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    Fear 👻

    "...Itís a really funny thing as we watch physical Beings.
    You vibrate a vibration, and then you fear the response of your own vibration.
    And we say, just donít off
    er that vibration and you wonít have anything to fear.
    You see what weíre getting at? ..."
    Abraham Hicks

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    today I realize that when I feel fear it's cos I know it's something I am vibrating. if someone is creating chaos around me that is unwanted; I know the reason I am afraid is cos I allowed it.
    it's still good for me for me to admit I am afraid or doubtful or what ever.. cos that road leads to my awareness of what I am vibrating and thinking that allowed that unwanted.

    from there I can sort it out and write a new story about any distraction that I had written in

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