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    🌼 How or Why 💕

    "...Let us say that you don't have anyone in your experience, and you are in the mode of just wanting to attract the perfect mate.
    So, there's a lot to choose from, isn't there?
    In other words, "How do I go about finding the perfect mate?
    WHERE do I find this one?
    HOW do I meet this one? How do I know it is the one when I do?"
    All of those questions just put you in a more lackful vibration that holds it off a little longer.
    But if you will talk about why you want this, then vibrationally you will connect with the energy of your Inner Being,
    who has a Broader Perspective, who can guide you very efficiently and very effectively right to,
    through the path of least resistance or better stated through the path of most allowance, to this one. ..."

    Abraham Hicks

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    being most mindful of ones vibration and story is key , or some thing unwanted will fill the void . it is our vibration or split energy can attract also.

    staying aware of our worthiness, as well as our feelings can keep an unwanted distraction from filling a void.

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    Wonderful guidance, not just on the subject of mates, but jobs and houses, etc., too.

    Thanks for posting!

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