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Thread: Quotes about communication

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    Quotes about communication

    This quote-collection-threads might be interesting in regards to this topic, as well:

    What others think...


    When you´r ITV, you´r dominating the interaction.

    You don't have to worry about what their vibration is,
    if your vibration is one of connection.

    Because if your vibration is one of connection —
    you're going to dominate the vibration.

    This is the way you learn your relationships.
    The thing that most people do not understand,
    is that you get to control the way you feel,
    because you get to choose the thoughts you think.

    Most people think that they only have the option of responding
    to the circumstances that surround them.
    And that's what makes them attempt the impossible,
    which is to control the circumstances around them,
    which only feeds their feeling of frustration and vulnerability
    because it doesn't take very much life experience
    to discover you can't control all of those circumstances.

    But you can control your vibration.
    And when you control your vibration,
    you've controlled everything that has anything to do with you.

    Excerpted from: El Paso, TX on March 28, 2002

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    "You'll have people coming to you saying,
    'I don't know what it is
    but something about your belief in me
    has caused me to rise to a new level
    and I'm so much happier and so much more productive
    and so much richer
    for my relationship with you.'

    And some of them will eventually say,
    'What is your secret?'

    and the simple answer is,
    'I knew who you really are
    and focused incessantly upon that
    -until you became it.'"

    Alaska Cruise, 2010

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    "You are uplifters to the core of your being.
    Part of your selfish nature is to share the good stuff.
    Part of your selfish nature is, to revel in what feels good,
    and spread it, so others may find it too."

    Abraham-Hicks, Honolulu, 12/3/05

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    Take your thoughts out there!

    We want you to take your thought OUT there.
    We want you to stop pandering to the crowd.
    We want you to take your thought to the place that pleases you
    with complete disregard to how the crowd might feel about it.

    And the Law of Attraction takes care of the rest.

    Portland, OR on 8/11/12

    You will never feel free,
    until you are free of trying to control the way
    others feel about you.

    Denver Aug. 2014

    “We want you to stop caring about
    what anybody else’s response is to you.
    And when you get there, they’ll all really, really like you.
    It’s the strangest thing.

    When you need their approval, you never get it.
    And when you don’t need their approval, you’re so tuned in,
    everybody wants to be with you.”


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    Needing feedback

    HS feels that talking and connecting with people is the very most beautiful thing to him.
    He does it easily, he gets payed for it, it´s what he loves.
    And, "ironically", he fell in love with someone who doesn´t like to talk. So, he feels disconnected.

    "The connection that you´r reaching for-
    you think it´s connection with another.
    And certainly, it IS that.
    But the connection with who YOU are,
    which then allows the fuller connection with the other,
    is what we really are talking about.

    And it´s interesting, because so often in a relationship
    with another physical friend, you are looking for constant
    feedback- for that connection.
    And THAT messes things up!
    That´s why the connection with who you are, MUST come first!

    (...) When you have that feeling of falling in love- what it REALLY is,
    is alignment with source, while you hold another as your object of attention.
    AFTERWARDS, when you are analyzing it now- what makes feedback from them MATTER?

    We submit to you, that the truest form of being in love
    is not needing that feedback.

    (Abe and the HS acknowledge that this all follows on the track of the Doug-conversation-
    the coach who wants to lead a whole team into what HE wants to accomplish:
    Is it about "them"?? SAY NOOO!!!)

    The communication, the ongoing stuff, is more of KEEPING yourself
    on that wavelenght. And we think, hat´s more what you are talking about,
    than anything else. Because (...) without that chattery feed-back,
    you are beginning to feel a little insecure!

    Like most of the people, you are accustomed to the feedback,
    to keep yourself pumped up.
    And (...) we want you to NOT need the feedback,
    to be necessary for you to be pumped up, because
    it makes you dependent on things you can´t control.

    So, if you are not dependent on something you can´t control,
    but you are continually just holding the other
    as your object of attention and feeling love-
    NOW you are in that secure place.

    And now, your relationship with who you ARE will be stable,
    which means your relationship with your lover will be, too.

    SanDiego Jan. 2013

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    Say it, when you´r ready!

    We say: What´s the point of guidance,
    if you´r not gonna follow it?

    If you feel an impulse to say something-
    SAY IT!
    Because, you´r inner being isn´t saying
    "say this, because they´r ready to hear it".
    Your inner being is saying
    "say it, because you´r ready to say it!"

    It´s not your problem, if they are not ready to hear it!

    from the awesome clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ It's OK to experience problems on your path

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    Re-act to them from a stable, LINED UP stance!

    "You are the one who is placing the conditions
    that cause you the pain, and if you could just accept that.
    'I'm putting these conditions here.'

    And the reason is: most of you-
    -we've been saying this to you for years and years and years-
    -most of you are offering your vibration in response to what's happening.
    So, if somebody's loving you,
    you offer your vibration in response to that.
    If somebody's hating you,
    you offer your vibration in response to that.

    Which means- you have no control.
    You're like a cork, bobbing on the ocean.

    But when you understand vibration,
    and you understand that you are Source Energy
    and you begin thinking about who you are,
    in terms of core,
    and you begin to catch glimpses of yourself in alignment,
    and you start on easy things
    and you encourage the momentum to increase,
    until you get a handle on this vibrational climate
    that we are wanting to demonstrate that surrounds you that.

    We called it your Grid for a while,
    your Point of Attraction, this vibrational climate.

    Once creating and tending to that climate
    is the stance from which you are re-acting-

    -now hear the careful choosing of those words.
    If you're re-acting from here
    [indicating the HFD]
    rather than from what somebody else is doing,
    can you feel the stability in that?

    If you're re-acting to what they're doing...
    they're nice, that's one re-action and,
    if they're not nice, that's another re-action....
    IOW, re-act, re-act, re-act, re-act but nothing central,
    so you don't learn your own stability,
    because you're re-acting to stuff.

    Well, now, those of you who are hearing us here
    are ready to stop re-acting to stuff
    and to deliberately start honing something
    [emphasising each word:]
    to which you will re-act.

    Don't you want to respond to the Source within You?
    Don't you want to come from-
    -don't you want to respond to your worthiness
    than to your self-consciousness?"

    --Abraham, 2/15/14, Long Beach, CA

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    Don´t present yourself to others, but to your SOURCE.

    To a HS who has built up a persona of being a "realist" (actually more a pessimist)
    to protect himself from others judgements:

    You didn´t move past that feeling of caring about the way you´r being
    presented, the way you´r being perceived, from what you are presenting.

    And so, we´r just asking you to make ONE small switch of attention:
    We want you to present yourself to your Inner Being, who UNDERSTANDS you.
    Who KNOWS you. Who ADORES you. Who ACCEPTS you, fully.

    And all of that
    (negativity) will just begin to fade away.

    North Los Angeles, August 13, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Being an optimist is the way to the Vortex (new)

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    More of always being UNDER-STOOD by SOURCE

    Do you like the feeling of UNDERSTANDING?
    Think about under-Standing!
    It´s the BASIS of who you are.
    And the way it is playing out, in your powerful NOW.

    Do you know, how under-stood you are?

    Sit with that, for a minute.
    How under-stood you are!
    Iow, we like it when you realize, and have understanding.
    But we want you to feel, what it means for you, to be

    That´s that validation, that you are looking for,
    all the time.

    That´s that reason, that sometimes you feel, you need
    to justify yourself. It´s because, sometimes you are not
    in the state of REALIZING, how understood you are.
    How supported, by that, which has come before.

    And how surrounded, by that which IS, in your current NOW!
    And how precious you are, to the whole process!
    And how brilliant you are, within the process.
    And how UNDERSTOOD you are. Meaning, how adored you are.
    Meaning, how important you are!

    If you can focus on that, just a little more.
    And watch for evidence, of your own realization of it!
    You see, whether you realize it or not, you ARE understood!
    And when you think you need to justify something,
    you´r not knowing how understood you are!
    When you feel you have to explain something, or defend
    something or guard something, or try to find safety from
    something, or protect yourself from something-

    you are not, in that moment,

    You all, we love you so much, you know what´s coming next-
    are looking for love in all the wrong places.
    Because it´s coming from that place of UNDERSTANDING,
    that you seek.

    Abraham Hicks - 2016 04 23 to 30 Cancun

    Trying to be understood by people can be a futile attempt, though...

    Nobody can understand you;
    no one will ever really get you.
    Give up trying to get them to get you.
    You’re not going to make them understand.

    You cannot explain yourself to anybody,
    because nobody can get your point of attraction,
    and the harder you try to explain to someone
    who’s not getting it who you are, the less you BE who you are.

    You let them train you into THEIR awareness of you.
    You don’t want THEIR awareness of you.
    You want YOUR awareness of you:

    your warm, loving, appreciative wellbeing version of you,
    the one that your Inner Being holds and tends to
    and knows and flows to you.

    Boston, Oct. 2014

    The others don´t have the tools to really get you.

    Try not to be so introspective through the eyes of others.
    Because everyone else has got a distorted point of view of you
    and not because they don’t care,
    but just because nobody else has the tools.

    -Nobody else knows who you are, coming in.
    -Nobody else knows what your vortex now is.
    -Nobody else knows what your path of least resistance is.

    Only you know and only you can feel it.
    So, trust yourself.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, April 11, 2015

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    The art of drawing others in

    It all starts with EXPECTATION.
    It's not about action, it's about expectation.

    It's not about rigidness.
    It's not about holding the reigns back.
    It's not about getting people to conform.
    It's not about getting people to comply.

    It's not about being the biggest, and the baddest, with the biggest bombs.
    It's not about being able to affect the greatest punishment on people, or on anyone
    because they disobey, or because they disagree.

    It's about finding, personally, something
    that you care about and focusing on it
    and affirming it from your high-flying disk enough
    that you get momentum going, so that your power of influence
    then sweeps people WILLINGLY in.

    Ahh... because unless you have swept them WILLINGLY in, you HAVEN'T CONVINCED THEM.
    So, what is the power of influence?

    It's having the energy that creates worlds flowing to you and through you.

    There's a powerful, POWERFUL influence that comes from that kind of alignment, you see.
    And in that kind of alignment, what others are then INSPIRED TO,
    them with the GOODNESS and the CORE that is THEM.

    Ooh, did you follow that?
    Did you follow, did you follow that, you see?
    And everything else is sort of SUPERFLUOUS, isn't it?


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