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    Hello! nice to be here

    I've been involved with Abraham's teachings since 2006, that's many years but it's like, many times I told myself, oh NOW I've really got it. Last time was like a couple of weeks ago, new breakthrough and deeper understanding. I love that! I hope it will never stop doing this to me ah ah!

    The name Rose Essence comes from the fact that I love perfumes and essences and flowers, and I especially love rose's perfume, and the name also sounds like 'resonance' which is a nice word, powerful. And the name is also because, to the essence, this universe and life and what it's all about is love, for me, of which rose is a symbol. Because love has so many faces and angles, also the symbol of the rose has many depths and shades and meanings, and I like that! it's at the same time something very very simple and yet also rich and vast.
    I was considering this name and my love for the smell of roses (and the infusion too! there's an infusion here in France of a brand called Elephant, very easy to find in the supermarkets, that's of rose and lychees and I LOVE it!) when yesterday I read a recent post of skylark and she was talking of rose pink energy and I loved the serendipity, that was a wink to me, and I made up my mind to use this name and join you guys.

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    Hi Rose Essence!

    I love the name choice - how cool that you noticed it also sounds like Resonance! - the smell of roses is one of my favourite smells.. mmmm! ^_^

    Welcome to the forum!

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    thank you so much Spiritual Cookie! love your saint-chocolate-cookie with the halo! ah ah! very funny

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    What a beautiful name and breath taking picture. Rose always reminded me of elegance and passion Welcome on forum

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    thank you, I see lots of roses with you too!

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