"...Nightmares simply mean that you're translating your life back to yourself from the framework of some sort of insecurity, that's all.
It doesn't mean that your Inner Being is giving you warnings.
It doesn't mean that there are terrible things on your horizon.
People worry about these precognitive dreams,
and we say, well, the reason that dreams sometimes appear and are precognitive is because what you think and how you feel and what manifests is always a vibrational match.
And in like manner, what you think and what you feel and what manifests in your dream state is also a vibrational match.
In other words, you are the creator of your dreams.

So if you're having nightmares, it just means that for whatever reason, and usually for some period of time, you've been beating a drum of insecurity about something.
And we think the dream is a wonderful thing because you wake up from it and you say, "Well, this is not a reality."

It's always easier to release resistance from your vibration little by little pre-manifestation [rather] than post-manifestation.
Once the truck has fallen on you {laughter} and you have to deal with all of that..., it is not as easy for you to change the thought because now you've got all of this stuff that you're focusing on, too, where a dream is much easier to refocus from.
It just sort of gives you awareness, you see. ..." Abraham Hicks