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Thread: $5,600 in 2 weeks

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    Thank you so much for sharing RichKing!
    Especially I like this part

    Quote Originally Posted by RichKing View Post
    I noticed a correlation between these money manifestations & just finding the positives in all the "negative" things in my life. For instance, someone screwed me out of $750 a few weeks prior & all I said to myself was "He wasn't a bad guy. Instead, the Universe designed this situation to be a rubber-band being pulled back so I will shoot up & over this financial setback. Really, he is just a pawn in the hands of the Universe & the Universe is only doing this to bring me more good into my life. Really, I'm just going to look at it this way & be happy"...and so I did. And I was "blessed" by this way of thinking.

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    @Winnerisme, I've pulled your posts out of this thread into a thread of your own here:

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