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Thread: Lovely, wonderful and magic

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    Lovely, wonderful and magic

    This thread is supposed to collect all the wonderful, lovely and magic things and events of our lifes.

    My colleague recently gave birth to her baby boy. He's so lovely! I could spent hours just looking at the pictures she is sending us. At work we all are looking forward to meeting him in january.

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    A customer told me this today: Two days ago she lost her wallet. The wallet was found later, just the cash missing. Today she won excactly the amount she had lost in the lottery!
    When she told me, she said: "Well, I guess it was LOA".

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    Tonight I'm gonna wrap the last christmas gifts. Some days ago, we decorated our christmas tree. We put on some music and my fiance was cooking while I danced around our tree and decorated it. At some of my moves he laughed. And was grinning the whole time, because I had so much fun. He said, I'd be a little clown. And he's right about that. I love christmas trees. And decorating for christmas. And baking cookies. And finding the right gifts for everyone. Wrapping them up and seeing the faces when the gifts are unwrapped. Just one night to go, then Santa Claus is coming... Ohh, yeah, I may be just a corner away from my thirties now, but I am still getting excited around this time of the year.
    I love christmas. Familys and friends coming together, having fun, giving each other a good time, laughing, dancing, loving, easyness... Kitsch and nice things everywhere, uhhh, it is just so much fun!!!

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    I wanted to insert a picture of my gorgeous christmas tree, but it's not working. Well, Im gonna ask my man about it, maybe he knows how to do this.
    Meanwhile, will you guys insert pics of your christmas trees? Im looking forward to see a bunch of beautiful ones in here....

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    Christmas!!!! Yay!
    Im on my way out to work and I love to get the last customers their final christmas presents.
    There was a customer yesterday. A young man hanging out in our shop for some time before I approached him, asking if he needed help. He said, he needed something for his old man and we searched almost 45 minutes to find the right things, but in the end we managed.
    You know, for me the best result is not the selling part itself, it is the look on the face of a customer whom I managed to find the exact right thing for. The relief, the smile, the joy! Sometimes I wish I could take pictures of this moments...
    Customers like this young man, they mean something to me. Someone who is not just buying something to have something. No, he really wanted to give his old man something that he would like. It was really hard to find this presents, but the way he walked out of our shop... So happy to have found "it"...

    I love my job. It gives me the opportunity to get joy and beauty and useful things into people's lifes. To create that joy and to be part of it, that is the best thing about it! That feels so awesome!
    Have a nice and lovely day.

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    Hey everybody.
    The last week of this year... Feels good.
    My boss is out of town, leaving the company to my co-worker and me. And man, I love to work with her. She's so easy to work with. It's fun to have her around. It's fun, to do the work on our own, to decide on our own. It is nice to be trusted with this.
    And I love to know that my boss is having fun, too. Those short holidays and being around his kid all day long, that means a lot to him. It is nice to see the two together. That nice and lovely teasing between them. The look on my bosses face, when his kid is around... That's his vortex.

    The three days where fun, too. On christmas eve we had a nice dinner at home, cooked by my fiance and his mom. Every year they make a hell of a dinner for us. They love to do this. It is nice to sit and eat all of this lovely things, having a nice conversation and then after dinner: presents. Man, we had fun with those.
    I loved to see the look on my fiances face, when he got his one. I found the right thing for him. A three-days-trip for him and his best friend. They haven't seen each other for some time. So, he's looking forward to take this trip with his "best-man-to-be".
    On 25th we visited the dad of my fiance and the rest of the family. Had another nice dinner at a restaurant and spent the rest of the day at their home. It's tradition that all of us come together on this day. It is nice to be part of this. Coming together, exchanging news, catching up and just having fun... It is easy to be around them.
    And yesterday was a nice and lovely day at home, just the two of us.
    Have a nice and lovely day.

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    I had two boys as customers yesterday in the shop. They bought a few things for their mother's birthday. The younger one was so sweet. He kept babbling about what he found for his mother and when he counted out the money, he was short excactly one cent. So I reached into our tip-box and gave him the cent. You should have seen the look on his face! Firstly, he looked onto me with big eyes, and then he grinned so happily....
    His big brother said thanks a few times.
    When they walked out, he handled the bag very carefully, afraid to break something.
    I know the mother of those two, she is a very sweet person and you can see the love between her and her boys.

    It feels good to see love like this.

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    I feel good. I do. I had an wonderful cup of coffee, a nice breakfast and I am almost on my way out.
    Do you realise how wonderful a simple cup of coffee can be? Smelling and tasting the flavour, having time to drink it, even the making process.... Isn't it great?

    How wonderful it is to have a workplace. And to be happy to go there every day. I think, that is something that makes me very rich, immaterial speaking. I love my job and I even love the ride to that place. I am happy to go into my car and get there. I'm singing along the way and I love the work itself. Isn't that great?

    Have a nice and wonderful day!

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    I got an invoice of the insurance company. And I have to pay less then before. This is now the second invoice in a row, that is telling me that I have to pay less. Quite cool.
    My boss also told me, that I am going to get a salary raise. Not much, but thats not the point. It's still a raise!
    And in addition I recieved exactly the right amount during the christmas days from my boyfriend's family to pay my half of the rent for the next month. Which means, I have left more in my bank account.
    Seems like money is coming in.... Seems like I'm in the recieving mode.
    And yes, that feels good!!!

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    SNOW! There is finally snow!!! Yay!

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