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Thread: How to delete my post?

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    How to delete my post?

    I need a post deleted but there is no delete or edit option, what should I do please?

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    You have the ability to delete a post within a limited time after you've posted it. If this window is still open for you, you'll find an Edit Post link the posts you are still able to edit. The Delete Post option is found within the Edit Post menu. So, if the window for editing your post has closed, then you are also no longer able to delete your own post.

    If there is no such link under your post, then only a Moderator will be able to edit or delete your post.

    IIRC, it's been some time since you've posted on the Forum. Please know that it is our policy not to delete threads or posts which have already attracted replies as that messes up the unfolding of the thread in question.

    If you're having some misgivings about something that you'd posted here, that's your emotional guidance, letting you know that your IB doesn't share those misgivings. So, that's a good time to haul out your Aber skills to close the gap between the thoughts that you are thinking and the thoughts that your IB is thinking about that very same topic

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