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Thread: Looking back over 2016

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    Looking back over 2016

    So, I thought that I would make a "success story" post about all the "major" things that I manifested over this past year in 2016.

    A little background. Three years ago, I was living on the floor of my friend's tiny apartment & I had no job. During the day I would borrow his computer & go sit in the library & surf the internet.
    Then one day, somehow, I came across the Secret movie. The one with Abe in it. I loved the movie so much that I started to find out more about Abraham Hicks & immediately started to put things into action.
    I decided I wanted a few things after watching that movie. First, I wanted to get rid of $17,000 of debt. Second, I wanted to be able to have income that I didn't have to work for. Third, I wanted lots of cash in my saving account. That was 2014.
    Well within a few months, I did get a job, another side source of income (that I didn't have to work for), a truck, a place to live & was officially "back on my feet".

    Fast forward to 2016. Well, this year had a lot of "ups". First, I got inspired to take action on something that was going through my mind & immediately it became fruitful. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I began making so much money on this idea that I quit my job....however, after a few months, I decided that I wanted to go back to my job, but only part-time; trust me, it takes getting used to sitting at home all day because your friends are all at work. I just wasn't ready for that part of the manifestation, but now I am.

    Anyhow, in 2016, I achieved those 3 dreams that I've had (I still have a few more though). First, I got rid of $17,000 of debt within 4 months of finally getting focused on "acting" on the inspiration to take a few chances (before you ask, I'm still a far cry from being a millionaire...but it's on my list). Also, remember, I was homeless & jobless a few years ago when I had that dream. So, not only was it miraculous that someone could get rid of a mountain of debt in 4 months, but also to go from homeless/jobless to a position to pay off that debt within 3 years.

    Second, in 2016, I achieved 2 streams of income that I don't have to work for. It totals less than the obscene amount that I was making early in the year, however I've decided that I'm going to retire at the end of this month (my parents aren't even retirement age, btw) & focus on more spiritual endeavors. Really, why work for crazy amounts of money if you are happy with a normal amount of money? I rather take my happiness & leave the door open for winning at the casino...which back in 2011, I actually spent $20 at the casino & walked out with enough cash to buy my car at the time (although, I never correlated it to my happiness level until after I watched the Secret movie in 2014 when I was flat-broke & that car was long gone.)

    Third, for 2016, I achieved having a nice wad of cash in my savings account. I posted early about a few of the money manifestations, but overall, I made quite a bit of cash in 2016 which is going to stay in my savings account for now because I've learned that it's like the "go to the store with a $100 bill in the pocket" trick that Abe talks about; as long as I feel financially adequate/successful by having that money in the bank, then I attract more financial success....after all, I still want to become a millionaire & this is a tool that I'm using to allow it easier.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to post these 3 manifestations since they were 3 of the things that I dreamed up when I first saw Abe in the Secret movie. But I also had other manifestations in 2016, such as a newer car & such.

    Either way, I like writing down my success stories since I get so much inspiration from other people's success stories. It just feels really good to read success stories.

    ...also, I guess I should include some words of wisdom for others. Well, the best way that I found to follow Abe's teachings is by following what Abe says: "What I want is done on a vibrational level....I ask for it & it is done. It's done. It's done." In other words: it's done, now go do something that makes you feel happy.
    Really, 2 of the greatest things that I've found to learn are to have faith & to just be happy:

    1) Just have simple faith that it's going to happen; you don't need "faith to move mountains", you just need a simple faith that it's worked for others so it can also work for you. And occasionally remind yourself of that when you start to worry about your future. Don't overdo it with stressing yourself out by trying to make it happen. It's already done & it's already unfolding....and by the way, I also have faith that everything that happens (good or bad) is actually just the unfolding.

    2) I don't even strive for the ecstasy of "being in the vortex". I've found that small increases in my happiness work much better. For instance, if I feel bored, then all I do is just hum a song that makes me feel "less bored"...I don't even strive to feel "joy". I just inch myself up to "less bored" the way, I've found that it's better to just feel "a little happier" for most of your day, than struggling most of your day to get into the vortex. Yeah, you might achieve "vortexhood" in the end, but you wasted most of your day feeling stressed out & inadequate on your way there.

    Anyhow, I like reading long posts of other's success stories. So, I hope you all didn't mind reading this long post.

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    Thank you very much!.It was exactly what I needed at this moment!.

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    Another great share from the Rich King!

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    this was a great read. i love your helpful words for others. its so true when you say its done now go do something you enjoy. once you appreciate the manifestation and feel it, you kind of release it out to the universe and it is just a matter of time before its given back universe style. no use in thinking about it any more!

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    Thank you so much for sharing! I like your success story, sincere congratulations RichKing!

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    CONGRATULATIONS Rich King! wonderful manifestations

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