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Thread: "Pleasing you is not their job." 💡

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    "Pleasing you is not their job." 💡

    "... As individuals, you have to accept responsibility for everything that’s interacting with you.
    Because it would not be interacting with you if you did not have an active vibration about it.
    This is really, really important.

    This means I cannot blame how I feel on my mate.
    I cannot blame how I feel on my children,
    or on my mother,
    or on my government,
    or on my society,
    or on my client,
    or on the other drivers around me.
    In other words, the experience that I’m having is my job.
    It’s all my creation. It’s all my responsibility.

    You say, “Oh, but it wasn’t my fault because I didn’t offer the vibration until they did that action, and after they did that action then I offered the vibration.”
    And we say, still, you are the only one that can change your vibration.
    And you say, “Oh, but if they’d behave differently, then I’d change my vibration.”
    We say, Oh, here we go again. How many decades of life experience within this body do you think it’s going to take before you finally convince yourself that you can’t get them to choose?
    They’re not going to hold you as their object of attention long enough.
    Pleasing you is not their job.
    You pleasing you is your job.
    You’ve got to find something redeeming in them so that you can be pleased.
    And when you find it, activate that in your vibration, and then they will show it to you."

    Abraham Hicks

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    Thank you Summerdream 🙏

    This fact used to feel so uncomfortable, like I was being informed that something I really need in life isn't possible and I'd have to make do ... but I'm starting to experience how much FUN this is!

    I recently spent 7 days on a retreat with some friends. I felt some of them judging and criticising me. I worked my way up the scale from anger and defensiveness, and in a day or two I reached ecstacy and joy when I realised that by judging me these dear friends were helping me practice loving unconditionally 💥💥💥 It was so wonderful and liberating and empowering to experience that I can feel good BECAUSE I WANT TO FEEL GOOD and that that reason alone is enough. That I truly am unreliant on anything outside myself. And that I can deliberately guide myself there by reaching for a BFT.

    As I read your excerpt I got another flash of excitement and "this is fun" in relation to another rascal in my life ... this situation is gonna be so much fun to move myself into alignment within ... nothing is better than watching my vibration shift, feel my momentum of emotion change, witness manifestations that reflect this, and to know that I did this deliberately, by harnessing the freakin POWER THAT CREATES WORLDS 💥
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