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Thread: Lovely, wonderful and magic

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    I love my life.

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    I feel great.
    At work, the new goods arrive and it is like christmas, opening all those boxes and finding out what my boss has bought. And he bought beautiful things!
    At home, I was cleaning a lot this weekend, polishing the windows, cleaning the balcony, stuff like that. But it needed to be done and I feel great to have done it.
    Isn't lovely, when you see, what you have acchieved in in just a few hours work? To see, that the dust is gone and how everything around you shines and blinks brightly again? Oh, I love it. I love when our place smells like fresh washed clothes, because I hung it up on the line. I love it, to see the freshly polished windows. I love to work my way from one room to the other. It feels good. It feels so good.

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    I won the lottery!
    I played the lottery on friday, and well I got two numbers and one extra right. I looked that up on the internet and it means, I won approximately 7,50 . Isn't that awesome? That's 5 more than I used to play...
    So, I won the lottery!
    I've never won anything before, but this time, oh this time felt different. I played numbers I felt comfortable with. And I was sure, I would win at least something. And I did!
    I love those 5 . I do.
    I won the lottery!

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    To win those five Euro, is actually a sign to me, that I am on the right track. Because I am going to marry in a few weeks and everybody keeps telling me, that I will have less money afterwards, because I will get a new tax class. But I am all, why does that mean, I have to loose money?
    In my opinion, I CAN have it all. I can be married and have the money!
    And especially my colleague keeps telling me, I should not get married at all. She keeps telling me, she would not do it again. Well, I do.
    And I wonder, why they all, customers and colleagues keep being married, when they don't want to be?
    If it goes wrong between us, we will get a divorce or work it out! We had our share of ups and downs and yes, a relationship can be a pretty bumpy road, but isn't it my responsibility?
    It is me defining how this goes or not, isn't it?
    It is me, doing the work or not, isn't it?
    Maybe I think of all this differently because I am an aber and they are not. Maybe they don't see that it is actually their own creation how their marriage goes.

    I think, I CAN have it all. I CAN have a happy marriage and have the money and be happy and have the children when I am ready for it and visit New York and be a great mom and have a job I love and... and... and...
    I think I can.
    We all can.

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    Ok, now this is crazy.
    You know, I've been a little overwhelmed lately. I had to do so much at work, I did not even know where to start and at home I was constantly aware of how much is still on my To-Do-List. So, I was thinking, "Two days of not having to do something, that would be wonderful".
    Be careful, what you wish for...
    On sunday I was walking the dog and we have a pretty long leash. Fifty metres, to be exact. He had given him about 25 metres of the leash, so that he could run around and snuff at things and then there was the cat...
    Well, to be short, he ran after the cat like a fired bullet, I tried to hold him back and got a strain in my lower back.
    On monday, when I went to work, my boss sent me right to the doctors, they where firstly afraid, I could have broken my back, but the x-ray showed it is just strained. I came back to work from the doctors and my boss said, you go home. I don't want to see you before Thursday again. End of discussion.
    That's a way of getting two days of doing nothing, isn't it?
    At first I was angry, but then I realized how I manifested this and started to laugh.

    I killed two birds with one stone: Firstly I got two days doing nothing. No housework, no work.

    Secondly, I've been saying for years now, that the dog has to be trained better, but my parents-in-law would not listen. They spoil him, like he is a little child, not a dog. He is fed from the table, is allowed to sleep in their bed and on the couch, is always biting into the leash and tearing on it, instead of walking nicely. The dog do as he pleases and they let him, because they do not want to work on it. That is apparently taking to much time.
    They even said, I should train him, since I grew up with dogs, but there is no use. If I train him not to beg, and they feed him on the next occasion from the table there is no use in it. Because then he will never learn. If I have him and tell him not to bite into the leash and my mother-in-law animates him to play with the leash, there is no use.
    But he is no puppet anymore. He is a grown dog of six years by now and he has to learn how to behave.
    And I'm gonna tell them, when they come home tonight, that either he is trained or I don't look after him anymore.
    Because I am done being hurt by him. This is now the second time he rushed me off my feet and it is time to change that.
    So maybe they get it now and start to treat him like a dog and not a child.

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    I love my life. It is so easy. Everything I need, everything I wish for is just falling into place. Easy is where I am.

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    The wedding planning is going really well. We all are easy about it, everything is falling into place, everything just nice and easy. I love it. I love my fiance and me agreeing on it. I love our simple understanding of how we want this days to be and how easy we just make this happen. I love how the co-creators are lining up one by one. Oh, I just love life.

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    Oh and I am really well in the vibration of abundance. I got money back from my insurance company and also some taxes... I am abundant. I can afford things and I love the feeling.

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