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Thread: Lovely, wonderful and magic

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    It is fianally snowing. Snow is such a beautiful phenomenon. I love it. Always did. And you should watch my dog, when there is snow outside. He's getting crazy over it, it's really funny. At the same time the streets are clear, which I like too.
    Did you know, that each and every snow flake is unique in size and building? It is amazing, how and what nature is creating there. Just seeing the snowed landscape during my ride to work is centering me. It is so beautiful! Each tree looking like it is under a spell....
    The fun the kids have riding down the hills on their sleighs... The fun even the grown-ups have when they are throwing snow balls....
    The way traffic slows down and everyone is acting more careful and looking out for each other...
    Coming home into the warmth when you've been outside a while... drinking some hot tea and snuggling up under a cozy blanket on your couch reading a book...
    Seeing the snowflakes dancing outside your window...
    Catching them with your tongue... just like a kid again...
    Building snowman-families....
    Snow, snow, snow....

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    I love my car! I do. She was the only one still running after tonight! Both of the vans of my parents-in-law gave up after the last frosty night, but my little old one, well, she did her job! Her enginge jumped to life, as if nothing could stop her ever. She is the best car ever!

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    And I had a very wonderful and nice talk to my little brother. I enjoyed that very much. It's nice, to talk like that.
    It's been easy. It's been nice. It's been full of understanding and connecting. It's been sympathetic.
    Oh, it was so nice. Fluently, just the two of us talking freely....
    Yes, I like that.

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    My boyfriend is back from his fishing-vacation. And we went to the next city on monday to a jewellery, looking for our wedding rings. That's now the third jewellery and they had carbon-rings. Those are the prettiest rings I've ever seen. He likes it because of the carbon in it, I love the look. That black embeded within the normal gold... It's beautiful! We actually saw carbon rings on a flyer they gave us in the first jewellery, but they had only one collection to choose from and you could not invent your own ring. That's why we did not look into it further, no one could tell us how this rings actually look in reality.
    When we went to that shop on monday, we looked into their window and saw... carbon rings!
    We went inside the shop and the very nice shop assistant told us, we can use every material we liked and that her goldsmith is able to combine the materials any way we like it. So, we told her what we would like to have and she said, she would give us a call as soon as she is able to estimate the costs.
    We may get our carbon rings after all!!! I'm all happy dancing about it...
    Later that day, we went into another store. I needed a new backpack and just wanted to take a look and I found the same as I do have now. This one did not nearly cost as much as I paid last time. The shop is closing and that's why they reduced everything. I love my backpack very much, and to have now the exact same model... Well, I just like how LOA works...

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    We got the call from the jewellery. And the rings are not as expensive as I thought. I did some calculating and realized I totally can afford to buy my one and still save some car-money. Hence, we will get our supercool-carbon-rings. And we found a website on the internet with really cool invitation cards on it. Besides, those cards are not only cool, to let them print is actually way cheaper than to print them ourselves. And they fit to us. We saw them and went both all: "Woah, how cool!"
    You know, I really like this feeling. The feeling of being abundant enough to get exactly what we like for our wedding.
    Gotta go.

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    I love my life. I love standing up in the morning. I love drinking my cup of coffee and eating some good breakfast. I love, that I get to choose what I want to eat. I love getting ready. I love standing in front of my closet and thinking about what I want to wear this day. I love making my can of tea each day. I love the car ride. I love getting into the shop, greating my boss and see the smile on his face. I love to excange news with him. I love talking to the customers, providing them advice and ideas about their gifts. I love finding the perfect gifts for them. I love to refill the shelves, seeing, what we sold during the day. I love that feeling! That feeling of "We were good today". I love seeing the numbers lining up in the cashier. Oh, I love it. I love coming home after a long day, relaxing. I love doing my exercises and feeling the energy moving throug my body every evening. I love seeing the results of it. I love to choose from my filled frigde what I want to eat. I love that choice. I love to have so much books around to read in. I love that. I love snuggling up with my beautiful fiance on the couch. I love feeling and hearing his heartbeat under my cheek . I love that feeling. It is so comfortable. I love falling asleep on his chest, his arms around me, being wrapped up by his body, being so secure. I love....

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    I love it, when things are lining up perfectly.
    The streets are really icy in my area since yesterday. So I was thinking about driving safely to work today. This happend: My mother in law has to work longer today, because someone got sick at her company. Hence she offered me ride to work today.
    Loa is a wonderful thing, isnt it?

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    Our wedding planning is going really well. I already got the dress, the perfect shoes, found a new hairdresser I like (my one is going on vacation on my wedding date). We also got the date we wanted in the city we wanted, too. And since yesterday the invitations are done. We also got the caterer on board and the rings are in the working process.
    Everything is lining up and falling into place, it is amazing how easy it is!
    I love it. I love the easiness about it. I love it, that my fiance and I are not having arguments about things, instead we agree in every decision right down to the details.
    I bask in this. I bask in this feeling of being so secure, that he has my back and I got his. I love being part of this "us" team. I love the love between us. This feeling of loving. I love loving him. I love loving my life. I love loving my job and I love loving the abundance. I love loving.
    Life is so much fun!

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    The universe is amazing! This morning on my ride to work, a woman ran across the street right in front of my car. I managed to stop in time, so nobody got hurt.
    On the next turn ( a few seconds later)- I was still pretty shaken and did not really look. Well, a van then almost hit me, but the driver managed to avoid a collision.
    Therefore, I feel lucky as hell. I feel protected by the universe. I know it got my back. I am safe. And I am thankful for the skills of this driver. On his van I noticed a companys name and I called there as soon as I got to work. I told the man on the phone about the almost-accident and that I wanted to thank his driver for being so careful. He said this was one of his sons and he would tell him about my call and pass along my thanks.

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    Hah, I wanted to have a garage since I got my first car. But I always had to park outside, there was no space left for my car. For a few weeks now, I was allowed to park in the carport of my father-in-law and.... yesterday, he told me to stay there even during summer! How cool is that?!!!
    At work,

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