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Thread: Quotes about communication

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    Your Inner Being has been offering this communication to you
    from the day you emerged into this body, although most of you
    have been unaware of it.

    Because your Inner Being has access to all points of Energy
    throughout your apparatus, many physical sensations can be effected
    in your body by your Non-physical Inner Being.

    ~Abraham-Hicks, A New Beginning II, Chapter 5

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    Who starts the interaction in thinking about each other?
    You get drawn in as THEIR cooperative component!

    Begin to feel the deliciousness of giving your attention to
    someone who you care about and realizing,
    that that person is aware of you and will come and play with you,
    and flow with you and perceive with you.

    And, in fact, we want to say to you, that in the majority of cases-
    when you have a thought and then it occurs to you,
    that you would like to include him in it, he was there first.

    He was the one that called YOUR attention to it.
    You were not the one that is calling his attention to it!

    -There is no separation. There is no separation.
    And as you relax and begin to allow this perceptual veil
    that humans have put between you and that which is nonphysical
    to lift, you are going to realize more and more how we are all in this
    much more together than you have given credit.

    And then you can really begin to enjoy the fullness of who you all are.

    ~Abraham-Hicks, San Diego 1.21.12, Disc 2

    The other day she [Esther] is saying to him [transitioned Jerry] -
    she's writing every morning to him and he is writing every morning back -
    and she is writing to him, 'I think about you all day long,'
    and his reply was,
    'How do you know it's you thinking about me,
    and not me thinking about you?'

    From the workshop in Bethesda, Maryland on 5/12/12

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    Let your conversations be EMOTIONAL conversations!

    ...And if you will decide today, that your conversations will be
    EMOTIONAL conversations more than verbal conversations,
    (...) an emotional conversation- which means, you will be more aware
    of the CONTENT of your vibration.

    But we can´t separate the content of your vibration of your thoughts.
    And we really can´t separate your thought from the content
    of your communications.

    So, you´r gonna be GUIDING your conversations
    if they are out loud, or just in your mind, or whether they are
    on a vibrational level that you are not quite articulating, yet...

    -you´r gonna guide this vibrational conversations
    MORE from an emotional standpoint.
    And when good is going, let it get going-
    and when less is going, do everything in your power
    to slow the momentum of that.

    Philadelphia May 2013

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    ...the vocabulary of true vibration,
    which is emotion...

    Abe, Chicago June 2013

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    Every single relationship that you have
    no matter who it is with, whether it's an employer or a loved one
    or a friend or someone that you're just now meeting,
    every every single relationship - there are two versions of it -
    there's the version that exists in the Now-reality
    and there's the version that is in your Vortex.

    And even if you just met them you put a version in the Vortex.

    If it's a child that you've been with for fourteen years
    you have a very big version of them in your Vortex.
    So, we just wanna say straight out to you
    that you owe it to yourself and anybody you care about
    to harmonize with your Vortex version of everyone.
    And that's a tricky thing because they're clamoring out here with their physical version
    and they often don't go together.

    Abe tell the story about Jerry, Esther and Tracy, where Tracy always had a version
    of how life should be - how hollidays should be, how letters should be written and etc.
    IOW, she has this standart of life. And Jerry and Esther never conform it.
    Esther would never receive anything from Jerry on an anniversary or on a birthday or at christmastime,
    never one-time ever in the over 30 years, that they've been together
    but at very odd and random times thing show up in her experience
    as an expression of his appreciation for her. And she's come to find such satisfaction in the fullness
    of the co-creation rather than the answering out of obligation.)

    (...So, everyone is like Tracy...) whether you know it or not

    you have put a new and improved version of everything in your Vortex of creation.
    And no one in your life will ever live up to it.
    Those are the words that we want you to hear!

    Your lover in real life will never live up to what you put there
    because, first of all, that current lover didn't put all of it there!
    You had a whole lot of different lovers that caused you to carve out this Vortex.
    In other words life has caused you to create your Vortex version of everything!
    And that Vortex version, that's that Source Energy version
    that new generations will be born from! It's really big!

    Don't ask this now-moment, this now-relationship, this now-generation,
    this now-technology, this now-anything to be the answer
    to everything that you've put there!
    This is physical reality and it's old news!
    This is vibrtational reality and it's present tense!
    Don't ask, don't ask the impossible.

    And we're not saying that the physical reality is not magnificent.
    But it will never be as magnificent as the version that you put into your Vortex!
    But then what goes wrong with so many lovers, and so many fathers,
    and so many mothers and some many children,
    you want your parents, you want your daughter,
    you want your lover to right now, in this red hot minute, to live up to everything
    that you've put into your Vortex.
    And we say, your asking the wrong person to do the living up to it!

    It's not their job to live up with the version!
    It's your job to live up to the version!

    So the correct way of putting it to your child or to anyone would be:
    "Hey!You and all your troubles cost me to create a new and improved version of you!
    But I can't live up to the new and improved version of you
    because I have no willpower.
    I do not have the ability to stay true to my creation
    I am an observer of you in your now reality!
    And you'r now reality isn't living up to my new version
    and I'm really bummed about it, I gotta tell you.
    You've helped me to create the better version
    and now you're distracting me from the better version!" (laughter)

    And that's the basis of all relationships that are uncomfortable.
    You keep wanting them to be what you put...
    So, if someone's not faithful in a relationship
    you want someone to love you!
    If someone is not interested in what you're talking about
    you want someone to be interested in you.
    You create the new and improved version
    but you cannot attract interest from that person
    untill you are a match to that version.
    And you have to become the vibrational match,
    you have to become a cooperative component to your own creation.
    And when you are a cooperative component to your own creation
    then you're in the Vortex and then you will have access to the cooperative components
    that are already, that are all in there also.

    Abraham, from Atlanta, GA workshop 5/15/10

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    Thank you, Venus

    "What if the whole reason
    any of this exists
    is just for these moments of divine intertwining
    with one another?"


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    Thank you, Venus

    Co-Creation at its very best

    The intense intertwining of two people provides valuable contrast and motion forward
    that could not erupt without the
    powerful dynamics of two powerful creators coming together.

    Your relationship literally provides a
    springboard for ideas
    that are born out of the intertwining of thoughts.

    The intense coupling of thinkers speeds and intensifies the decision making process.

    There is enormous power in the contrast that erupts from two people
    blending ideas, situations, beliefs, intentions and desires.

    Two working together provides more growth experiences for the human experience
    than one million people singularly focused.

    When two beings, who are individually in vibrational harmony with their own Source Energy, come together —
    the physical experience of Co-Creation is at its very best.


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    By My Attention to Things, I Am Making Choices...

    What people do not understand is that you do not choose something
    by looking at it and shouting "Yes, I would like some of that!"

    You make your choices by your attention to things.

    In this Universe that is based on attraction, when you look at
    an unwanted thing, your attention to it causes an activation
    of the Vibration within you, and then the Law of Attraction
    brings more like it into your experience.


    Excerpted from: The Vortex on August 31, 2009

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