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Thread: Can the fulfillment of my desire be harmful to others?

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    thank you, Qzi!

    EVERYBODY can get exactly what they want!

    If you want something different than they want, and just mind your own business and focus on what you want, the Universe will find a way to give you what you want. But if you focus on what they want, which isn't what you want, then you have activated what they want in your vibration instead of what you want. And THEN, you get what they want, and you are mad at them because you think they always get what they want all the time.

    The reason they get what they want is because you activated what they wanted in your experience. You activated what they wanted, not by wanting what they wanted, but by giving your attention to what they wanted.

    If this one wants something different than this one, and this one ONLY focuses upon what he wants, Law of Attraction must bring it to him.
    If this one only focuses on what she wants, Law of Attraction must bring her what she wants:
    So now you've got two people, getting what they want.

    What usually happens is that he isn't pure about what he wants, because he is so busy thinking about what she wants. And she isn't pure about what she wants, because she is so busy thinking about what he wants. So now neither are a match to what they want, and neither of them are getting what they want, and both of them are blaming the other...

    You see it in elections all the time.

    You see it in almost every relationship. She's getting what you want and you're getting what she wants because you're often thinking more about what she wants than about what you want. "Stupid thing for her to want!"

    In other words, you work against yourself. And when you work against yourself, you often help your opposition. That's what we meant when we say, it happens in elections. A lot of politicians beat themselves. It's all about focusing.

    Stamford, CT 6/14/09

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    What if they donīt want what I want?

    When we say,

    weīre not kidding you, not even a little bit!
    Because the power of focus is everything.

    But what happens is you complicate it by saying:
    But there are other people who are the creator of their reality
    and what if they don‘t want me to be in their reality?
    What if I want them to be in my reality, but they don‘t want me ...
    in other words -what if I want it,
    but they donīt want it? Who wins?

    And we say:
    "Itīs not a matter of any sort of competition.
    Itīs a matter of YOU, achieving vibrational alignment
    with what you want
    - and the universe will deliver it to you,
    somehow- some way.

    We, in the past, have qualified this kind of conversation by saying
    that if you focus upon the essence of what you want,
    and you donīt get bogged down in the details, that as the details fill in,
    they will be more pleasing to you even in the details,
    that you originally thought that you where reaching for.

    But that is unsatisfying to most people.

    Because, they think that this is our run-around.
    They think, that is our way of just appeasing you,
    and saying you‘re NOT really gonna get what you want,
    but you‘re gonna get something that youīll like pretty good
    - so just "go after something that you like pretty good, and that will come"
    but thatīs not what weīre saying, either!

    We are saying to you,
    that- WHATEVER IT IS! -
    that you focus upon, MUST COME TO YOU -unless you contradict it,
    with your own, contradictory focus.

    End of story."

    - Abraham Hicks

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    Youīr not creating your own reality on the backs of others!

    If anyone of you
    would just stand in clarity about what you want- and go as GENERAL as you can until you find complete alignment with what YOU want, and allow your own Grid to fill in-

    what you will begin to discover is:

    You create your own reality. You are the center of the Universe. But to those, who look upon you,
    it feels uncaring. It looks selfish.

    It looks, as if you donīt take the time to understand. And weīr not saying that you donīt want to collect data, and that you donīt want to know what other people want. But we are saying:

    You canīt consider what everyone wants,
    and hold your vibration in alignment with what YOU want.

    AND- the most important part of this- Your desire for their upliftment is already in
    your Vortex! Youīr not trying to create your own reality on the backs of others!

    from the clip
    Abraham-He Wants To Talk About His Old Grid Being Relentless.

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    Hypothetically, people worry about everyone
    being selfishly oriented.
    "If everyone did exactly what they want to do,
    what kind of world would this be?"

    And we say, a really, really good one.
    Because if everyone did what they wanted to do,
    everyone would feel free.
    And if you feel free, you feel empowered.

    And every negative emotion that exists- hear this-
    every negative emotion that exists
    is because there is some sense of loss of freedom
    somewhere in there.

    -Abe 9/29/2004

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