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Thread: Wanting and Appreciating

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    On Sunday I did a little focusing on wanting to have fun putting the decorations away, and I wanted it to be easy. I had no idea I was going to walk into the living room and it would all be almost done for me! My daughter was inspired to get all the decorations gathered up and she neatly organized everything into piles. Then, our normally-outdoor cat was inside with us and was playing with the decorations, making us laugh while we put everything into the boxes. I think it took about 5 minutes!

    ďNothing is more delicious than to be physically focused, letting the contrast help you to define whatever it is that, in this powerful now, you are wanting to give your attention to. And when you give your attention to something in a non-diluted fashionÖ Rather than saying, ĎI want it butÖ I want it butÖ I want a new red car, but it is too expensive.Ē Contradictory energy. You donít get anywhere. But when you say, ĎI want a new red car and I love the way it smells, and it is wonderful the dependability of the newness, and I love the way it drives.í When you stay focused upon what it is you do want, without contradicting it with what you donít want, now your vibration lines up with what it is, and the energy flows through you. Sure, you get the car and thatís great. More importantly, you get the enthusiasm of that feeling of energy flowing through you on your way to that.Ē

    - Abraham

    Today's practice: *I want to find a new passion that is a source of income. Iíve been noticing so many easy paths to wealth recently, and I want to find a path that will be awesome for me. I want the ideas to flow to me. I want the actions to feel so easy that Iím surprised I hadnít thought of the idea sooner. I want it to feel like a win-win for all who participate. I want to be delighted by the idea. I want to be delighted by the steps that bring the idea into tangible form.

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    Update: In January and February, I switched over to just appreciatingÖuntil it started to feel forced. Then, in the past few months, I've been distracted, but now Iím back to thinking about what I want, and I love feeling the energy moving through me. It feels so good to return to this.

    I was reading over some writing I had done last fall about how I wanted to reach my ideal weight and if there was a way of eating that would help me reach my goals, then I wanted to be inspired to eat that way. I wrote/thought about my ďwantsĒ more than a few times. And what I wrote about has happened exactly. I reached my goal weight and it was so easy and enjoyable. Two months ago I started wanting to eat differently, and it wasnít until I read my lists yesterday that I made the connection and saw that everything I wrote about has manifested!

    My desires right now are to move out of our current place and possibly move to another state, and to have a job that I can do from home, or some source of income that feels easy. Iíve been wanting to move for a couple of years, but it hasnít been able to happen yet because I keep thinking about what I donít want more than I think about what I do want. Thinking ďI want to moveĒ, which is what Iíve been saying over and over, isnít the best way to focus either. So, Iíll do the work here:

    *I want to live in a spacious home. I want it to be ours. I want to feel relaxed in my new home. I want freedom and ease. I want that feeling of it being mine. I want a large yard. I want comfortable-sized rooms and extra rooms for guests. I want everything to look new and clean. I want a sense of peace and quiet. I want a large amount of land, that is private. I want nice, friendly neighbors. (Iíll keep going with this later, but itís feeling really good so far.)

    ďAs you are setting forth a positive thought of that which you want, and you are at the same time experiencing positive emotion Ė you are, in that moment, in the perfect position for the receiving, or the deliberate creating, of that which you are giving thought to.Ē

    - Abraham

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