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Thread: Quotes about Jesus

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    Quotes about Jesus

    Abe have often refered to Jesus,
    who is, as Abe say, part of their energy.
    This quote-collection might be interesting, as well:

    Church and religion

    A new message from Jesus

    When you sat before Jesus, or other healers- there where many!
    dripping your illness, he did NOT SEE YOUR ILLNESS.

    But we want to enhance that statement by saying:
    It wasnīt that it wasnīt visible, and the was blind to it.
    It was that he felt NO CONCERN about it.

    He didnīt worry about it.
    He had no emotional response to your illness, because his complete
    emotional response was to your WELLNESS!
    So he could behold your wellness, WITHOUT FREAKING OUT.

    This is a new message from Jesus:
    "I could behold an illness, without freaking out.

    Because, the illness didnīt bother me.
    Because, it wasnīt authentic.
    It wasnīt reality! The reality is over here!
    -It was just the beginning of the journey, to which
    I was giving my undivided attention."

    (...) In the compassionate, complete acceptance of the ok-ness
    of where you ARE, there is a complete and utter ABSENCE OF RESISTANCE!
    And hear what happens then!
    In the utter absence of resistance, this powerful Vortex (...) takes you right in.
    Takes you right in-

    where the manifestations that please you, can be revealed to you.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - What does being authentic really mean

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    So- when someone sees you sick, and they say:
    "Ohhhh!!! it... itīs gonna be ok!"
    -Theyīr not helping.
    When someone sees you sick, and they say:
    "Ohhhh!!! I... Iīll pray for you!"
    -Theyīr not helping.

    But when someone sees you sick, and says
    How ya doing? Whatīs up?"
    -no emotional terrorizing.
    Because they are so solidly in their KNOWLEDGE of wellbeing,
    that everything theyīll see -
    a nation in poverty, a country in financial disruption,
    a physical body in unpleasant diagnosis.
    A family in financial disaster- and looking right at it, and ACCEPTING it,
    in this soft, knowledgeable understanding-

    that this is the starting of a journey, and that- ohhh, look over there!

    And when you KNOW that, as those like Jesus knew it,
    then those, who are being looked upon, benefit by that knowing.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks - What does being authentic really mean

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    A doubtful HS with Christian background

    I came here with some skeptism because I don't really believe in channeling...
    And... (laughter from crowd) coming from a Christian background, I
    was taught that this is "new age" and...

    Well, where does the Christian religion get it's knowledge?

    From the scripture. From the bible.

    But where did those come from?


    Channeling. (loud applause)

    Anytime anyone looks outside of themselves for guidance
    they always get less than when they are looking for it within.
    And there are many people that look for guidance within religion and find it.
    You have found guidance there. You have found clarity there. You weren't making wrong choices.

    So, I'm kind of confused. Who is God? Who is Jesus? What's heaven and hell?

    God is source energy and the culmination of all that you are.
    God is expanding here today in this room.

    God expands each time you live something not wanted and prefer something more.
    Even if you are the one-celled ameba in the ocean - God expands in that too.

    Jesus is a physical human, like you, who came forth into this environment, like you,
    to understand who he is and how he fits into all of this.
    And he banged around like you for a long time also,
    and then removed himself from the chaos of all that and went away
    and was taught by others to meditate and get inside himself,
    where he closed that vibrational gap and connected with source in the way that Esther is doing here
    and in a way that every one of you can too.

    And, he said that to all of you.
    The kingdom of heaven is within you.
    It is not that which is outside of you.

    When he says Turn the other cheek, he's talking about turning your canoe into the flow.
    He's talking about not pushing against.
    In other words, he is not different from that which you are.

    Heaven is the illusion that physical man has about what it will be like
    when he no longer has resistance.
    Heaven is an illusion in the sense that it is not a place, but it is certainly a state of being.
    And, heaven exists right here on earth or exists here, where we are.

    Heaven is the state of non-resistance, you see.
    And hell is the fiction of man's disconnected mind. There is no such thing as hell.

    (thunderous applause)

    And, you know it. Think about it.
    You knew that every time somebody tried to teach you about that
    you got your knot in your stomach and what was that know telling you?
    That knot was telling you that you were activating a vibration about a subject
    and your source was not going there.

    In other words, source says there's no such thing. There's no such thing.
    There's no such thing.

    And, as you are trying to teach yourself that there is, you create a crevace between you and you.
    And, when we said that just now it felt to us as if you said, "Hell Yes."

    4/29/06 Asheville, NC

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    Give yourself a break.
    Not even Jesus or Enlightened ones have been ALWAYS be ITV.

    "They donīt nail you up, when youīr ITV!"

    (Abe, talking about that even Jesus "flew out", sometimes.)

    "We will not admit that he
    (an enlightened teacher the HS is speaking about)
    is ALWAYS ITV, because:
    He still is in physical form."


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    The true meaning of "Ascension":
    "Ascending to the next higher level".

    All of you, in your physical form, -as we said many times here this day-
    are extensions of source energy.
    And to the degree that you focus to align you with your source,
    you ARE the physical embodiment of that source.

    And we gotta believe that this is what anyone means with
    When you train your vibration into a place that matches your source
    then youīv got to have the perspective of that, which is your source.

    And as long as youīr focused in this bodies and doing that,
    you have achieved the state of Ascension.
    Our definition of this is the raising of vibration.

    But people want to make everything literal.
    And we wanna say: What are you gonna do with the physical body
    in a nonphysical environment?
    Iow, it just doesnīt translate in in a way that we can make work out in the way
    we mean physical and nonphysical.

    But, in fairness, EVERYTHING that is physical is nothing more
    than an extension of that what is nonphysical.
    So we have to go along with the idea that you could get so good
    and so pure in your vibratory state
    that you could create anything that you could imagine.

    And in fact, get ready for this:
    THAT is what you have done in this earth-state.
    The earth-state is the physical extension of nonphysical.

    Asheville, 04/30/05

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    Why did Jesus come to Earth?

    HS wants to know why Jesus came.

    Same reason you did! Same reason you all do!
    (...) What could possibly be the reason that anyone would come,
    other than that you are eternal beings, and youīve come
    for the creative experience?

    So, are you saying Christ came for the experience, as well?

    Of course!! Of course! There are no exceptions!

    This just seems sort of a dramatic way to help us out...

    Well, hasnīt been that helpful, actually.
    (huge applause and laughter)
    More people dye over the things that surround christianity,
    than all other things put together.

    Correct. Correct...

    So, we know what you mean.
    Well, what do you mean?
    (laughter) The helping out-part?

    (...) If we always excist, why the intervention?

    Well, first of all, there never is an intervention.
    Intervention sounds like assertion. And there is NO assertion!
    There is only attraction.

    So what happens is, youīr taking a historical figure
    who has rightly earned the place of a religious figure,
    there are many who feel that itīs blasphemy to call him
    anything other than the son of God, also we will,
    but we will not call Jesus the son of God in any other context
    than we put YOU in the same category!

    Iow, EVERYONE who comes forth is an extension of source-energy!
    And EVERYONE comes forth to explore the contrast, and to become.

    And his story is not different!
    Iow, he came -like all- did his part of banging around,
    put all kinds of things into his Vortex, even so he wasnīt calling
    it so, in these days-
    separated himselves from the trauma and the struggle,
    came into alignment with who heīd become-
    and then stood in that vibration of greater knowing
    that he had carved out of that experience.

    -And then, told the story of that.
    And others who were witnessing hardly anybody
    coming into alignment with who they are, then pronounced him
    "unique" and marvellous, King, and God. And Saint, and son of God.

    When what he was was just a regular guy,
    tuning into what he was- and teaching through the clarity of
    his example, that EVERYONE else could do the same thing.
    And he said that EVERY DAY!!
    Every day that you would listen to him!

    Thatīs the story that he told:
    He said, "I am not that, which you are not." He said "Itīs your faith,
    that makes you whole!"
    He said "Come into the Vortex- come into the Light!"
    He said "The kingdom of heaven is within you!"

    Iow, everything that he said was, "I am an eternal being and so are you."
    And maybe there was some of "I will show you the way".
    But not one time ever, and itīs a distortion if youīr hearing it today,
    did he ever say or mean to imply, "I will come forth and do for you,
    what I see you cannot do for yourself." Because, that defies all laws
    of the Universe, and it cannot be.

    (...) And then humans take the part of his story, when he was the most
    OOTV, when he was saying "whay have you forsaken me?"
    and THATīs the part of his life-story, that they dramatize the most!
    IT IS THE LAST PART, that he wants you to remember!

    He would like you to remember when he was in alignment,
    he would like you to remember when he was in vibrational alignment
    with wellbeing, and could hold you as his object of attention
    and even your body was dripping illness, he did not see it-
    and so, wellness was the ONLY thing you could experience,
    when you were in the presence of his aligned state of being-

    THATīs the part he would like you to talk about, you see!
    He would like you to remember that you where born as liquid love.
    That you are pure positive energy, and that, when you hold yourself
    in the attitude of hate, you separate yourself
    from all that is good, and all that you want.

    THAT is the part that he would like you to remember, you see.

    He does not want you to remember the day he was OOTV,
    and they hammered him up.
    Nor does he want you to push against that. Nor does he want you
    to make those your enemy! Nor does he want you to stand in martyrdom
    against others, and make ANYONE your enemy!

    the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Jesus the son of God

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    Jesus, an exception?
    A virgin birth?

    Guest asking about the Bible and the bloodlines of Jesus and the Virgin Birth.
    And if Joseph was the biological father of Jesus.

    ...We understand why different historical figures are meaningful in your Now-experience,
    because they were catalysts of expansion.
    Every now and again someone comes forth and the clarity of their connection
    from Source Energy is extraordinary and there is a sort of renaissance of thought.
    A sort of quantum leap of thinking.

    But the thing that we want you to hear from us, because this is the most significant thing
    we could give you about one called Jesus, or one called Buddha, or one called Mohammed -
    there are so many that are used as symbolic masters to humans in later generations.
    The thing we most want you to hear is, that it is not the biological blood lineage that is important.

    It is the spiritual lineage that is important.
    In other words the stream of Source does not follow any bloodline. It follows energy paths.

    But to make you a Kennedy you need a Kennedy bloodline.

    But why is that significant? Why is it significant to be a Kennedy?

    Or to be the Son of God? I mean the whole Jewish Bible is based on genealogy.
    That whole Source Energy is being passed down from generation to generation with a blessing,
    -you know what I mean?

    Well, the Source Energy is passed on to everyone, always, no exceptions.

    So I should get over the Virgin Birth and Joseph? (audience laughter)
    Should I just let that go? I mean its not possible? Joseph and Mary had sex and Jesus was born?
    I mean that really is important to me.

    We have not come here with any intention of disturbing comfortable beliefs
    that are working for you. What we are suggesting to you is that, always, in an attempt here and now,
    to express into a physical format that which we know from our nonphysical format,
    there has to be some basis of understanding from which you ask and some basis of understanding
    from which you receive.

    And it is not an easy thing to purely translate nonphysical into physical.
    In other words, one of the strongest basis of that which we offer is -
    we cannot answer a question that you have not asked.
    So when you ask you activate a question we must give you the response,
    from our point of knowing.

    And through time, as man has attempted to place himself in the greater scheme
    of things, often extraordinary distortion comes forth.
    In trying to understand this - then this must be so. And in trying to understand this -
    then this must be so. And we are not very good perpetuators of distortion
    in order to maintain beliefs that donīt really matter all that much anyway.

    When you step back from the details of this story, and granted its an important story.
    When you step back from the details of this story and you think about life on planet earth
    -now thatīs a story. Thatīs a story that you can get your teeth into.
    In other words, there is evidence of life on planet earth. You see your earth spinning in its orbit.
    Youīre beginning to understand the weather patterns.
    Youīre beginning to understand your history.
    You have evidence of man on this earth for generations.
    You see the births of animals and people and trees.
    You get a sense of the way things are working. And we say -
    very long-time planning, very long-time orchestration, very long-time creation in place,
    before man even got here and established physical experience through which
    nonphysical energy pours forth.

    (The following is spoken with much emphasis and passion.)
    And ALL of it is Godly. And ALL of it is spiritual.
    In other words, there is nothing in all of the Universe more spiritual
    than the union of male and female!
    And the conception of a new fetus into which more God-Force and Source Energy comes forth.

    In other words, there is nothing more significant than that.
    It is the perpetuation of your species. It is the perpetuation of life on Planet Earth!
    And the coming forth of the spirit into those cells, into those energies, into that consciousness.
    This is "The Plan"! This is the WAY THAT IT IS.

    And how man ever gets to this place where he needs the Son of God
    to come forth into this Godly extension in a way that is other than ALL THAT IS.
    Creation has already for EONS established to be the preface or the basis for that.
    How man comes to the place where he needs to say "Oh well yes thatīs the way it has been
    for everything, except just this one. This one is the exception to that."

    And we say - Why does there need to be an exception?
    An exception to the Sacred and Magnificent Creation of this Universe you see?
    There is something lost in the translation. That very One begged:
    "Please do not set me up as something that is different from that which you are.
    Please let me be the example of all that you are!"

    Guest: (sounding somewhat subdued)
    OK then. The miracles - I always thought of Jesus, as maybe his vibration was so in-tune that...

    We are not denying the achievement of Alignment and the subsequent response
    to the achievement of that Alignment.

    -- 5/10/03A, Tarrytown, NY

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    Abeīs Christmas-Story

    (thank you Dreamtime and tonycat!)

    A woman was feeling confused about the Christmas story,
    and Abraham responds:

    “There are many Christmas stories that abound.
    The predominant one that we are hearing is
    this little round man in a red suit with a long white beard,
    who lives at the North Pole and has elves and reindeers
    and delivers presents…
    that is the predominant Christmas story that abounds here.

    That is what is upon the minds of most.
    If you are speaking of the Christmas story that surrounds
    the birth of the baby Jesus, that one is not as well-rehearsed,
    even though it is older.
    What is it you are wanting to talk about here?”
    (The questioner replies she is not really sure, that she is now looking at her
    friends’ practices through different eyes.)

    “As we are observing the feeling and emotion
    that surrounds this time of year, our very clear acknowledgment
    is that it is a time of lack.
    More individuals are feeling negative emotion during this time
    for a number of reasons.
    The primary reason is it is the time of giving gifts,
    which means it is the time of spending money,
    and since money is an area where there is
    already great emphasis to not enough,
    it is inflammatory to that old nagging concern of not enough money.

    The attention to the greater reason,
    the attention to the story of Christ, the attention to uplifting others,
    somehow is soothing to that feeling… iow, it is a diversion,
    or distraction, from that which does not feel good,
    and in that way we think it is a very good thing.

    We have never been very excited about history,
    and neither is the one for which this great holiday has been called,
    never wanted it to be that way, never asked for it to be that way,
    in fact asked exactly the opposite,
    and so Christmas is not something that Jesus Christ celebrates,
    that is our absolute assurance to you.

    It is something that he gives not any attention to at all,
    because it has become a time of suffering, a time of misery,
    a time of great sadness or greater sadness than anything else.
    He is much more interested
    in the story of Santa Claus, to be quite frank.

    (Laughter from the audience.)
    You think we are having fun about this…we could not be more serious.

    It is the positive aspects of your experience,
    that we are all giving our attention to, you see,
    and any time that you are experiencing lack, or pain,
    even if you had to go back two or three thousand years to dig it up,
    we say there is no virtue in that – there is no virtue in the pain
    that you have dug up from your own life experience,
    and there is far less virtue from the pain that you are digging up
    from somebody else’s life experience.

    And so if your friends are looking for a way
    to make themselves feel better about looking at things
    that make them feel sad, they will not find it.

    Now, we are not saying that that is always the case,
    for we know that there are those who really are
    wanting to be uplifters, and really at this time,
    when they have warm food in their stomachs
    and warm fires in their fireplaces and
    very comfortable surroundings… it is a time when
    they are looking at those who have less,
    and they are wanting to be of value,
    and we say there are many ways of being of value
    to those who have not as much as you are.

    First of all, do not notice their lack!
    Do not give your attention to what they have not!
    That is like going to them and taking the pieces
    of their lives and tearing it into little pieces and saying,
    ‘This is what your life amounts to, for you cannot
    take care of yourself, you are unable, you are incapable,’
    even sometimes they say ‘you must not be worthy!
    Therefore, I, who am wiser and stronger and smarter,
    will give you a piece of my life,
    and that should make you feel a lot better.’

    And we say the main message that you give to them is
    ‘You cannot do for yourselves, therefore I will do for you.’
    And most of them are standing there feeling diminished
    by your offering, resentful of your offering,
    or demanding of greater offering!
    All of it negative, and all of it counterproductive,
    and all of it self-perpetuating.

    And so we say, if you have let what is most important to you,
    your top priority, not way down on the list where it has been
    most of your life, but now right up here at the top,
    most important priority today is that I feel good!
    Then you will find yourself smiling at a time
    when someone will really benefit by your smile,
    you will find yourself veering out of someone’s way
    (a reference to an earlier question), you will find yourself
    offering the words that are perfect in the moment,
    you will find yourself uplifting, as you are uplifted, you see.

    And so we say, to some those pageants are uplifting,
    and therefore they are in the perfect place.
    To some, those pageants are not uplifting,
    therefore they are not in the perfect place,
    they are just playing the game.
    They just haven’t figured out how to not be part of it.

    Because it is all they have ever known, you see.
    Tradition sometimes feels very good.
    Tradition has many wonderful things wrapped in with it.
    It is all tied together, isn’t it, as you have memories
    of past Christmases, some of it is good,
    some of it is the not-so-good, select from it the good,
    and replay that every year if you are wanting,
    but what we are wanting to say to you is
    that you need not a special holiday that is written on the calendar,
    let every day of the year be your reemergence
    into this exhilarating life experience,
    with your beating on your chest and saying,

    ‘Here I am, happy to be alive and today going to look
    for the positive aspects everywhere I go,’ you see.

    Before we leave today, we will give you our rendition of Christmas.
    We will talk after segment of refreshment about it
    if you are wanting it – what Christmas means to Abraham.”

    -At this point they continue with the regular workshop.-
    Just before the workshop ends, Abraham asks:
    “There is something left undone?”

    A woman responds, “Abraham’s Christmas Story!”

    We believe you will enjoy our version of the holiday offering.
    Let’s see, it starts something like ‘the night before Christmas’, is that it?

    (Laughter from the audience.
    There’s a long period of silence, and you can hear Abraham breathing deeply, apparently getting ready for this.)

    “A very long time ago, in a city very far removed from this city
    where you are living, a very small baby was born, under what
    most would term adverse conditions.
    Not much apparent pre-paving had been done,
    and things sort of came together at the last moment,
    and this infant was born – as the story goes – in a stable.

    From our perspective, it did not matter the conditions of the birth,
    the physical surroundings or even the attitudes of those
    who surrounded, for, from our perspective we knew
    that at the time of that emergence that what was
    taking place upon the earth was the beginning
    of a time of enlightenment, because – let us correct that –

    a continuing of the time of enlightenment,
    because energy came forth –
    very powerfully focused energy
    – in the form of this small baby,

    with the intent of speaking words in a culture that were unusual,
    words that were out of the mainstream,
    words that were of a much bolder nature,
    words that were so bold in fact, that it was known by the one
    who had chosen to come forth to speak it,
    that the words would most likely be resisted by the majority.

    Words that were so far beyond what the world that was
    about to hear them was ready to hear,
    that they might even feel threatened by them,
    even to the point of maybe wanting to eradicate the source
    of these words from the earth.

    But that did not bring any form of discouragement forth
    from this one for he had been through it time and time again –
    he is teacher to the very core and knew that coming forth
    and being that which he is and speaking it as clearly
    as he is able, could only be of benefit to himself
    and those who would benefit from it.

    And so he began by expressing:
    There is only one law, and that is law of attraction.
    (Abraham pauses, clearly looking for the right words.)
    His words were a little different in those days,
    than you are hearing them in these days, because
    there were different sets of ears, and different sets of beliefs,
    that were hearing, you see.

    But it was the offering, coming forth from broader
    non-physical perspective, with the intent to assist those
    who were living upon the earth at that time,
    in understanding that it does not have to be hard,
    that there is that which is brighter, that is available to all.

    That story has been told and has been as powerfully offered
    on many occasions, not just through the little one that grew
    into the man that was revered as Jesus Christ.
    It is an ongoing offering from those of nonphysical –
    who are understanding from broader perspective –
    the reason for physical experience.

    The story has taken on many different sounds, and has been told
    in many different ways, because there are many different ears
    that are hearing it. Most of the ears hear it not in it’s purity
    or clarity at all, in fact most of them have missed a very basic point,
    and have actually come together warring against others
    who are telling the story in a slightly different way.

    We are those who come forth offering a continuation of that story,
    with all of the same reasons that it was originally offered by –
    not originally, but as it was offered by the one that you know
    as Jesus Christ.

    And here is the story that we would like you to hear and to impart
    to all of those who you feel are ready for it:

    As physical beings who share this earth plane, we are blessed,
    which means we are worthy, and revered as good.
    And we are being offered, or more correctly stated, we have chosen
    this glorious place at this time in order to express our be-ingness,
    for these reasons:
    because it feels very good to be physical;
    and because we can see things more clearly through physical eyes;
    and because there are others who are here, who are seeking
    the clarity of our vision.

    We are here upon this earth in this time,
    because it is our wanting to be.
    We are not being tested, we are not here to prove,
    we are here to be, and it is our desire to be joyful.

    In this physical realm, there is that which feels good,
    and that which does not, and it is thus unto all of the universe.
    And each of us have the choice, the absolute freedom,
    to look for that which is of uplifting nature or that which is
    of the opposite, and there is no one in all of the universe
    who has the power to do for us, that selecting,
    – it is our choice.

    It is a choice that we make, not once in a lifetime, not once in a day,
    but hundreds of times in every day, and it is the combination
    of those choices that equals the life experience that we live.

    As we experience together, we are more
    than that which any of us could experience individually,
    and that’s why we have chosen this glorious time
    of interacting together.
    This time that surrounds the celebration
    of the birth of one who understood all of these things
    way before the world was ready for it,

    is from my perspective, you may say, a time of celebrating life,
    a time of celebrating our eternalness, and a time of recognizing
    that our value, our power, is always right here in our now.

    To look back to yesterday is of no value, but to give our full attention
    to where we are and who we are, now, doing our very best
    in our choosing of topics to think about and speak about,
    to choose those topics that are uplifting unto us.

    For as the one that you know as Jesus Christ said,
    the kingdom of heaven, or that place of pure, positive ecstasy is within.

    It is not outside, it is not someplace else.
    It comes forth from within, as we look for that
    which we are wanting to see.
    The world does not have to understand, or believe, or live,
    these things, in order for it to be our experience.
    But if we do not allow it to be our experience,
    then they have not an example, an example to stimulate their wanting,
    or their believing, you see.

    Now, our story lacks a little luster, doesn’t it?
    There’s something about tragedy, and trauma, and pain, and suffering,
    that gets attention. And so let’s see if we can’t beef it up a little bit…
    (Much laughter from Jerry here.)
    (Abraham pauses a bit, most likely choosing words. When they begin speaking again, where before they had spoken slowly enough that I could transcribe quite a bit at a time before stopping the recording, now I have to stop the recording often to catch up – they speak much more rapidly, and with much more passion and what seems to me a lightness in their voice.)

    “ ‘There are two motivators, that motivate all of us’,
    you may say to them.
    ‘One is, being so clearly focused on what is wanted that you become passionate about it, and in your passion for it, it seems that
    you can move heaven and earth as you move toward it.

    And then there is the other motivator, that is the sting, or the pain,
    of lack, which tends to motivate most of us.
    I’ve decided to leave the sting, or the pain, of lack behind,
    and give my full attention to the positive aspects of what I’m living.
    And so I have decided, as I look within what I am living,
    or with what I am reading, or within anything that I am
    interacting with, I've decided to look for the positive aspects of it –
    that which is most uplifting to me!

    And so as I look into that which is commonly known as
    the story of Christ, these are the points that I’ve given
    my greatest emphasis to:

    “There was was one day come unto this glorious land, a baby,
    a baby that came forth into physical experience saying
    'Yes, I am wanting to go forth, and through the clarity
    of my example I will uplift others to understanding that life
    is not just the way they think that it is,
    that there are other ways of looking at it.’

    And so this little one came forth and was born in a glorious stable, surrounded by all of the peace of the earth – the animals,
    and a mother who embraced him, and held him, and nurtured him,
    and fostered him, and adored him.

    And as he came forth into that perfect environment,
    he loved this earth, and he remembered why he was here,
    and he said ‘I am here to make a difference.
    I am here that others may understand
    as a result of my being here, that which they have not understood before.'

    He gathered around him others who understood as he did,
    and the numbers grew – not large – but intense,
    those who understood as he did, and began to seek, as he sought.

    And then one day, when he realized that he had offered all
    that he could offer, that all of the positive that was
    to be received from him was received, he said,
    ‘Now I will re-emerge into the nonphysical, and I will return again,
    and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again,
    and again, and again, and again, and again, and again,
    through those physical beings who are as I am, lovers of life,
    seekers of growth and freedom and joy.'

    And so, as we celebrate this glorious time of year, let us celebrate,
    not this baby, but the energy or essence that is within us,
    that was within that one.
    Let us feel the power and the value and the joy, the love of life,
    the seeking of freedom and growth, that was felt by that one –
    firsthand experience, not something regurgitated,
    not something read in a book that has been written long ago
    and rewritten so many times that it is not even as it was
    originally written,
    let us live firsthand that energy, that essence.

    -That is our story.-

    December 7, 1990, Austin, TX

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    The crucification makes no sense?

    Was there actually a historical person, called Jesus?


    And if so, then the LoA and the crucifiction donīt make sense.
    And that bothers me with no end.

    Well, it makes sense if you understand that he was as any other!
    Who was sometimes TITITO, and sometimes was not!
    Iow, he was born believing that that was his destiny.
    Talk about expectation.

    HS ponders the rampant idea of saints expecting martyrdom.

    When Jerry and Esther began with this work, one of their first
    questions was, when they realized they were teachers, and that
    Esther was receiving, Jerryīs statement was: "But do not all of them
    die horrible deaths?" And our reply was: Not ALL of them.


    from the clip
    Did Jesus Christ Get Crucified? - Abraham Hicks

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    This quote feels perfect here, as well:

    Cocreate with former masters, and EXPAND their mastery!

    (When you are) in the receptive mode of whatever is available
    on that subject- now of course, YOU define how much mastery
    you are ready to receive- by the beliefs that you hold!
    Is there a lid to your mastery?
    Is there a lid to anyones mastery?

    Could someone who had accomplished a level of mastery before
    improve their mastery through YOU, here and now?

    Thatīs the kind of mastery that we want to talk about!
    Masters who have accomplished mastery to the extent of their belief,
    being able to allow it in. But here, YOU are, generations later-
    with different beliefs-
    more freedom, being experienced by you! At all levels of your being!

    And so, when you focus in some direction that some former master
    who is thrilling you, has focused-
    with sincere openess and interest to the subject-
    now you can- and you feel it when it happens!- you can allow that
    mastery- you wanna call it "magic", or mystical- you can allow that
    mastery to expand beyond anything that it was, before.

    And if youīr tuned in, you feel the thrill of the master, who has
    inspired your new mastery.
    Thatīs cocreation at itīs best!

    Do you feel like masters?
    Because you often are in alignment with source!
    Youīr often in alignment with your own Vortex!
    So, you are the master of your own creation, yes?
    Mastery gets a little wonky, when you are trying to compare
    your results with someone elses!
    So, donīt do that!

    Mediterranean Cruise 2016.09.03 - 15, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - This is how alignment feels like

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