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Thread: Manifested more than 243 flower pictures

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    Manifested more than 243 flower pictures

    I manifested flower pictures: 243 are in a Facebook album, a few are saved in my computer, and they keep flowing in ...

    I recently reconnected with an elementary school classmate. We didn't see each other for 32 years. He noticed that taking garden pictures was my hobby. In June 2016, he started taking pictures of flowers to send to me. He thought they would be a good topic to keep our conversations going. He lives abroad so most flowers that grow there are different from the ones that grow in my country.

    I really enjoy the variety and colors of the plants in the pictures! They make me smile. My friends find pleasure in them too and that makes me even happier.

    I wouldn't have thought of this as a big manifestation if not for the volume: I have close to 300 flower pictures already and my friend is showing no signs of quitting as my volunteer photographer.

    Abraham-Hicks says "Be easy about all this." This experience is a beautiful creation with no effort on my part. I do not ask consciously; the Universe just knows my deep appreciation for plants. Law of Attraction responds to my constant thought about gardens. Source is giving me more by delivering a guy who is willing to take hundreds of flower pictures for me! His affection and the beauty of his pictures make me feel special. I feel good about this most of the time and I believe and expect that it will keep going!

    Thank you for the pointers, WellBeing!
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