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Thread: Asking for more is always challenging what is, and Donít sweat the small stuff

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    Asking for more is always challenging what is, and Donít sweat the small stuff

    We know for sure that you have beliefs that are causing resistance to your now desires. Because your current desires are always going beyond your now beliefs. Because whatís in your vortex is always going beyond the manifestation that has already been allowed. So what is, is always going to be a hindrance to the next that is coming.

    And so, if youíre really AWARE of whatís going on, and youíre really SCRUTINIZING [it], and observant of what is, youíre hindering the flow of what youíve already set into motion.

    You donít have to have big consequential battles that youíre fighting. In fact, the more life has caused you to ask, then the more likely you are to have negative emotion. Because asking for more is always challenging what is! Ooh, sit with that for a moment.

    The becoming that is essential is always challenging what is.

    And if youíre so fascinated with what is, then youíre setting up resistance for whatís coming up next.

    Thatís why meditation is helpful. Give yourself a break. Quiet your mind. Stop observing. Stop talking about it. . . . Stop talking about it. Stop fussing over things. Stop making big deals out of things that donít matter. Donít sweat the small stuff, and it all IS small stuff.

    Let life show you want you want, and then flow with it. Live a little, and then flow with it. Live a little, and then flow with it. Go with the flow. Live a little, and then flow with it.

    Donít challenge it. And what makes you challenge it, and test it, is a practised sense of unworthiness that youíve been dragging around for quite a long time.

    So you feel like youíve gotta justify, or defend, or rationalize this new desire that you have. When the most natural thing in the world is for you to have a new desire. . . . Itís about finding some way to deserve the conscious flow that youíve got going.

    Sometimes people say, Abraham Iím really worried. Because the more I listen to you, the more I worry about the thoughts that I might think. I donít know if Iím a very good deliberate creator. [Imitating humans] Suck those thoughts back before Law of Attraction gets hold of them! And they say, what about my unconscious thoughts? What about my sub-conscious thoughts? What about my cellular thoughts? What about the thoughts that are going on in me that I donít even know are going on in me? How do I be a deliberate creator when Iím thinking at all levels of my being? What do I do about that?

    And we say, first of all, if youíre not having any emotion about it, either positive or negative, then itís not a big enough vibrational factor, making any real difference in your experience. And so, if we were standing in your physical shoes, and we realise that we were having either positive or negative emotions, we would REVEL in that knowledge. Because that means something is big enough going on, thereís a strong enough askingóif itís negative emotionóthereís a strong enough asking that is being challenged by my beliefs.

    It might be good for me to meditate a little bit or for me to take more walks in the park or for me to have more massage or for me to quiet my mind more often. To allow the power of my desire to carry me into new places AROUND the path of least resistance of beliefs that might be hindering.

    But THEN you become a part of a conversation like this where you actually get hold of the understanding that youíre asking for more than youíre able to allow but you still can allow it.

    So you still can focus in a way that allows the energy to flow. And as that energy flows, then what ceases is any evidence of resistance, like negative emotion, or pain. . . . Because as you distract yourself, as you allow the energy to flow, then, the tension stops.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, October 16, 2016

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    Thank You, Skylark, Thank You.

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