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Thread: What desires are- and how to deal with them

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    Did your desire come out of NEED?

    We know for sure:
    That you have received from us enough (...), that once that desire occurs to you
    knowing what you now know, based on this discussion- you are off and running.
    There is literally NOTHING that you can desire, that will not come to full fruition.
    The question is: Have you received the desire?

    Have you RECEIVED the desire? Did it come out of your Vortex?

    Now, this is a new conversation! Are you ready for it?
    Did the desire- ahhh!
    (Abe milk their joy with lots of ecstatic shudder)
    Did THIS desire, that is now active within you, did it come out of your Vortex?
    Which means, did it come out of what LoA and your IB got all mixed up for you,
    all queued up for you- is it that PERFECT desire, and you are now in SUCH
    a receptive mode, that you received it, and so, itīs a slam-dunk, itīs a sure thing-
    itīs gonna go really quickly for you, and itīs so pleasurable for you,
    as it unfolds-

    OR did this desire come out of NEED?

    You feel the difference? Did it come out of need, did it come out
    of somebodies warning, did it come out of a threat-
    "If I donīt do this, something badīs gonna happen", or
    DID I RECEIVE IT from my Vortex?

    This is a differentiation, that you just gotta LOVE!
    "Did I RECEIVE it from my Vortex?"
    "Was I in the receiving-mode, did I receive it, from my Vortex?

    -Because, if itīs THAT kind of desire, that you received from your Vortex-
    then itīs already a thought, turning to a thing.
    Itīs already a sure thing. You are already on the path!
    Itīs already gonna bring you such pleasure! Itīs ALREADY the sweet spot.
    Itīs already you, fulfilling your reason for being.

    Itīs already you, mastering your creation!
    THATīS what it is!

    And the way to tell the difference is the emotional scale, where it comes from?

    Yah, the way it feels!
    Feel the difference between
    "I need to do something" and "I want to do something!"
    (...) "Is this fresh desire, that is pulsing within me right now,
    feeling fresh as we talked about it right now, -was it born out of my Vortex?"

    And the answer to that of course is "yes, yes, yes, yes, yes it was!!!
    It was in my Vortex, it once was a vibration, and that now is an idea!
    Itīs an idea that I am now visualizing around, the visualization itself is evidence
    of this evolution of this idea!

    If you can visualize it, if you are dreaming it-
    itīs already underway,
    which we are wanting to shout at you, which means:

    -Once you get to that point.
    But so often, you donīt allow yourself to get to that point- because,
    you sorta let your desires all get to be born out of the need-part of the equation,
    rather then out of the desire-Vortex-part of the equation.

    Your IB knows who you are and what you want.
    And when you get tuned in, which means, you meditated for a little while,
    or you have appreciated for a little while, or you just woke up
    and didnīt do that thing that got you in a bad mood, for a while,
    -you where IN THE RECEPTIVE MODE, your IB will feed all of the pieces
    of everything that you want to you, all day every day.

    You never need to miss a mark. You never need to make a wrong turn.

    Atlanta, November 2015

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    What we feel from most physical beings
    who are using the word "want", is a yearning.
    A desire that is currently unfulfilled.

    When we use the word "want"
    we mean it as an object of attention to which I want to focus,
    a desire that I give my undivided, undiluted,
    not contradicted attention to, so that

    the Energy that creates worlds
    can flow through me toward that desire.


    Get to your PURE desires

    We want to get you to the basis of what your pure desires are.
    We want you to remember what you knew, when you came:
    That you are the creator of your own reality,
    and that you can
    be, or do or have ANYTHING!!!

    We want you to feel that FRESH friskiness, that comes
    from tuning into the vibration of who you really are-
    we want you to allow yourself to become your TOTAL self,
    who has the big picture!

    We want you to remember that you are an uplifter,
    and that you are a lover, and that you are an allower,
    and that you WANT TO FEEL GOOD.Thatīs what we want for you!
    We want you to return to the vibrational frequency
    of who you really are- rather then just catching glimpses of it
    or snatches of it, inbetween
    all the efforting that you are doing,
    and all the trying and comparing and defending and struggling
    and justifying- that you are doing.

    We want you to AWAKEN to remembering
    of who you really are.

    Atlanta, November 2015

    I am in the process of differentiating
    Need from Desire.

    Atlanta, November 2015

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    FRESH desire just figured out, that you want it:
    THATīS that FRESH desire.

    Do you remember (...) being a kid, and WANTING something,
    and NOT trampling it to death,
    with your belief that you couldnīt have it.

    Do you remember those FRESH desires?
    Thatīs what weīr talking getting back to!
    Weīr talking about not jumping into action so fast.

    Atlanta, November 2015

    You want to want!

    We want to shout to you today in a way that you will hear it in a way
    that you never heard before, is that WHAT YOU MOST WANT,

    What you want, is to WANT!
    What you want, is to WANT. What you desire, is to desire!
    You want to desire! You want to desire.
    You want to desire. Nothing more.

    You want to desire!
    We donīt want you to fulfill your desire, we want you

    We want you to want the idea of the desire.
    We want that desire to be born within you.
    We want you to WANT this desire.
    We want you to FEEL, how that fresh desire feels like.

    Atlanta, November 2015

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    Do you accept that your Vortex is full of things
    that you even can not really identify?
    Can you accept that you've put so much there,
    and that it's been tended by Law of Attraction,
    and it's been tended by your IB?
    And that magnificent things have been created by you
    that are not even known by you consciously,
    but it has been created by you?

    And that getting in the receptive mode,
    that the first step of the manifestation is
    that the desire has been occurring to you?

    And that once you have the ability to desire it,
    this time-space-reality has the ability to give it to you in it's full fruition?
    That the desire is the first of the turning of the vibration into the thing?

    This is really a sort of revolutionary approach to deliberate creation.
    Because so often you say "I've got these desires that I don't believe!"
    And we say "You've got desires that you haven't even received yet!"
    You haven't even let yourself be the receiver of the majority of desires
    that you have! You haven't allowed yourself to be the expensive being
    that life has already queued you up for!

    So your IB stands there, in the midst of all and knows who you are,
    just being it and sending you the signal, just waiting for you to find
    the receptive mode, so that you say
    "Ahhh, I now know what I want!"

    Giving birth to the desire is all that it's ever required!
    And than just standing in that stance,
    because once the desire is,
    then it must come into full fruition!

    Sydney, 18.10.2015

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    Donīt slow down your desires. Release the resistance instead!

    "Imagine this situation:
    A car is driving down the street at 100 mph, and it runs into a tree
    which is standing right in the middle of the road. Big problem.
    Two factors are involved - one is the velocity of the car and the other
    is the tree standing there.

    If the car were only going 5 mph, even if it hit the tree,
    it would not be a big problem.
    Or it could easily avoid the tree at 5 mph.
    Or, if the tree were not there at all, the car could be going 200 mph
    and it would not be a problem.

    Every now and again, somebody will say to us,
    “Abraham, is it normal for all hell to break loose in one’s life
    when they begin doing Abraham work?”
    And we say, “Yes, in the beginning.”

    Because the first thing we encourage you to do
    is identify and clarify your desire.
    Desire is synonymous with the velocity of the car.

    When you identify and clarify your desire, your car goes faster,
    which means you’re likely to run into those trees;
    trees which were there, in most cases, for many years,
    but you were not noticing at a slower speed.

    Now that your energy is moving faster because of your desire,
    your resistance is more apparent.
    Are you getting a sense of what we’re talking about?

    Most people, when they get in that situation, slow the car down.
    They slow the wanting down.
    And that gives them a temporary feeling of well-being.
    But it doesn’t do anything about the resistance!

    So you can go through years, with this resistance
    getting a little more and your car going slower and slower.
    That’s why people decline as they move through time.

    They want less, which means they summon less energy -
    because in wanting something that they cannot have,
    they were frustrated and banging into trees,
    so they slow their wanting down and let their resistance get greater and greater.

    And that’s the state of affairs that you see in most people around you.
    Well, what we’re wanting to teach you
    is to get your car going so fast, that those trees become very obvious
    and now you know what to do with the trees.

    In other words, you stop and just talk about it until you feel better
    and, in time, there are no more trees.
    In 30 days of applying this, you can release 95% of them.
    And then now and again, an old ugly tree that has been with you a long time
    will rear its ugly head and give you a run for your money,
    but when that happens, at least now you know what to do about it."

    -Abe 4/29/95

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    Annoying desires?

    Are there any desires pulsing within you,
    that are annoying?

    -You KNOW what that means?
    If you have desires that thrill you, that means:
    You are on a close vibrational wavelengths with them.
    So, they are unfolding.
    There is no friction in your energy-field.
    There is no resistance within you.

    If your desire brings about a feeling of disappointment, or annoyance,
    if you find yourself avoiding thinking about it-
    because it is so unpleasant to think about the things that you want-

    than that means, that you- without meaning to, we are certain!-
    developed some patterns of thought
    about those desires,

    that are contrary to the desire itself.

    from the youtube-clip
    Abraham Hicks How Do My Desires Become Reality (Short Version)

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    Relentless desire.

    When life causes you to launch a rocket (of desire),
    that is a RELENTLESS rocket!
    Iow, there is no regression!

    So, once life has caused you to become more,
    you really have no choice if youīr wanting to feel good,
    other than to go in the direction of the MORE, that youīve
    already vibrationally become!


    They are just vibrational reality, thatīs gonna CALL you.
    But there is something that sometimes people do, when
    they think that they are focused upon their desire,
    theyīr really focused in opposition to it.

    And so, by taking your attention from it,
    so that youīr not beating the drums of the details!

    Because, so often, it takes a little while for you
    to REALLY FIGURE OUT- you have to meditate some,
    you have to become sensitive to who you really are,
    and most of all: You have to recognize what your emotions are,
    and you have to recognize when youīr feeling an emotion,
    that doesnīt feel wonderful!

    from the clipAbraham Hicks 2015 - Do I have to guide my desire or do I just chill out (new)

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    Your desire has a life of itīs own!

    Your desire has a life of itīs own!
    It has a point of attraction. And itīs been tended, by your IB!
    By the source, within you!

    So, as you talk it up, with more detail, what youīr actually doing
    is practicing the vibration of what source already has going on.
    Itīs you, getting in sync with your own desire.

    Itīs you, coming into alignment with something,
    that you gave birth to, you see!

    from the clip Abraham Hicks 2015 - Do I have to guide my desire or do I just chill out (new)

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    FIND YOUR DESIRES, and focus upon them!

    Abe, lovingly making fun of a HS:

    "Iīm too lazy to focus.
    I just have to think about reality. And to prove it to you,
    I have to tell about myself- when I turn on the TV, whatever is on, I just watch it.

    Itīs really a bummer in the hotel-rooms, because, itīs just this 1 hotel-menu.
    I NEVER make a selection with my remote-control.
    When I turn on the TV, whatever is there- I just watch it.

    When I go into my car, I never ever think about where Iīm going.
    I just turn it on, start the engine and move into traffic,
    and then- whatever traffic does with me, it does with me.
    Sometimes, the cars push me that way,
    and sometimes the cars push me that way.

    I donīt turn any attention to any exit that I make, when I get off,
    I rarely know where I am.
    Iīm just there. I donīt think about it!
    I go occasionally to restaurants, I just find myself accidentally there,
    and it works out good.
    Because, sometimes, Iīm hungry.

    And I sit down and the lady brings me a menu-
    and I refuse to look at it. I just say "Bring me something!"
    and she says "What do you like?" and I always say:
    "I donīt know."

    So she brings the things, and I eat it, and I usually donīt like it very much,
    ahhh, but I donīt have time to think about things!
    Then I go to bed. Any bed.
    It does not really matter. And when I wake up in the morning,
    then I just do that allover again!

    It does take a lot of work to focus, doesnīt it?

    from the clip Abraham Hicks ~ When it's time to pay the bills...?

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    Nothing matters more to me than feeling good.

    Since nothing matters to you other than your personal alignment
    with your individual goals or desires,
    then that is where our work is.

    We are not here to debate the rightness or the wrongness of what you, or anyone, chooses.
    We are not taking sides, for or against, anything.
    We are here to help you understand that your life can be as wonderful or as horrible
    as you allow it to be.

    It all depends upon the thoughts that you practice.
    And therein lies the basis of anyone's success:
    How much do I practice thoughts that bring me joy,
    and how much do I practice thoughts that bring me pain?


    Excerpted from: San Francisco, CA on March 08, 2003

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