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Thread: Allowing The Money In as an Aritst and Creative Person

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    Lightbulb Day 117: Part 2

    Day 117 Part 2

    I just woke up from a nap and had a deep realization about me and business. The fact that my focus on making money fast has always kept me away from not only taking the business off of the ground, but making money and ultimately being successful.

    This is an important clarity because the reason why I love and want money should also reflect in the avenue that Iím funneling it in. It all should align, be fun, joyful, etc. Yet, my joyful and really FUN nature with money goes out the window as soon as my desire for a business starts rolling. And I know that one of the major reasons or aspects that I desire my own business is not just the money but the AMOUNT of money I can make. Which leads to this pattern Iím seeing a lot more clearly now:

    When I try to make a lot of money fast I throw myself out the vortex almost instantly, and itís rare for me to be in the vortex when Iím in that state of mind. Because I know itís not the journey towards the money Iím savoring but the end result that Iím really fighting for and trying to justify. When I am in that mindset, Iím typically really stressed out because Iím putting MASSIVE amounts of pressure on myself to finally ďget it rightĒ and make a lot of money to ďchange my life.Ē To finally be able to do this or that and what have you.

    That dream of having a lot of money, to not struggle for it or have to look at it and save it, to finally be able to buy almost ANYTHING that my heart currently desires. To be, do and have ANYTHING that I want in almost a blink of an eye, because money is no longer a reason why I canít have itÖ That possibility, the fact that I know that it can happen for me and easily (or so I believed) captivates me so deeply that Iím more willing to struggle for it, if I can have the whole thing quickly than to easily manifest smaller amounts of it at a slower pace.

    Wow, that was a real revelation for me!

    My basic decisions to enter in the spiritual business program that I enrolled in, that was the vibration I had going on. I was dazzled by the possibility that I could make the money back quickly, I could possibly get my investment back, AND follow my dreams and start doing and buying the things that I wanted. But I feel completely crushed now because that didnít happen. I tried, I did the best that I can and that didnít happen, I had a lot of pressure on me to make it happen so that I could pay the monthly payment when it was time. I honestly feel so stupid that I let my own dreams and desires of fast money cloud me, BUT Iím not going to allow myself to go down that path, at least not totally.

    Iím totally acknowledging what happened, the vibe that I had at the time, the path it took me on and where I am now and more than anything, how I FEEL ABOUT MYSELF. It doesnít feel good but itís not the worst that I felt. I would say I feel foolish, but that isnít really accurate, itís more towards this: I knew what I was getting myself into, how the universe works and how I operate and I took that risk and I didnít land on top. I couldnít offer enough action to compensate my vibration, which just shows. NOTHING TRUMPS VIBRATION.

    At the same time, Iím feeling blame, blame toward the coach that really convinced me and made me feel that I would be able to make all my dreams come true quickly. I feel annoyed because I already know how sell calls work and I let myself be bewitched by all the good feeling what ifs, than being more grounded towards where I was. I want to blame this person because it feels good, she is at fault, not me. Her vibe was also such that it wasnít where she want it because she attracted me and my current experience that impacts her. That feels better.

    Now I want to bring this in a more neutral place. Now I know WITHOUT A SINGLE DOUBT the best feeling path for me when it comes to money and business is this:


    I have to cook up the vibration slowly so when itís done, itís so DELICIOUS. Trying to jump quickly to a much different vibration only nails me down more to where I am. I know this from experience.

    In this specific subject in business, I have to go slow, steady myself, know myself in business and bask where I am in business. I want to get everything right, not in a place of being perfect but having my energy aligned in a decent way.

    I want to go slow with this, so that I can really make the experience juicy for myself. I donít have to get it all done right now or in a few months. I can take forever and that feels a lot better than what I was doing before.

    The best feeling place that Iím in right now is this: Iím right where I need to be, not where Iím not supposed to be.

    The universe isnít judging me, itís loving me. The universe isnít punishing me, itís showering me with constant gifts. The universe doesnít care about what I have in my pocket, it knows my true worth. The universe isnít saying that I should of done and known better, itís always directing me to what I want from where I am. The universe isnít saying that I need to step up, it already has me on a pedestal.

    Money isnít this big thing I was making it out to be. Itís not the end goal. Itís not where I need to be. Money is simple in a way. Itís there, but itís not what makes life happen, just one way it can happen. And I was focused on this one way my life had to come about, through money and a lot of it, when that is just ONE way.

    This business thing, isnít a money thing, itís an alignment and joy thing. Itís saying, this is the love and joy that I have for myself and others and letting that pattern repeat itself to gain similar results. Itís allowing external people to join your vibration, to have access to your unique vibe and leave with their own vibe raised, which a part of that process is an acknowledgement of your participation i.e. money.

    Money is just an acknowledgment of someoneís time, gifts, money and talents. Which makes a business a predicable vibe raising system which money is exchanged to show such appreciation. But Iím getting too specific.

    I learned a lot, more than anything and what I really wanted to know about how to manifest (more) money is this: take it slow, while drumming up your vibration towards what you want. Stop going so fast and bask in the now, enjoy and drink up all that it has to offer. And more than anything, itís okay to be where I am with money, that itíll ALWAYS get better with time, practice, and joy. That is a guarantee. I donít need to take action from a place that if I donít take direct action, it wonít come because that is a flawed premise.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Thumbs up Day 120: Doing the visioning process on the area of business

    Day 120

    Today I realized that I can use this thread as a business visioning process to help me shift my current experience I have with business, as I know that when I work this process, changes come and my life changes.

    Where I'm at now with business and how I truly feel about it

    Business was always a tricky thing for me, despite having a clear knowing and intent that this path was the best feeling one for me even before I got out of high school. I knew that I wanted a business in the arts and crafts because I thought it would be fun to do something that I loved and not have to work for anyone else and have to deal with all the trouble with traditional jobs.

    I knew this was for me, however, in all the ideas that I had for businesses, it never really took off. Mostly due to me feeling inadequate, not having the resources, always wanting to perfect what I was doing and just whatever. But mostly, I had a really big fear of making money, doing something that I was passionate about and being successful at it. That was the big kicker for me.

    Eventually, I got burnt out trying to create a business and that is when I started my recovery from my dysfunctional living situation. Now I'm trying again, even enrolled in THE business program and mentor that I always wanted, I'm honestly still struggling. Not so much externally, but internally.

    I'm still questioning myself about it all. CAN I create a successful business, is business even right for me? What should I do, what should it look like, how will I do it? It's honestly just as stressful as it was years ago when I decided to give up on business all together. I want to get better at this, I really want this intention, desire to come true to it's fullest.

    I can say my biggest resistance in business outright is myself (DUH) in that, I feel this internal spit energy between, knowing damn well I can do this and feeling completely disempowered because of the lack of success I had in the past. And I think that is what's dragging me down at the end of the day, that feeling that no matter what I do or how much I want it, nothing works.

    It's frustrating, maddening, depressing and makes me SO ANGRY because I KNOW I can do this, but there seem to be these small thorns that somehow stop me from moving forward. And I just struck a cord. THAT is my biggest challenge.

    I can't seem to get ahead, I can't seem to move my business from the planning stages to the making money stages. The gap between those two seem so large that no matter how far I try to jump the gap just gets bigger and I have no idea what to do. That is why I try to be perfect, try to learn everything I need to learn and just do whatever I think I need to do to make this work. But I know the laws of the universe and how LOA works. This isn't because I'm not enough, it's because of the vibe I got going on.

    That feeling of no matter what I do, it won't work. That feeling that I'm not qualified. That fear of what other people will think of me if I do become the success I want to be and all the entangled feelings that I have towards the manifestation of my desire.

    It all boils down to this: What happens when I'm successful? What happens when I get what I want? How will it all go? What will people think? And generally feelings of insecurity about having my desire COMPARED to those who have similar desires but don't have them. How will that contrast look and how will people look at me because I have it all and they don't. I'm deeply afraid that people won't like/love me because I'm successful and will feel that I'm some evil person because I have what I want.

    To Soothe

    I'm going to start where I am with this thing called business and I see it really has nothing to do with actual business but my own feelings towards the manifestation of my desire.

    It's okay to have these questions, fears and insecurities surrounding the success that what I want.

    I just realized, why WOULD I have fear around success towards what I want? It's what I want more than it is a business. It's not the business that I want anyway, but the success and the manifestation of a desire that I want. To be able to live off of my own skills and talents, and a business is the path of least resistance towards that, not necessarily a business in and of itself...

    I just got some really great clarity, I've been more focused on getting the business part right to be successful but I need to focus on my skills and talents to become successful. THOSE are the things that I want to manifest, NOT the path there in and of itself.

    So that brings me to this, maybe it's not the creating of the business that I need to focus on, as I have been for years that was resistance filled, but the skills and talents that I want to utilize, and let the universe come up with how that will look like in the form of a "business." I feel like I'm cooking with gas now, I feel like I'm really close to a full revelation.

    I had the cart before the horse, I was SO FOCUSED on creating the perfect business that the actual skills and talents that I want to develop and use IN the business were in the back burner. So not only the business thing wasn't working but my actual passions were in the shitter too, like my art which I want to focus A LOT more on now.

    The fact that I was more focused on overcoming the resistance in my business, prevented me from the real success and progress of something far more important, my art and gifts! And I know from experience, if you do what you love the money piece will work itself out. As long as you do what you love someone will see it and want it. to me, that is SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than having a business. I just got it.

    I need to focus on drawing, speaking, crafting and all the things that I love to do, NOT the creation of the business. That will take care of itself! WHAT A REVELATION!

    Now I know where to go, I have clarity. Just ****ing draw, just ****ing blog, just ****ing make a podcast. Do those things that I LOVE and do them to my hearts content because THAT IS WHAT I'M ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR. Not the business taking off, not the money but the fun and passion I have with my talents and skills. That is the point of all this!

    I just made a major shift in this, it's subtle but powerful. I'm going to leave it at that.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, it’s more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Day 120: some contrast and soothing

    Day 120

    Everything is always working out for me, no matter what is going on around me.

    There have been some contrast I want to express here, just to get it out of my system. The paid internship that I thought would be 6 months have been cut down to 3 because of the late start of it. I'm a bit peeved because I was told the original time line throughout this process and only today it was confirmed it would be shorten. BUT THAT IS SO OKAY.

    Because I'm now starting the internship and knowing when I'm going to be paid, I can start the payments for my business classes. When I told the school my situation they were more than willing to work with me and I was pretty shocked! It really shows that not everyone is focused on money, people care about the person behind the dollars. That is soothing to me and my negative beliefs towards money, bills, payments and etc.

    But I want to stay focused on going general towards the business that I want.

    I'm relieved to be starting this new journey on this thread, knowing that I've learned and processed what I was doing that was keeping me away from the manifestation that I want. Now that I'm going downstream, I feel a settling of my soul in a sense. I feel myself expanding and I'm seeing myself in my pure form and that feels good to me.

    I feel good in that I can now relax and focus on creating because I love writing, drawing, blogging and more. I'm actually excited to start the business classes again, where before I was feeling tense because of the uncertainty of the payments.

    I'm excited that everything is coming together for me, the universe really does guide you from WHEREVER you are, no matter what sudden changes happen. I'm covered and very much basked in love as I know the universe showers me with it everyday. I never have to worry about not being worthy for anything that I want!

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Day 122: Soothing

    Day 122

    I'm having a hard time finding a really good feeling place towards what I want in business. I know want to go general though.

    I don't have to try so hard to make this work. This process isn't about making something happen but making me feel better where I stand now. I don't have to do as much as I think I have to do to make this work. I don't have do all the things I think I need to do to have a thriving, creative life.

    I can take all this day by day, even when I'm not feeling my best, or feeling stressed. I don't need to be anything other than who I am now, I don't need to prove my worth, value, or skills to the world. I get to choose the kind of life that I want...

    I'm still hung up on the money piece of all this. I'm still trying to make the money come so that I can "live my life" when I'm already living my life. Money won't change how I feel as much as I think it will. But more than anything, I don't need to live in a certain way, or move in a certain path to have a fulfilling life.

    I'm attaching a good life with action. But that is only one way a person can choose to live, what is it that gives ME joy? It's not doing things, but just going with the flow, having free time and doing what makes me happy. I love going outside, I love cooking, I love food shopping, I love exploring my city, I love hanging out with friends, so many things that has nothing to do with money making or business.

    I'm attached to making the business work because I want more money but those things are not what makes me happy. I have to remind myself that my happiness has nothing to do with my bank account, that my happiness comes from other things.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Day 122: Creating a unique business

    I realized that the most juicy memories I have towards business is when the dream was first known when I was a teen and I want to relive my excitement!

    I was excited because I came up with an idea that I really liked towards a path I didn't like.

    I was excited because I knew on some level I could achieve this desire.

    I was thrilled because I saw other people doing the same things I wanted to do and were successful at it. So I thought, if they can do it, so can I!

    I felt the joy that I didn't have to worry about finding a real job, I can just set my own path and make just as much money.

    I loved the idea that I could control my own destiny and decide how it was going to look.

    I loved that I could use my skills as an artist to make my business and brand so much more unique and cutting edge.

    I loved that I could have a business in ANYTHING that I wanted, I didn't have to follow any rules if I didn't want to.

    I loved the idea that I could create ANYTHING I wanted because I love doing something totally unique and one of the kind.

    I hit a cord. In whatever business I wanted to do, I always wanted it to be so unique and eye catching. I didn't want to be like everyone else, or do what everyone else was doing. I wanted to create something totally unique to me. However, time and time again, I would get messages that I need to be more normal, that I need to do business in a certain way to ensure that I would be successful. That honesty took the wind out my sails because the biggest draw for me in business is that ability to create something super different.

    Even now I'm dealing with those same messages and feelings that I can't be totally who I am because it's against the rules. Where I was drawn to business because I could scrap the rules and create what I want!

    So what is it that I always wanted to create as a business?

    I always wanted to create a business where it was super colorful, bright, energetic and it was all about selling my creations. I would sell really unqie art pieces that would shock and surprise people. I wanted my business to feature my art and my art would be cute avatars and visions for people. I always wanted a business were I could create jewelry, accessories and really unique bibs and bobs. What draws me to business the most is how it looks. I love creating a brand that is different and something you won't see anywhere else. I also love the idea of selling something different, totally out there and novelty like. Something that is just pure fun. That is what I want in business, FUN!

    I love the idea of business because it is fun, but I allowed everyone else to call the shots on how it should look when I was very clear from the first day how I WANTED TO LOOK AND BE.

    To Soothe

    Who said I couldn't make that business? They are not my source, they don't know me like I know me, and they surely can't guide me like my source can. Kai, you had that vision for years so you already know that is the business you were meant to create. You are a unique and creative person so why wouldn't your business reflect that?

    The hell with the people that want you to water down yourself, they are not the ones staying up all night thinking about this! Those business gurus are no guru to you because those muggle rules DON'T APPLY TO YOU! You know how to manifest what you want and how you want it, so why keep listening to people that really don't get you?

    You were meant for huge things and you keep letting other peoples opinions get in the way of your EGS, and that is no fun at all! Create the business you want Kai because your alignment towards what you want is everything, not some stinking'ol rules that keeps you away from your joy! Your joy creates success, not business rules or how someone else would do business their way, that has nothing to do with you and never did. Whatever path you need to go down the universe already have in store for you, but you need to line up with your own idea of the business you want, instead of changing gears based on what people think you should do. What people think you should do have nothing to do with your own dreams and guidance, its just coming from their own ideas.

    You are allowed to create the weird and unique business you always wanted to create NO MATTER HOW ANYONE ELSE FEELS ABOUT IT. This journey is all about you, not everyone else, who you're selling to or any of that crap. You can create the business you always wanted and be VERY SUCCESSFUL. Don't allow the rules to dominate what you feel is right for you!

    Just for fun, I want to list some fun and crazy business ideas!

    A birthday card business were I make custom birthday cards as well as sell birthday readings together as a combo!

    A jewelry business were I make carnival theme food.

    A business where I make Sailor Moon inspired clothes, and home decor.

    A business where I make Sailor Moon inspired art and bed room decor.

    A business where I take Japanese street fashion and create artwork and crafts inspired by it.

    A business where I take food and draw them on weird and crazy paper and surfaces.

    I will take notice that all my business ideas is art related, where I'm creating something, not coaching. I also notice that my ideas are out there and super creative. I feel a lot more connected to my source going back to those ideas that inspired me to create a business in the first place. So that means that is the direction I need to follow.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Red face Day 123: Ditching the coaching business

    ​Its fun setting the stage towards what I want. The more I think about business the way I used to when I was younger, the more inspired I am to create one, and really, I'm starting to find my passion in it. I'm realising just how perfect this path really is for me. I'm an artist and a really creative person that always does things my way, I like to surprise people and shock them with things they never thought possible. I was never interested in the mainstream or conforming to the rules, in fact I hate rules for the most part and strive to break them, the mold and to stand out.

    A business where I can literally set my own rules, standards, and live from my own unique way of seeing things and to live off of that is probably the greatest joy and fundamental **** you I can give to those observing me. To showcase that you really do create the life that you want and it has NOTHING to do with what other people think. That the rules set by others is bullshit and stupid and that you can be that person to step out of line and do things your way. That is the thing that I always felt inside, that everything is worng. All these rules and shoulds in life. It never resonated with me from a young age and struggled a lot because I was tugged between what I know in my heart and what is being demanded of me.

    Even now, I'm still having that internal battle in the business class, of what the I'm being told I should be doing and how my business should be, and what my burning passion is trying to convey to me. But now, I'm following my guidance full time with this and shutting out the peanut gallery. I know I signed up for a reason and I do enjoy it, but some aspects I don't quite resonate with.

    With that being said, I know that I want to create a business with my art and gotten some good tips with how to brand myself. Funny enough, even though a lot of the material is more geared towards coaching, a lot of what I'm learning is great for artists too.

    Which made me realize, the main reason I wanted to try coaching as a business idea was because it seemed pretty simple and you can make a lot of money. And at the time I got the idea, I was very desperate for money. So it does make a lot of sense why I don't want to be a coach, because I never really wanted to be! I wanted a business in arts and crafts and all my ideas before the coaching one was artistic.

    And even though I love doing readings, I don't want to invest my core energies into making it a big business, for it to be something on the side to make extra money and to express my spirituality is more than enough for me.

    I feel like I made some pretty big revelations in the few days I started this process. I'm really glad I started this because I get to be honest with myself and see what I was really doing vs what I wanted to do. Now I get to change my mind, switch gears for real and manifest a desire I had since I was a teen.

    I also want to note that real and true guidance doesn't change, it'll literally keep nagging you till you do it and things start to shift quickly after that. Thank god the universe never gives up on us, or our dreams, because I did and I wasn't happy at all. But since we can never give up on our desires I was guided right back on track towards what I really wanted. Thank you so much, it really is more than enough.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Thumbs up Day 125: Thinking about how I want it

    I'm enjoying watching videos of people customizing dolls because it shows me just how unique and special you really can make your own career or business. I'm really inspired to find my own path in this and how it will look like and how I will inspire people to be just as creative.

    Even though I'm happily not in a rush to try to create my business, I do think about possible brand ideas and how I can develop it in my social media. Its been fun imaging and thinking about it, and when I do feel that momentum go too fast, I remind myself that I'm not making a business right now, just doing the abe work about it.

    I'm enjoying the imaginative work, and peeling back all that false beliefs that stopped me from really considering this in the last few years.

    I want to dive into more creative ideas that I have about business, making money and just following your own drummer when it comes to career, business, life purpose and lifestyle. I want to show people that it's okay to be different, and even more so when you want to be but also want to be accepted and be loved for who you are. That you don't have to sacrifice your individuality to fulfill someone else's idea of you or thrive, have a lot of money or live differently. That being that person, is the key to success, not the reason why you can't.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Day 127: Money vs joy

    I don't have to be anything than who I am to be successful.

    I don't have to have a certain amount of money to create a successful business.

    I'm allowed to be who I am and also be a container for success.

    Coaching isn't the only profession that makes good money.

    I don't have to "fake it to I make it" to receive effortless wealth.

    I don't have to look outside myself to be a success.

    I have all the answers inside on the right path to take in my own business.

    My own inner being is constantly guiding me on the shortest path towards my desire.

    I intuitively know what is right for me and what is not right for me.

    I can trust myself in all aspects in all subjects.

    I'm learning more and more what works for me and what doesn't.

    I'm gaining more clarity on this subject called business.

    Money comes into my life all the time, I don't have to stress how it's ever going to come in.

    I had a breakthrough, this "business" I've been trying to pursue for years has been the wrong one. Not only what I trying to create money from something I wasn't totally into, but I wanted the money to prove to the world that I was an adult and capable of taking care of myself. I wanted this business to change my life from what I was currently living, than to FILL my life with something that I loved. I wasn't creating a business because I loved it, I was creating it because it was convenient. It was a easier way to make a lot of money than doing something I completely hated for a little bit of money. I was never truly aligned with it and that is what made me **** up for so long (among other things) I don't really want IT I want the money.

    But with allowing myself to create the business I desired since I was a teen, it's not because of the money I want it, but because it's fun, creative and get to leverage myself by getting paid for something that I already love to do. I wasn't trying to create something brand new, it was all simple enough. And I feel the difference and which path feels better and which feels worst. I'm seeing the forest from the trees and that's HUGE for me, since I was so focused and used to trying to make this coaching thing work.

    Also, in this current journey in business in this program, I noticed that I have a lack of power in myself. I'm assuming that by following someone else, they will give me all the answers and that will create the success in my business, which doesn't feel right to me. I always had that mindset, but since doing the abe work, I'm building up in myself the power to take control of what my future business will look like without assuming it will fail because I never took one off the ground before.

    I really enjoyed the program, and maybe there was something here that was useful to me, but I'm definitely feeling that I need to veer off into a different path to truly be happy with myself, as an artist and as a person.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, it’s more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Smile Day 127:

    Day 127: Milking the feeling

    In the last two days, I had a breakthrough... That I CAN combine my artistic journey with my spiritual one.

    Before I thought that I couldn't combine the two, but now it just makes sense that I can. I can have and talk about my life as an anime artist, but also talk about spirituality like crystals, angels and things like that. And often times, those two worlds really overlap, being that those two things are my biggest passions.

    But I want to milk the good feelings about having what I want:

    I'm excited seeing my visions become real possibilities.

    I'm blessed to have all the resources that I need to become successful right now.

    I'm having so much fun thinking of different ideas of things I could make and sale.

    It's fun working on my brand as an illustrator.

    It's exciting seeing the money roll in so easily from my passions.

    I'm getting more opportunities to make more money doing what I love easily.

    I love seeing my work get paid.

    I'm thankful for all the compliments I already gotten from my work.

    I'm surprised how easy this was.

    I have more money coming in which excites me.

    This was easier than I thought.

    Money finds the me in the most fun ways!

    I love how I can come up with an idea, try it and get paid all in a short amount of time.

    I love that I don't even need an official business to make a lot of money!

    I love that I don't have to make a business to start making money and a lot of it.

    People are more willing to pay for what they love, not the fact that you have everything put together.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, it’s more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Cool Day 128: Truths About Money

    I want to write down some truths when it comes to money:

    Business is just one way a person can make money.

    Artistic people are making money all the time and thriving without a formal business.

    Money doesn't care if you have a business at all, it just cares about your vibration.

    Vibration trumps business 100% of the time.

    Business was just a way for me to prove that I was perfect and could achieve great things (since people admire those that can create their own success such as a business).

    Inspiration doesn't follow logic as I think it does.

    Money loves a playful spirit and I have a lot of evidence of that in my own life!

    Money loves a grateful spirit because when you appreciate anything, you're literally being all of who you are!

    Money loves a risk taker, not in the sense of doing whatever it takes to make money, but it loves a person who does what is in their heart even when it goes against what other people call logical or rational.

    Money loves a selfish person, since there is an infinite amount of money in the universe, it's great to have total focus on your own abundance than worrying about others.

    Money is a really great vibration to play with.

    Money is a neutral energy, there is no right or wrong in it.

    Money doesn't follow plans like budgeting, saving or the like, it's all about vibration.

    You don't have to budget or save to have a lot of money (the concept of such suggests there's a lack of money anyway which is something I don't want to focus on.)

    Budgeting or saving can be a fun since anything that money touches is neutral.

    Money is just as natural as the food we eat and the water we drink.

    There is no higher power that wants me to sacrifice my wealth for the greater good.

    Money is out there for everyone.

    Anyone at any age can create outrageous wealth for themselves.

    Creating wealth has nothing to do with your past, your failures, your genes, class, race or any of that type of stuff.

    Because money is natural, it only makes sense that we have total access to it.

    There is no possible way that another can block our wealth.

    There is no possible way that a person CANNOT make money.

    You can make a lot of money doing what you love.

    It's natural that a lot of money comes from doing what you love.

    Abundance blockages comes from emotional blockages and resistances, not "practical problems."

    Once you learn how to manifest money it becomes easier to make more.

    There is always more money coming towards me.

    I can always create more money for myself.

    I never have to worry about money because it comes in and out as I need it.

    I never have to chase money down.

    I never have to create more money than I think I need because having enough is enough.

    I don't have to try so hard to make money.

    I can allow money to come into my life easily.

    I can focus on money in a way that feels good.

    I can imagine money coming to me in really outrageous ways.

    I can assume that money loves me as much as I love it.

    I can always count on money being there for me.

    I can always look forward to boosting my money vibe.

    I can always take out the money that I have and appreciate it.

    I can always have fun with my money.

    I can always spend my money before it physically comes (that sounds like a lot of fun to do!)

    Writing all this down, I'm noticing more and more that I'm being guided (just saw a bright sparkle of light) away from business and more into just starting where I am regardless. Not because it's the best way but it's the most fun way for me to get what I want. I already know that the business piece of it, if it's best, will work it's way in at the right time, but I've been stopping myself from doing what I love because of this one small piece of this very large and abundant puzzle.

    This is funny, a good friend of mine just texted me which reminded me of her wealth. She's a very creative person, musician and often combines her spiritual and creative work as well as life and challenges in her career. She makes covers of songs, original songs, sing-a-longs to boost your mood, books, workshops and all kinds of things and she makes a lot of money (at least to me.) And she doesn't have a formal business by any means, she just do what she whats and I didn't even catch on to that till right now. At least in the realm of money and business.

    I know it's because I'm more receptive towards what I want so I'm getting evidence of it (due to the work I'm doing in this thread), as well as thoughts that matches it. Now I'm really seeing that I thought I could only create the wealth that I wanted through this ONE WAY called a business when that was never true! I was just uptight about being perfect and doing things the "right way."

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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