Tonight I used my newfound intentional manifestation knowledge to its fullest. The universe responded in such a hilarious way.

Starting about a month ago, I was driving along, listening to abraham actually, misjudged my break time and tried to swirve out of the way of the car in front of me but hit. It was quite a gentle collision and i believe it was the universe(/me) reminding me to get my insurance papers IN my car in case im pulled over (my mom had been nagging me). The front passenger end was dented in and my door doesnt open on that side, but otherwise it still drives.

Her car was still in good shape and just broke her plastic but she was so nice and kind and understanding. We took photos of damage and licenses and went on our ways.


Now yesterday I was very focused on practicing manifesting and really asking for some hard results for me to see. I asked for more synchronicity and revieved much of that today as well.

My mom and I talked on the phone for a while after she left our mechanics house and getting her oil change and she (and i guess i) 'beat the drum' about getting my car fixed asap so that i am not pulled over.

Fast forward to today. I rested, beat a painful fever i almosted had, and had a girls wine night with my great friend. We talked about manisfesting. I even lent her my L.O.A book.

I left her house thinking about it,and keep in mind this happened to me less than an hour ago. And was driving thinking about the feeling i get when i see a beautiful wild animal like a fox or coyote. I imagined it and then let it go and just enjoyed the feeling.

Then I turned on my highbeams and looked around a bit, and then a coyote ran from the other side and i had to slow down not to hit it. At the time I was actually thinking about how i should pull over to look at the moon.
So i followed him and pulled into the parking lot and opened my moon roof and sat with my head out the top, enjoying.

Then, a cop car pulls in and puts their headlights on behind me. I relaxed and trusted that I'd be fine.

He ended up asking me about the car damage, not believing some of my story but was happy to see the photos i had of her information. He never asked for mine. I thanked him for what he was doing and told him I appreciate it.

He told me to have a great night and followed me out. The coyote ran in front of the cars, stopped for a moment to lock eyes and then off he ran into the feild.

I laughed the entire way home. GOOD ONE UNIVERSE. GOOD ONE.

Thanks for letting me share with you.