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Thread: Looking back over 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by LylaC View Post
    Can you share which tools/processes worked best for you?
    The main process for me is the wallet process. I didn't go into detail, but when I was living on my friend's floor, it was only for a few days a week. The other days I lived in the forest. Trust me, I was flat broke & homeless when I first saw The Secret movie in 2014. I ate in soup kitchens, wore donated clothes & even slept in a refrigerator box for a time. But within a very short time after beginning the wallet process (& thinking more positive), it brought me money, clothes, a place to live, a vehicle, etc. So, it's really something that I recommend.

    Anyhow, the days that I lived in the forest, I would take play-money (it was fake money, but it looked real) out of my wallet & I would act like I was paying people for stuff like rent, clothes, cars, dinners, vacations...I must have looked really strange: some hairy, homeless guy talking to invisible people & trying to give them play-money. Anyhow, I also would go to stores in town & with the fake money in my wallet, I would say to myself as I looked at things "I could buy that. After all, I have enough money for it in my pocket right now".

    It wasn't very long before the money (& everything else, such as repaired broken relationships, health, etc) started to manifest. But things didn't just manifest because I brought them into existence through pretending. But rather, things manifested because I felt happier throughout my days because I was having so much fun with pretending. And being happier releases resistance & you start to allow things to manifest.

    By the way, a few months after playing with the fake money I noticed that I had a wad of REAL cash in my hands that was equal to the amount that I used to play pretend with. I think it was $3,600 or something like that. So, even the amount of fake money I had played with eventually also manifested into reality.

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    Thanks again for your reply, RichKing. You've really come a long way. I loved reading your story. I did try the wallet process briefly before but fell off the wagon. I'm going to do it again and this time will reinforce it with "pretending" full blast. I'm off now to read your other posts.

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    Thank you RichKing! I absolutely L O V E updated stories and posts, especially when they come back with more goodies! Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration for all of us to keep our happiness first!

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