts.
    = Passion

    You are happy, that this happened (without your original intent) or that it turns out other than planned. You enjoy the difference, you feel, maybe, inspired and are eager to help this progress even more.
    = Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness

    Your have a clear vision that the opinions / behavior of you or others will turn out great- even if they seemed to be "wrong" in the first place. You don´t feel bad about it, at all.
    = Positive Expectation/Belief

    You feel frisky and easy about the idea that the opinions /behaviors of you or others could turn out well, anyway.


    You get the idea, that your /others behavior /opinion can´t be really judged as good or bad.
    You see that it has (maybe) unwanted results, but you feel hopeful that there could be more to the story than only this.

    You are ok with your- or others behavior / opinion. You don´t judge it as bad, but there are no deeper feelings of interest, worth or love, either.

    Feeling good, being really "all right" feels not safe. Dealing with "mistakes" neither. So you don´t go either there nor there, you don´t allow yourself to really feel or move too far. You feel dissatisfied, hungry.
    = Boredom

    Knowing something went wrong or could ever go wrong does not feel good. You try to prevent against the pain with guardedness / already getting used to bad-feeling vibes / not really reaching for good feeling vibes.
    = Pessimism

    That you or others made a "mistake" feels irritating, up to overwhelmingly uneasy. You´r mixed up about your own and others worthiness.
    = Frustration/Impatience/Irritation, Overwhelmed

    A "mistake" of you or others
    feels scary or disappointing to you, your trust in your or/and their worthiness is scattered. You feel sad and doubtful.
    = Disappointment, Doubt

    You feel vulnerable because of your /others "mistakes". You try to change or deal the issue by action and lots of negative thoughts around (what makes you feel even more negative and vulnerable)

    = Worry, Blame, Discouragement

    You feel aggressive (maybe even in a dangerous way) against others or yourself, who are "wrong". You fight against the sensed disfunction in trying to control, suppress, change or not repeat the "bad" behavior and opinion, or forcing others to do so.
    = Anger, Revenge,
    The flaw or mistake feels quite normal- because you and your life feel wrong, anyway. You "know" that life is unfair, broken, painful. You feel disgusted by this new proof of your own/ others unworthiness.
    = Jealousy, Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

    Any fault does not surprise you and you don´t really care. You´r chronic state of disconnection with yourself and the higher truth feels "right" in being wrong or that things go wrong. Your whole life feels as a mistake and worthless, and you have given up to deal with the reasons.

    = Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

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    (Clubbing yourself over the head-)
    ...whether its factual or truthful or not,
    whether you´r overdrawn or not, IT DOESN´T MATTER-
    it´s upstream and (so) things can´t get better.

    But when I am where I am, and my attitude is-
    I make peace with where I am- now, what does this mean?
    What does "making peace with where I am" mean?

    It means: Turn, and go with the flow!
    It means, letting myself have what I deserve!
    Making peace with it means: I´m alright.
    It means, I´m NOT stupid.
    It means: I didn´t make mistakes.

    It means: I embraced life. I went for the gusto.
    I looked for what I wanted! I lived large.
    I AM adventurous. I AM full of life.
    I do love life! Things are supposed to be good for me!

    This is SUPPOSED to be a fun ride!
    I´m loving being here! I´m still in the same
    financial position that I was a few seconds ago-
    But now I´ve turned, and I´ve gone with the flow.

    I made peace with where I am.
    And in doing so, I turned, and went with the flow.

    from the clip
    Abraham-Hicks: To manifest abundant money

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    "Love yourself enough,
    that you are willing to stop
    torturing yourself with negative emotion."

    Stamford, May 2014

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    Procrastination is a byproduct of being out of the vortex.
    Procrastination is the way you feel when you are trying to fill in your own grid
    and you just can’t buck the current.
    Procrastination is the opposite feeling of inspiration.

    And so when you feel procrastination, PROCRASTINATE!
    Don’t try to push through it. Don’t try to push through it.


    Oh, people are having a hard time with that one!
    What is your option?

    In other words, think about what it means.
    So if you have been putting things in the vortex,
    you have now pre-paved before you went to sleep last night.
    You’ve been segment intending, you got up and did some meditation
    and rampage of appreciation and focused on some positive aspects
    and now you are all tuned.

    Now, now the subtleties of the energies are beginning to move.
    And if you do that on a relatively consistent basis,
    even as soon as the first day that you do that,
    you’ll get feelings about doing things.

    But what you’re saying is,
    “Oh, I get all kinds of inspiration to do things,
    but I don’t get inspiration to do things I don’t want to do!”

    And we say, “That’s because the things you don’t want to do are outside the vortex.”

    Procrastination is simply trying to take action
    before the energies are aligned.
    That’s what the feeling is.
    You are trying to move something forward with action,
    instead of moving it forward with the momentum of alignment.
    That’s what it always means.

    You can take action and make yourself do it,
    but the result won’t be pleasing.
    And that’s why you feel like procrastinating.
    You’ve been playing the game a long time. It’s not fun.
    You can make yourself do it, but all you do
    is carve out a mediocre life by making yourself do stuff
    you don’t want to do.

    What you do want to do, is find the reason you WANT to do it.
    Or DON’T do it!!!

    Those are harsh words.
    And employers all over your nation are going to be sad
    when you don’t show up for work on Tuesday!
    “I didn’t feel like coming, so I didn’t go.”

    But there’s more to our message. Get feeling like going, and THEN go.

    Discover the true power of your employment,
    the true power of your occupation.
    Discover the true power of your clarity and the true power of the Universe.
    Enlist the cooperation of the Universe, by doing the energy work first.
    Don’t ask action to carry it.
    There’s not enough action in the world to buck your current.

    Stamford, CT on 5/26/12

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    Desirers remorse

    At the last seminar, we were talking about buyer’s remorse,
    and how… now this ties in perfectly with the conversations
    that we’ve already had here.

    So, let’s say that you are on that high-flying Disc,
    that you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, you’re feeling good,
    and in that state of Alignment.
    e incrementally, knows what it’s amassed to,
    knows what it’s evolved to, knows what’s in your vibrational reality.

    So, you’re bipping along, no resistance in your experience,
    and you receive a manifestation
    that we’re going to call that inspired thought
    about that – perfect Alignment –
    because, that thought and what’s in your Vortex – are perfect Alignment.

    So, you make the decision, but the question is:
    were you – and it’s alright in any case, don’t worry about anything –
    were you chronically enough on that high-flying Disc,
    were you chronically enough, had you chronically enough, often enough,
    were you chronically enough in this vibrational atmosphere
    to allow that dream, that intention, to unfold?

    Or was that a moment of Alignment and, therefore, a Moment of inspiration
    that you could not maintain?
    This is really a good question.

    It’s sort of what we’re talking about
    when we see, that sometimes you take action too soon.
    Because you really want – we love you very much, you know what that means –
    you really want the action that you’re taking,
    to lead you to the feeling that you’re wanting.

    We want the feeling that you’ve accomplished to inspire you
    to the action that will explode the feeling into more.
    Can you feel the difference?

    It felt like the next logical step.

    We don’t doubt that for a moment.
    And nothing has gone wrong, except that in this moment,
    as you are expressing to us, there is some buyer’s remorse going on.

    And so, as we were visiting about this subject a few days ago
    with a lovely group like you, we said to them,
    “We don’t want you to have desire’s remorse.” Desire’s remorse…

    That’s what it feels like.

    And what is that? That’s a desire that I’m not maintaining the frequency of.
    That’s a desire that…
    “I’m letting the reality that I’m observing now control my vibrational atmosphere.
    So, as I allow the variety that I’m observing to control my vibrational atmosphere,
    I’m not up to speed with my own desire,” you see?

    And that is the only thing that has gone wrong.

    You didn’t make a mistake. You were absolutely right.
    You were inspired to it.
    You just didn’t stay up to frequency.

    MARCH 15, 2014 SEDONA, AZ

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    You can´t get it wrong, because none of us will be ever done with it.
    So, if it feels wrong-
    just focus it into something that feels right!

    It´s really that simple!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks, Business Partners Dont Get It + Closing

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    No master in NP ever regrets even 1 day of misery!

    ...If you just could say
    "I didn´t do ANYTHING WRONG!
    This contrast is part of what´s RIGHT!

    This contrast is part of the clarifying thing.

    It´s part of the clarification,
    that´s helping me to identify more clearly what it is
    that I DO WANT."

    If we just could convince you
    that you want a creative plethora of opportunitys to pull from!
    You don´t want limited ones!
    And the CONTRAST is just filling in the colors, and the textures,
    and the opportunitys, you see.

    If we could zap you with something -and of course we can´t,
    but we can know it so strongly, that as you´r willing to listen to us
    for a while, you begin to get it:

    You are in a really, really good place!
    You are asking really really good questions!
    Your desire is really focussed in a strong way!

    (...) Soothe any angst about any WRONGNESS that you have done.
    Because you are NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG
    by standing in a place you don´t wanna stand in.

    (...) And if you can revel in the contrast
    and appreciate the variety

    instead of condemning your lack of wisdom
    to be in a better place right here and now-

    ahhhhh, if we could parade before you
    just the MASTERS you have been revered as a culture
    -EVERYONE OF THEM would tell you:

    "I wouldn´t give up ONE miserable moment.
    Because everyone of them helped me become,
    who I ultimatively am."

    from the clip
    Money Without A Job? (Abraham-Hicks)

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    Stop condemning yourself!

    We do not believe that anyone could sit in a room like this…
    and hear someone like Abraham,
    who knows the perfection of who you are,
    telling you how good you are,
    how wonderful you are, how really right you are,
    how really expansive and ever-changing you are,

    and we don’t think that any of you could get it even close
    to the way we know it and mean it.
    What we hope to do is to incite within you
    a desire to train yourself into that dominant thought.

    We want you to train yourself into self-appreciation.
    And you just do it one little thought at a time.

    Want to talk some more?

    No - that’s perfect.

    One little thought at a time.
    We want your mistakes -
    whatever they may be -
    to strike you as humorous.

    [When it comes to] your opinion of yourself, no matter what,
    we want you to look for redeeming features.
    We no longer want the insecure masses who have surrounded you,
    who have used your errors as their justification for feeling better,
    who have convinced you that you are unworthy and inappropriate
    and flawed in this way and this way and this way,
    as you don’t measure up to who knows what standards -

    we want you to just stand and sort of shake yourself off
    and begin saying,
    “I really don’t give a rip what any of you are thinking,
    because none of you have concentrated upon me fairly.
    None of you have really known — none of you know who I am,
    none of you know how I am from Source,
    none of you have walked in my shoes.

    Nobody knows. Nobody knows.

    I have accepted this feeling of un-appreciation unfairly,
    and I’ve practiced it,
    and I’m no longer gonna do it.”

    — Abe San Francisco, CA, 3/16/02

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