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Thread: The Laws of the Universe are very simple: You get what you think about.

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    The Laws of the Universe are very simple: You get what you think about.

    Abraham: When you find a reason to love someone or something, you always have Source Energy flowing through you. So what does that feel like?

    HS: It feels warm and fuzzy.

    Abraham: So that might be the easiest way for you to figure out how to tap into that. With most people - and we understand and you're absolutely right - when someone is in alignment and holding you as their object of attention and appreciating you, then all that Source Energy is flowing right through them right to you. But you don't need someone else to flow it to you because your Source is always flowing it directly to you, too. And a really fast way for you to hook into that is by flowing it toward someone else. Most people are looking out there for someone to shine a positive good feeling spotlight on them, but if, instead, you are looking for someone to shine it on, it always works for you. You just can't love and appreciate without syncing up. And you always feel good, don't you?

    HS: So when you say to look for love where it really is, that's the easiest way to do it, to give the love yourself.

    Abraham: Yes. And here is the law-based understanding behind that: The way you set your own tuner or your own receptor is by what you broadcast. So if you are appreciating, then you've set your tuner for that, and you're more likely to be appreciated. If you're criticizing, you've set your tuner for that, so you're more likely to be criticized. It's simple math.

    HS: OK, then if I can get a little bit more specific. There is someone in my life that I know I'm causing a vibration, I'm causing the way that he is interacting with me.

    Abraham: Well, you're rendezvousing at any rate. In other words, don't give yourself credit for what somebody else is doing, but acknowledge the part that you're playing in what's matching up.

    HS: So if I just focus get specific, he and I are seeing each other, but he has this fear of commitment. I know that I'm eliciting that from him, so if I just focus on...

    Abraham: Well, do you have a fear of him running away?

    HS: (hesitating)

    Abraham: Then you are.

    HS: So, if I focus on loving him...

    Abraham: Focus on him being here. In other words, he's wanting to say to you, "Hey, I'm right here - what's the problem?" "But you might not always be here."

    HS: So I'm making this way too complicated, then.

    Abraham: The laws of the Universe are very simple: You get what you think about. So let's talk about relationships in this way: A very common thing - and it isn't appropriate to say it's always this way with women and it's always this way with men because of course that isn't true - a very common pattern among you is that women want commitment and men want freedom. The more you ask for commitment, the more they feel their freedom impeded. The more they ask for freedom, the more you feel your commitment impeded. It's sort of like you almost want different things from each other except that at the basis of who you each are you want to feel good, you all want to feel free and you want to feel happy. But any time you let your happiness be dependent on someone else's behavior, you don't feel good because you can't control them, and they don't feel good because you want to. And it's true of everybody.
    So when you decide that you're going to let Law of Attraction do the matching of things up, then you just broadcast as you mean to broadcast and you'll get back what matches what you're broadcasting. It makes sense, but it takes a little practice, doesn't it.

    HS: OK.
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