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Thread: Delightful Adventure! -My "exciting or very unusual experiences".

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    Delightful Adventure! -My "exciting or very unusual experiences".

    I am so inspired to dig the experience of adventure, from ITV.
    I SO LOVE adventure.
    I have ITV-adventures, every day.

    After some discussion with my family today about what "adventure" really means, I think, we might have "ruined the word" (Abe) not only of "Love", but of "Adventure", as well, as most people think adventure must be about danger and even pain.
    But ITV, there is no danger. ITV, we are SURE. We know our guidance.
    ITV, we feel thrill and excitement, but we donīt wage misery. That wouldnīt be adventurous, just stupid.
    From ITV, we feel our true power.
    From ITV, we only care for feeling GOOD!
    And there is so MUCH goodfeeling -even delightful adventure, in every "mediocre" day-
    when we just TUNE to it.
    I am eager to do this even MORE!!!


    ...Here is what Abe have to say about it:

    And here what Thesaurus dictionary says about it:


    1. an exciting or very unusual experience.

    2. participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure.

    3. a bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.

    4. a commercial or financial speculation of any kind; venture.

    5. Obsolete.
    • peril; danger; risk.
    • chance; fortune; luck.

    Iīll go with no. 1, and leave out the description no.3,
    as I am only interested in ITV-ADVENTURE here.

    So I will rampage about that- and 2017 will be my fascinating, passionate beloved

    HS (Jerry):
    Is the sense of adventure a positive sense?

    Yahhh!!! Oh yes, youīr born with it!
    It is the synonym to freedom!

    Taking chances with our lives, and with our wellbeing?

    Ohhh, coming forth into this physical experience
    is beyond physical description of adventure.
    Coming forth into this physical experience into the sea of contrast
    is THE freedom-seeking adventure of all lifetimes.

    Iow, there is nothing... you are born pioneers!
    You are born freedom-seekers.

    Look at this little buggers, when they come forth. Canīt you see it?
    They wanna eat everything. They wanna smell everything.
    They wanna touch everything. They wanna see everything,
    they wanna be with everything. And you say: "no, no, no, no, no!
    No no no. Be careful."

    So, adventure is a part of our being. The sense of it?

    Oh, it is THE most natural sense.
    It is the nonphysical attitude of "more".
    More, more, more,
    more, more, MORE, MORE!

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks - Appreciating a sudden realization of abundance.

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    Your true power

    Most rarely align with their true power,
    because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation,
    in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss.

    Most people do not understand that
    their true power lies in releasing resistance—
    which is the only obstacle to their true power.

    Most people do not expect their path to great abundance
    to be one of ease and of joy.
    They have been taught that struggle and hardship and sacrifice
    are requirements that must be met before the reward
    of great abundance can be realized.

    Most do not understand that the very struggle
    they deliberately involve themselves in, in their quest for success
    and advantage, actually works against them.

    There are so many things that you have been taught to believe
    that are counter to the powerful Laws of the Universe,
    that it is difficult for you to think your way out.
    And that is the reason that we present this path
    of much less resistance.

    We want you to breathe rather than try,
    to relax rather than offer effort,
    to smile rather than struggle, to be rather than do.
    For your true power is experienced
    only from inside the Vortex.


    Excerpted from: Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on November 01, 2010

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    You came to FLOW YOUR ENERGY

    You intended to come forth into the physical realm of contrast
    to define what is wanted.
    To connect with the energy that creates worlds, and to flow it
    toward your objects of attention.

    Not because the objects of attention are important,
    but because the act of flowing is essential to life.


    Excerpted from: Lincroft, NJ on October 15, 1996

    I want to milk a BIG adventure that happened the day before yesterday!
    I am so proud about it.
    I am in awe about how EASY it was flowing.
    I love realizing how guided I was in it, every step along, from the first recognition of my desires in it,
    to trusting my impulses and following through.
    I had written this post in my Bliss-thread that describes a bit the background:

    Quote Originally Posted by paradise-on-earth View Post
    I am eager to go with my whole family- including my father in law,
    tomorrow to the Ducati-exhibition at the Audi-museum in Ingolstadt, Germany
    (home of Estherīs Audi R8 "Phantom"!).

    My "boys" alll love Ducati-motorbikes, and 2 of them even own one (my sons F and N).
    I am eager for the unfolding!
    I am eager for the expansion to include FIL and show him a bit of who we are.
    I am eager for the new energy.
    Iīm eager to show my step-grandsons a new world.
    I am eager for the adventure, and the love, and the ease that Iīm prepaving.
    I prepave BLISS.
    I prepave ease!
    I see us in happy, easy, delighted harmony.
    I see us in interest for each other, and in pure joy and appreciation of the technical delight.
    I see us in love.... and that feels so good!
    I see us in ease. I see us. US, who we really are.
    It feeels GOOD.

    I so love them!
    I so appreciate their interest and their passion, skill and eagerness.
    I so appreciate the beauty of this machines.
    I SO APPRECIATE the passion and power. The thrill and skill.
    I appreciate my family.
    I appreciate my adventurous inspiration of having initiated this,
    in so many ways.
    I love my clear guidance!
    I love how allowing and easy I feel about this unfolding.
    I feel eager.
    I feel in excited anticipation, and I feel certain and peaceful.
    I feel LOVE.
    I feel such love for each and everyone of them.
    I feel so much LOVE!
    And, I feel eager to RECEIVE the beauty that is in this.
    I allow.
    I relax!
    I expect, and I let it all BE.

    Your work is about loving, not managing.
    Your work is about appreciating.
    Your work is about feeling thankful.
    Your work is about accepting and receiving and letting it be.
    Your work is about relaxing and trusting and knowing your value.
    Your work is about trusting yourself to the point that you KNOW what to say,
    and when to say it.

    We just want you to give yourselves permission to be the receiver
    of the good that is coming your way, rather than the earner of it.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Cancun Land Cruise, April 23 – 30, 2016
    The challenge, the ADVENTURE was in bringing the several people together- in "first times" or ways we never experienced before. And, it ALL worked out, in perfect ease!
    I LOVED realizing my desires!
    I loved being swept up in their momentum that I deliberately had not killed, even it was so un-normal .
    I LOVED how it expanded with more and more and more ideas filling in!
    I loved how wild horses couldnīt hold me back to phone around about it,
    and to deliberately not push anybody, but just trusted the unfolding, and how peaceful and clear and certain
    it felt.

    I loved the joy with which those I cared for reacted!
    I loved how easy it went, in the physical unfolding.
    I loved how deep those who did not comply at first got swept in, in my second attempt.
    I loved realizing that they had asked for assurance, certainty and LOVE.
    I loved how deeply I felt all of that, and how clearly I was leading them by my own example.
    I was where they WANTED to be, and so I swept them in, with total ease-
    while we felt our love and connection in a way we didnīt before.

    I loved the NEWNESS in the whole materialization.
    It felt thrillingly NEW!
    I loved the extras that the Universe added, that made it even MORE and deeper!
    I LOVED this passionate exchange with the perfect vibrational match that I attracted,
    and I loved how my son got swept into it!
    It ALL felt exciting.
    It all felt so SATISFYING and peaceful, and whole and round.
    It felt delightfully MORE than we experienced ever together.
    It felt as a quantum-shift.
    I loved to see my daughters delighted, sparkling eyes!!
    I loved to see my son-in-laws confidence!!
    I loved to see the respect, joy and harmony of my sweet step-grandsons!!
    I loved to see the capability and balance in my grnadson!
    I loved to see the ease of connection, and the inspired thoughts with my FIL!
    I loved to see the delight of my son N!
    I loved to see the gentle loving leadership in my son F!
    I loved to see the assured easing up in my son H!
    I loved to see the astonishment and joy in my DH!
    I loved to feel and allow it all!!

    And also, it gave me huge clarity who was really no match to my life,
    and I am very appreciative of that, as well.
    It went smoothe and easy in that case as well- while I now know clearer than ever
    who is just not in my path of least resistance. No need to make myself eat worms!
    I LOVE this clarity and my willingness to be nice to myself and only do WHAT FEELS GOOD!
    I love this absolute CERTAINTY.

    I loved the love that became MORE.
    I loved the closeness.
    I loved feeling and expressing ME in such a big and bold way,
    and I loved witnessing how helpful I am for the joy and the ease of my beloveds, when Iīm ITV
    and clear and certain in this ways.
    I LOVED being the "grand mother"!
    I LOVED this adventure of inspiring MORE, and getting more- beyond what I had conjured.

    I LOVE realizing my potential,
    being confirmed in my desire, triumphing in joy, love, peace and fulfillment.
    I didnīt care for the trained problems of several people.
    I didnīt care for what was deemed "impossible".
    I didnīt care for staying inside the box!
    I went to the edge and pushed the borders mightily.
    I exchanged the "noīs" into a BIG "yes", into several YES-SES!!!!
    Ohhh, THIS WAS SO GOOD!!!

    You've trained yourself to face reality.
    You've trained yourself to tell the truth.
    You've trained yourself to tell it like it is.

    So in the beginning, these fantasies feel a little inappropriate,
    because it's like you're fooling yourself.
    Sometimes people will say, "Well, isn't this just denial?"
    And we say, "We hope so!"

    We hope that you are denying the absence that you do not want.
    And we hope that you are embracing the presence of what you do.
    But somehow the idea of denial has become a dirty word to you;
    like it is virtuous to face the reality of the horror of your own lives.

    And we would be ignoring anything
    that did not please us.

    We would get our eyes on what feels good.

    --- Abraham
    I LOVE allowing my unique Paradise on Earth!!

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    "If we could convey something to you,
    above all other things that we wish to convey to you,
    it's that you can trust that you have put it well into yourVortex.

    And the Universe is delivering it to you well.
    And your work
    is muchless work than you've ever thought that it is.

    It really is about keeping yourself in that general happy place
    and once you accomplish it, the specifics will come more."

    North Los Angeles, CA, 1/26/13

    I feel such thrill in getting piece after piece on a quest Iīm on since I can remember to think. I ALWAYS wanted "to live without the devil", without the motivation of pain.
    I wanted to be as Jesus. I wanted to be "enlightened". I wanted to become able to live Paradise on Earth.
    And I am more deliberately aware of the core of all of this than ever.
    It falls into place, accompanied with contrast-
    I SEE.
    I KNOW!
    I LOVE this clarity.
    I love the love that I feel for it.

    Iīm not "done" yet and maybe never will... but I feel so CLEAR in it.
    It feels as the thrilling core-adventure of my life, and I understand itīs components so clearly, so obviously, so CERTAIN as I never did before.

    I donīt think I could explain to others who are not in my shoes, not seeking for what I desire, but I want to dance and sing and celebrate this wonder of unfolding ME,
    in this essential, fantastic, wonderful LOVING ways.

    What an adventure.
    What awe.
    What beauty.
    What joy!!!

    (thank you for the quote below, skylark! )

    You CAN NOT SOLVE a problem!

    If you as a parent or a mentor will never ever ever try
    to solve a problem for one of your children,
    they will be so much better off for it.

    If you will train yourself to never focus upon on anything
    that’s going wrong in their experience, then you will not be
    an amplifier of what’s going wrong in their experience.

    And you will be like a satellite beamed in version of their Inner Being
    who, as it pertains to them, is always in that high flying place.

    (...) You cannot solve a problem.
    You cannot solve a problem.
    Problems cannot be solved.

    Problems can ask for solutions, and solutions can summon.
    But problems cannot be solved.
    Problems can either get bigger or solutions can get bigger.

    (...) So which feels better?
    To expect your kids to figure this out or to think that if you don’t teach it
    to them they’re not going to know it?
    Which feels better? To trust that they have an inner being who’s beaming
    to them all the time and that frequently they get in sync with it?

    (...) Let law of attraction show them who they are.
    And let their inner being call them into alignment.
    And you stand there, as their inner being stands.
    Trusting that that will happen.

    And in time you will be like their inner being.

    They will learn from their exposure to you.
    That they are just not going to get you to worry with them.
    Because your faith in their well-being is so dominant,
    that you just can’t see around it.
    BASK in their thriving, which is always dominant.

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Denver, CO, June 11, 2016

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    I had two so wonderful ITV-adventures yesterday night!
    It was New Years Eve, and me and our boys prepared for a lazy cozy night together, when my beloved daughter called, while crying. My grandson M had fallen and injured himself. While I heard her shock and mixed-upness, I heard in the very same time how balanced the little one was, even trying to soothe his mother with gentle caressing words! DH and me drove over in an instant. I just embraced my daughter and held her tight to hold her through the tears, while DH soothed all her boys and men- while M still was totally ITV! His wound was minor, so, we had not much to do action-wise, while it was SUCH delight to feel the tension in this sweet family ease up. It was a joy to feel the natural sunny fun of my beloved daughter come back.

    It was a joy to see my son-in-law relax and smile over all his face. It was as a miracle to have them all laughing. It was sweet to hear my stepgrandsons ask silently if they still could celebrate Silvester, and see their grin in the answer. It was an extradelight to joke together, and to compliment all of them for having done so good in this adventure.
    It was such a heightened family-moment.

    It felt as elation, all along the way!
    And I am so proud of me and my beloved DH, that we became real "Grand-Parents" who can so easily set a tone of soothing. Who donīt wobble easily and donīt sweat the small stuff ("and itīs all small stuff"- Abe).
    It was a gift to me. It was a wonderful love-adventure. IT FELT SO LOVING, so easy, so clear.

    And when we came home, one of our sons felt really angry. Again, it felt so EASY to just set the tone! In such a different way, this time. It was a dance on the brink. It was so AWARE.
    It was a balancing act out of letting go and fully trusting, and stepping forwards a bit for soothing, and then letting go and fully releasing again.
    Having set my tone so fully.
    Giving in and totally trusting his and my and our all guidance. Fully floating in the trust in source. Seeing my other sons just let go and trust the process as well. No pushing against. Flowing the love, naturally, calm, peacefully, intensely. And not judging one bit, just loving, and holding the tone of peace and unconditional ease...

    And then, he settled. He made peace and smiled.
    He relaxed and his relief was SO TANGIBLE.
    It was such a joy to witness how we ALL let go so easily. "Nothing to forgive", as there was no judgement. Just love. Just friendly compassion. It was SO BIG. It was so easy- and also so lively and aware and clear.

    I feel such joy.
    I am so happy. THANK YOU ABE for giving me the tools!
    Thank you source for guiding me so perfectly.
    Thank you beloved family for being in this with me, together!
    Thank you ME.


    Which end of the stick do you choose to focus upon?

    I experience what seems the most polarity,
    the most extreme contrast of my entire life....

    And isnīt it GOOD?

    (...not really happy, saying it is good, but...)

    Itīs only polarity if you choose the part that you donīt want,
    and push against it!

    Itīs harmony, if you choose the part you want,
    and align with it!

    from the clip

    Abraham Hicks - He Wants to Stay in the Vortex
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    The adventure of surrender...

    I am on the journey of surrender, and sometimes it takes all of me
    to GIVE UP the struggle, the try to control, the iron grip.
    But, I get better and better at surrendering.
    In giving in, letting God, trusting, ALLOWING.

    Not letting myself be ruled by fear and doubt, but deliberately RELAXING
    into the goodness.
    Relaxing into the pain.
    Relaxing into the desires.
    Relaxing into trust.
    Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, relaxing... and taking the path of least resistance,
    that our society has tried to train out of us, almost deeming it evil.

    Itīs a paradigm shift to be made WITHIN ME.
    Itīs the tipping from fixing, to appreciating.
    From fear to curiousity.
    From hate to love.

    Itīs the turning around and turning the other cheek.
    Itīs ALLOWING instead of effort need and hard work.
    Itīs trust.


    The true definition of faith is the understanding
    of the laws of the Universe.

    UNDERSTANDING that your source stands in complete compliance
    and becoming of the expanded version of you!

    And when you understand the reality of THAT,
    and you pay attention to the way you feel-
    you can trust that anything that you want WILL BE!

    Then, itīs just a matter of discipline.
    Then, itīs just a matter of directing your mind.


    And I so love to have embraced it. From here, adventure is FUN.
    From here, adventure is sweet. No pain, more gain!
    Challenge, awesome good feeling thrill.
    Passionate eagerness.
    Deep intense fascination.
    Pushing the borders, getting the MORE.

    Not hyped, but natural!
    Filling in, all by itself, with perfect timing.
    Surprising delight, exactly when I am ready for it.
    Lasting as long as it feels fantastic-
    and then allowing me to rest, again, and to balance and digest
    the wonderful experience.

    Challenge, that feels so sweet, secure and sure in the unfolding.
    CHALLENGE to be focused intensely- on goodness.
    Challenge to drop the old momentum, and focus on purpose
    on what feels good- with clarity. In certainty:
    "OF COURSE!" -"HELL, YES!!"

    Challenge to CHOOSE, instead to react.
    Challenge to SHINE, instead to cover up my light.
    Invitation to allow ME, who I really am- genius, extraordinary, brilliant-
    connected to the powers that create worlds!

    Challenge to be awake and clear and to PRACTICE my power:
    What fascination! What LIGHT. What delightful fullness.
    What orgasmic momentum. What awe. What bliss!
    What freedom.
    From here, adventure is DELIGHT.
    ...And I live that, at least for some minutes, every day

    "Things are always working out for me."
    -Thatīs the bridge!
    "THIS is just exactly right. Itīs fine. It queued me up,
    it focussed me stronger,
    it brought me into this feeling of being on the brink,
    on the verge of something.
    It served me really well. And more like that coming."

    And then- just trust.
    You can! You are at that place where you can.

    Nothing brings something thatīs in your Vortex,
    ready to pop, to you faster than surrendering
    to the knowledge that itīs there, and ready to pop-
    and doesnīt require your effort!

    Thatīs the true definition of surrender.

    From the clip "Abraham- get on the verge"
    Panama-Cruise 2011

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    We want you to TRUST that your guidance is working.
    And realize, that "risk-taking" -letīs really push this,
    a little bit, -"RISK-TAKING".
    Whatīs the difference between a strong ADVENTURE,
    with extra-ordinary potential, and RISK?

    Itīs very little vibrational difference!
    Itīs just in what YOUR PERCEPTION of it is!
    You see, weīr not encouraging such different behavior
    from you, weīr encouraging a different PERSPECTIVE
    about the behavior.

    Weīr encouraging to modify the feeling of RISK
    into the feeling of ADVENTURE!
    And modify the feeling of FALLING DOWN into
    the feeling of CLARIFICATION.

    Alaskan Cruise, July 2015

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    I think, the girl above might be age 95.

    Do you know what the definition of crazy is?
    Crazy is following one’s own guidance
    when the population at large wants you
    to follow the conditions that they’ve laid out for you.
    We teach crazy!

    ~ Abraham-Hicks, Asheville, April 11, 2015

    I love my adventure with my body, that I have going on.
    I LOVE exploring how me and my body work together.
    I love exploring and figuring out, how this fascinating alchemistic translation
    and connection between soul, mind and physics gets translated, manifested and
    I LOVE witnessing the "miracles" that I experience with my body.

    I love realizing and experiencing, how "knock on wood, flesh and bone"-manifest
    conditions can transform on a dime, in seconds. It seemed to be impossible, but it happens.
    I so often have experienced it.
    I love experiencing that we think we would do "everything right" and push all the perfect buttons- and nothing happens. Itīs a thrilling science. Itīs a fascinating journey. Itīs THE most thrilling, ongoing, neverending exploration, for *me*.

    I so love my body!
    I realized that it is the absolute perfect mirrorimage for my vibration, the alignment between my desires and what I allow to be.
    Itīs the most perfect indicator of my resistances. It is SO complex, and it ALWAYS ALWAYS functions perfectly- especially in itīs disfunctions! This is SO AMAZING!!!

    It is THE proof that a disfunction is the most perfect function, as it totally mirrors an off-desire-vibe.
    I think, that is thrilling and stunning. I am in such deep appreciation for me, standing in a place where I GET that in deep love and full clarity!

    I so love my body, as my ship, my vessel, my object of study and research,
    my beloved delightful friendly and totally COMPLETELY RELIABLE partner that is so incredibly capable of taking me to places, to express and get impressions, to TAKE DELIGHT, to see, hear, smell, touch, caress, feel lust and disgust, to interact with this amazing physical plane.

    What fun!!! What JOY!!! It is a STUNNING, incredibly BEAUTIFUL meaningful deep adventure-journey, each day new.
    So many experiences.
    So many varied delightful precious moments, FELT through my body, translated
    from spirit into the more specific plane of material, where we get myriads of fascinating bouncing-off-places into MORE exploration.

    I so love my body, and the adventure to learn to steer it in perfection.
    I so love to steer wherever I WANT, not giving a rip if others think my desires and goals would be "crazy", or that things would be "impossible". I donīt buy that!! I am sooo eager to do the most crazy stuff!!

    Ahhh, itīs such delight to be so free, and to dance with my amazing body into untapped roams of experience!
    Itīs such ADVENTURE to figure out how this all works- not because I would need it, or because I try to fit in- at all.
    Itīs such FREEDOM. Itīs thrill. Itīs curiousity and eagerness. Itīs passion for the creative process.
    Itīs passion for the endresult, as for the fascinating process of survey and research. For finetuning, for more, more, MORE! For amazement. For delight. For unlimited lust and delight!
    Itīs SO FULFILLING and satisfying, every step along!!

    I so love to be in my body, and to dance with-in it.

    All Ailments Resolve Themselves.
    All things do resolve themselves, if allowed. All things do.
    ALL things do resolve themselves — if allowed.

    You say, “Some things resolve themselves,” and you believe that.
    And when we say all things resolve themselves,
    -you don’t really believe that.
    You want to, but you don’t have personal proof about it.

    There’s the belief that says,
    “Well, I really don’t believe all things resolve themselves,”
    and as you activate that vibration,
    all kinds of people start showing up with un-resolved things.
    But that’s not the evidence you’re wanting to attract.

    You’re wanting evidence that says,
    “All things can resolve themselves.”

    Bridge your locked off statement by saying,
    “Well, I don’t know how I’ve been disallowing it.
    I’ve been doing it without knowing I’m doing it.
    But now I am aware that negative emotion means I’m doing it,
    and I’m going to start watching for those moments
    when I’m not allowing it.”

    If we were standing in your physical shoes,
    we’d lie in bed every night and talk to the cells of our body,
    and expect the recovery, and we would feel the sensation of it.
    We would put ourselves in as much comfort as we could,
    as often as we could — for about a week —
    aligning Energy, relaxing into the discomfort, talking to the cells,
    knowing that they are summoning and that Source Energy is answering,
    knowing that we are receiving and allowing; and acknowledging,

    “In this moment, I’m not doing anything that’s causing
    any discomfort in my body.
    I feel perfectly comfortable.
    I feel such appreciation in this perfectly comfortable moment.
    In this mode of distraction, or in this mode of focused comfort,
    I’m in this place of appreciation — I’m in this place of allowing.”

    Our attitude would be:
    “Let me see my physical progress.”

    Just allow yourself to receive what the Universe is offering.
    Before you know it, your body will be back in alignment.

    Every bit of allowing is going to bring you greater
    and greater results. Give the cells of your body an opportunity
    to make their request;
    give yourself the opportunity to receive what the Universal Forces
    are offering —
    and before you know it, your body will be back into alignment.

    So many people are convinced that their physical bodies
    are in a state — once you reach a certain stage of life —
    of steady decline.
    It is amazing the amount of expectation that is wrapped around that.
    And it is absolutely opposite of what you’ve intended,
    of what your cells know how to do —
    and of what Source Energy is supplying.

    You do not need to decline.
    It is only your negative expectation — or your worrying
    about this and that, and the other — that pinches off the Energy.
    You don’t decline because your body wears out.
    You decline
    because you disallow more of the resources
    that keep you feeling good.

    That’s all. Every single time. There are no exceptions to that.

    Abraham-Hicks G-8/25/01— San Rafael, CA

    <<<(true story: this girl overcame being paralized!)

    C. Dell'Orefice at 81 - one of my role-models!

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    Life treats you as you FEEL-
    and all the cards are face-up! You get to CHOOSE them!

    Donīt you know people, running around as victims?
    And doesnīt the world treat them badly?
    You want to say to them-

    "Youīr not making this stuff up!
    I donīt blame you for feeling bad about that, that happened,
    or that, that happened or that, that happened.
    You have not been dealt a very good hand."

    But then, we want to say to all of them:

    You are dealing your own hand,
    and all the cards are face-up!
    You get to choose EVERY SINGLE THING.

    There is no mystery in any of this-
    once you begin to understand it, you see!

    Life is treating you as you FEEL.

    from the clip Abraham Hicks ~ Creating a Bad Day

    The adventure of "MIXING IT UP"...

    I love knowing, that all the cards are face up,
    as we always have our emotions to guide us.
    I also love mixing it up and trying something NEW.

    Is it FUN, to just pick out the perfect cards, and "win" every game in an instant?
    ...We donīt want to become victims, and we donīt want to starve and deprive us
    of what we really really want.
    But, do we really want it always "the easiest way, first crack out of the box"?

    ...ALWAYS "just" picking out a great street or a grand flush?
    ALWAYS? No surprises, "being right" over having fun,
    playing it safe, getting it "right" or even "perfect", and when we donīt-
    feeling like a failure?

    I SO LIKE my freedom to be adventurous.
    I so like to be crazy. I like to work on things, and molding them,
    and TAKING MY TIME...
    I like to know, that no matter what, I canīt get it wrong.
    I LOVE my explorations.

    I made peace with the contrast. Well, I donīt do things on purpose to get them wrong -of course. But I LIKE to explore the new paths!
    I like to look how it would work this, this or that way.
    I FEEL GOOD in exploring the paths besides the superhighways.
    Itīs thrilling!
    Itīs fascinating!
    Itīs a challenge.
    It makes me FOCUS.
    It makes me feel so aware and awake and alive!
    Itīs thrilling.
    Itīs funny.
    Itīs surprise, and as there is the wanted in EVERYTHING,
    I can always turn it around and find a wanted way to look at it!


    I so love my adventurous, free, lighthearted way of living.

    All the cards are faced up- and I pick FUN.
    I pick love- unconditional love. I pick ease, no matter the rumble.
    I pick alignment with ME.
    As long as Iīm having SUCH fun, I know Iīm doing it right-
    -right, FOR ME! I dance with who I REALLY AM.
    And that is allll that matters to me...

    And ohh, this feels so good!
    It feels empowered.
    It feels wild and untamed and FREE.
    It feels as source, laughing and dancing with- and through me.
    It feels sooo LIGHT.
    It feels unhurtable. It feels eager. It is pure freedom in love!
    It feels as flying.
    It feels invincible.

    Overcoming Resistances is the same as
    the FUN of the journey!

    You know that path of most allowing,
    or that path of least resistance...
    Weīr gonna say something in a way you have not heard before (...).

    Your journey is more FUN,
    because thereīs resistance on your path.

    It just is! Itīs more fun!
    You donīt REALLY want a straight, swift line to the things you want!
    You think you do. But itīs SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING
    to figure it out, as you go!

    Itīs all about resistance- to be a hands-on-creator,
    to be molding the clay, to get better and better and better
    at this, to see the results, that you get...
    -think about it!

    2015-07-26 San Francisco

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    Elfengarten, Germany

    Can being in pain, aka in bumpy contrast, be FUN?

    Can you be in receptive mode, and still be in sharp pain,
    and discomfort- can you be, in receptive mode?

    Well, thatīs what weīr talking about!

    Weīr talking about EMBRACING
    the contrast, not using it as judgement,
    not using it as a club for beating yourself
    over the head about, -accepting that it is
    something WANTED, and benefitting from it.
    And in fact, THATīs what step 5 is!

    Step 5 is allowing yourself to be back in step 1!
    And so, if there is a practiced ease about it,
    the answer to that is: ABSOLUTELY!

    Absolutely. Itīs just a matter of where you put the emphasis.
    Thatīs really whatīs the whole point of this discussion has been,
    this whole day, so far- is that we want you to FEEL alright,
    WHEREVER you are.

    And we know, physical pain is way off past the rumble-strip.
    And way off, into the weeds.
    Itīs way off, into some rough territory!
    You are not even on the roadway anymore, and you are
    having a bumpy ride.

    But you can STILL be in control of your vehicle!
    You can still know that you have the control,
    to get it back where you want it to be.
    And you can still have not feeling the risk,
    of it going over the cliff! Itīs that feeling,
    that youīve GOT it, and itīs ok where you are.

    And the acknowledgement, that thereīs a whole lot of people,
    more and more and more every year, as an industry-
    maybe one of the fastest growing vehicular industries
    in the world, is OFF-ROADING!
    People are bored with the pavement!
    And some of you are, too.

    Some of you are bored with the "pavement".
    You wanna get off, where itīs more adventurous.

    And yes, itīs bumpy. But the question is:
    A whole industry says that it is.

    Asheville, NC, 2-3/04/2016

    I so love my exploration about the Adventures of my life.
    And I realize how ready I still was to judge me, and to beat myself over the head,
    when contrast happened.
    Letting that go- THAT IS SUCH LOVE. Unconditional love, for me and all-
    and itīs CLARITY.

    Itīs clarity about what life REALLY means to be.
    Itīs clarity- as I know how it was "from the other side", from OOTV-
    that true adventure is ITV! Where all the juice is, where the eagerness and fun are, where the fascination for LIFE and thrilling EXPERIENCE is!

    Me and my beloveds came so far in this, already.
    We all are so much ITV, adventure is normal and easy for us.
    And so we all could laugh- while not into her face- when my mother, the fundamental catholic, was -really!- SORRY about my sons statement, that he is not in fear of God, ever- whatsoever!

    She is in terror and fear for his soul because of that, and she is honestly desiring that we would fear the revenge of God, instead. It felt so totally screwy and distorted to all of us- but,
    isnīt it still THAT what those of us do, when they deem contrast to be an unwanted consequence of less than good vibe?

    Isnīt there still fear in us, that we would deserve to be punished, that we would deserve to be put out and denunciated and blamed when things go other than we thought we would want them to go, instead EMBRACING it in full trust and joy as a GOOD THING?

    In my love for freedom and adventure, I am shaking loose of those last layers of the blame-ful onion.
    I embrace the pain. I embrace the contrast!
    I embrace me who still is in fear of God in some corners of my life.
    I embrace the fear.
    I embrace the pushing-against. I embrace "hell on earth", that we humans give ONLY to ourselves.
    I embrace the INDICATOR- and I stop fearing it.
    And that feels soooo good.

    I donīt have to be "right"! I came here to mix it up!
    That was the plan!
    That was the idea of coming here!!

    I came here, to explore and to try things, and to get outside the old boxes.
    ITīS RIGHT, not wrong, when I learn new things, and when I donīt manage them to work out "perfectly". Itīs part of the journey.
    Itīs supposed to be THE SWEETSPOT!
    Itīs adventure.
    Itīs supposed to be FUN!
    And oh, how it is, when I stop judging and blaming myself.

    We have snow!!
    And the first thing my sons adored to do as soon they saw it, was to go outside with their cars and have FUN sliding and drifting around.
    I loved sharing my H when I needed to drive buying groceries.
    He took me through a deeply snow-covered forest, and showed me all the holes and slopes he ALMOST fell into, already.
    And then we remembered the times, when he dug his car in and phoned us for helping him out, again, and how precious our adventures in all helping together, and towing and pushing and manouvring him out, again, TOGETHER.
    And he beamed in passion, when he mentioned how thrilling it is to find the perfect place to do donuts and powerslides.

    I so love to be ALIVE.
    I so love to push the envelope.
    I so love to be close to those, who love it, too!
    I so love to be eager, instead of fearful,
    passionate and trusting that things always work out for me and everyone-
    instead of holding back and trying to be "right".

    I LOVE this!!
    I love this freedom.
    I love this ease.
    I love this FUN.
    I love this expansion. I LOVE TO LIVE FULLY!

    At times, the BEST alignment produces something
    that you might consider a challenge,
    because itīs SO FUN to rise to it.

    So we donīt want you to misunderstand!
    We donīt want you to think that perfect alignment means,
    that you never have to think again, or that you never
    have to direct your thoughts again, or that you never
    have to be agile again, or that you never have to be
    FAST thinking, again.

    Donīt you WANT to be TITITO, and on your game?

    Cancun Land Cruise, April 23 - 30, 2016
    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - The honour to mold your life into place (new)

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