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Thread: Wanting and Appreciating

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    Wanting and Appreciating

    Iíve been inspired by some other practice threads recently. It's fun to read about the positive changes taking place. So, I thought I'd start one.

    My favorite Abraham book is their first one, New Beginning I. I love the simplicity of focusing on what you want. If you feel good, itís because youíre focusing on what you want, and if you feel bad itís because youíre focusing on what you donít want. Clear and easy.

    I also like appreciating, so Iím going to do that, too.

    Iím starting with my 16-year-old, because I want to feel better when I think about her, and because Iíll then be a more positive influence.

    What I want:

    I want her to be happy. I want her to feel good physically. I want her to be robustly healthy. I want her to feel good about herself. I want her to know that sheís loved. I want her to feel confident. I want her to feel energetic. I want her to feel a general sense of well-being and that all is well in the world. I want her to be optimistic. I want her to imagine good things. I want her to feel a connection with her inner being. I want her to feel cared for.

    Appreciating What-Is:

    1. Sheís reading books every day and she seems to like that a lot.
    2. She wanted to do a workout, and she did. She looked happy afterward.
    3. Sheís going on walks with me almost every day.
    4. Sheís really caring about doing well in school.
    5. Her drawings are really good.

    What I want:

    I want to feel free every day. I want money to come to me easily. I want to do whatever I feel like doing, every day of the year. I want to write a little every day, spend some time in the sun, work out, and do something fun with my family every single day. I want to feel totally free. I want to feel abundant.

    Appreciating What-Is:

    1. I do have a lot of free time.
    2. I have time to write every day.
    3. I have plenty of time to do all the things I said I want to do.
    4. I like my job.
    5. I like that I have a steady income.

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    Had a great conversation with my daughter. She asked to talk and it ended up being a couple of hours. I learned some of her opinions and beliefs that I didnít know about before, and I love how she thinks. It was a big step in the right direction, toward what I've been wanting.

    ďWhen youíre vibrating purely, you get only whatís a match to that. Itís your ambivalence: ďI like that but I donít like thatÖ I like that but I donít like thatÖĒ that keeps what you like and what you donít like coming at you all the time. You donít have to ďturn the other cheekĒ when you are in vibrational harmony only with what you want. Then, only what you want comes.Ē Ė Abraham

    I decided that I prefer to say ďI likeĒ rather than ďI wantĒ. It feels like itís combining desires and appreciation together.

    Iím doing most of my "work" on my own, but Iíll post here when I feel inspired.

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    I had a great night last night dancing and having fun with my girls. That was another thing I wanted (more quality time with them) and it happened naturally. Everyone was in a really good mood.

    I had a realization about my mother. If I focus on what I want her to be, I feel better when Iím with her, and we get along well. Iíve been thinking things like, I want her to be positive, I want her to be happy, I want her to have a good sense of humorÖ and on and on. She can go on being however she wants to be and I can feel great when Iím with her, just by focusing on what I want.

    The same realization happened when I was doing something that I didnít want to do. I thought ďI want to be relaxing on my bed right now. I want to be totally lazy today and doing absolutely nothing.Ē I kept going like that and I was so happy, yet action-wise I was still doing the thing I didnít want to doÖbut I didnít care anymore because I felt great. And, someone else offered to do that task for me for the next several days, without me saying anything.

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    Wanting and appreciating have been a magical combination for me. Something good happened at work and it keeps getting better. Some peopleís offices got switched around, and several people who complained a lot have left the building Iím in. Now, everyoneís been joking around more and it feels really good.

    At home, my daughter is doing so much better. I did one long session where I thought about what I wanted regarding her until I felt joyful/in the vortex. Every day since then, sheís been acting differently. Sheís asked me to go on walks with her (Iíve always been the one to ask), she got back into her art, and overall sheís been happier. Now when I think about what I want when it comes to her, I feel good right away.

    Iím going to focus on money for a while, because I still feel tight when I spend money.

    *I want to imagine myself with plenty of money. I want to have more than enough to do what I want to do and go where I want to go. I want to feel ease and joy when I think of money. I want to feel abundant. I want to enjoy spending money. I want to feel free when I think of money. I want to enjoy buying gifts and think of the happiness of the person who will be receiving them. I want to think of my bank accounts and feel joyful. I want to think of my paychecks and feel very abundant. I want to think of money as being easy to receive. I want to feel like money is easy to manifest. I want to feel joyful when I think of money. As I spend money, I want to feel like more comes to me in a steadily flowing stream. I want to enjoy spending as much as receiving, because I get to exchange it for material things that I want. I want it to be fun to exchange money for things. I want to imagine being surprised and delighted by the many avenues that money comes to me. I want to fully appreciate all the money that I receive, in all forms. I want to relax, and leave it up to my inner being. I want to feel like thereís nothing more that I need to do than enjoy the thought of it. Every time I think of money, whether itís spending it or thinking about my bank balance, I want to feel joy and appreciation.

    "Many of you, as you set a creation into motion, remove the possibility of its creation at the time you give birth to the creation. For example: 'I want a new red car, but it is too expensive.' You see, you have given birth to your new car, on the one hand, and in the same breath you have removed the possibility of receiving it by your statement, 'but it is too expensive.' And much of that which you would create is voided in just that way. The statement, 'I want a new red car,' is one half of the equation for creationóthe wanting or intending part. But, 'it is too expensive' is stifling the allowing. Recognize that you have only to state, 'I want a new red car,' and leave it at thatónot setting forth your counter-creation, your contradictory-creation, your destructive-creation, your anti-creation or your un-creation. Offer only those thoughts and words that are in the direction of what you want." - Abraham

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    I like thinking of what I want, because itís extremely easy and after a few minutes I automatically start to feel good. It takes zero effort. Also, I donít mind if anything happens that I donít like (although that's becoming rare lately), because I can use it as a springboard, and focus on what I want because of that, and it propels me into a very good-feeling state.

    After Iíve focused on what I want for a little while, itís easy to move into appreciation. It feels good to say thank you, even if Iím not thanking anyone in particular. Just the words ďthank youĒ feel good to me.

    Iím having better thoughts about money in general, like naturally thinking about the positive aspects of my finances. Iíve had moments in the past few weeks when I feel like I already have the abundance that I desire. The momentum has shifted because of this work. My savings are growing, debt is zero, and all is well.

    * I want to have a wonderful Christmas this year. I want to have fun. I want to have a magical Christmas. I want this to be the best Christmas ever! I want this year to be a treat. I want to feel special and delighted and warm and appreciative and excited. I want to say things and do things that inspire happiness in others. I want the days to seem long and enjoyable. I want to come up with new ideas for fun activities. I want a nice balance of fun and laughter and also peace and relaxation. I want to feel satisfied. I want to be in the moment, and to enjoy each moment fully.

    *I want to be proud of myself. I want to be thoughtful and calm and think clearly about what I want to communicate to others. I want to be kind to others, and easy to be around. What I want people to say about me when Iím not there with them, is that they like me, that Iím easy to talk to, that Iím nice, and that Iím smart. I want to feel good about myself. I want to feel good about what I say to people. I want to be well thought of. I want people to feel good around me. I want to be filled with the wonderful, magnetic feeling of love.

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    Last night, I was walking with my daughter, and she wasnít in a good mood. She was walking far ahead of me, and had a scowl on her face. Then, I started thinking, Iím going to focus on what I want, and let her be however she wants to be. I donít need her to walk by my side or to be happy. Iím not focusing on what I want so I can change her, Iím focusing on what I want so I can feel good. So, I began to think about how I want her to smile, and I want her to talk to me, and I want her to feel good. I said about five sentences in my mind, and right then she stopped walking, turned around, and with a big smile on her face, she waited for me to catch up with her. She talked to me for the rest of our walk in a very animated way, and after we got home, she continued to talk to me for an hour, telling me about funny things that had happened, and everything she had recently done, and then she showed me some videos that made us both laugh. It was awesome!

    This process is working so great for me! I feel so good with it, and everythingís getting better and better. My life is flowing so smoothly. People are really friendly, my job is going really well, relationships are all good, and lots of little things that delight me are happening daily.

    ďBy choosing better feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you donít want, you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of your Broader Perspective. To see your world through the eyes of Source is truly the most spectacular view of life, for from that vibrational vantage point, you are in alignment with, and therefore in the process of attracting, only what you would consider to be the very best of your world.Ē

    - Abraham

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    Iíve been spending more money lately because of Christmas, and I realized that I havenít felt tight about spending at all. Iíve also received some extra money in the last week, so thatís been nice. I think Iíll do some more work on the subject of money.

    *I want to appreciate the money that Iíve received. I want to feel satisfied. I want to feel excited. I want to feel eager. I want to feel joyful. I want to see my bank account growing even faster. I want to appreciate what I have and enjoy whatís coming. I want to broaden my idea of abundance. I want to feel open to more. I want to bask in the feeling of plenty. I want to feel that I have more than enough. I want to be inspired to ideas and actions that create a fun means of financial abundance for me. I want to feel creative. I want to feel like itís easy. I want to think of something new. I want to be surprised and delighted.

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    Well, Christmas turned out to be just as I wanted (in #5 above). It was a wonderful, white Christmas. I received so many things that I wanted. We did some fun things, like making a gingerbread house and having a snowball ďfightĒ. I had all those feelings that I wanted.

    I love focusing on what I want. It brings me to a place where I can feel appreciation easily, and thatís what I was basking in last night. It felt so good. And if Iím not appreciating, at least Iím feeling better than I would if I focused on what I donít want.

    *I want 2017 to be a great year for all of us. I want to have fun, I want to feel good, I want to continue to focus on what I want, and appreciate what I have. I want to feel even more appreciation, and more love. I want to continue to have great conversations with my beloved and my children. I want to move and I want it to happen easily. I want my finances to continue to get better and better. I want to have feelings of ease and freedom. I want to increase my receptivity. I want to live in the moment, and also enjoy thoughts of a wonderful future. I want to move into a bigger living space for us, and I want it to feel easy and fun. I also want to appreciate where we are now, because it feels good.

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    This week was interesting. Iíve been focusing on what I want money-wise, and I became very attached to receiving what I want. I guess thatís okay. I mean, almost everything else that Iíve stated that I want, has manifested. Maybe Iíve been trying to only do it for the feelings, and it would be more fun to recognize that the things Iím focusing on do actually happen. Thatís feeling better already.

    I love to remember my out-of-body experiences when all I had to do is say ďI wantÖĒ and I experienced it immediately. I said, ďI want to be in a beautiful placeĒ, ďI want to be in an even more beautiful placeĒ, ďI want long, light blonde hairĒ, ďI want to be wearing a red dressĒ. I had it all instantly, just as I wanted. The first beautiful place was on a sailboat in the middle of a sparkling lake. The even more beautiful place was a neighborhood of houses which were surrounded by yards full of the most beautiful flowers Iíd ever seen. I have many experiences of saying ďI wantĒ when out of body, and then having the instant manifestation of it.

    At the same time, I appreciate the stability of this reality. Itís my belief that we also can state ďI wantÖĒ here and those things will happenÖin a few months or maybe a little more. If something seems to be taking too long to manifest, itís because weíre focusing more on what we donít want than on what we do want.

    I love that we can focus on a general desire, like wanting to feel good, and our inner beings know what will satisfy that desire. I love that focusing on what I want feels good in the moment, so I can enjoy the journey, enjoy the stability, enjoy the unfoldingÖ

    *I want to experience some change in my circumstances. I want to experience something new and very good for all of us. I want to experience something fun. I want us to find some enjoyable new activities to do. I want us to feel interested, joyful, and excited.

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    Focusing on what I want has been awesome. I've been feeling really good.

    I like this quote:

    "Make a decision of how you want to feel. Say clearly, on a regular basis: I want to feel good, I want to feel hardy, I want to be energized, I want this food to empower me, I want to thrive, I want food to really fuel me, I want the cells of my body to be satisfied in what theyíre asking for, I want to be sensitive to what my cells are asking for so that Iím inspired to the food that will provide it in a dominant way, I want to find the rhythm of my body, I want to know that I am eating the right thing, I want to be drawn to right thing, I want food to be satisfying, I want it to be a pleasurable thing, I want it to bring me a sense of well-being, I want it to satisfy me in all ways. And as you say those kind of things on a really regular basis, the things that will satisfy those things will be the things that pop out for you everywhere.Ē

    - Abraham

    *I want the house to be clean and organized. I want it to be easy. I want to have as much fun putting the holiday decorations away as we had putting them out. I want today to feel like a long, relaxing, really enjoyable day. At the end of the day I want to feel satisfied, relaxed, joyful, and I want to look forward to this coming week.

    *I want to be full of joyful anticipation for the months to come. I want to imagine having fun. I want to imagine doing fun things. I want to feel excited. I want to feel eager. I want to have some joyful experiences. I want to have new ideas for activities to do and places to go.

    *I want to find myself having plenty of money to move. I want the circumstances to fall into place so easily. I want it to feel natural. I want it to flow. I want to feel inspired. I want it to feel easy.

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