Xio, your art is awesome!! Be aware, I will come to you and beg you to create art from my most beloved quotes...
(as the one below!!) ohhh YES I will do this!! Iīm greedy!

And I SO love your energy and fun!

All you gotta do is chill out:
Let go of control and chill out.
Let it be!


Money and Me,
Day whatsoever


I want to feeeel the essence that NOTHING is off limits for me.
I want to feeeeel this depth of true, unconditional abundance.
I want to feel this instense empowerment, this pure power, this absolute openness.
I feel divine when I do that. I feel that I am Godforce.
I feel the whole of me.
I feel whole, wholly, holy.

I feel divine and whole and invincible. I feel who I really am.
I feel the vibrational core of me, and of everything that is. I feel that I am attracting what I want to come to me, because I am magnetic. I am tuned to it, I AM IT.

I am the vibration that draws which is alike to itself.
I am attracted to whom or what matches me.
I set my tone, and I hold it and train it- the tone of absolute power.
Absolute opportunity, absolute freedom.
Absolute loving, holy, happy, loving joyful ABUNDANCE.

Ahhhh this feels SOO GOOD!

NOTHING is off limits, for us!

You are now in a position
where you can begin to define with more clarity
then you have ever defined before
and with more confidence you have been able to master before
and understanding that you can reach for things
that you have previously not even allowed yourself
or giving yourself permission to reach for.

You have the ability to cash peace upon this earth.
You have the ability to help those not eating find food.
You have the ability to help your planet
in all ways you have been currently worrying about.
You have the ability to those who feel insecure
to find their feelings of more security.

You have the ability to have that vehicle you want.
You have the ability to live in that dream house
or find that partner you have been looking for.
There is nothing that is off limits for you.

Stamford Sept. 2013
from the clip Abraham Powerfully Closes Stamford 2013 Workshop!