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Thread: Can the fulfillment of my desire be harmful to others?

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    Itīs THRIVING, that uplifts the whole!
    We want you to accept, that itīs INEVITABLE
    that you prosper in ALL WAYS,
    when you get in sync with source-energy.

    Seattle, July 2015

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    When you SHINE, you serve all around you.

    You did not come to serve,
    you came to create- and to SHINE.

    You have, as a Source Energy being,
    established a vibrational point of attraction
    that is pure and powerful and we are calling it the CORE,
    THAT IS YOU, YOUR CORE GRID so to speak.

    It is the basis of that which is you.
    And when you find a thought, and they are easy to find,
    that causes you to LINE UP WITH THAT CORE GRID,

    then the energy of all that you have become
    RADIATES through you in this moment
    and your power of influence, your power of perspective,
    your power of clarity, your point of attraction is enhanced
    in ways that defy Esther's ability to find verbal description.

    The leverage of alignment is a leverage
    worth understanding and working for.

    The leverage of alignment.
    The leverage of lining up with THE CORE GRID,
    of all that you have become
    and using that alignment, that leverage, that power,
    that clarity, that vitality, that flexibility, that eagerness,
    that zest for life,

    allowing it to flow through you here and now in this moment
    for the upliftment of you,
    for the upliftment of anyone who is in your vicinity,
    for the upliftment of all that is
    -and for the reveling in life in the way
    that you intended to revel in life.

    You did not come to serve, you came to create.
    You cannot create without serving, but you got to get it clear
    what you are doing and why you are doing it.

    You came to RADIATE the fullness of who you are
    and when you pinch yourself off from the fullness of who you are,
    and you become needy and jealous,
    you become needy and shortage- conscious,
    then you begin acting so squirrly...
    that's Jerry's word...squirrly.

    We want you to be aware, that the fullness
    of who you are is lurking nearby and that you could, with far less
    effort that it takes to learn a computer program,
    you could tune in to the fullness of who you are
    and you could benefit by the leverage that flows through you.

    But, it is not that only you benefit,
    EVERYONE who comes to know you benefit
    because when your LIGHT SHINES,
    it is not only you who has fun.
    Everyone in the vibrational vicinity of you does, too.

    ~ Abraham Hicks, Washington, D.C., 5/12/12

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    You cannot get sick enough
    to help sick people get better.
    You cannot get poor enough
    to help poor people thrive.

    It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone.

    If you're wanting to be of an advantage to others,
    be as tapped in, turned in, turned on as you can possibly be.


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    Never mind "not being perfect" for them.

    Now, weīr not asking any of you to run around and be unlovable,
    just to test people to their highest good!

    But weīr also REALLY not encouraging you to try to conform
    to please them.

    Because it makes them weak.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ She wants the opinion of others not to matter

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    The best thing you could do for anyone
    that you love, is be happy!

    And the very worst thing that you could do
    for anyone that you love, is be unhappy,
    and then ask them to to try to change it,
    when there is nothing that anybody else can do
    that will make you happy.

    If it is your dominant intent to hold yourself
    in vibrational harmony with who you really are,
    you could never offer any action
    that would cause anybody else to be unhappy.


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    Donīt cling to mismatches, because "you care".

    Your car is a mis-match to who you are!
    Itīs trying to work itself out of your experience!
    But for some reason, youīr willing to keep something that
    doesnīt feel good, up, really close to you. And why would you do that?
    You might be confused and think, if you do enough focuswheels,
    it will become new again. But it wonīt.
    You see, harmony isnīt making something that doesnīt work, work!

    Harmony is aligning with WHO YOU ARE,
    and allowing LoA to bring alignment,
    or things that are in alignment with you, to you.
    Happens in relationships, it happens in work-environments.

    Sometimes, it really is about LETTING GO of things
    that donīt please you, to make room for things, that do.

    HS: WOW.

    Abe: Not just cars.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 01 - 08, 2016, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Let go of the things that don't please you to make room for things that do

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    Uplifters donīt react to conditions:

    You've trained yourself to face reality.
    You've trained yourself to tell the truth.
    You've trained yourself to tell it like it is.

    So in the beginning, these fantasies feel a little inappropriate,
    because it's like you're fooling yourself.
    Sometimes people will say, "Well, isn't this just denial?"
    And we say, "We hope so!"

    We hope that you are denying the absence that you do not want.
    And we hope that you are embracing the presence of what you do.
    But somehow the idea of denial has become a dirty word to you;
    like it is virtuous to face the reality of the horror of your own lives.

    And we would be ignoring anything that did not please us.
    We would get our eyes on what feels good.

    --- Abraham

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    You should do what FEELS best to you!

    Hear this (...) it really applies to all of you.

    Esther used to say to Jerry every now and then,
    "I donīt wanna hurt their feelings." And Jerry would say:
    "Youīd rather hurt your feelings?"
    And Esther would say no, but she meant yes.

    Cause itīs easy, when you know youīr strong, and you
    know you have resources, itīs EASY for you to do
    what somebody else seems to want or to need,
    even when you feel that itīs not on your path!

    But after a while it begins to take a toll on you,
    because your attention to it splits your energy.

    So what we are proposing to all of you, for just a little while,
    TRY IT. Youīr gonna like it.
    And youīll come back into your true empowerment:

    When you bump against something, and it doesnīt feel good-
    Now, start again. Esther says to us:
    "Abraham, what do you think I should do about this?"
    And we say, we think you should do WHAT FEELS BEST TO YOU!
    And Esther said: "I am SO TIRED of hearing that from you!"

    We think you should do what feels BEST to you.
    We think you should do feels best to YOU- every time.
    We think you should do what FEELS best to you!

    But before you can really feel what is best for you,
    youīve gotta practice feeling good!
    You canīt go from suffering, suffering, suffering, suffering-
    and jump into having any clarity about what is best for you!

    Because while youīve been suffering suffering, all of your choices
    suck so badly that NONE of them feel good.
    So, it feels like a crossroads, it feels like two bad paths.
    And thatīs what it is! Those are not good choices!

    But when you have cared about how you feel,
    so you are feeling good more and more, then something comes along
    and it doesnīt feel good to you.
    And Esther said: "But Abraham, I thought what youīve been teaching me is-
    if I will unconditionally just focus on what I want,
    what I donīt want will go away?"

    And we say: YES! Thatīs exactly right!
    But you are not doing that.

    You are focusing on something that you donīt want-
    and then using words, and writing 500 focus-wheels about it!

    It would be like going to a restaurant, or to a buffet,
    and here is something that you CAN NOT STAND.
    It just gives you the creeps to even think about putting it into your mouth.
    And you say: "Need to write some focus-wheels!.

    Iīm going to write some focus-wheels.
    Iīm gonna make some lists of positive aspects of that.
    Iīm doing focus-wheels, until I can eat that UNCONDITIONALLY,
    with PLEASURE."

    And we say: Youīve been missing the point!

    Weīr not trying to get you into alignment,
    so that you can make conditions change,
    or so that you can change yourself to like conditions!

    And itīs alright for you to not like something!

    Itīs not your job... so letīs say, there is a condition,
    that presents itself to you, and you bump up against it,
    and you bump up against it, and you bump up against it,
    and you bump up against it,
    and you bump up against it,
    and you write 500 focus-wheels, and youīr still bumping up
    against it- because-

    it is someone making choices, that are not in alignment
    with YOUR path!
    But you donīt give yourself permission- worthy beings that you are,
    to follow your OWN path, no- you feel that you have to be in service!
    You feel as itīs your job to make this work out, no matter what.

    Noooo IT ISNīT!!!
    Itīs your job to follow the path of least resistance!

    So, the source within you knows where you stand, in relationship
    to everything you want. And knows the path of least resistance to it.
    And you step over there- way off your path, but your source
    is still calling you back, and calling you back- and calling you back-
    but itīs as if you say
    "No, source, alignment, source, God- I NEED TO DO IT THE HARD WAY,
    in order to prove my worthiness."

    And we say: We want you to prove your worthiness
    by understanding, what feels good.
    We want you to follow the path of least resistance.
    We WANT you to get on the path that feels good.

    It isnīt wrong to you to choose THIS, rather than THIS!
    Or this, rather than this! Thatīs why youīve been born
    into an environment of contrast!
    In a world, where everybody gets to choose!

    Where it gets squirrely for you, is where you all sort of get together
    and try to define what EVERYBODY should choose!
    And the you get into fights with each other about whoīs choosing what,
    where if you just understood-

    and when you line up with what you WANT, you find the power to FEEL
    the fulfillment, and the exultation and the exhilaration and the passion,
    and the success, and the fulfillment that you are reaching for, you see!

    You gotta let EVERYBODY ELSE off the hook.
    And stop beating up on yourself,
    if you choose NOT to play with them.

    But thatīs hard, uhhhuuuhuuuhhhuuu.
    "Shouldnīt I be able to play with everyone??".
    And we say: Thatīs a very conditional approach to life.

    Now youīve gotta get them to behave... or,
    now youīve gotta adjust your vibration!
    Now, youīve gotta give up ALL of the sifting and sorting,
    and deciding and concluding, and deciding and concluding and

    You gotta rewind all of that, in order to blend with THIS.

    Are you hearing us?
    So, the question is: Are you in alignment with who I am-
    or am I gonna line up with they want?
    We donīt see why that is a hard choice for you-
    knowing what you give up, when you line up with them-
    instead of WITH WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

    This are no difficult choices, but itīs hard for most of you-
    because others have taught you that selfishness is not virtuous.
    That looking out for yourself, and doing what feels good to you
    will lead you to selfishness, that will deprive others
    of something that they will need from you.

    But what theyīve forgotten, is:
    NONE of them will get it from you, ANYWAY.
    They all will get it directly from

    That is their misunderstanding, and you perpetuate
    their misunderstanding, when you TRY TO BE THE SOURCE-
    that gives them what they want, you see!

    (...Abe telling a story of Esther stopping to "help a friend")
    "I am insulting you, when I assume, that I am
    your path of least resistance. I insult you!

    You have direct access to ALL of the energy that creates worlds.
    You have direct access.
    -But no, I made you believe in your dependency on me!"

    It had to get really big until Esther realized it.
    And then she realized, she was not only setting herself free,
    from diverging from her path-
    she was setting HIM free, too. He doesnīt know it yet,
    but he will. In time.

    He will find his way. He will find his way.

    Los Angeles, CA 02-07- 2015

    from the clip Abraham-Hicks ~ Service or your Path

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    Itīs easy to feel responsibility, if you have forgotten
    that everyone has an IB, and that everyone has guidance.

    Iow, you know what the ultimate sense of RESPONSIBILITY is?
    "I have to guide you".

    Which means: I have to make you hear me.
    Which means: I have to control you.

    Thatīs IMPOSSIBLE!
    And still, you all dabble in it, until you give up.

    The only thing that saves you,
    is your un-cooperate children, or employes.

    from the clip:
    Abraham Hicks ~ Every experience on your path is preparing you for what is coming

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    Donīt BURN OUT!

    Your desire to help others-
    which has been the bane of your life...
    (...) WHAT IS IT that makes you so full -
    and everybody except us is going to tell you what a lovely thing it is!-

    WHAT IS IT that makes you so full of wanting to help others,
    before you even found YOUR OWN stability?

    Itīs the same that got you here (into the instability).
    People, demanding of one another (...) -demanding of you-
    something, before you had your bearings!
    Itīs like a parent badgering you into compliance, and then
    being MAD about you for not being happy.

    And now, Iīm doing it to myself, you say?

    Yes. Yes!
    And it comes from learning flawed premises.
    It comes from people, saying "You want to serve others."
    And we say: OF COURSE YOU DO!
    We are all in this together. You WANT to uplift others.

    But if you donīt tend to your own alignment, FIRST,
    you have nothing to give another!
    (...) Itīs right for you, itīs necessary for you,
    and not just necessary, itīs RIGHT for you to bring yourself
    into alignment. And to not just bring yourself into stability-
    but VITALITY.

    And THEN, from THAT place, help anyone who is vibrationally near you.
    And the thing thatīs tricky about this is:
    When you get there, when you get into THAT vitality-
    those that you think you will help, wonīt be in your vicinity.

    And thatīs why almost EVERYBODY that goes BACK to help,
    loses their own vitality.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Shouldn't Recovered Turn Back To Help Others

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