More fun to add to today:

Me and the baby went out shopping to Target to buy some milk and things, spent some time cruising the isles and enjoying the atmosphere. And bought what we needed including a really really cute pink pair of shorts for me which will create the perfect summer outfit **cheers**

And then we went to another store called Sams Club to go try out some new food samples lol, and then they had zero samples! I was like whoaaa! I really thought we came at the prime sample time for a saturday but I guess not. So as we were about to leave, I was going to text one of my classmates that I hasn't seen all week and ask her what her and her kids were up to. As I was pulling out my phone, I look up and there is my friend and her 4 children out in the store going for a stroll! I was like wow! So we exchanged hugs, her youngest kids chased the baby around the isle a few times and now we are sitting down for lunch. What a lovely Saturday.