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Thread: Allowing The Money In as an Aritst and Creative Person

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    Allowing The Money In as an Aritst and Creative Person

    Just your average ďjourneyĒ post around abundance and money.

    Day 1

    How Iím feeling

    I just came into a really nice windfall, a lot more money than I had at one time for a while. I really wanted to enjoy just having the money being on my person and just in my world before I started to spend it. But the more I thought about the things that I would buy, even the things that I really would like to buy, I honestly felt that I wanted to do something more with my money.

    When I came home from a cosplay meet up today, feeling quite good and refreshed and happy. It suddenly came to me exactly what I wanted to do with the money that I gotten. It happened when I realized that I didnít want to end up like my mom. She just gotten money and brought a lot of new appliances and things for her home. And even though she gotten a lot of the things that she wanted, my fear is that sheíll go broke without really ďchangingĒ anything. You can have all the nice things in the world, but if youíre still miserable or end up broke the way you were before, what was the point of buying anything?

    That is when I knew, from the deepest part of my being that I just donít want to buy things I want or need, but I want to take the money that I have and really do something with it that will change my life for the better. I want to invest that money into something that will not only change my life for the better but will open the door for me to have more money come in so I can continue to grow more prosperous. So that I donít have to wait for a windfall or when the money is ďrightĒ to get the things I really want.

    And itís not that I want to invest the money to purely make more money. I want to build a skill, or knowledge that I can then use to create a more abundant, fun and creative life. The feeling that I get is that of excitement, joy and amazement. That, oh my god, I didnít know it could be this easy type of feeling knowing the new skills that I learned or gained that leads me to even more adventures, experiences and of course abundance of all kinds.

    The quickest thing that comes to me when I have this amazing clarity about what I want to do with my new found abundance is my creativity. I know that I need to invest in my own creative gifts to make them grow into something more. I can feel in my gut, in my soul that investing money in my own gifts and talents will yield me not only the skills that I really want, but the abundance in which it will come through from. My logical side is assuming that the only way is through a class or course about manifesting money which is interesting because that is the quickest way, obvious way. But intuitively, in my heart, it says to invest in my creative skills. Find a way to grow my artistic skills and that is not something I really thought deeply about, so I know this is coming from source.

    And how wonderful it is for me to know exactly what it is that I need to do to align with this desire and to know which impulse I know to follow. More than anything, Iím proud of myself for finding this HUGE manifestation via my clarity on what I really REALLY want to do with my money.

    And I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Cool Day 2: Asking for too much

    Day 2

    How I feel

    I would say for the most part that my own story around abundance and money has been a lot like most others. Full of lack, belief of hard work to get by, that other people that had more money were somehow more fortunate or evil by some standard and that for me to have a rich life I had to somehow sell my soul through work I didnít enjoy.

    There is no point in filling in the details of how my story used to be, but it is valuable to remember that a lot of my beliefs around money wasnít helpful to me. Because of those beliefs, I kept myself from really letting a lot of money in. And at one point that I was letting quite an abundance in, I was working at a job I ****ing hated.

    I also found myself not aligning with my ability to be creative with financial success. In fact, it was towards that the more ďcreativeĒ and out of the box that I was, the less I would be able to be successful because people wouldnít like my unique works or point of view. Or even that people wouldnít want to pay me the money I really wanted to charge, so that I would be able to live a rich, easy and fun lifestyle that I really wanted.

    So what is it that I REALLY want?

    Itís not strictly the money that I want, but more so the experiences of not being limited by money. I find myself really enjoying the feeling of being able to buy the things I really want and also need easily without effort, not needing to have a budget, and more than anything, knowing that even more money is coming.

    But when I even think about what I just wrote, the clarity I just gained is more towards this: being able to buy the things I want because I want them, because they give me the experience to express myself in some way and it gives me the experiences of joy, excitement and adventure with knowing that I can buy more because more money is always coming in.

    I really really want to buy the things that I really want like a camera because I want to take more detailed and wonderful pictures and videos that I can post online. More video games because I simply love playing video games and being up to date with the latest consoles, games and what is popular. More anime related things because of the same reasons as video games. Beautiful shabby chic bedroom dťcor and bedroom set (and pretty anything for the home) because it really expresses who I am as a soul. Soft, pretty, pastel, feeling like royalty, and wanting to feel like Iím important. Being able to eat out at all the wonderful restaurants around my city because I simply adore food and there is a lot to taste in my city! More healthy food, cooking gadgets and the like because I love cooking and I simply love having all the tools I can think of to make it not only delicious but make it efficient too! And so much more.

    Iím wanting to live a fuller life by bringing in more things that gives me joy, expresses who I am and gives me a chance to learn something new. I will admit, I can feel the resistance when I was listing the things I wanted to buy because not only do I not have enough money to buy all those things without putting myself in a hole, but I can feel the slight unbelievably about being able to live such a reality. Not a HUGE gap, but big enough to feel like I have no idea how to make this happen for me in a satisfying way.

    I can also feel, the anger of the ďwhy isnít life like that for me already? What did I do to not be living that reality presently? I tried hard for years and nothing ever came close. How are things going to change now because I already feel like Iím asking for too much.Ē

    Oh! I just touched on something really juicyÖ

    I feel like Iím asking for too much to live the way I truly want to live, especially when it comes to money. That is SO important for me to know. That has been a very central feeling for me for years when it comes to money.

    Growing up in a less than healthy family where money was the biggest issue for us, I felt that asking for more than the total basics (and really less than that) was extremely selfish. That, I should be MORE THAN okay with not only what I had, but whatever crumbs floated my way. Additionally, I felt I had to prove my worthiness for anything more than what I possessed and even to keep what I had. Everything felt like an unfair game where I was always the loser.

    I did not want to, or have the desire to work for money despite the circumstances I was in, and everywhere I looked my societal taught beliefs would show how selfish it was to have that desire. That I should do anything to change the people and circumstances around me, that I should want to work and sacrifice to have a lot of money and so many other things that I, in my heart, didnít truly believe.

    Iím just understanding one of the core beliefs that manifested a less than desirable reality for me for years and why it repelled money away from me. Admittedly, I still have that belief lingering or activated within me, of course nowhere near as dominate but I still feel its pull around me today.

    And I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Talking Day 7: Huge Money Breakthroughs, Successes and Manifestations!

    So much has happened since the last time I updated this. At this moment, I know for a fact that Iíll be moving into a bigger place and that feels AWESOME. They are currently building new apartments for LGBT young adults and they want to have the LGBT youth that is already in the other sites of PH (the organization that created the housing I currently live in) to be the first ones to apply and get in.

    Being that Iím living in one room with a shared living room, kitchen and bathroom they really want me to be in a place where I can be completely comfortable and be able to express and live how I truly want to live. Because those apartments requires an income and I mentioned that I wasnít conformable with a normal job and wanted to do my own thing with my various creative gifts, they are holding an info panel about an apprenticeship for young adults. So that it would be a lot easier to have a stable job in the future, while having an income to be able to apply for the new building when it does open. However, that isnít the cherry on top.

    Working with my new case manager in PH, she completely understands my issues, troubles, needs and strengths that I have towards working and is so compassionate about it. I was able to talk to her about how my first job went, how it made me feel and why I felt a lot more comfortable and in the zone working a job that is far less traditional and more so working for myself. She was more than willing to work with me on this and we came up with some good ideas and possibilities to explore as far as what would be the right work environment for me. As I do have very specific needs to be happy and function wherever Iím at.

    Best of all, when she first mentioned the apprenticeship, my knee jerk reaction was to ignore it and keep going on my chosen path, but as I just let myself be more receptive to the idea she was presenting, while not simply nailing myself down to a decision right then and there, I could feel my gut intuition kick in strongly.

    It felt safe and as if I was going to be honored going in that direction, and it just didnít seem like a bad idea; I was willing to give it an honest try. It was a good feeling and whenever I feel that about something, I know itís the direction I need to go in. Also, to note, when the new building was announced and their plans to have the youths already in PH to be the first ones in (this was a few months ago) I felt my intuition say to go for it.

    Even though I didnít have an income (which was a requirement) and had no interest of getting a job of any kind, I felt my gut kick in. I didnít know how (and didnít like the idea of being in a building strictly targeted to my peer group), but I knew that was the direction I needed to go in simply because I received guidance towards it.

    As I didnít bother to try to look or make anything happen as far as work or making an income, the solution, the perfect solution came to me that I can simply walk into (which happened so many times in my life in different areas), but this is just the beginning of the wonderful opportunities for more abundance!

    Another really AMAZING employment opportunity came my way, itís not final as they are still working things out, but since Iím in PHís art program quite heavily, staff from that department wants to see if Iím able to FORMALLY work with them with graphic design, something that I went to school for!!! It would be so amazing because I literally live in the same building, know the people, already do the candle and soap making and so many things that simply fits into place. Best of all I would be able to make an EASY income doing something that I LOVE quicker than the above option, which means more money to do and buy the things I not only need, but WANT!

    And I can feel it, it feels like a YES! It feels like everything is falling into place just perfectly RIGHT AFTER this amazing windfall of money that I had let go of because I wasnít sure if it was even going to happen!

    But this is probably the most exciting and juiciest manifestation of all!!!

    While I was browsing Instagram, I washed up on my friends page which led me to her Esty shop for her crafts. At that moment such grand clarity washed over me that I can create an Esty shop for my intuitive readings!

    I got direct guidance from my angels and guides to create an Esty shop for both my readings and art which will make it super easy for me to attract lots of cash by doing the things I love in the way I always wanted to do them! With ease, freedom, creativity and just plain fun as I interact with interesting people!

    I canít even put into words how wonderful, perfect and just stunning this opportunity is for me that I never even considered before (maybe once or twice a very long time ago).

    Iím currently selling my readings on my blog using a totally different and free e-commerce service. It was great for a while but recently, I was downgraded to only hold up to 10 products unless I wanted a monthly plan which I wasnít fond of. I was really annoyed but had no real choice if I wanted to have an e-shop that was easy to manage so I just rolled with it.

    I wanted to revamp my readings for years now but nothing would seem to fit or work out. I could feel that the time wasnít right and that has been for years, especially in this last year when I finally moved into my new place. However, when I realized I could switch over to Esty, a much more well-known website that has TONS of traffic and exposure, as well as a lot more tools to manage your shop WITHOUT needing a monthly plan, I was knocked over with the knowing of ďthis is it.Ē This is the way I can not only put my shop where it can be more professional looking and easy to access, but a grand way for me to make money and make money FAST doing something I already enjoy and good at!

    The process would also be faster and easier than anything else I used in the past now that I am using a website that is known to be a successful hub for professional creatives for itís simple and easy tools and payment structure.

    Soon after that, I realized I already had an account for the intention of selling my arts and crafts from 6 years ago, which gave me the idea of using that account for my art and make a new account for my readings! Funny enough, I still have most of the crafts I wanted to sell then, edited products pictures and everything! So I can easily get started with my arts and crafts as well!

    That means, two shops doing what I love that will bring me much abundance!

    After milking that for who knows how long I realized this is exactly how I wanted to invest my money in the way I wrote about it earlier! In a way that not only changes my life for the better, but invests in my creativity and skills in a way that I can create even more abundance in my life so I can continue to expand and express myself through the things I will buy!

    Iím just stunned by how all this happened, within a week of starting this thread when I put myself in a very receptive mode once I cleared some resistance!

    Within all of this popping up for me, it clicked that money and making a lot of money is far easier than I thought it ever was. I donít need to be or do anything special or different to manifest a lot of it in my life.

    For a long time I thought I had to do something major, work hard or somehow prove myself before a lot of money, especially a lot of money for me to spend on only fun things could come in. But when I had a much needed revelation on what the universe actually responds to in another thread I made, it made a ripple effect in how I see other areas in my life.

    As long as Iím HAPPY. As long as Iím JOYOUS, nothing else matters because all things that I love naturally comes in from that place. It doesnít matter what anyone else sees, expects or wants you to do. It doesnít matter what you look like, what your past was or what you desire, as long as you THINK THOUGHTS that brings forth POSITIVE EMOTIONS, the universe will respond to you in a positive way as it would when you think NEGATIVE THOUGHTS that bring NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. And Iíve been giving too much air time to negative thoughts so for a few weeks now Iíve decided to the best of my ability to think about only what I really want! So when I did think a negative thought, I just pivot and said to myself ďlet me think of something that I actually wantĒ and started from there, even if it was small. By far I feel that has been the reason why this GIANT cluster of good things have been pouring all over me in the last few weeks as it has.

    The best part of it all is that THIS IS NOT THE END, but the beginning and it will never end. I never have to worry about things going sour, turning bad or simply not working out because that is not how the universe works. Things just donít stop because of some outside force, itís all about what you think and how it makes you feel. And I always have control over my thoughts and feelings so as long as Iím feeling good in the moment, or most of the time, the good times will ALWAYS ROLL ON.

    I canít wait to get back to working on my new Esty shops, itís been a BLAST so far!

    I know FOR A FACT that the money, costumers, ideas, expansion and more than anything the SUCCESS of this is sooo guaranteed! Just by virtue of not only how things are going and the way Iím doing things, but by me doing the work in this thread the readings, money and amazing experiences is going to come in faster and sooner than I ever allowed it to be before!

    This is the best part of it all, the knowing that more and better is coming and is guaranteed while looking at all the amazing things that Iíll will buy for myself, friends and family. The knowing that, not only more money is coming in from other sources, but by doing this VERY INSPIRED ACTION(S) by the time I move into my BRAND NEW BUILT APARTMENT (because I know for sure by then I will have an income so I donít need to worry about not being able to move in), I will be so well off Iíll be able to buy all the things I could possibly want for my new place easily! I even have plans to start saving up for a really amazing trip to Japan and I can only IMAGINE how that will show itself to me!

    Also, this past Thanksgiving has been the best I had in probably 15 years and I canít wait for X-Mas because I know how good it will be with so much in the works and what is already here.

    I canít stop smiling, laughing, giggling and just having fun touching the universe as it showers me with my own self-love, appreciation, compassion and zest for life!

    I donít know what else to say so Iím going to stop here! Oh, all of the successes that are happening now, Iíve gotten VERY CLEAR guidance and inspired action MONTHS before I knew any of this was going to manifest as it did so my advice to everyone out there is this:


    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Talking Day 37: Fun clarity with Money

    Day 37: Fun clarity with Money

    I've shifted so much in the last 24 hours. I have so much clarity on what it is that I want and how I want it that I can barely believe it.

    I know the type of life that I want with money. I know what I want to feel like with money. I know what I want to see with my money. I know the things I want to bring into my life with money. I know the person I want to be with money. Everything that I want to know, experience, have clarity on and whatever it is that I want when it comes to my life and money, I know on such a deep level now.

    I know what I want with money and that feels so good. I know what I want with money and that feels so good. I know what I want with money and I love the clarity that I get to live out. I love living out the clarity that I have with money. I know the clarity of it all! That is the sweet spot.

    I love the clarity of who I am, who I want to be and how I choose to be in the world. I love the clarity of the freedom that I have. I love the freedom to choose my experience, to be selfish and to never consider any one else's opinion in my life ever again. I love that I don't have to do or be anything that I don't want to be and I don't have to give two shits what the next person thinks. I can be who I want, what I want when I want.

    I love that. I love that kind of clarity!

    I love the ease of the topic, I'm enjoying the money that I have right now and all the changes that it will bring into my life. I love the fact that I'm such a good money manager and everything always goes well for me in the area of money. I love knowing that my intuition is always beside me letting me know what is right and what doesn't serve the desires that I have in my vortex. I love that. I love knowing that I'm never alone in this and I have SO MUCH HELP FROM NON-PHYSICAL.

    That is the juiciest part.

    I never have to worry making the wrong decision. I never have to fear that I'm making the wrong choice in anything because I have my inner being along side with me in all endeavors. That is what feels really good to me.

    I always make the right decision, I always know what to do, the next step is always lighting up for me.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Thumbs up Day 38: Not afraid to be selfish anymore

    I had a breakthrough that I don't have to blog for money. I don't have to be online for money. Make blog posts about spiritual principles for money. I don't have to make online courses for money. I don't have to do anything that I thought I had or thought I wanted to do online to make money. In fact, it was a very flawed premise that I didn't know I had. I just assumed that it was the best way to let money in. But really, I was replacing a worst option, a 9 to 5 job with something that wasn't as bad, something I would enjoy more. But I'm seeing that it was just the lesser of two evils. But now I know I don't have to do that either. I don't have to do anything for money to come into my life.

    In fact, more and more I'm noticing that it's coming in on its own. There isn't anything that I'm doing to make it come in, the opportunity just come and I say YES to it, that feels good.

    What feels really good about this is it that frees up so much of my time and energy to do the things that I really want... No, that isn't it. What feels the best is that I'm no longer focusing on helping other people.

    I'm no longer thinking or really "feeling" that I have to serve others to be financially well-off or to have an amazing income. That is not required. I don't have to do ANYTHING for the money to come in and have a lot of it. I no longer have to think of resources, courses, e-books or whatever that could help someone else that I can sell so I can have the flow of money that I want. I see now I had the cart before the horse because in my heart of hearts I really didn't want to do that.

    I want to have a lot of money to have a lot of money. I want to focus on myself, my life and what I want, not other people's lives or how they are doing or lack thereof. That clarity feels good.

    I have to be all that I am, I have to feel good and do what I really wanted to do before the money flow can really show up. With this new breakthrough I know that I want to blog on my personal blog. Not have topics that I think people will want to read or hopefully they will want a reading from me, but things that matter to me. To express my real and true opinions, than trying to sugar coat everything for the sake of what other people might think.

    I'm noticing a really toxic pattern in my thinking and actions. I'm seeing that I edit myself because I'm worried about how other people might view me. And because of that, I don't do what I REALLY in my heart want to do. I edit myself to cater to what I think will make me look more appropriate. But that isn't working for me and it never did. Now that I'm no longer thinking about how other people view me or more so, depending on money coming in through what I do online, I'm not giving two shits what people think and doing what I want to do. And THAT feels good!

    I can feel and just know that is not how money comes in. Money doesn't come in by what I do, but what I vibrate and if I'm aligned.

    Tthis wonderful manifestation of knowing that I don't have to have an online business for the money that I want to come in feels so good to me, it really is a huge shift for me! For years I thought that I had to do something for the money to come in, but this shift in knowing and feeling changes the game for me!

    But more than anything, I feel this wonderful feeling of focusing on self. This complete focus on me, my wants, needs and preferences and not turning my head to view anything other than that. Knowing that, the money I want, the life I want with money is purely for my own happiness, joy and creation. I'm not letting anyone else in on my pie, I'm not considering anyone else's emotions, thoughts or opinions. I'm completely focusing on my desires, my wants purely and not afraid to be selfish in all my endeavors.

    And there it is, I've reached the point where I'm not afraid to be selfish anymore, even if it might look that way to others. To say, be, and become exactly what I want and live exactly what I want without resistance from my own thoughts about others.

    That is what I'm feeling and that is what I've been reaching for.

    Because of that, I'm allowing myself to be pampered, to buy myself expensive things, to upgrade my life with courses that focuses on abundance, beauty and balance. I'm not allowing myself to be around things that I've outgrown and instead going towards the things that matches who I am and where I'm going.

    The path has been lighting up for me and the things that I thought once I couldn't afford or was too frivolous, I can easily get, the idea of it is normal and things are falling into place. Better than anything, the money is there, I know I'm going to have more and I never have to worry about being broke or not having enough money again.

    That is a good feeling!

    I love the fact I can say that and when I look at the reality competition shows and the contestant mentions that they are competing for the money because they are living pay check to pay check it feels odd to me. I feels like money is so easy why would anyone work so hard for so little? Don't they know how much of it is out there? That is when I knew that something big in me shifted and I was on another level from where I was before. THAT feels good!

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Lightbulb Starting Over

    Post 7-2/7/17

    I'm deciding to start over with my readings, I'm deciding to start off in a softer place about them.

    How I feel

    I really want this to work. Iíve done everything that I was told to do to make this work and I expected to see results faster than what Iím currently seeing. But Iím not seeing them and Iím trying to be patient, as well as thinking of ways to get people to my shop to buy my readings.

    I can already feel whatís missing. Iím in the feeling place that I have ďno clients, no referrals, no type of leverage for people buy readingsĒ generally, Iím feeling that I have nothing, no reason or no way for people to come and buy my readings. And that doesnít feel good, and Iíve been doing that thing of trying to quantum leap from feeling that I have nothing of interest for people to buy my readings to suddenly Iím having all the success I could ask for. I know that doesnít work, and Iím glad LOA is showing me that.

    I have to start where I am, and conjure the simple FEELING of what I want than try to take the action journey and make something happen. That is so easy to do and so much fun to watch how things shift in my favor!

    Iím in such a great clear place of deciding what I want and creating that feeling now. This is exciting and I know that I donít have to do anything because everything resolves itself so easily for me. I just have to get happy or more so get confident and sure footed about all this!

    Soothing myself

    I really love the new designs that I added to my shop. They really match who I am and what Iím about, also, I love the new information that I added as well. I really found myself and my niche through that process, something that I always wanted to be clear about but never took the risk of doing so. That is a huge manifestation on its own and Iím really proud of myself of getting there in my money/life works journey.

    I donít have people buying now, but I do have so much at the moment. Clarity of what I want to provide, a clear knowing of who I am, a sureness that this is going to work and just a lot of new clay that I can continue to mold into place when it comes to my lifeís work.

    Ah, I love that! This is no longer a ďbusinessĒ for me but my lifeís work, that is a HUGE shift for me! Iím no longer doing what Iím doing simply for extra money, Iím doing it because I really really love doing it!

    I love sharing my wisdom, I love opening myself up to my spirit team, I love accepting myself as who I am and my talents and finally letting go of my own insecurities about them. It feels so good to finally flow with what has been in my vortex for years and years and not stop myself because of what the peanut gallery thinks.

    Iím in a really good place right now, and it has nothing to do with the money aspect of it because my money is already taken care of, so itís not a real issue.

    I feel guided to get started. To start writing the blogs, to start recording my talks, and simply DO WHAT I LOVE. Doing what I love has nothing to do with the money, I love to share my wisdom because I quite honestly love to hear myself talk and just flow that wisdom from all the guides that is around me.

    At the same time I canít seem to get over the money piece, that is a sticky resistance for me right now. I know I can do without the money right now or even forever because things are getting better and money is coming in from a lot of other sources but I want to feel more ease in that I can spend more because even more money is coming in. I want to feel the freedom of buying more things that I want, without considering how much money I have.

    Maybe this has nothing to do with money, but with my feelings of being able to do the things I want to do. Iím tying my freedom with money with the success or lack thereof of my shop. I want the shop to be successful because I (really) want the money. And I really want the money because I want to have access to buy more stuff that I want. And I can feel thatís not going to work in my favor. And it hasnít, right now or in the past.

    Ahh, I feel a lot better now knowing what is really going on and getting clear on it. I donít feel so bad for feeling the way I have and now I can really let the money thing go.

    Itís all going to be okay, I can start right where I am. I can simply work on the money piece and the lifeís work piece separately for now on because doing it together introduces a lot of resistance and crosshairs. Now that feels good and I know where I need to start now!

    I feel guided to stop hereÖ

    Thank you itís more than enough, thank you!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Red face Entry 8 2/8/17

    Talking About The Core of My Lifeís Work 2/8/17

    There are a lot of things that I really want this to become. I want to become successful, but not in the sense of having a lot of fame or money, but my work resonating with a lot of people and that my work reaches around the globe.

    I really love doing what I do, itís something that I did before for years but I stopped because of the stress I was dealing with. Iím really glad I took that break because I was constantly tying my success to the money, or lack thereof, that I was making with my readings, blogs and etc. I noticed that I was in a very resistant place then. Trying and forcing things to work that never really did, which of course, just stressed me out more.

    Now that Iím in a much better space, I can take my time and nurture my lifeís work. Not to mention all that I learned about the law of attraction that I can know take advantage of in this subject. The only thing that is really stopping me from taking that big leap is fear of the unknown, trying something (kinda) new and just trusting that things will work out at the end.

    I donít know how this will turn out, I donít know how people will react with me sharing my spiritual wisdom and my beliefs. That is the scariest part for me. Showing myself as who I really am, a person that is really passionate about spirituality and sharing it openly.

    Saying things that muggles might not understand or might seem selfish or cruel. Telling the world that I can channel beings from different planets and dimensions, something Iím still getting used to opening myself fully too. Talking about my own experiences that isnít the norm. The way I view and continue to view life is different, and always shifting and changing into something more radical, but I love it because it gives me freedom. Freedom that I didnít have before that I always wanted.

    Itís all very scary honestly, and a part of me wants to put it off completely or just water it down like I always had. Even with that, I know that isnít what I really want, nor is it going to give me what I want.

    I really do want to do this, that is the truth, itís just my fear fogging my view. Honestly, Iíve been in this place millions of times. Wanting to do something but afraid to do it because of whatever reason, more so because of what other people think. I did those things and it worked out great, even if I had to get used to doing something new, stabilizing my footing with it and just taking baby steps to learn. All in all, I had a good time, things worked out and people saw me as an inspiration. All is really well.

    I can feel my guides saying that Iíll be okay, and I donít have to worry because they are guiding me, Iím not alone in this. Which is so true. Iím not alone and this can be something I can gain so much from if I just take that next step. Just one. Not 10 or the whole thing at once haha!

    I might not be 100% comfortable yet, but I do feel better and eager to start, knowing that my angst and fear is something that my guides understand and will work with me on. I donít feel so compelled to try to get everything right and pretend that the universe wants me to be perfect. It knows where I am and will always meet me half way as long as I keep moving forward and not withdraw myself.

    I feel that I can start now, just doing something simple and building from that. That feels good and the next logical step, actually, preparing what I want to share feels like the next step, so Iíll do that and Iíll allow my spirit team to flow through me freely so that whatever Iím inspired to do can come easily. I donít have to treat this so seriously, I can just intend for my guides to guide me and feel what happens.

    Now I feel like Iím in a great place. I was assuming that my work with my guides had to look a certain way, but that isnít what it has to be or the path of least resistance, it was actually the path of most resistance! Writing about my feelings about where I was actually at, helped me bridge that gap from fear to positive expectation.

    I now know that my work with my guides and spirit team is a lot more subtle and gentle, I donít have to sit and wait for them to give me ground breaking information. I just have to be in the receptive mode for them and their wisdom to come in and take it from there, Iím usually really good with that.

    Now Iím understanding how this all works, and how I work and that feels good. I can take the step forward and try something new.

    Also, I'll be taking this subject over to my first and main visioning process thread if anyone is following me in this specific topic of my life's work/career I just started posting about yesterday and today, I'll still be posting about money and such on this thread!

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Day 97: Extensions

    I want to talk about money, and really get down on what I want with money and my own experience with money.

    While listening to Abe, I focused on money and the feeling that I had money. I felt completely safe and secure, I even asked the abundance angels to come in and to help brighten my aura around money and abundance. What I felt during that is this ability or knowing that Iím much more powerful than money. That money is under my control and that I donít need to adjust myself to have money come to me. It is I that brings money into my experience, not money choosing who it comes to.

    That felt good to me because Iím used to trying to make the money come and assume that Iím unworthy or I need to be someone different than who I am for it to come. But Iím realizing that the more I am myself, listen to myself and just have fun and be who I am, the more magical ways money just flows to me.

    I also felt so sure footed that more money was to come, which I already know is true. I wasnít stressing over money or the money I already spent because I know more money is coming, that wasnít an issue.

    I just have this feeling that money isnít a big of deal as I thought it always was. That itís really simple and all I have to do is tune into my own self, I donít even have to try to make money, I just have to relax and really focus on this energy stream that is all around me and bask in it, thatís it. Itís natural to me as it always was but I forgotten for a little bit, not a big deal.

    I know money isnít a big deal, itís not everything, not even close. I am everything, my joy is everything, fun is everything, drawing and creating is everything. All the things that make me happy is my everything and I have those things now, I donít need money to supply anymore happiness than I already created in myself, and that feels good to know. I have everything I need and want now.

    So anything else that I add is really an extension of what I already created in my life, not necessarily creating something brand new or more. And that is something I havenít given thought to before. New clothes, games, equipment, all those things I already have in my life in some form so Iím not creating anything brand new, but just adding what is already there. Iím not so far out of my comfort zone as I thought, even when it comes to manifesting more money, itís really that easy.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Day 100 New Business Fears

    I've been stressing out about my business since I got into my new business program last week. The business coach that teaches it really emphases having a unique niche to grow your business quickly.

    I really want to make the money back that I invested as well the cost of the program itself, but I'm so stressed out about finding a way to make it happen. To get the high paying clients, how my website should be and just how it's all going to come about. I feel like I have to have this all figured out and ready to go before I can really become a business and be secure that I have a great idea that people will want.

    I'm so tense and on edge about all this that I'm not happy. This business thing is eating me up inside because I feel that I have to follow the teacher's strict rule set, even though she said to follow your own intuition about anything that you're doing. At this rate, I won't be happy with the business I'm making and that is just not on my agenda. This business HAS to be about me and MY HAPPINESS and what I LOVE TO DO.

    The hell with a niche, I know what I want to do and how I want to do it. I just want help with manifesting high paying clients that want to work with me.

    Trying to create success logically, and really, by someone else's experience has never worked, I have to follow my own heart. When I started the vision process with my art, I didn't know how it will all happen, yet within a year so many things came from the sky into my lap and I didn't plan any of it! If I tried to, I'm sure I would of just burned myself out and gave up because of the stress of it all.

    It's the same for this business too, and why I gave up on it many time before. I was stressed out day after day trying to figure out how to make it work, how to be successful and to make money, but that isn't what I want from my business.

    I want my business to be an extension of me. I want it to be something that people can go to for information, guidance, ideas and inspiration. I want the things I offer and sale to be life giving to me and to my clients, something that gives them hope and happiness.

    More than anything, I want my business to be a money making machine, where it generates money so effortlessly and smoothly. Where I don't have to go out of my way to try to make it happen, it's just so in alignment, so bright and so available that naturally it gives me more money than I can spend, and it keeps growing. (a great vision to start with for my business!)

    This business feels free, expansive, fun, creative, artistic, individual, unique, joyous, spiritual and enlightening. Which seems like the opposite of what I'm trying to do now, and I know now that I'm not aligned to what I want. I'm just following what someone else says because I believe that I will get what I want, but I know it is alignment that gives me what I want, not following someone else's ideas.

    I know I'm on the right track, I just have to muster up the courage to start charging the higher end prices that I want to charge and believe in myself. Luckily, I can simply do the work so even making that change will be effortless and fun! As I've done this before in so many other areas in my life, this is totally possible and doable, I just have to remember that this is simply a vibrational game, and not a numbers or logical game.

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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    Day 117: Going General with Money

    Day 117

    I have a lot of money swirling in my experience. It really is a lot more than I ever had before and even more opportunities to make more of it. I really like this thing that I have with money, itís getting easier and a lot more fun.

    I love money because itís really easy to get in the flow of it, it really is. I can see a lot more clearly what my future with money is like and I really like what I see. I see myself having not just a lot of money, but money is an even more positive force in my life.

    I see myself taking a lot of trips around the world. I see myself investing in artists that I love to support. I see myself marketing myself. I see myself looking for a bigger place to live in so that I can have my own studio in my home. I see myself investing in video and camera equipment for my YouTube videos, which I REALLY enjoy! I feel that I stuck a cord.

    I love imagining myself having a great YouTube channel in which I show people how I live. I love showing people my life and how I create my desires and artworks. I love imaging having the equipment to do speed paint videos while Iím doing traditional pieces as well as digital. I love imagining myself looking for all the proper things to make my videos even more attractive to look at and more artistic! That feels good to me.

    I love knowing that money can help me with those dreams and that Iím getting a lot clearer on what those dreams are. I love knowing that doing YouTube videos is very much in my future. I just canít wait to see it all come together!

    I just had an idea that I can do crafty tutorials as well! I love the idea of that very much! I can even do a video where I take a trip to the craft store, do a craft store haul AND create a new piece all in the same video!

    It feels good to be in a place where I can nurture that, and it all begins now. Not in doing it but imagining it and just putting myself in a vibrational place where Iím happy.

    I love what money helps me to do. It helps me with all the creative dreams that I have, and itís not me waiting for the money to show up, but me milking the joy I have about my projects! I love that money isnít this big thing that I have to wait to show up, that takes a lot of pressure off on the whole thing. I love that feeling of ease and just contentment without the worry. I never have to worry, and that feels good.

    I also love what I have planned with the money thatís coming. Iím getting clarity that money represents something important in my life based on what I want to do with it, thatís juicy! Money represents expansion, experiences, creativity and creation to me.

    Fun, expansive, amazing, wonderful, spiritual, and abundant experiences in life. I love that itís not the money that will give me those things but it is me in the now that already lives those things right now! Money is just the byproduct of my own alignment, but itís never THE alignment!

    Going general in my whole life was a really good idea, probably the best idea I had in a really long time, that feels good! The universe always knows the path of least resistance and I felt it and went for it! All is good and Iím very in tune with my source, the universe!

    Iím pleasantly surprised about what stood out to me, doing YouTube, but I feel it and I just know it. It feels like the path of least resistance, or in this case the path of the most excitement! It is exciting, even more so knowing that Iíll be able to buy what I need to make it happen in the future! But Iím still going to go general, Iím not going to be making any plans but to milk feeling good.

    I felt drawn to look up YouTube cameras and found there are many affordable camera bundle options! That feels so good to me because I know that is the universe supporting me and showing me that this is happening and is possible. But more than anything, Iím receptive to my dreams and the path on the way there is lighting up for me!

    I feel guided to stop here.

    Thank you so much, itís more than enough!

    Much Love,

    Kai <3

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