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Thread: Delightful Adventure! -My "exciting or very unusual experiences".

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    Embrace the PERFECTION of Contrast!

    There is a perception of wrong doing,
    when negative emotion is experienced.

    We would like you to not only accept negative emotion
    but to embrace it, because without knowing
    what you don’t want you can’t know what you do want.

    There is a perfection in contrast.

    Contrast just is:
    It doesn’t require willingness- it just happens.
    It just requires beingness.
    It is not “I am willing to find alignment”,
    because feeling good is what you want, it is the only thing
    that is natural.

    “Emotions are everything”.
    You have the selfish nature that you care about how you feel.
    If you’re not selfish about how you feel
    then you have no reasonable measure to move towards anything,
    so the selfish nature is innately within you.

    There is an understanding of who you are,
    and being conscious of where you are,
    you can’t cease sending a signal.

    The only thing that is questionable is how long it will take
    to figure it out?
    And for some, they will reemerge into the nonphysical,
    before they will release the thoughts that are keeping them from it.

    Definition of creation by default:
    -Not aware of choices because of what emotions are telling me.

    Definition of deliberate creation:
    -What is the true willingness, that is taking place?

    There is focus that we would like to use, but within the focus it’s the willingness to feel good.
    It’s your willingness to accept the perfection
    of that which you are,
    to feel the love regardless of where you stand.
    It’s your willingness to stand in a worthy place.
    It’s your willingness to find some way,
    where you stand, to make it alright.

    Because that’s the only thing you have control of.
    You can’t control your circumstances,
    but you can control your response to them.
    You can’t control what’s happening in the world,
    but you can control your response to it.
    You can’t control this red hot minute your relationship
    between you and you,
    because you’ve practiced yourself into this,
    and law of attraction is yielding more and more of it.

    It’s the willingness for it to be alright
    where you stand,

    that equals your conscious allowing of the alignment
    between you and you-

    which is the only definition that love is.

    2013-03-21 Gold Coast

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    My Adventure of doing things differently!

    What a delightful day I had yesterday!
    DH asked me to pick him up from the big city where heīs working early, so that he could spend the afternoon paragliding on a mountain close to his workplace.

    So I took time to enjoy this long drive ALL ON MY OWN. Normally, I have my car full to the brim on the longer rides! And now, it was just me and ME.
    I took time, to enjoy the Autobahn. I took time to speed! HOW I LOVE driving fast.
    How I LOVE that my recent car drives 140 mp/h!
    How I enjoyed remembering when my son took me with his Porsche over the streets with 170mp/h!

    I appreciated the arts of the modern engineers who supply us with this fantastic experiences, in luxury and safety of the cars!
    I APPRECIATED to be surrounded by speedlovers like me, who can handle their cars so well, as well. I SO APPRECIATED our Autobahn-streets, in their intricate perfection. In their delightful capability and leading-edge support of speed, safety and communication and comfort.
    It felt highflying it felt elated. It felt as bliss, carried by source, in such ease and comfort.

    And then, I decided to drive another route through the inner city than I ever did.
    I decided to let myself be guided by the navigational system in this city, the very first time. When I was in my twens, I was a testdriver, and I do know this specific city as well as the back of my hand. But that day, I was inspired to see it throuh different eyes, and I was surprised how my navy really led me- almost contrary to the path I had taken so long. It just promised me a gain of 5 minutes less driving time in that way- but the route was SO DIFFERENT! I saw it all from THE OTHER SIDE!

    And, letting myself being GUIDED literally felt as such fun!
    It felt so relaxed. It felt so eager to see new.
    It felt as a delightful adventure. It felt thrilling!
    It felt as "oh yes, of course..!" It felt as tiny solutions that had waited for me, so long.
    It felt as fascinating revelation!
    I so appreciated the roads. I so appreciated the never drawn conclusions of how to get from A to B.

    And then, I was ahead of my time when I reached DHīs work-place. So I stepped out of the car and just chilled out and appreciated the traffic that rushed besides me. I havenīt done this since a very long time... when we go to the city with family, we all use to discuss and focus on ourselves. Now I focused OUTWARDS. This sounds! This vibration of the roads. This speed, speeding around me, while I was standing stable. It felt fascinating!

    All this cars, all this abundance, all this precious people, all this LIFE. All this effortlessness, and speed. All this EASE, in the perfect flow, balancing itself all the time, perfectly and smoothly. All this dreams and desires, all this skill and knowing, all this expansion and evolution. I felt surrounded by a huge awesome cloud of LOVE for all of it!
    And then DH came and we drove to the mountain, through the tiny rural backroads again... this BEAUTY of the snowy nature. The glistening of the light in thousands of "diamonds" all around....

    I had bought me a totally DIFFERENT type of sandwich than I ever purchased that day (chicken with chili and beansprouts) and I so enjoyed the new taste of it, while I was snuggled into thick blankets and read a delicious novel, while DH was off to fly.
    When I looked up, I saw a sharply defined cloud sailing over the otherwise absolutely blue sky, and it was shedding lots of snow... I knew, that snow would end the flying-experience of DH, and so I focused on FULFILLMENT.
    And there, the snow-cloud just dissolved, before my eyes.

    I felt empowered.
    I felt FRESH!
    I felt elated.

    I feel soooo HAPPY!

    ...Anything that is physical and sensual,
    anything that is amplifying the existence
    of Source Energy
    in a physical body.

    We really want you to get past a feeling of...
    there should be no limits.

    If you have the ability to identify it,
    this time-space reality has the ability to give it to you.
    And we want you to get over any feeling of limitedness
    or unworthiness, that denies you that.

    From the DVD, "The Secret Behind the Secret" , Abraham-Hicks

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    If it doesn’t feel good,
    it doesn’t have anything to do with you.

    From inner beings perspective, if it doesn’t feel good,
    it doesn’t have anything to do with you.

    Because whatever you are giving your attention to
    is vibrating, and as you give your attention to it,
    in this inclusion based universe, you include it in your vibration.

    And so you can choose something that causes you to reverberate
    with such fantastic harmony with your source
    that your heart is singing all the time,
    or you can choose something to focus upon
    that is gut wrenching or unsettling.
    You do have those choices.

    And when you realize you have the choice of choosing,
    moment by moment, the more you notice that you have the choice
    and the more you deliberately exercise that choice,
    and choose those things that feel good,
    and therefore connect with the whole of who you are,

    then the less inclined you are to try to control the conditions around you.
    And that’s a happy day for you.
    Because when you discover that it is not your work
    to control the conditions around you, you are finally free!

    -Abe 12/15/01

    The adventure of daring to "let go of what was".

    I realize, how much I defined myself with hardship and struggle.
    I realize, that I still cling to the problems, that MADE me so strong, and determined and clear. But now, itīs time to let them go!
    They donīt serve me any longer.
    Itīs time to just and only trust, and to fully TURN AROUND in the stream.

    Itīs time to fully embrace the next adventure:
    BEING FULFILLED, while eager for more.
    Endlessly MORE.
    Forward looking, going with the stream,
    letting the old be, in DEEP APPRECIATION for what it has caused,
    and how beautiful it was.
    I GOT what I desired.
    I got so much physically, and I got it all vibrationally.
    It has unfolded within me.
    It has become, and is ready to become MORE!

    I let it BE.
    I let it go.
    I stop any attempt to control.
    I stop the twistedness. It feels NEW.
    I allow myself to fully turn around and let it be.
    I let it be, what it is meant to be- the fuel that drove me, the fulfillment
    of what was. The love and joy of then, and the clarity for more.

    Everything that is today could not be
    if it were not for that, which was before.


    Excerpted from: El Paso, TX on November 14, 1998

    I soooo lovingly embrace my past! The wanted AND unwanted.
    Ahhhhh, free! I dare to be FREE.
    I dare to FLY.
    Straight and focused, merged with source, FORWARDS.

    I dare to look forwards!
    I dare to fully FOCUS towards what becomes.
    I look towards the Vortex ahead of me and within me, and I am STRAIGHT.
    I let all other go. I let it be. I cut myself loose.
    I dare to be drawn from the future that the past has made.
    I dare to let it all go, while I know that it is my creation that is my Matrix.
    I let it be, and trust the UNFOLDING.
    I donīt need to controll any of it.
    It feels so free.

    Quote from the movie "Under the sun of Tuscany":

    Frances: What are you thinking?
    Martini: What do I think?
    Frances: Tell me.
    Martini: I think you got your wish.

    Frances: My wish?
    Martini: On that day we looked for your snake, you said to me that you wanted there
    to be a wedding here. And then you said you wanted there to be a family here.
    Frances: You're right... I got my wish. ...I got everything I asked for.

    Bye bye past!

    I GOT IT. Physically or just as potential.
    It will always be with me, as underpinning or as guidance or as future.
    That is so certain!
    That is fantastic.
    It makes me curious!
    And it makes me feel total peace and fulfillment, as well.

    This feels so lively.
    This feels passionate! Life, here I come!! No strings attached!

    we are ALL focused forward,
    IN TIME; RIGHT NOW, with you.

    Of course you can remember your past. But- you know,
    this is why we are getting so exhilerated as we are following
    this train of thought: Itīs that your IB NEVER LOOKS BACK!

    Your IB is ALWAYS focused on this expansive, delicious sweet
    spot, watching you moving from where you are, to where you
    really mean to be. And in fact, your IB is not even focused
    on WHERE YOU ARE- your IB is focused upon where you REALLY
    are, vibrationally.

    Which, in your vernacular, youīr going, in terms of physical
    manifestation! Your IB is SOOO FORWARD looking!
    Never looking back.

    Asheville, 2016.10.15 - 16, from the clip
    Abraham Hicks 2016 - Trust your guidance (new)

    I come from such good! But it is less than that is, now.
    That makes me giddy! That makes me feel so FULL!
    I come from so much LOVE.
    I come from so much joy.
    I come from LOVING JOYFUL INTENTION, and I am eager for the unfolding!
    Here I go, I have big momentum FROM that, -I am soo eager for the more.
    I can feel it in so many many ways, itīs who I am, itīs who I really am.
    IT IS SO GOOD. Itīs friendly. Itīs clear. Itīs certain!
    It is lighthearted. Itīs FUNNY. Itīs delightful. Itīs paradisy. Itīs awe!
    It FITS. It calls, neverendingly.
    It is soooo good! It is soooo me!!
    It is FREE.
    It is incredibly powerful. It is LOVE!
    Such adventurous, lighthearted, eager happy LOVE!!


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    So when you say... 'I can do appreciation...'
    We want you to think about it doing you, it, finding you.

    'I’m just preparing the atmosphere
    for appreciation to ensue.'

    San Francisco, March 2014

    I.SO.LOVE. the awesome adventure of me, loving this guy.
    Itīs not reasonable.
    It might never ever lead to "something"- other than bliss, in the moment.
    Bliss, here and now.
    Delight, and soaring high for hours.
    Being ME, when I love.
    Being me, standing in that worthy place of loving, no matter what.
    Not needing physics.
    Not needing schedules.
    Not having ANY strings attached.

    Our love taught me that.
    Ou love made me learn to love unconditionally and purely,
    no matter what.
    Our love made me clearly be aware of my choices:
    Getting either insane, or to get whole- in the only way it REALLY works:
    Loving. Unconditionally.

    Our love keeps training me.
    Our love keeps giving far, far beyond what I expected.
    Our love is SO GOOD. Itīs mystic, itīs magic.
    Itīs bigger than physics. Itīs bigger than the mediocre expectation:
    Itīs WHOLE.

    "Moving-in-day never feels THAT way!"

    (Abe, about us enjoying the virtual reality)

    I so love loving him.
    I love him being the excuse for me to fly high under all conditions.
    I love him being my excuse to just follow my heart, moment by moment,
    not being held back by anything, purely solely focused on LOVE,
    and feeling SO ALIVE in it.

    I love how I feel when I focus in love!
    I love how thrilled I am.
    I love how giddy I am. I love the arousal of it.
    Melding, melting, merging, BEING. DELIGHTED. ENLIGHTENED.
    I love the total satisfaction of it.
    I love the physical orgasmic sweetness that rushes within me.
    I love the orgastical moments of PURE, uninhibited, full merging in vibration.
    YOU and ME. Me-ME. WHOLE. Full. Satisfied, eternally dancing in MORE.

    I love the echo of that fullness that we experience, when we meet and lock eyes.
    I love the shockwaves that rush through our bodies when we unintentially touch.
    I love needing no words between us.
    I love KNOWING and being expressed as fireworks.

    I love the pureness, the vibrational reality in itīs generality that feels SO INTENSE.
    I love knowing that we have eternal momentum, and that our relationship is forever.
    I love knowing that we ARE one.
    And I love knowing that I am complete with him, now, now, now-
    that my desires are fulfilled as I dare to fully LOVE him, unconditionally,
    without holding back.
    Without putting any lid on it, no bushel over the light.

    And that now, itīs no perfect timing for anything other, between the two of us,
    no guidance to "more" than emotional perfection, emotional orgasm,
    emotional incredible loving FULFILLMENT.
    I love this adventure.
    I love this wholeness. I love this pureness.
    I love this emotions.
    I love this love.

    See yourself standing in your point of attraction,
    and source- which includes EVERYTHING that any of you
    considered to be good, is focused on you, surrounding you,
    offering to you- and, "Love" isnīt even a developed enough word,
    or concept, to describe it.

    So here it is- ALL AROUND YOU.
    And when you are like a soft sponge-like being,
    so that there are channels of openings, no resistance,
    than that permeating, penetrating,
    all encompassing LOVE just flows
    into you, and to you and through you-

    and thatīs what you are accustomed to feeling-
    that what you know, from nonphysical.

    In the absence of resistance,
    thatīs what that feels like.

    from the VERY leading edge clip Abraham Hicks- Fine Tuning Releasing Resistance!

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    There is so much about decisions,
    that comes NATURALLY to you.
    And thatīs why we present this 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 steps to you
    in the way that we do: Because step 1, which is asking,

    And all the decision-making that you ever make,
    happens at that nearly unconscious, or sifting-and-sorting-
    state of being! The things that you are calling decisions,
    when you say "I decided...", or "Iīve set a goal", or
    "Iīm after something, I decided...",
    -those arenīt decisions!

    Those are exercises,
    to line up with what is already decided!

    And thatīs why we want the decisions that you are making,
    to be decisions like this:

    "WHAT is the most FUN thing,
    that I could do, today?

    -How can I have the most interesting day, today?
    How can I get most easily ITV?
    How can I get most easily into the receptive mode?
    What are the things, that delight me?
    What kinda fun can I have, today?"

    -Because ALL of the other decisions
    have been MADE!
    Now your work is to line up, with those decisions!


    I relax into my long ago made decisions!
    I relax into my DONE creations.
    I relax into my desires.
    I relax into EPECTATION!
    I relax. WHAT AN ADVENTURE!!!

    What a fantastic thrilling excercise!
    What FUN, to not be perfect, but to just have fun, and to only
    follow the path of unfolding wishes.
    To BE where I am, fully, whole-heartedly, even when it is totally less
    than "perfect". Even when it looks ridiculous.
    Even when other judge me, and make fun of me.

    And I decide to have FUN with it.
    May it look as a fail! May it look as "war".
    May it look as me, doing "nothing" or getting "nowhere".

    I donīt care! I relax! I HAVE FUN WHERE I AM!
    I RELAX into deciding to be LINED UP, no matter what.
    I decide to have fun, no matter what.
    I decide to go with what feeeels so good NOW!!
    I allow myself the delightful adventure of following my BLISS, no matter what!

    YES, Iīm a "bit at war with myself"!! And arent we, all?
    It is as it is, and there will always be a bit more contrast!
    And I will learn to deal with it in less dramatic ways, step by step.
    I will get it earlier, faster, more elegant.
    But I donīt care that itīs now as it is NOW!
    I LIKE ME now.
    I love the adventure of NOW.
    I adore being "tangled" in contrast and figuring it out. I like being rolled in
    and spit out and climbing up and jumping down: THIS IS LIFE.

    And as I donīt club myself over the head for any of it-
    It is experience.
    It is FEELING my life!
    It is realizing my guidance, and following my bliss,
    and sometimes flying out royally. ITīS ALL OK!!!

    I am free!
    I am in my power, no matter what.
    I am eager for more!
    I am so eager and curious for the unfolding.
    I am in such uncodnitional love for all of it- for myself and my cocreators,
    for the rascals and for the dreams, and fo allll my nonphysical entourage.
    I so love this ADVENTURE of being in the NOW, fully, wholly, no holding back!

    "If you tend to your vibration,
    you'll not only begin to live this zest-filled life,
    this humor-filled life, but when you start
    dancing with the cosmic angels,
    when you tap in, when you are close enough
    to vibrational alignment with that
    Energy that creates worlds-

    the circumstances, the events that will be arranged for you
    will knock your socks off."

    From the workshop in Washington, D.C. on 10/20/07

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    When something really matters a lot,
    it tends to get really an inordinate amount of your attention.
    And when itīs moving into the direction you donīt want it to move,
    than that inordinate attention increases the momentum.

    And the thing that is so confounding about it, to you,
    that thing that makes you feel that disgust and rage, is-
    a part of you knows, that it doesnīt have to be that way.
    A part of you knows, that you are smarter than this,
    a part of you knows that if you just could get hold of it
    and apply yourself in a different way-
    you could turn it around!

    We want you to make MOMENTUM your friend, too!

    The thing we so want to convey to you
    in a way that you can really feel it, is that sliding in opposition
    to what you want DOES NOT INDICATE BAD CREATION.

    It indicates strong determination!

    If you really want something, and you are focussed in opposition to it,
    itīs really really uncomfortable.
    If you donīt care at all,
    then your opposition-thought doesnīt hinder you, at all.

    And so, when you feel strong about something, as you do
    there is very very very good news, in that.
    And the good news is:
    There is strong, strong, strong, strong, STRONG momentum!

    Now we want to help you understand something about momentum!
    Because, so far in this conversation,
    it felt like weīr talking about momentum, thatīs taking you into the OPPOSITE direction
    of where you want to be!

    But momentum -ahhhh- momentum
    is NEVER EVER taking you
    into the opposite direction of where you want to be!


    Momentum is ALWAYS source energy,
    moving TOWARDS something you really really want!

    But in opposite vibration,
    in opposing personal thought-vibration,
    the momentum that is really leading TOWARDS where you want to go,
    feels AWFUL while you are pulling against it!
    Now, did you get that??

    THIS MOMENTUM -this is not a downward-slide, that you are upon,
    this is an onward slide,
    this is the Universe, lining everything up, to give you everything
    that you want!

    But where you are standing within it,
    and almost everybody would understand it-
    you are pulling in such opposition that it FEELS to you,
    that the momentum is going in the opposite direction-

    because youīr taking score of current manifestations
    instead of understanding the power of the momentum!

    It would be a little bit like,
    if you would be garnering the empathise, that you where going to
    shoot something far far far out into space- but so far,
    the rocket hasnīt been launched.
    So, itīs just sitting there- in a resistant state!

    Iow, it wants to go, but they got it all strapped down,
    and so it looks like itīs going to tear the whole launchpad up,
    if somebody wonīt cut it loose and let it GO-

    and THATīs what we want you to focus on, here!
    This momentum, that feels like downward-spiral,
    is NOT a downward-spiral.
    Itīs an upward-spiral, that you are not flowing with, yet.

    Thatīs all that it is.

    Abraham Hicks

    I so KNOW this fight with God.
    I so understand this battle.
    And, I adore having understood it!
    I know, that each time I am "at war with myself" I just could step back,
    and let the angels carry me.

    "How does somebody squelch a dream?
    The only possible way that you can squelch a dream
    is by offering a vibration in opposition to it
    and practicing the opposing vibration-
    so that itīs so big, that itīs always present.

    But now letīs say it in amore vivid real way:
    "I havenīt been squelching my dream,
    Iīv been at war with my dream!"
    Cause you canīt squelch it!
    "Iīve been preventing myself from realizing my dream!"
    -better terminology!

    "Iīve been practicing a vibration, that is opposite to my dream,
    and I practiced it long enough, that it comes easily to me.
    And if my dream would just die, I would be in peace.
    But my dream wonīt die.
    My dream wonīt die- because itīs who I really am."

    And this is why weīr saying to you, friends:
    Youīve got no choice if you wanna feel good,
    OTHER than to stop the battle against your own desires and dreams!
    And the way you stop your battle,
    is by feeling for the thought that feels BETTER."

    from the clip Abraham: Too afraid to dream

    -I feel such victory.
    Again, I have let go of my war against me.
    Again, I have pivoted an ageold war.
    Again, I live a miracle.
    My "enemy" turns out to be my true soulmate...
    serving me in showing me, in pointing out my resistance.

    I laugh... and Iīm humbled.
    What an intensity of emotion.
    What bliss.
    What awe.

    I stopped fighting against my desires.
    I stopped fighting against my beloved.
    I stopped fighting against who I REALLY AM.
    I have overcome again the fear of the "devil". I SO UNDERSTAND.
    I understand, I am clear, and I LOVE IT!!
    I so understand...

    I celebrate this EASE!!!
    It feels so right.
    I so celebrate the truth of LOVE.
    Itīs winning the battle, in giving it up.
    In choosing surrender and trust and faith- instead of tension.
    I relax, I relax!
    And in this relaxation, the clarity comes, the love comes, the ease comes

    'Abraham, is my cat my soulmate?
    And before weīr born, did my cat promise me,
    that he would pee on my couch
    and that that would teach me,
    to look at WHAT I WANT?'

    -Pretty much!

    2015.06.20 - Denver

    I love knowing that whenever I feel the indicators of fear or pain
    all that happened is, me having chosen a point of looking, a focus,
    that is off from what source knows to be.
    I love allowing to get "cut loose"!
    I love this angels that wrestle with me, until stuff gets "big enough" so that
    I can see and understand!

    -I love giving in to the guidance.
    I love letting go of all wars
    I love giving in to EASE, and love that come naturally.
    I just need to let go, and then ITīS ALL THERE...
    I so love me, having been the fighter, the fireheart,
    and now LETTING IT GO.

    Itīs so big.
    Itīs SO BIG.

    We want you to FEEL, that your natural state
    is that buoyant state of nonresistance.


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    So, as you are going-
    Iow- youīr going to take this ride.
    But wether you climb up the ladder again or not IS an option.
    Itīs sort of like- once things are in motion,
    you almost have to let them play out-
    and the benefit you have from them is the awarenes

    But in every moment when youīr knowing what you donīt want,
    youīr launching a rocket of what you do want!
    And there is momentum, in that! It really is about-


    And most people donīt catch the rocket of desire.
    Thatīs a wonderful, new coining of a phrase, isnīt it?
    Most people donīt catch the momentum-
    they donīt catch that rocket of desire,
    because they are still all balled up about the "inappropriatness"
    of whatever happened.

    So- what we would do, is do our best to catch the new rocket of desire,
    and then we would be conciously aware at SEVERAL times in a day,
    of wanting to deliberately establish a new, general grid.

    And it wonīt take very many days of stopping several times in a day
    to establish a new, general, good feeling grid,
    before THAT grid will start filling in-
    and THAT momentum you will begin to have.

    Abe, Houston, April 2012

    Trusting the storm

    We have gale, stormforce 8.
    Yesterday, the forecast was stormforce 9, supposed to be turning into a blizzard (incredibly rare conditions in Germany).
    When I was a small child, winds and storms were my beloved friends.
    And when I heard the forecast, I decided to get back to this delightful stance!

    Me and DH had planned a night off just for the two of us, and we decided to follow through with it- surrendering into the storm!
    My beloved felt so stable, no matter what, and he invited me to just come with him.
    And while he made me surrender- I gave in to the storm, as well.

    The sentence "I trust the storm" popped up in my mind and washed over me in such soothing delight. While the gusts ripped on the house, I imagined all of us safe and sound, and felt the joy of the storm. The love of the storm. The delight of the passionate storm- and me, letting myself be carried in it.
    I trust the storm. I trust the storm!
    I trust the storm. I trust the storm.
    I trust the storm!

    When we awakened and checked the environment, and the cars, and the further forecast, we learned that the prognosis had soothed. The temperature indeed had raised, and become mild, no new snow at all. No prediction of hurricane any longer.

    We drove through the still stormy full-moon-night, adoring the incredible beauty of the light wintersky, clouds chasing over the horizon, trees bowing down in the heavy gusts, small branches flying around everywhere. When I saw a bigger one coming towards the car, I became aware how I felt such relaxed lightheartedness and intuitively asked it to not hit my beautiful "black gentle giant". And it seemed to turn on itīs heel, just touching the outside mirror gently- as a playful kiss.

    Now Iīm home again. The gusts roar in the chimney and make the fires hiss.
    The barn-doors flapper, and the thawing snow on the roofs thunders down in avalanches, again and again. The storm speaks with me, dances with me, gives me contrast, reminds me to set my Grid again and again. And it will, for several more hours. I like it. I trust the storm!
    I feel safe in the storm.
    I feel joyful surrender.
    I feel aware and alive, certain and clear. I trust the storm.
    I caught my rocket.

    Anything you desire,
    the Universe can find a way to let it happen
    within the context of people’s natural, joyful desires.
    It must be, for this is a joy-based Universe.


    I choose joy.
    I choose the Grid of joyful life.
    Joyful surrender.
    Joyful security.
    Joyful certainty.

    I trust the storm!
    I trust the storm. I trust the storm!

    I trust my life.
    I trust, that this really is a joy-based Universe.
    I take that. I give in to that.
    Thank you once more for playing delightfully with me, life!

    Just trust.

    You can! You are at that place where you can.
    -Nothing brings something thatīs in your Vortex, ready to pop,
    to you faster than surrenderingto the knowledge that itīs there,
    and ready to pop-and doesnīt require your effort!

    Thatīs the true definition of surrender.

    Panama-Cruise 2011

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    Elfengarten, Germany

    By the way, I learned that all around in the whole district- and in DHīs workplace as well,
    the internet was down, and lots of power-supplies didnīt work over the day.
    In our village, and on the streets I used over the day, there was NO damage at all, no drop-outs, no obstructions!

    While several other streets got blocked by uprooted trees, and all trains- except those that DH used!- had lots of delay.

    I am amazed...

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    The adventure of me, trusting my dream.

    "Desire in the absence of resistance
    accomplishes what humans wanna call miracles.
    wanna call it desire,
    in the absence of resistance!"

    Phoenix, Dec. 2013.

    I decided to trust my dream.
    I want to allow the miracle of becoming the "magician".
    I want to allow this fantastic artful creation that is brewing inside me.
    I understand, that nothing less will ever do!
    And now, I go FORWARDS.
    I build on the momentum of what was, and I appreciate what gave me this
    momentum, this clarity, this intensity.

    I think, THIS is my CORE-adventure, and I am on it, since I can think.
    It has been "what drew me through life and life through me" since I can remember.
    I so AM this adventure.
    I love exploring it further and further, and expanding through it further and further, and I donīt think this will ever stop in my life.

    The adventure of trusting my dream...
    I always wanted to be a conjurer, a magician- and turn thoughts and desires to things. Abe is now my master-teacher, after me, having expanded so intensely even before.
    I SO understand and LOVE Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance, who IS abundance herself! She is such an analogy of what my desire to be the magician is.
    My adventure is to BECOME what I desire.

    Let it find you, and let it "do you"!

    When you say, “I can do it!” -
    we want you to think about it, doing you. It, finding you.
    I’m preparing the atmosphere for appreciation
    to ensure I’m preparing the atmosphere.”.....

    What if it’s really as we say that it is? And it is.
    What if the Source within you knows right where you are standing,
    vibrationally and manifestationally?
    Knows right where you stand in relationship to everything you want.
    And knows without question the path of least resistance,
    the path of most fun.
    The path of most satisfaction.
    The path that will lead you, not take you,

    -lead you from where you are to where you want to be.
    What if? Don’t you love knowing that?

    What if since the Source within you knows that path,
    what if you stumble on something that makes it clear to you
    that you are on the wrong path? Isn’t that a nice thing to know?
    Don’t you like knowing that
    there is a clear and enjoyable path
    to everything that you want?

    And don’t you just want to get on that?
    So, sometimes you have something that you’ve tripped on.
    And you think, “Oh, man. I thought I was doing better than this.
    I thought I was way past this.”

    But what if this thing that you tripped over
    is just a piece of something bigger
    that you didn’t even know was there?
    And now you’ve tripped over it, you are alert.
    What if, whether it feels good or bad,
    you are always being guided to the path of least resistance.
    What about that?

    Are you with us a little bit?
    Because sometimes we think you come here, expecting
    that we expect you to just get on the good feeling path
    and just stay there all the time.
    Like it’s inappropriate for you to experience negative emotion.
    And we don’t feel it is inappropriate for you ever,
    to experience negative emotion.

    Your emotions are your emotions.
    They are all-what-is, helping you to find the way.

    Of course, we want you to feel better and better and better.
    But we want you to stop beating up on yourself
    when you don’t feel good about something.
    Because it’s all part of the discerning of what the path is.
    And sometimes things happen that bring you clarity
    that cause you to think about things,
    that you weren’t thinking about before,
    that are shedding light on greater things,
    that are really, really, really important to you!

    Because, and this is the thing that we want you to understand.
    This is the thing that we want you to hear and know.

    We want you to feel this about you in the way we know it about you.
    Things are always working out for you.
    They’re always working out for you.
    There’s never some sinister plot to prevent you
    from what you want. And even though there are those
    who absolutely feel at times like they are thwarting you
    and making things harder than they need to be, isn’t it nice
    to know, that so you can step around them next time? Yeah!

    San Francisco, March 2014

    My true adventure is to "let it do me".
    My adventure is to let go and let God.
    My adventure is to give up the struggle and doubt.
    It is an adventure- while it feels so safe and certain, when I do that.
    Then, I feel GUIDED.
    Then, I KNOWN.

    I found on my path such depth of understanding WHAT I REALLY WANT!
    Itīs a thrilling fascinating adventure- that is EASY, and "not serious", after I dropped the drama.
    I love knowing that I can do that every second!
    I CAN drop the unwanted. I can drop the drama. And I am so proud about that!!
    It is so deep and beloved for me.
    I love the mastership of my journey that I have gained!

    I LOVE the freedom I achieved in this adventure... doing exactly that.
    Thatīs not about money! Thatīs not about status.
    Itīs about CHOICE- making choices, making decisions, and focusing with them,
    NO MATTER WHAT. What an adventure to get there!

    I love the adventure I lived when I jumped over "what is" and DREAMED up fantastic
    scenarious. And now, I LOVE the creativity of that!
    I love how I soothed myself about myriads of topics, and deep specific fears.
    I love how I walked through the fears, the "lions" and dangers, and stopped focusing on what could be when it wouldnīt work- but instead upon what would be when it WORKED!

    Are you the RECEIVER of it (your dream)?
    Or are you the DENIER of it?

    2016-10-01 in Boston

    I love how much I "dared". I love the clarity I walked.
    I love how eager and passionate I now feel about my financial dreams.
    I love how RICH I am now, physically.
    I love how far I came.
    I love to now only look forwards, instead of dragging the past into my now.
    I love imagining the past behind me as loving and powerful conditions who built up
    SUCH a delightful Vortex-version.

    I love to APPRECIATE my past so immensely, for the wanted side of the sticks that gave me such awesome intense undeniable BIG momentum.
    I love what was, and I look for what is becoming,
    in lighthearted, "outrageous" and "abnoxious" style!

    We would encourage you,
    to get a bit more outrageous
    in your asking!

    Abe, Dallas 10.2004

    How Abundance comes

    Many people are approaching life from the flawed premise
    that if they work hard and struggle long and pay
    a big enough price, they will then be rewarded
    with financial well-being.

    And since they do not realize that in their struggle,
    they are denying themselves alignment
    with the abundance they seek,
    when the abundance does not come, they attribute it
    to luck or favoritism that is being directed away
    from them and toward another.

    But there is no luck or favoritism.
    There is only allowing or resisting,
    letting in or keeping out the abundance
    that you deserve.

    As you gradually train your own thoughts into those of
    positive expectation, as you align with thoughts of worthiness
    and Well-Being, as you align with your true power
    by seeking good-feeling thoughts—
    you will no longer offer resistance to your own abundance.

    And when your resistance stops, your abundance will come.
    A flood of good-feeling ideas and possibilities will flow to you.
    Opportunities and propositions will be plentiful.

    And soon you will stand in knowing amusement
    that all of this was always there within your reach,
    but in your resistant state of attraction,
    you were not yet able to experience it

    But then, it came—not because of your struggle,
    but because of your ease.

    Excerpted from: Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on November 01, 2010

    "Do you understand,
    that what you are creating, is

    So you creating A MORE PROSPEROUS YOU!
    You are not creating MONEY.
    You are creating a more prosperous YOU!

    You are creating a more abundant you.
    You are creating a you, with greater ease.
    You are creating a you, with greater opportunity.
    You are creating a you, with more opportunity for more fun.

    Itīs YOU! You are the expander of you.
    You are the creator of YOU, you see.

    So when we say that this vibrational reality exists,
    itīs a reality that exists- and itīs not just a reality, that exists-
    itīs a VIVID reality that exists- itīs the larger part of you,
    that exists in it-
    and you really owe it to you, to keep up with it!"

    from the clip
    Abraham Hicks ~ You are creating a more prosperous you

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    Elke... hero
    for you the snowflake

    representing the whooleness
    the holy geometrie

    honouring your spirit of adventure
    your love to live
    your yes to the path

    I love you

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