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Thread: New to loa, and yet....

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    New to loa, and yet....

    Hi. I'm Christina, 34 yo, from Denmark.

    I stumbled across, or manifested loa in my life, 3 months ago. I am single, and i dated this amazing man a couple of times, he is even better than i could have created in my vortex. But i feared he would dissappear, so he did... And like Esther meeting Jerry, i feel thats MY man!
    Before i knew about loa, i established contact with my guiding spirit (source energy, Guardian Angel, name it what you like) i call him Abel, and he told me, that this man will come back to me, not now, but when i am ready, and when i have worked on myself. I need to find happiness within me again. I've had experience with predicting or getting answers before, so i trust this.

    Imagine my jaw dropping to the floor when i stumbled across Abraham Hicks. Now it all makes even more sense!

    So now i am working on getting in alignment with my vibration, being happy where i am, and i know i Can manifest, since i've manifested my Dream job, my beautiful home amongst others.. But this time i am impatient, but know the road 😄 .

    I am a positive person, almost always happy, almost always appreciative of what i have, so i almost feel like this is a test, i put up for myself 😄

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    Welcome to the Forum, Cryllefranne!

    Thanks for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself and your journey to these teachings and this Forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cryllefranne View Post i almost feel like this is a test, i put up for myself 
    I'd like to offer a little bit of fine-tuning here. Abraham remind us that we're not here to be tested or to learn lessons. So, if this idea of "a test" doesn't feel good to you, you have Abraham's "permission" to find a different, better-feeling story to describe your experience. In doing so, you'll be releasing some of your resistance.

    Have fun with us!

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