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If memory serves me, Abe said something along these lines...

"You are thinking that your manifestation will be suddenly before you and that is not how it is at all. It is so much more than that, you are missing some really key manifestations that we are in on along the way. It's much more like - you have an idea - that's a manifestation that we are completely in on with you, then you have a more detailed idea, another manifestation that we co created with you, another manifestation of a more detailed thought, more of us co creating with you, another idea about something to do - more of co creating. So it's manifestation, manifestation, manifestation, manifestation, manifestation, manifestation - now you can taste it touch it smell it and feel it as well, manifestation, manifestation, manifestation, manifestation. You see what we mean by that? It's not just - plunk - here is what you asked for and now you are on your own again, it's - here is an idea - manifestation - here is another thought, manifestation, someone calls you, manifestation, some conversation is happening in your vicinity, manifestation, the time on the clock is in alignment, manifestation. We are in on all of it,you see. There is not this big leading up to it because we are always leading you right to the satisfied feeling of it as you co create with us - it's just that we are so satisfied along the way and you are sooo caught up in the touching of it, the tasting of it, the smell of it and the seeing of it that you don't stay in the feeling of being SATISFIED with it and we are thrilled with that because we know the rest is already a sure thing and on it's way for you to live it all!"
I thought that was brilliant!
That is brilliant, Gigglefritz. Thank you for sharing the quote -- it so resonates with me. Lately, my life is going quickly; yet, I am experiencing many interactions in slow motion so that I am recognizing all of these "small" yet significant manifestations that are the steps and leading momentum to what becomes a "larger" manifestation...and there is such sublime satisfaction with where I am in the process and in seeing and feeling with Source the beauty, depth and fulfillment of these manifestations that are the precursor to "getting our stuff." It's such a kick to allow myself to see creation in all of its complexity and simplicity. I love learning to milk the journey even more and more while feeling such satisfaction. And another benefit is that in this slowing down of time during milestones on the journey is that I am able to tweak thoughts and feelings on the fly with great results. For me it has been a deeper understanding of deliberate creation, and also a real enhancement to my creating by knowing how to change course in real time with significant results.