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Thread: Quotes about Jesus

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    "...And, he (Jesus) said that to all of you.
    The kingdom of heaven is within you.
    It is not that which is outside of you.

    When he says Turn the other cheek, he's talking about
    turning your canoe into the flow.
    He's talking about not pushing against.

    In other words, he is not different from that which you are."

    4/29/06 Asheville, NC

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    As you recognise that that (inner) part of you exists
    and as you begin to deliberately communicate with that part of you,
    you become an expanded being, a blended being,
    and that was indeed one of your dominant intentions
    as you chose this time to be a part of physical experience
    on planet Earth.

    There have been many great teachers who've come before,
    who have allowed this opening, who have become blended beings,
    but they had been few and in many cases they became
    great leaders or founders of great new religious thought.

    You did not emerge into this experience to seek and find
    such a physical leader. You emerged to open your own
    passageway, to become that blended being yourself,
    for it is through your own experience that you will gain
    the knowing, not sitting at the feet of another.

    Great teachers, such as Jesus Christ, provide us
    with much much more than their words.
    They provide us with a clear example of their being.

    There is not death, but eternal life.
    As you seek the counsel or example of these great teachers,
    speak with them personally.
    Let your intent be to experience the clear example of them,
    rather than the distorted version of them that is offered
    through years of editing and distorting.

    Go to the Source of that truth that you seek and find it yourself,
    and then trust the guidance that comes forth from within you, you may.

    It is a fruitless path that which most physical beings
    have taken to find a record, no matter how revered,
    and to try to fit the meaning of those old dusty words
    into this new and modern time.
    To read the words that were spoken to others in a time
    that is not now remotely understood.

    As you read today, you cannot through words understand
    the events of those times, you cannot understand the way
    those people felt and you cannot understand the reason
    for the words that were spoken in those times, and at best,
    those words were inadequate even then.
    They were received on many more than audiable levels.

    As we watch physical man from our broader perspective,
    we see him clamouring over unimportant details,
    missing the most important part of the messages
    of the great teachers.

    We speak to you not to disuade you from that which you believe
    but to broaden your perspective that you may understand more.
    Not to replace old inappropriate beliefs with those
    more to our liking, but help you to understand more clearly
    who you are and why you are here
    in this wondrous physical expression of life.

    We've not come to debate with you as you do with one another
    the details of a time that none of you will ever understand,
    but to remind you that you are here in THIS time
    to live and to grow and to create and to add unto.
    We come here not to undermine or to destroy your faith
    but to straighten your understanding and your faith in yourselves.

    We come here not to lead you,
    but to offer YOU the key to leading yourselves.

    You are not here in this new physical life experience
    to remember what others have lived, you have come here
    as creators to live.


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    Thank you Sunlover!

    Donīt resist what you fear, but turn the other cheek!

    "Our favorite analogy is the cork that bobs on the surface of the water.
    And when you hold it under the water, it is unnatural.
    It is natural for you to let go of it, and it is natural for it to bob.

    But when you take hold of a thought that does not feel good,
    and the negative emotion sweeps over you, you remain in an
    unnatural state for as long as you hold your attention upon it.

    You talk about a teacher you call Jesus,
    who expressed it as clearly as we’ve ever heard it when he said,
    "turn the other cheek" or look the other way,
    or resist not this thing you fear.

    Because when you take your attention from whatever it is
    that is drowning your cork, your cork will bob right back to the surface."

    -Abraham-Hicks 11/25/01

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    Even Jesus could not heal everybody!
    "It is your faith that has made you whole."

    HS wants to get able to cure "every disease" as Jesus did.

    Really! Do you know that?
    Because, we donīt know that, and we know everything!
    Are you saying that there was never a person in so much resistance,
    that the knowing of that one was not able to desuate it?

    I donīt understand.

    Jesus said, after one healing,
    "It is your faith that has made you whole".
    Iow, he was not willing to take credit for what happened!
    Which is what we just said to you: We are holding the vibration.
    But it is YOU who is moving into the vicinity of it!

    Iow, we promis you that this man, which you hold in this very
    high position, -and we do not quarrel with how you feel about him,
    at all- we are just saying, he was NOT asserting power into anyones

    He was utilizing the laws of the Universe in the SAME way that we are
    asking YOU to do it: Holding the vision from ITV.
    And then, there is a greater probability of bringing someone into
    vibrational cord with their own wellbeing.

    But we are jumping on you a bit because of your words
    "He was able to heal EVERYONE." Because, there were vibrational
    holdouts for him, as well.

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Jesus & Higher levels of consciousness

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