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Thread: "display" settings

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    "display" settings

    I am trying the drop-down options on the "display" settings, but cannot get the thread to appear in in chronological order, from page 1: 1, 2,3, .....X, instead of page X.... 3, 2, 1. ("1", i.e. the OP, being the last page)


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    Welcome to the Forum!

    Go into your Settings by clicking the Settings link in the upper right corner of the Forum masthead (found atop every page of the Forum). On your Settings page, in the left navigation menu, locate theGeneral Settings link (under My Account, under My Settings) and click on that.

    About halfway down the page, you'll find a section titled Thread Display Options. You can set your Thread Display Mode to the option which suits you best.

    Hope that helps.

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    job done, thanks

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