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Thread: General Things I Appreciate

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    I like thinking about the general essence of how I want to feel
    I like feeling interested
    I like feeling curious
    I like feeling happy
    I like feeling light-hearted
    I like feeling comfortable
    I like feeling well rested
    I like feeling satisfied
    I like feeling warm
    I like feeling invigorated
    I like feeling confident
    I like feeling alive
    I like feeling vibrant
    I like feeling eager
    I like feeling delighted
    I like feeling wonderful
    I like feeling peaceful
    I like feeling contented
    I like feeling intensely interested
    I like feeling lazy
    I like feeling thrilled
    I like feeling sated
    I like enjoying myself
    I like having fun
    I like feeling clear
    I like feeling joyful
    I like feeling easy
    I like the feeling of control
    I like the feeling of flow
    I like feeling deeply relaxed
    I like feeling light and airy
    I like feeling bubbly and happy
    I like feeling exhilarated
    I like feeling beautiful
    I like feeling radiant
    I like feeling frisky
    I like feeling inspired
    I like feeling stimulated
    I like feeling all sparkly
    I like feeling upbeat and eager for what’s coming next
    I like the feeling of anticipation
    I like looking forward to my moments
    I like feeling buoyant
    I like feeling really, really good!

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    ManifestingLife (Missed a letter :)
    (I'm a newbie but here goes....)

    I appreciate feeling the warmth of the sun all across my body.
    I appreciate filling my home with beautiful roses.
    I appreciate my daughters smile and the love she expresses for me.
    I appreciate always being taken care of by the universe.
    I appreciate my car and how great it feels inside.
    I appreciate a nicely cleaned home.
    I appreciate a delicious meal.
    I appreciate a lovely day at home relaxing on the couch and watching TV.
    I appreciate the freedom I feel within my day.
    I appreciate moments alone with my husband.
    I appreciate a wardrobe full of beautiful clothing and shoes.
    I appreciate being loved and adored.
    I appreciate gifts.
    I appreciate my beautiful home.
    I appreciate my charismatic nature.
    I appreciate my body.
    I appreciate my intelligence.
    I appreciate my life.

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    Welcome to the Forum, Manifestingife!

    Rampage on!

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    WELLcome Manifestinglife - you go girl!!!

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    Hi Manifestinglife!
    I appreciate having abundance of everything good
    I appreciate having awesome friends.

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    ManifestingLife (Missed a letter :)
    Thank you all for the welcome! Looking forward to a great and deliberate 2017, no more sloppy vibration for me!

    I appreciate when things work out for me.
    I appreciate the sound of the rain outside my window on a lazy day.
    I appreciate the beautiful Christmas tree in my living room.
    I appreciate the family care I receive for my daughter.
    I appreciate the beautiful lamp in my bedroom.
    I appreciate chocolate!
    I appreciate my stunning wedding ring/band.
    I appreciate my easy going attitude.
    I appreciate how others receive me.
    I appreciate how dependable and reliable I am to others.
    I appreciate the heat within my home.
    I appreciate how neat my bedroom closet is.
    I appreciate how great my daughters bedroom has turned out.
    I appreciate how hard my husband works for me.
    I appreciate the year and half off I spent with my daughter.
    I appreciate all the opportunities open to me.
    I appreciate my elevating vibration.
    I appreciate me.

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    OMG yum yum yum!

    I appreciate this forum
    I appreciate how many people there are sharing my intention for joy, clarity, relief, and reveling in the teachings of Abraham
    I appreciate kindness
    I appreciate generosity
    I appreciate the newness of each moment
    I appreciate the cool cleansing fresh rain
    I appreciate the light of the sun so strong even through clouds
    I appreciate weather
    I appreciate variety
    I appreciate my warm dry office
    I appreciate hot coffee
    I appreciate food
    I appreciate the aliveness of my cells
    I appreciate sight
    I appreciate clean air
    I appreciate the flexibility and balance of my body and its organs
    I appreciate how all the parts of my body do their job so well
    I appreciate the Internet
    I appreciate email
    I appreciate computers
    I appreciate my speedy typing
    I appreciate electricity
    I appreciate public infrastructure

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    I appreciate the innate goodness in people and my ability to see it so frequently.
    I appreciate the magic this forum inspires in me.
    I appreciate the ease in the easy things.
    I appreciate the universality that governs all of this.
    I appreciate the knowledge that is so available to all of us.
    I appreciate the people sharing their joy.
    I appreciate the ingenuity of so many inventions surrounding us.
    I appreciate the magnificence of nature's ways.
    I appreciate knowing that we are nature and it working the same way for us.
    I appreciate everyone that reminds us of it.
    I appreciate the feeling of flow and focus.
    I appreciate you guys very much!

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    ManifestingLife (Missed a letter :)
    I appreciate the sun coming out today.
    I appreciate the funny text messages I received earlier.
    I appreciate a few moments of quietness in my car before I step out.
    I appreciate my mother for taking care of my while I wasn't feeling well.
    I appreciate the universe for the ebook that I was able to get today.
    I appreciate sweet kisses from my daughter
    I appreciate sweet moments of affection from my husband
    I appreciate my giving spirit
    I appreciate this forum and all the information I receive here!

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    I appreciate the Universe
    I appreciate the sky
    I appreciate the air I breathe
    I appreciate the world I live in
    I appreciate the ground I stand on
    I appreciate the earth I grow my plants in
    I appreciate the beautiful flowers grasses shrubs and trees and crops I grow
    I appreciate the contrast of the seasons
    I appreciate I am a non-physical energy that is also in my physical body
    I appreciate my body because it serves me so well
    I appreciate my feelings and thoughts
    I appreciate me my source is always there for me with me
    I appreciate listening to my source each day
    I appreciate I create my own reality

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